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Tip: hold the mouse button/spacebar to skip text quickly :) you can also go into the settings and select 'chapter' to skip some chapters.

But yeah, core VN reading options are missing, I know. It's not native to the engine I'm using, but I'm on the lookout for those options in the future, maybe someone will make something similar.

You're the second person to mention the eyes. I think I know what's causing the bug, hopefully I can find a better solution than what I'm currently using.

If you're impatient about updates, I blog pretty often about progress, and if you're into spoilers, I tweet about Tailor Tales a lot as well.

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Dimitri will wear his glasses every now and then, no worries (to the megane fans haha). He's so sweet and adorable though, so precious. People who are turned off by the plot of dating the brother of your ex are missing out! Dimitri is perfect boyfriend material :D

If you like Dimitri the most, and also enjoy Neil, your next type would probably be Caine (he's a more childish version of Neil), and then Aiden (who is hilarious and suffers from social anxiety). All of them will have their adorable moments though!

Bullying Neil is way too much fun to not pick those options whenever I play-test the game >_> besides, it leads to an ending where he's the one who gets all super flustered! Mwuahaha, finally we can torment the tsunderes.

Psst, your best CG will probably be another Dimitri CG, involving a cat. And sleepiness. And glasses.

No no I didn't think it was rude! Like I said; I acknowledge art is important in otome games, sometimes it strikes your fancy, and sometimes it doesn't do anything. For you, it didn't strike your fancy, but you gave it a chance anyway :) but I'm glad you can look at the art and say; hey, that's from Tailor Tales! I find it important to have a cohesive artstyle that belongs to my game only haha.

I know, comparing to Dimitri to Neil's character development is a bit unfair, seeing as Neil's story is already 2/3 done, and Dimitri is still stuck in the introduction phase. But hopefully, when more chapters are released and he's fleshed out more, you can make an honest comparison :)

Aha so you liked Evelin's sprite. I tried to make her elegant, and I guess it paid off!

Thank you for playing again and giving me feedback <3

*waves Dimitri flag* best boy indeed. Well, personally, I can't decide between Dimitri and Aiden, but that's because Aiden is a hoot to write haha.

I wish I was that cat tbh.

at first i didnt wanna play this game bc i was more into "anime" art styles ig??
Oh, that's a bit disappointing to hear the art style turned you off! I'll be honest; art is huge in otome games. I refuse to play a bunch of games as well, due to the art simply being too westernized (too cartoony), or it's hyper realistic which creeps me out. Now, TT's art isn't all anime-like either, but the cell-shading definitely is, and the eyes are very anime-like. I was hoping it wouldn't turn people away, but I guess it does D: sitll, I'm glad you gave it a shot regardless, and ended up liking it! I guess the biggest strength lies in my writing.

Ah wait, you played the Mac version? You were actually able to play it? I got a report from someone that their game froze as soon as a character showed up, so I haven't been able to verify if the Mac version works or not. If you are playing the Mac version, I'm happy it worked, and that the characters blink! :D

If you like the domestic plotlines, you'll fall in love with Dimitri 100%, there's lots of cute scenes with him in the future. Let me know what you think of him :D

That you managed to score 18 fierce points and 19 kind points, damn, that's basically equal. Whichever one has more points, that's the ending you'll get, and the split is very near. But bullying Neil is so much fun ....

Did you fall for the fake Neil at the masquerade? ;)

And another Dimitri fan! His route is very fluffy most of the time, though there will obviously be issues regarding the fact he's your ex's younger brother. Although I'm glad you seem to enjoy Neil as well :)

I enjoy teasing guys and making them squirms as well, so there's always an option to tease Neil (same for Dimitri, or anyone, really).

Since you're a fan of fluff, you'll like the upcoming chapters with Neil. I realized I needed a breather chapter that was purely only fluff, instead of his hot & cold attitude, so you've got something to look forward to :)

Yay, another Dimitri fan! Since you mentioned the couch scene being your favourite scene since it was cute and domestic, you're going to gobble up everything I have planned for Dimitri. I call his route the domestic husband route! I have way too many scenes planned for Dimitri and the MC, I actually had to scrap some ideas, hah. I've already written his ending, it's so sweet. I hope people will be able to read Dimitri's route and change their minds about feeling weird dating their ex's younger brother.

Thanks for playing and giving feedback! :D

(Edited 1 time)

I'm so sorry to hear that you're crashing! Unfortunately, I don't think I can actually fix this, as you're crashing during the normal story parts of the game, which are the least resource intensive parts, then I think your computer doesn't have the requirements to run it perfectly :( Can you do me a favour and hit F2 while you play the game and let me know your FPS? It should run at 50-60 FPS, but anything lower and it means the game is too taxing on your computer.

