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Replied to happyham in Bug report!

Thank you, these are very detailed! I've replicated the bug and am looking for a fix now :)

It's not actually a bug - it seems you've created an item (#10), then deleted it, but never saved the game after deleting it. The game is now trying to find the image for item #10, but it doesn't exist, hence the error.

Luckily the next update should force an autosave after you create a design so that this kind of issue doesn't crop up anymore :)

Posted in Voice Acting?

There are already voices and I'm not looking, so no.

I'm going to assume it worked then? :D

Yep, a noted bug - Mac doesn't want you to overwrite files, which is what's happening here.

Someone else did this to get around it:


I had this problem too but found a way to make it work: right click on
the game and choose show contents, then go to the file MacOS, click on
the thing called nwjs and your game will pop up along with another
window, but you should be able to save this time.

Alright, thank you for clarifying. I hope I can replicate the bug because it's so rare, but I don't want people to be stuck in the design screen.

As for the screenshot - that is a legitimate bug that's been recorded by many others so far. Sometimes the design you make, even if it matches perfectly, won't be accepted. Has nothing to do with the exact shade of colour ;) It's not very common, but can happen every once in a while! Thankfully this is fixed in the next update.

Don't worry, I never explicitly told the player you don't need the exact shade of a colour to complete a client - it's just something running in the background for the people that don't have the best eyesight and aren't able to see the differences between the shades all that well.

Thank you for playing!

First let's go to the bugs; you're the second person to mention you couldn't click "Finished" when designing. Do you remember if you were creating a dress, or was it another design? Was it in Clients mode, Freestyle, or both? Are you running version 1.3.1 (click on the FAQ to check)?

Also, to make things easier for you; you don't need the exact shade of colour to complete the designs! Colours are grouped into main colours, so you've got your blues, reds, yellows, greens, etc. It doesn't matter if you need a dark orange or a light orange colour, both of them will count :)

To skip dialogue, hold down your left mouse button, or hold down the space key, this should speed you through it.

As for having more save files, that would be a no. It's okay though, you can still achieve what you'd like to do! The game runs on a single save file and you can always switch character routes whenever you'd like, and re-read chapters you've unlocked. When you've finished an ending, you'll be prompted with the choice to read from Chapter 25 again where the route diverts to read the other ending and unlock it. If you choose no, you can always go back to chapter 25 yourself later on to get the different ending. This way you can get all of the CGs and all of the endings without much hassle.

You still need to pay for the chapters you haven't read yet though!

Also, you're correct that Angela's dress is gold, but the dialogue says red. I got it fixed now :)

Thank you so much for your feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed playing through Neil's route! Dimitri might be less to your liking since he's not cold or aloof at all, but give him a try either way!

Thank you for playing!

Because Tailor Tales is still in the beta stages, that means each release will have something new or removed from the previous version. Old save versions won't work and you'll have to start a new game (you will lose your designs). I will always leave an option for beta players to begin a new release with some extra gold and exp, and with all of the previous chapters unlocked. But your designs are lost.

When Tailor Tales reaches the official demo status, that's when updates won't be breaking your save file, and you won't be losing your progress anymore :)

I'm pretty close to an official demo!

Posted in Bug report!

When you say the pants didn't work properly, what do you mean?It's definitely happening because you deleted some bottoms though, that's for sure. You can't delete the weird pants/dress combo either? The more info you can give me on what you did and what happened helps me out a ton! Then I can re-create the bug and find a fix for it :)

Clients not accepting outfits that match perfectly is a well known bug and will be fixed in the next update. If you come across an impossible client, just delete them.

Oh right, the babydoll item was a test, I should not have added it to the game haha. It doesn't have a graphic for the other skirts, so it may show up invisible on some clients if you own it. Although I'm confused about the layering issue you mentioned. What were you trying to achieve with the details?

Editing garments is not a feasible option, sorry :( once the design is finished, it saves it into a single image and all of its data is lost. Saving the data for each garment would just crash your RAM. I may have made the system a bit too complex, haha.

Thank you for your feedback! You're right about the continuity error - that's exactly where the route split and I wrote it like a year later, haha. I changed around a few sentences and fixed it :)

I'm definitely in need of a beta reader whose native language is English, since several people have said the grammar is off here and there.

Replied to Lilred in Bug report!

Hi there! It would also help explaining what you did because it's not so obvious in each screenshot :p

The pants taking in the spot of a dress is definitely a bug - did this happen when you deleted an item? At least, that's what I think happened; you deleted a dress, and these random pants showed up instead. Did you ever close the game without saving?

