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No, I haven't tried those out yet, but I'm very curious abut Changeling! I prefer no high school games much like you, but I can make exceptions :)

I'm happy to see you say that neither feels like the 'default mode'. I don't want anyone thinking they made the wrong choice, any choice is the right choice. It's really more of a "how do you want the MC to act here" kind of choice. Eventually you'll get to a different ending, but neither are the 'true' ending, nor will you feel like one route gets more attention than the other. Both are equal.

I will eventually be adding different faces/make-up options (they'll be in 'bodies'), just haven't gotten around to those yet!

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No, I'm happy you can play it though! It does seem that Tailor Tales requires some minimum hardware to be able to play without crashing. I'll have to keep that in mind that people with an older PC/laptop may not be able to play.

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Alright, do you think you can get me a screenshot of that type error?

As for crashing before that, I ... honestly don't think I can help you with this :( I think your computer's specs are too low to be able to run Tailor Tales (especially since you said you sometimes managed to get further without crashing). Can you tell me your specs? RAM, processor etc.

CP's MC was pretty nice, but once she gets over the character flaw of being 'bossy and mean' she just, well, turns way more meek and no more dominating </3

I hope I can still strike somewhat of a balance, as I know plenty of players who were shocked with how forward my MC is sometimes. Hence why you can choose between being fierce or kind - the latter being more reserved and submissive, while the former is more aggressive.

Huh, you made me realize I didn't even ask people what they thought about the MC, Joselina.

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Alright it seems to crash right when the save screen opens.

I've removed that part of the game so that it doesn't force you to save anymore. Please delete your old folder and download the current version :) let me know if you still crash.

I don't recall any otome game in which you can be the dominant one and pick on guys/argue back with them.

Closest one I can think of is Toma's route in Irresistible Mistakes in which the MC will bicker with him and even call him names. They're equals though, she clearly never has the upper hand. I heard good things about Sweet Fuse but never played it.

I hate being forced into a submissive role with no agency of my own, so of course I'll try to write my own MC in such a way that she can take control of the situation and not let things unfold in front of her eyes. And of course, she's not the one who gets flustered, but the guys instead (why would I want to read about how the MC gets flustered?). That's not to say my MC doesn't get flustered at all, she does, but she can flirt and tease the guys, which is like, never an option in otome games.

Replied to glxy_cat in Bug report!
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Does the game close/stop responding, or does it give you an error? Does it load the main menu screen, or does it crash before that? Can you see the save screen, or have you never gotten that far?

Posted in Bug report!

If anyone got the "uncaught syntax error" bug after trying to finish a client, please re-download the game. It's a small error in my part, I apologize.

Bossing him around is pretty much the entire route, it should be fun ~

Aiden is most likely the next possible candidate to be added, due to him having a finished outline. All I need to do is write the drafts :) but I also realize he's the least popular guy, hah. Poor thing. It's my favourite route to write.

Replied to Axelle in Bug report!

Dimitri's already fixed, as for Neil, I'll need more info on that, I can't scan 25+ chapters D: was it in the newer ones? Like chapter 20+, or the older ones below chapter 20?

You make a good point on the dresses though! I'll replace it.

(Edited 1 time)

Yeah beta tests in my game means the next update won't be compatible with your previous save file. However, I'm working hard towards a feasible 'demo' build, which will mean you can carry over your old save files.

Of course, a demo build would be when all mechanics are finalized, and I'll only be updating the game with more story/clothing.

To tease you about Aiden, here's a little excerpt of his story:

“Let's go to a karaoke box to talk,"  I say.

“... Isn't that defeating its purpose? Aren't you supposed to sing at such a venture?” 

I groan out loud in frustration. “I don't care! I just want to talk to you in private, unless you want me to start airing your dirty laundry right here on the street.” 

Aiden fans out his fingers and holds out his hands in front of me. “No!” he yells. “Definitely not!” 

“Then let's go.” 

“B-b-b-but … you, with me, in tiny box. Cramped. No space,” Aiden quickly lists off. “Panic. Help.” 

“Let's not blow this out of proportion ...” 

“The proportion of the box isn't big enough!!” 

“Aiden, shut up and come with me!” I snap at him. 

Aiden's eyes grow wide. “Yes Ma'am,” he says obediently.

Good point about the rainbow pattern! I shall exclude it from the clients completely.

I checked why Neil's chapters weren't costing anything, and I realized that if you said you played the previous beta, I kind of gifted all of his chapters to you for free, hah. Got it fixed, thanks! I think the part where Joselina's name pops up was said by Sarah, which I've already fixed as well :)

Thank you so much for playing, and I'm happy to see Dimitri gaining a steady fanbase <3

If you want to design for the important clients, you could replay the game from the start, and not say you've played the previous beta. Then you'll get to design for them :) I will try and add more in the next update, since someone else said they liked doing these more than the randomized ones.

