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The cheetah print has no colour selected, please remove any colour on the cheetah print :)

Current only Neil and Dimitri's route are finished. At the moment, I'm working on Caine's route which is about 50% done. The next one in line to be worked on will be James. It takes roughly a year of production before I finish each route.

Considering each route is 100k+ words (that's more than the 1st Harry Potter book!), and I have to draw all of the art for it (sprites, backgrounds, CGs), as well as code everything together, it takes a while to finish a single route. I hope you can remain to be patient and just check for updates every once in a while! :)

As for the OST, I should upload a video with the OST at some point, though I'm constantly adding new songs, so I don't want the video to be outdated. So, I'm waiting a little bit until I'm certain most songs will remain the same. But no worries, I will eventually upload the OST! :D

I really can't apologize enough. It was a careless mistake on my part, and even though I managed to fix my mistake within minutes of the update, the fact that doesn't support rollbacks in builds, meant the save file would get deleted, no matter what I did.

As compensation you will unlock all the routes (what is available so far), but you will have lost your own personal progress such as kind/fierce points as well as custom outfits. I understand if you do not wish to support anymore due to this mistake.

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So it seems like your save file isn't being created which means you're playing the game from the zip file and haven't unzipped it.

Please unzip the game otherwise you cannot create a save file.

I was about to walk you through some steps to deduce what's happening as it seems your save file isn't being created.

But then I remembered another user did the exact same thing a year ago: they never unzipped the file. You can't play the game while it's still zipped up, as you can't save it or make any changes. It has to be unzipped.

To make the process even easier, just download the Itch app and find Tailor Tales through there - they will handle the installation for you, and your game will always be up to date! Yes you will have to start a new game since you never successfully created a save file. So I'll give you a tip: hold down the left mouse button while the intro is playing so that it speeds it up! :)

Enjoooooy! Seems most people take around 10 hours to finish both routes!


Your old save file from version 1.4 will definitely not work on the latest version. So there's no way to transfer them. However, from now on, you should be able to carry over your save files with each new update.

So yes you need to start a new game on the latest version. You can use the  earlybird password to unlock the previous content though! :)

Hi there! Which design are you stuck on? And are you running version 2.0.1 or 2.0.0? Because the latest update (2.0.1) has made changes to the Masquerade Dress as well as the Opera Dress. They both now use a white colour for the sparkly pattern.

However if you're really stuck, click on the checklist, which should be the last tab! This should show you what's missing and what isn't. The checklist is only available in version 2.0.1, so you'd need to have updated the game to get the checklist.

Check the outfits category in Outfits, that's where the real yellow sundress is, not the one you made personally.

Well I won't stop you from trying, but I'd rather users not mess with files and then getting errors from them as that just means more support work for me :P

Either way, just the save files and the completed folder should do!

Well you shouldn't be transferring save files in the first place. But yes, you should transfer anything in the folder "save"  as well as anything in the "completed" folder.

Your quick save will have become corrupt until you make a new one though.

Please check out the walkthrough:

There is no option to skip seen text (this is not made in Ren'py).

To fast forward through text, you can either hold down your left mouse button, or hold down the W key on your keyboard for even faster speed.

I'm guessing you're a Patreon supporter and you're playing the early access? If so, you need to enter the latest password for the Patreon game, which you can find on the Patreon itself.

Well if you had the Steam version, you should have been up to date regardless. That's very odd.

I'll push out a new update to make sure the fix was included then.

Eventually Tailor Tales Plus will be available to purchase on and Steam. I have no ETA on that date yet though.

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It was an error on my part, but it should have been fixed.

That is, provided you updated the game on the 16th. If you've installed the game through the Itch app, you should have automatically received the updates. If you have a standalone version, you will not receive any updates, and therefor are stuck with this small error.

You can still get his other endings if you personally go to Settings > Character > Story > select chapter 25 and click  start new route.

No, doesn't matter that Tailor Tales is still getting updated, I won't be releasing Plus for Mac, period. I cannot offer support for Mac because I can't fix any Mac specific bugs (I don't own a Mac and neither does my programmer).

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I think there might be some confusion here!

You can play Tailor Tales completely, from beginning to end, with both passionate and innocent endings unlocked. Nothing is being blocked or withheld from you, for example I'm not blocking the 'best' ending with a premium version.

Tailor Tales Plus simply has a longer epilogue. The normal one has the same epilogue, but it cuts off at a certain point. TT+ picks up where the normal one left and that's where the adult content starts. The differences are easily stated on the Patreon page, my blog, and even here :)

Tailor Tales Plus will also contains side stories, though these have not yet been added, but they will in the future!

If you pledge on Patron to get early access (remember, you're getting early access, which means whatever is available that month. You do not get continuous updates unless you continue to pledge each month) to Plus, Dimitri's and Neil's route are fully unlocked for you, not to mention you don't have to pay for chapters, nor pass any dressing requirements. Caine's route will have to be unlocked by simply playing through it as your main route, though you still don't have to pay anything for chapter or pass requirements. However, it is a different save file, you will have to start from scratch, so to speak. doesn't support DLC :(

On that note, I have a question - do the kind or fierce choices lead to dialogue changes before the ending?
No. The fierce/kind only changes the current scene a little bit (you can check it out by quick saving before each choice so you can see what's different). Sometimes it changes the entire scene, sometimes it changes only the next few sentences. Eventually these choices tally up and will determine which ending you get, which are definitely different from each other.