Overlaying errors however is just something we all have to live with. If shoes overlapped pants, it would still look weird because not all shoes perfectly overlap the width of the pants, and vice versa. if you want something skintight and tucked into shoes, go with legging instead, since they're below shoes :)

And if you want the skirt to overlap the top, you're going to have to turn it into a dress instead - otherwise tops will always overlap skirts.

You definitely earned quite a bit of money!

(Edited 1 time)

Hi there! The dress needs:

Neckline: sweetheart (black)
Sleeves: gloves (white)
Collar: Midsection (yellow)
Pattern midsection: Lace 3 (brown)
Skirt: floor (black)
Pattern for skirt: sparkles (WITH NO COLOUR!)

I may be wrong on the lace one, can't recall anymore.

Ah you're playing Mac, yeah, you're going to run into buggy things because the game needs permission to over-write files (which is what happens when you create your character), and Mac seems to be very averse to that. I'm glad you found a solution to it though. Do you think you can write out the steps you've done to get the game to work so I can let other Mac users know?

I'll give you a tip with matching; colours are grouped. You don't need to match the exact colour, as long as it's in the same group. So all yellows, reds, oranges, blues, greens etc. are all grouped and will work. So it doesn't matter if it's a light yellow colour or a dark yellow colour that you pick, both should work :) This should make things easier.

Thank you for your feedback!

You said the intro was buggy, please help me out by letting me know what happened! The intro is non-skippable because I want to force players to go through the tutorial and because you're only supposed to see the intro once anyways. Not 5 times. So please let me know what happened, if you crashed, at what point it crashed, if it told you an error etc.

The client matching game is permanent and not going away anytime soon, it's pretty much finalized, but thank you for your opinion anyway :) you get more money the more experience you have though, so eventually you should be getting lots of money for chapters simply by completing a couple of clients.

If any of the clothing items were impossible to create because you couldn't see what colour they were (like the sparkles pattern), please tell me, because I can exclude them from being generated.

> Obviously it's hard to choose a character, since the only character we've had a chance to get to know is Neil.
But Dimitri is available too :o you can switch characters by clicking the Character icon in the menu, then selecting Dimitri and read his story.

Tailor Tales started way back in 2009, and this is the third reboot in RPG Maker MV, so no, your mind isn't playing tricks on you ;)

You'll probably be happy to know I intend to release a (paid) version of Tailor Tales, which removes all restrictions so you don't need to earn gold to read the chapters, you can read them all in one go. Also all the clothing parts are available to you. This version is mostly for the people that want to support me into making this game.

Would you interested in eroge scenes? There's a few that requested I go further than kissing, even Meli wanted them haha.

Aww, it makes me happy you had fun playing this game - it's what my goal is in the first place; making people enjoy playing the game :)

Thank you so much for playing the game and leaving feedback! Chapter cost will be adjusted a bit in the next update, so that if you switch characters, it doesn't completely skyrocket.

Thank you for your feedback!

Aha, so you know Tailor Tales from way back then, it has definitely changed a lot :) but it's for the best, I've got an actual working game people can play right now, and Neil's route will be finished in the next update. I could have never achieved something like this in the previous version.

It's funny you've got more fierce points on Dimitri - he's loads of fun to tease, isn't he? :D

Thank you for the compliment on the writing! Getting to write two different responses when it comes to the fierce/kind options is always pretty fun to do. Some choices can present a fierce/kind scene of up to 1k words! Of course, in-game you wouldn't be able to tell.

I hope you'll play the next update as well! Maybe you'll get a new favourite CG then, considering Dimitri is due for another CG.

Replied to Athros in Bug report!

Alright, thank you. You're playing 1.3.1, right?

Thank you for playing and giving your feedback! :D

Replied to Athros in Bug report!

1. Alright, this is very important to clarify for me right now:

- Are you able to click the Finished button, at which point the window will pop up saying that there are still some things missing?
- Or can you not click the Finished button at all?

The former is a noted bug I'm aware of and will be fixed in 1.4, and the latter is a bug that should not be re-occurring at all, so it's important to know which bug you're encountering!

Thank you for the other two screenshots :)

Ooh, I really like the make-shift kimono!

Jackets will eventually be added to the game, I just need to figure out a good system for the layering :)

(Edited 2 times)

Hi there! Can you tell me your computer specs? Specifically how much RAM you have.

You may also want to update your drivers for your graphics card. Please google whatever graphic card you have and check for updates!