If you hold down your mouse button/spacebar, you can speed up the scenes until you come across the next choice. I will keep my eyes open about any possible 'skip' functions that people may release, but at the moment, this will not be an option.

I will add a load button to the game in the next beta though. Currently you can only load when you first start up the game, as it's mostly meant to be played as having one single save file. Tailor Tales is not like most VNs where you save right before a choice, as this might screw you over or put you on a different path. I wanted to avoid this kind of 'gameplay', so the two different endings are really easily achieved - pick the first choice for the first ending, and the second choice for the second ending. Choices only change a bit of dialogue, sometimes a little bit more, but they don't divert the route into a different path unless the ending is near.

During story mode, you're locked out of the menu, but I will keep an eye out like I said before, for any scripts that allow me to add these options (I would prefer a log, myself).

As for Neil and the fiancee plan, it's definitely something that will come into play the next few chapters. Probably not in the more traditional way of creating misunderstandings and being forced to act all in love etc. but it's definitely the third and final act of Neil's route.

I'll think about adding his original hair colour back, I wasn't planning on it though. But hey, his second ending hasn't been written yet, I might be able to squeeze it in.

Hopefully you'll change your mind about Dimitri, as the MC thinks about it the same way you do. If you're into sweet romances, then Dimitri is your guy. His ending is cavity inducing sweet.

And well, about Sam ... I don't know what you're thinking ;) one of the key themes to each and every guy's route is finding out who they really are though. It's a pretty central plot to Aiden, Caine, James and Sam. Dimitri's was revealed in the first chapter, Neil's was chapter 12. And Sam, I guess you'll have to find out haha.

Thank for your feedback!

I dislike children in my games as well - mostly because they try to shoehorn in the "oh he's so good with kids, that's romantic!" and to someone childfree like myself, it does nothing for me, hah.  That said, most, if not all, bachelors will start with them as kids or teenagers. I will always try to give them some rapport with each other before the story begins and the MC opens up her boutique.

Happy to see you enjoy Neil's route though, and that you liked the choices you were given :) I enjoy teasing my guys in otome games, so I try to include such options as much as I can.

Dimitri's first two chapters does end up with a cliffhanger! So if you can't wait, don't read it. The next beta should hopefully also include a couple of new chapters for him, but I'll mostly be focusing on wrapping up Neil's story, which requires quite a few new sprites and lots of CGs. Currently drawing his father's sprite, actually!

And aw, thank you for the compliment. I know it's free, but I've never slacked off - I want to provide people with an enjoyable romance, with a dash of dress-up (also, I am considering a Kickstarter so I can do this fulltime). Tailor Tales has been 8 years in the making, since back then, English otome games were unheard of, and I wanted to make one for free so that everyone could enjoy otome games. Of course, making a game on your own is hard! This is the third revision of the game.

Previous versions were based more on Harvest Moon, where you were free to walk around and talk to NPCs living in your town, and you'd be collecting items to craft for your tailoring needs. Here's an in-game screenshot. I scrapped it eventually because creating NPC schedules was too exhausting, and I couldn't make the romance follow a chronological storyline that made sense. The cast has changed 3 times, with the only surviving members being Joselina (the MC) and James. Although Bill (the redhead in that screenshot) will make an appearance in James' route.

I eventually decided to turn it into a visual novel instead, with a more complex tailoring system.

Anyways, thank you for playing and your feedback!

Probably a bit of gap moe - simply catching them in a different light. I think everyone enjoys it when characters act different than what they're used to because of something you did. Making the stoic turn not so stoic is always fun!

If you're into the glasses trope, Caine wears them every now and then as well, not as often though since he thinks he looks lame in them.

And ah, if you own a Mac, I'm hoping to release a Mac version sometime. I need a friend's help with this though, and currently she seems busy with other projects, so I don't have an ETA.

Aww, you picked the nicer options for him haha. I would always suggest experiencing both choices whenever you can (by saving). Most of the time, the scene isn't impacted much, just slightly different dialogue - but sometimes different information is shared, or different actions are performed. For example, in chapter 16, you can choose to chew him out, or accept that you could have been nicer. The first choice gets both Neil and the MC all riled up, the second one Neil apologizes again and he gives some sort of explanation to his behaviour.