Which is to say, you already got the ending! Chapters 26 & 27 are the end, while chapter 28 is the epilogue. You stopped at chapter 28, so you're just waiting for the epilogue. Again, to explain, you're still getting the same ending, except the normal one has a shorter epilogue while the Plus version has a longer epilogue because it contains the adult content.

You can find more info here about the Plus version.

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Bad news first; your save file got corrupted and it's wiped, hence why it cannot be loaded. I'm really sorry. I'm working on a back-up save data for your save files, so that this won't happen anymore.

Did you crash during your last save? That's the only thing people have had in common; their PC/game crashed at some point.

If you join the Discord I may be able to assist you further, I'd like to get your save file.

Please follow the video exactly. Every single step.

The default pattern is grey indeed, but you need to select the colour grey. If you don't give the pattern a colour, it won't accept it.

Just check out the walkthrough videos if you're stuck!

Thanks! Seems I didn't include it in this update.

Thanks for catching it!

Please click this link to join my Discord, I cannot chat with you otherwise :p

I'm starting to believe that when I pushed out an update to fix some bugs, it may have corrupted your save file somehow.

When you got the error for the first time, did your game also crash, causing the error? Either way, if you join the Discord, I can be of much better assistance.

Really sorry to hear that, I will try and investigate what's causing it, as it seems like something got corrupt, I'm just unsure what.

Can you confirm when you say "last version I downloaded to" to mean the version from 2017, version 1.4? So it happened in that one as well?

Sadly, it's only in English so far. Spanish is definitely a language I'm interested in translating it to, though.

You were probably a bit skip-happy during the tutorial and missed over the fact that important clients need to be finished before certain chapters :)

Go to Design and then click Clients. You'll notice there's an important client task for you, which is to create a yellow sundress.

Your job is to buy the necessary missing parts and to recreate the dress exactly. Once you've finished this client, you'll be awarded with the yellow sundress outfit, and you can wear it by going to Outfit and clicking the category outfit, it should be in there :)

There are no side stories available yet. I will have to wait until I find a voice actor for the MC so that I can finally start coding in some side stories.

I believe the February or March update will get some side stories :)

Go to Design and then click Clients. You'll notice there's an important client task for you, which is to create a yellow sundress.

Your job is to buy the necessary missing parts and to recreate the dress exactly. Once you've finished this client, you'll be awarded with the yellow sundress outfit, and you can wear it by going to Outfit and clicking the category outfit, it should be in there :)

Tailor Tales Plus is currently only available through the Patreon.

You can find more information here. Basically, there's  a longer epilogue with adult content :)

The Sparkles pattern should not be a white colour, you need to remove the colour from them.

Either way if you're stuck, watch the walkthrough video here.

Then what most likely happened is that you simply did not save your progress when you deleted the item after exiting Outfit. It's easy to replicate.

Unfortunately I do not yet have a patch for it, as my programmer is unavailable at this moment. Luckily it's a very specific bug that people don't easily come across upon :)

Make sure to follow the walkthrough video if you're stuck on an important client. The wedding dress requires you to purchase the  "fitted satin" top style, as well as the "mermaid" skirt style.

As for crashes. Your PC should have at minimum 4GB of RAM to play. The game is already optimized so that it doesn't take up nearly as much memory as before. Further optimization for lower end PCs is not possible. Just try and make you have nothing else running when you're playing Tailor Tales.

Yep, you've picked the 2nd skintone colour (it will show up as the 3rd in Outfit). It was launched without the proper code for the 2nd skintone, however I've since patched it. All you need to do is update your game by going to your Itch app, click Tailor Tales and "check for updates".

Then go to Settings > Profile > CG Colours, Pick your colours again and click finished, it should now work! :)

Of course, you would need to have installed Tailor Tales through the Itch app (as I recommended) to be able to receive the update.

Can you tell me exactly the error that comes up when you're trying to see a CG with the MC in it? What is the name of the missing file?

As for getting the other ending, you don't need to reload, you basically re-did the innocent ending twice. Remember, Tailor Tales runs on a single save file. Once you've completed an ending, it should have automatically asked you if you wanted to go back to chapter 25 (where the route splits) to start the other ending.

So yeah, if you go to Settings > Character > pick whichever > Story > click on chapter 25 and select start new route. The chapter will ask you if you want to play the Passionate or Innocent ending, so pick which one you want :)

Hey there, the second skintone wasn't coded properly into the game. Please make sure you have your game updated (a standalone version doesn't update, you must install through the Itch app to receive updates).

Once updated, go to Settings > Profile > CG Colours, and simply reset your skintone there and click finished. This should fix it!

Aww thanks! I'm glad to see Dimitri is being well received, even though nice guys tend to not be very popular. I hope you'll enjoy the future content as well!