Edit: make sure OpenGL is enabled in your graphics drivers!

Replied to Lovebird in Bug report!

It's ok, I know why it happened. It's a core bug within the engine, opening/closing pictures too fast causes it. I'll try to add some extra wait times to avoid it for the next update. You may never get it, or sometimes run into it, just like how it happened with you :p

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this long post <3

The error you mentioned is something I already know of - the pictures on the screen are erasing too fast, which seems to be a core bug in the engine itself, but it'll hopefully be fixed in the next update. The fact you couldn't complete certain clients is an actual bug - it's not just your eyesight. This will be fixed in the next update! :)

Happy to hear people really like Neil's derpy expression in the selfie CGs. When it comes to Neil, I never really make him appear 'cool' in his CGs, I always want to catch him off guard. He's either surprised, embarrassed - possibly both - or he shows a side of him that's quite rare (him smiling). I find showing the awkward side of Neil is a lot more fun, and realistic as well, than just making him appear like the coolest tsundere on earth.

His ending CGs are basically me having fun with torturing him and making him completely embarrassed. But you'll get to see those in the next update ;)

About chapter 12 - when I tested it out with a bunch of friends, they all wanted to punch him. Originally the "yell at him" option was the Fierce option, but I moved it to the Kind option when I added in the slap. I realize this was perhaps the wrong move, so I've changed it to something more mellow for in the next update.

As for Sam, while he's sweet, Dimitri would be the sweetest of them all - in case that's your thing, hah. Sam is a little bit more complicated, and he can be quite vicious as well, but he should always have your best interests at heart. Unfortunately, he'd be the 5th bachelor I'd add (right after Aiden).

Again, thanks for your feedback!

So someone else said their game wasn't saving and it turns out they were running the game from the .zip file - did you unzip the game before playing? Because otherwise it will not generate a save file.

I'm sorry you lost your progress from before!

Congrats on playing your first otome game though - welcome to the world of cute guys and being able to romance them :)

I remember telling people in the beginning, that if you hate Neil, try and get past chapter 12, and if you still haven't changed your mind about him, then you won't like him, ever. In your case, you did change your mind :D It was the first chapter I wrote of Neil's story! He's a pretty rude jerk in the beginning, but he gets better, especially after chapter 24. Also, he's a lot more tolerable if you select the first option - but anyone is free to pick whatever they'd like!

Welcome to the Dimitri fanclub though <3 he's husband material. The sweetest, really. Hopefully you'll find a favourite scene for him as well, just like Neil. Every character should have an event like Neil's does, in which the MC and the guy go somewhere together and have a magical romantic eventful day. For Neil, this was the masquerade, for Dimitri, my lips are sealed!

Thank you so much for playing and leaving feedback. I'll definitely remove the sparkles from the random clients (I swear I already did this, but apparently forgot). The small CGs not reflecting the different skin/hair colours of the MC is correct - this is mostly to save on processing power. Imagine having 10 large images, condensed to a small thumbnail, which then also each have like 5+ layers - the FPS would drop by quite a lot. So I compromised, and just showed the original image as a small thumbnail.

A preview in the store is something I'll consider, though that would mean I need to spend more money on my programmer again to change things around.

Glad to see you enjoy the option of being fierce or kind so you aren't stuck with an MC that has to pigeon hole herself into the ideal person for the guy to like her. You can be whatever you want to be.

Posted in Saving...

Oh ok, I see where the issue is.

You need to unpack the game - you've been running it from the zip file the entire time, no wonder it can't save. Unzip the file (you can use the default Window's unzipping method, or download WinRAR), pick a nice location on your PC, and the game should function as normal.

Since you already played before, I recommend saying  'yes' to having played the previous beta as it'll start you with some gold/exp and you can select which chapter you want to read in the menu.

Posted in Saving...

Alright, that's very odd! Let's first find out whether or not you have an actual save file.

Go to this folder:  "Tailor Tales Beta v 1.3\Tailor Tales\www\save"

It should have about 4 files in there if you saved. One file called  "config.rpgsave" and two files called file1.rpgsave (one is a back-up), then there's "global.rpgsave".

Are any of these files in that folder?

Also, when you save, you're seeing this screen, right?

You forgot to save, didn't you :P

There's no autosave, you need to save manually by going into the settings and clicking on Save.

Hmm I'm a bit confused, I'd ask for a screenshot of your situation, but you said you lost your save file (how did you lose it?).

To add a pattern to the 'top' you need to select 'Neckline'.