Koakuma? I had no idea it had a term, but ... of course it has a name. It's a reoccurring trope (I'm no fan haha). I don't think there's many types in otome games where the MC can actually tease the guy, it's pretty rare.

Dimitri will still have moments where he's wearing his glasses (mostly at night). I have one really hot CG planned for him with his glasses on ... :D

Actually I just realized all of my CGs of Neil are basically him being caught of guard, and Dimitri gets all of the ... aherm ... steamier ones. I think this is a reflection of my own tastes ahaha.

Alright, so you were simply playing the game and it closed on you - I think that may have to be your PC as well. I really hope you'll be able to play future installments, as each update will get progressively heavier on RAM.

Thank you for playing!

Neil is not everyone's cup of tea - especially the back and forth on his part - but I'm glad you seem to be enjoying his route nonetheless. Funny you thought he was an unromanceable side character haha. Now that you know it's Neil, do you feel conflicted? :p

Aww, you're the first to be completely into Dimitri's route! Most people have some issue with either the age gap, or the fact he's the brother of your ex. Me, I'm enjoying the potential drama and conflict, and I hope Dimitri can win over people's hearts. He's so adorable and precious. There need to be more guys in otome games that are younger than the MC, but aren't all 'more mature' than her, or trying to 'teach her' something since she's obviously less intelligent. Can't we just have an adorable cute guy that doesn't look like a kid? Hah.

As for the game closing - did it crash while you were playing and do you remember what you were doing when it happened? And did it take a long time for the game to boot up again? Although the loading may have to do with your PC not being optimized for the game (sorry, lots of images to load).

Wait, wait - firstly, there's 80 colours in the game, and currently 30 patterns :o these are not to your liking? By the way, you can take screenshots of your avatar by going into Outfit, and clicking the camera icon in the top left. The screenshots should save in your www > Screenshots folder.

Linking Pride And Prejudice to Neil's route, I guess that's one way to look at it! Neil is born from a stereotype; the tsundere. It's probably the most popular guy in otome games. While I enjoy them as well, the one thing I hate about them is ... the MC never fights back. She gets emotionally abused and tossed around and just sits there letting things happen. I wanted my MC to grow a spine and fight back - put him in his place, so to speak. Which of course, led to the revelation that maybe, she's sometimes as bad as him, indulging him with his bickering.

I'm pretty surprised you got equally fierce and kind! Mostly people lean one way or another.

I did contemplate drawing the third CG with the MC and her dress as they danced together - but on the other hand, I felt like the reveal was a much major point, and it would have kind of been spoiled by the "hey here's a CG of the man you don't know is Neil yet". On the other hand, the dress will be an item you have to wear to be able to proceed and read the chapter in the future! There will be 'dress checkpoints' so to speak.

As for Dimitri being young - he'll be 19 starting chapter 3, and during his route will turn 20. The MC is 23. It's a conflict of interest, as well as being the brother of your ex. Personally, the script is lots of fun to write! And your suggestion is on par of what I have planned for him haha. Well, spoilers for chapter 3 here: Dimitri is looking for a place to live without relying on his family, and ends up living with the MC.

Either way, glad you enjoyed yourself! As for donations, I am thinking about maybe setting up some paid DLC (exclusive clothes and whatnot) so that people can donate and support me if they want, whereas still staying a free game.

Well, not everyone will like Neil - it's a total preference, you know. Especially with these type of games, everyone has their preferred type. My preferred type is totally Aiden and Caine, definitely not Neil. Which one do you think you'd like, based on their brief summaries? :)

But hey, even though you don't like Neil, I'm glad you're still able to enjoy yourself reading through his route.

I can totally see a romantic route with Angela - there'd be so much melodrama though haha. She's an awesome character, I love writing her. She's definitely important in Neil's route, you'll find out soon in the next few chapters.

And same, I played a few dress-up games as well. Mostly what inspired Tailor Tales was the ability to create clothing in the game Animal Crossing. I really liked the idea of wearing your own designs, and dressing up in different outfits has always been fun to me in any game, so I went with it!

Thank you for your feedback, and the nice screenshots :)

I definitely needed to write someone sweet after writing a jerk, hah. Plus, I know Neil is not everyone's cup of tea! So adding someone who's basically the opposite of him was a wise idea.

Haha, you're not the only one, I love purple as well. Lavander, to be exact! I really like your last design, it's super cute :)

I should really add an actual tie to the game though, hmm. Oh, I just noticed the layering in the first design - that's some creative thinking! You layered things the way I had hoped people would use it (a shirt underneath a dress).

