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I've been unable to design any bottoms. it just shows her jeans/shorts as invisible and when i saved it hoping it was just a graphical error- i put the jeans on and they were invisible, it didn't even show the underwear, just skin. 

Edit: I'm on mac and noticed that you had some things may not work for mac. I also read through the development log, there are no voices either on my game. I haven't noticed any blinking either? There may be other issues but ill report back if i notice anything else.

As for not hearing voices, I will assume, you have heard zero general sound effects as well? I.e door opening, windchimes, footsteps, glass breaking etc. Your SFX sounds may be set to 0% so you don't hear them :) go to your sound options in the Settings menu, and set the volume of the SFX higher so you can hear them. Let me know if this was the issue!

As for no blinking ... that unfortunately, I do not know the cause of. I will have to see if this is something all Mac users experience, or only you to determine whether it's a bug in the game itself, or your Mac is not running it properly.