Hi! It seems you're stuck on fulfilling the masquerade dress for chapter 12, right?

The dress uses the Sparkles pattern (it looks pretty much invisible in the shop), set to NO COLOUR. The sparkles are already white by default, so do not pick the colour white for this pattern, otherwise it will not accept.

There is however a genuine bug with random clients that no matter how perfectly you match the clothing, it says something is still missing. This should be fixed in the next version. Currently if you come across this bug again, simply delete the client.

No problem, I can see why this would get confusing. I'll keep it in mind in the future. Anyways, have fun playing again!

Check the sparkles pattern on the skirt - it should be default colour, it should not be white! :)

The sparkles are already white.

Thanks you so much for playing and leaving behind feedback! It always helps me out <3

From the gist of it, you seem to have figured out grinding early is key to get easy money, haha. Since everyone else seemed to enjoy making the important clients, I shall add more of them, so that the grind doesn't become too boring. I was only adding them whenever it was convenient to the plot, but I can't always rely on the plot!

More hair options, as well as more pant and jacket options will be added in the future. Right now I'm more focused on getting the story out and have everything else working before I add more details. It's the bare necessities at the moment hehe.

You write smut well and I hope you seriously consider writing in some optional sex scenes.
Thanks! It's so hard not to cross the 16+ rating with these scenes. Hence why it always stops not because the characters want to, but because of some other external interruption. In the future, I will (probably) add in the option to donate some money to unlock an 18+ version of the game, where these scenes don't stop pre-maturely, and write full on smut.

Dimitri - 9 fierce points and 0 kind points (He's just too fun to tease!)
He is, isn't he? You're going to love the next update then, so many good moments to tease poor Dimitri, including a cliche moment located in the bathroom (who doesn't love cliched tropes!?). Seems I've turned another person into a Dimitri fan! Most people are pleasantly surprised to see they end up liking Dimitri :D

Actually, I did it exactly because of that; for those that want to advance the plot and don't care for the clothing aspect, they simply do not buy more parts and thus can speed through the clients faster. For those that are into the clothes, it becomes more challenging for them because they're buying more parts.

I didn't want people who are only there for the story to have to grind very hard to progress :)

But yeah, I'm definitely tweaking the gold again!

First things first - there is no autosave!! You have to save the game yourself by clicking the settings icon, and clicking on the save icon. Then select 'save'. Essentially you played the game for 17 chapters and then forced a reset :(

I will try to address this issue in the next update so that players don't forget to save anymore.

Anyways, thank you for playing and giving your feedback! Happy to see Dimitri eventually won you over, despite him not being your type. Haha, I guess you like to be fierce every single time as well, torturing the poor boys. I'm the same though, I never pick the second option!

Seems a lot of people enjoy Neil's selfie CG as well. It was a pain to make because I redrew it like 5 times, but well worth the effort if people like it so much!

Surprised you found the game through Crunchyroll though, didn't know that there were discussions about Tailor Tales over there.

Thanks for playing! Your review is really helpful to me because you played from the beginning (unlike most people who returned), so you're able to tell me whether or not earning gold was too easy/hard. I've adjusted the numbers a bit based on your review, so that as soon as you switch characters, the chapters' costs won't skyrocket.

The client system scales with difficulty based on how many items of clothing you've purchased. So the more you have available to create clothing with, the more complex designs that can show up. It should balance itself out with the experience you earn though. The more experience you have, the higher amount of gold you'll receive from each client. I may have lowered it too much for you to feel like it wasn't enough. I'll tweak it again :)

I'm glad you enjoyed your playthrough and that you've been following my progress! I'm very happy with how far I've come along as well.

Replied to LunarKnight in Bug report!

Yeah it's something I thought I had fixed (I tried it out over 200 times to see if it still persisted but I didn't see it anymore), but I guess I was wrong. Sorry about the bug, as I said, just delete the client if you can't finish it. At least it doesn't occur all that often.

My programmer is re-doing the client system now, since we can't seem to replicate the bug.

Thank you for reporting :)

Replied to LunarKnight in Bug report!

How many times have you experienced this bug, and how much tailoring exp have you earned?

I'm aware of the issue, but thought I had it fixed when I released this version. Apparently not, hah. That's what beta tester are for :)

If you come across the issue again, delete the client. I'll work on a fix.

Which version, Windows or Mac?

The Windows version - after you unzip the file - has a game.exe file in the Tailor Tales folder.

For Mac, I believe you simply click game.app to run the game.