(Edited 1 time)

Don't worry, Dimitri will be 19/20 starting at chapter 3, and he'll be attending college as well! The first two chapters are really just the prologue, settings things up.

Also, I'm kinda sad Alex is a cheating bastard, I really like his design as well! Who knows, maybe alternative realities where he doesn't cheat? Hah.

I'm glad you seem to enjoy teasing Neil mercilessly whenever possible! I should have just called the routes "sadist" versus "masochist". The kissing CG was a lot of fun to make. https://twitter.com/Celianna_C... BTW don't follow my twitter unless you want to be spoiled to back and hell about the game.

Thank you for pointing out the rainbow pattern still isn't fixed. I had the correct image set up, but simply forgot to add it to the game, silly me. The rest is working as intended though: you only get a few limited options when creating your character for the first time - and your skin colour, hair colour and eyecolour will affect CGs. Dressing up your avatar after the character creation does not influence CGs. I'm sorry, I think I would die having to draw Joselina in a million combinations for each CG. I had to limit it.

Remember; you're in God Mode in this beta, these options wouldn't be available to you if you were playing the game for real :)

Also, in case you were confused that everything was being rainbowy - the rainbow pattern covers everything, so you cannot see the original colour underneath it. If you want to see your sleeves for example with its original colour, you first have to remove the pattern (scroll to the top to remove it).

Found one, in the next beta you should be able to use your keyboard when typing in a name :)

As for Dimitri's route, definitely Joselina will struggle with this as well, and it's an underlying theme in his story (every bachelor has its own underlying theme). Also, his route is probably the sweetest cavity inducing one among them all, he's a real sweetheart. I really want to hurry up and finish his script, but I'm only 18k words in! I want every route to be around 60k words at least.

And thank you for the clothing suggestions, I'll keep them in mind. I was actually working on drawing a bob hairstyle just now.

I wish I could work faster and just bring out all of the chapters, hah.

Thank you for your thorough feedback!

The menu for inputting your name is awkward, I won't deny it. It's the default settings that came with the engine, I will see if I can find one that's more intuitive and uses your keyboard. I'm still going to re-haul the intro and character creation anyway, but that's stuff I can always work on later.

I'm glad Neil grew on you. He grew on me, too. He's not my favourite character to write, and he's only the first bachelor because he won the popular vote. People wanted the jerk character haha. I tried to give him some redeeming features (the first CG is my favourite moment of his!), as well as being able to bicker with him and call him out on things - I don't think I could stand him if this weren't the case. After chapter 20 Neil will mellow out and there won't be much back and forth going on anymore to frustrate you further. So stay tuned!

Dimitri on the other hand is adorable and his route is fun to write. I'm guessing you have some issues with going after a guy that's your ex's little brother. I've had someone else comment this made them uncomfortable as well. Personally, I think it's a great trope to use - plus it happens in real life all of the time as well. Not to mention the complications that arise from it, I'm excited to write about the conflict. Also, he's got some great moments with Sarah in his route, she'll definitely be more present here than in Neil's.

Got any suggestions on what you like to see in the clothing system? Perhaps a certain hairstyle, some really cute shoes etc.

Thanks! The game will be free to download and play all of the guys' routes :)

Although maybe in the future you could show your support by donating and getting some exclusive DLC clothing items perhaps.

(Edited 1 time)

Well hey, at least it wasn't an even bigger cliffhanger like chapter 12 was! I stopped at chapter 18 because chapter 19 will require me to draw a lot of new things (4 new backgrounds, 2 new characters ...), so that will take a bit to finish up.

Thank you for pointing out some instances where the default name was left in. These will be fixed in the next beta.

Have you gotten the chance to play Dimitri yet?

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed both of their routes. I've got some questions posted on the front page you can answer, if you care to.

Dimitri is adorable, isn't he? After writing that jerk Neil, Dimitri was a breath of fresh air. The first two chapters were a lot of fun to program, as Dimitri's sprite changes a lot, and it was raining which adds to the mood. Backgrounds were also fun to draw, so I'm pretty happy working on his route. But first, I have to actually finish his script haha.

There's actually no layering issue here :)

Basically, if you're making a dress, the skirt part will cover the top part, and thus the top's hemline will be hidden. If you want the hemline of a top to show over the skirt, you're going to have to create a top and skirt separately, and put them together when dressing up. It's made this way on purpose so that both combinations are possible!

I'm very happy it's working and you managed to be able to create something! Whoohoo! It also made me realize I haven't replaced a small image file (you can see a faint line on your skirt, near the arm), so there's a slight visual bug that I'll fix now.

And feedback is always useful, don't be shy about letting me know how you're experiencing the game :) I value everyone's input.

Anyways, I'll leave you to it, enjoy the Neil's and Dimitri's route! I'm a personal big fan of Dimitri, he's a cutie.

Posted in Bug report!

Tailor Tales beta 1.0 has been fixed, it should now be playable again!

Happy to announce a working version has been uploaded! Go download and play :D

Ohh you're not bothering at all, it's good to have player feedback - especially since I released it blindly and no one was able to boot it up! I will try and get a working fix today, and as a bonus for the inconvenience, I'll add glasses as an accessory option to the game :)

Replied to ZeldaMika in Bug report!

I've found the issue and my programmer is trying to fix it (it has to do with the encryption), so hopefully you can get to play a working version soon. But first I will test it on one person, and if it works for them, I'll upload the fix :)

Yep, I had to pull it. Basically, it's a disaster D:

I'm working hard to get a working version out ASAP. The issue stems from the fact that the encryption is so good it cannot load its own files (lol).

Posted in Bug report!

Beta 1.0 has been pulled due to reports of people not being able to get past the loading screen.

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, I will try to fix this ASAP and get a working version out to everyone. Beta 0.2 is back up instead.

Really sorry about that! Try this link if you can, I'm hoping this one will work.

Replied to ZeldaMika in Bug report!
(Edited 1 time)

Alright, let me try something out. I'm going to upload a version that's larger in filesize, but it should hopefully run. You're not the only one getting stuck on the loading screen.

I'll send you a new download link shortly! :)

Okay, I created a new version,try this one. Please let me know if this one works!

Neil's story has about 29 chapters, the beta includes 18 of them, so no, his ending isn't included yet! I'm slowly adding more chapters with each beta :)

Created a new topic Screenshot thread

Did you make a cool design in Tailor Tales?

Post your creations here!

Created a new topic Tailor Tales beta 1.2 feedback
(Edited 4 times)

The official feedback thread!

Have anything to comment on?  Just want to voice your own thoughts? Suggestions on any additions to the clothing system, such as hair items, hairstyles, skirts etc. post your feedback here!

Questions for beta 1.2:

1. Are you enjoying Neil's route, do you still like him/hate him?
2. How many fierce and kind points did you score for Neil?
3. How long did it take you to finish Neil's first 20 chapters?
4. What are your thoughts on Dimitri? And his voice?
5. How long did it take you to finish Dimitri's first 3 chapters?
6. Who's your favourite guy out of Neil and Dimitri?
7. What's your favourite CG?
8. What's your favourite chapter or scene?
9. Which part made you actually feel happy/angry/flustered?
10. What did you like more, creating clothes, dressing up the avatar, or reading the story?
11. Even though Neil and Dimitri are the only two available options right now, who else are you interested in?
12. Overall comments about the game? Art? Writing? You name it!

Created a new topic Bug report!

Use this thread to report a bug!

Please provide screenshots if you can, and detailing what you did right before it happened, thank you!

Haha, I'm sorry, I figured that would be a good cut-off point, because further chapters required me to make more backgrounds/character art. So I thought chapter 12 was a good stopping point, and it made people want more ;)

You're in luck though, I'm very close to releasing the next beta, hopefully within the next couple of days if everything goes smoothly. Then you can find out whether or not you'll like Neil or not (spoiler: chapter 16 will probably decide whether or not you like him!). If it ends on a cliffhanger ... maybe a little, but not as big as chapter 12.

Thanks for playing the beta!

Wow, fast reader! :D Thank you for your feedback.

Ah you're referring to the tsundere archetype - I will admit that's what Neil is. Long ago I made a poll, and asked people which character would they want to play first. The tsundere was by far, far the most popular one, so that is what I focused on. I had a little bit too much fun making him a straight up asshole, I felt like if this is what people wanted ... then that's what they're gonna get XD

But, I did try to keep him three dimensional - especially in later chapters you will see other sides of his personality shine through, and he's not just an annoying tsun-tsun anymore. I'm glad you ended up liking him though!

Hopefully I can roll out the next beta in a timely matter, I'm just waiting on my programmer to fix up some bugs, but you should eb able to play it shortly :)

Yep, I commissioned a hardworking programmer that's designing the system for me, and the poor guy is overworked due to the complexity of it all. I work on all aspects of the game though, he's basically hired help to realize my tailoring system since I can't code in javascript :)

And great, if you're open to beta reading! Since Itch.io doesn't have a PM system, can you give me your e-mail/Skype/Discord contact info?