Ok, I found the error in my code and fixed it. The new build should now working colours for the CGs. Sadly that means you'd have to re-download the game and start from the beginning once more to get them to work. Sorry that you couldn't play it with your chosen colours :(

Yep I didn't mention colours were grouped because it was sort of hidden feature, so people would try their best to match a specific colour :p

Ahh you're going to love Dimitri's next chapter (7, comes with a cute CG), you can tease him twice! Probably one of my favourite scenes ahaha. I'm pretty sure there's an opportunity to make him blush in every single chapter. Making the guy flustered is such a missing element in otome games, and I'm always pretty bummed out that only the MC ever really gets flustered in those games.

I'll admit; the short descriptions of their characters and routes don't do them justice and are a little misleading. I wanted to let the player know what kind of 'type' they were picking at a superficial level.  I may let the player read the first chapter to try them out in the next update, so they get a better feel of them. After all, Neil is not your devoted childhood friend you see in otome games. Neither is Dimitri some sweet and hopelessly naive kid who cries all the time because he's the 'younger' type.

But I'm very happy to hear you say they're fleshed out! The characters all start out as a stereotype (so the player has an easier time picking which one they want to read), but I try to make them more realistic. And awkward. I love awkward. You're going to love Aiden's route if you like to bully them. I should really write Aiden's first chapter so I can start adding him, hah.

Thank you for your praise, I'm all gleeful that people enjoy my characters.

Oh no, the CGs didn't correctly display your chosen colours that you picked at the start? It doesn't reflect your current avatar; only the choices you made at the start are the colours that it will show in the CG. I will check my code to see what got messed up. In the next update you should be able to change your real appearance that affects the CGs, right now you can only do so in the beginning.

I was thinking about adding bundles, I'll just have to figure out how to set them up. Perhaps they could be rewards for completing important clients. I'm happy to hear you liked the important clients and the challenge they represented. Maybe you're right; I should add more of them (currently there's only 3 in Neil's route, 0 in Dimitri's). I was a bit worried people would get frustrated trying to re-create them when it would use items they didn't own.

Oh here's a quick tip; most colours are grouped. So if the client wants a dark red dress, any type of red will pass :) This speeds things up (also, I made this so people who can't tell colours apart all that easily would still be able to finish them).

So you had fun picking all of the fierce options this time huh ;) I recommend everyone to try it at least once, you get to tease the boys and make them blush, who doesn't want that? Hehe. I had a bit too much fun torturing Dimitri though, poor thing has way too many scenes coming up where he gets straight out embarrassed.

I can understand being more attached to Neil. After all, Neil's route is currently at 66k words, and Dimitri at about 21k. Eventually Dimitri will catch up! Interesting to see that you weren't that interested in both Neil and Dimitri but wound up liking them. Anything in particular that changed your mind?

Hey before everything else; you can jump to any chapter you'd like by going to settings and clicking Chapters, this way you could have jumped to Dimitri's latest chapter, or vice versa :) only works for chapters you've unlocked though! Which, if you said 'yes', would have unlocked them for you.

I wanted to force the player to see the intro - which is a one-time thing only anyway. I didn't count on people starting a new game haha.

The minigame of is set up in a way that you can easily breeze through chapters if that's the only thing you're interested in. It becomes harder the more items you buy. Considering you didn't buy anything, it is pretty darn boring, yes :) It should also scale, the more you make, the more gold you earn. I believe you stopped pretty early so you didn't see the increase in gold. Someone else managed to score a nice 70,000 gold, sheesh. I actually lowered the amount of gold you'd earn based on exp, since it was a liiiittle too easy.

Do you remember doing anything special before trying out Neil's chapters 21+ due to it not costing any gold to proceed? I can't seem to replicate the bug.

I will see about a preview in the shop, but don't count on it, I'll have to pay my programmer money to change it, and he's out of commission at the moment.

Any beta version means the next one won't work with your old save file. Not until I can finally call it a 'demo', at which point I will stop changing around core mechanics of the game and your old save file will work. Beta versions will be drastically different each time, so old save files will not work.

Unfortunately, nothing is going to happen between the MC and any of the guys. Rating and all! However, I may release some 18+ stories in the future :) As for Dimitri ... for some reason, his next 3 CGs are all of him basically shirtless/naked haha. I think I enjoy torturing him a bit too much. His route won't be as steamy as Neil's will, but I've definitely included at least one!

I'm happy you liked the moan sfx XD picking out which soundbite they should use for each line is pretty fun.

Next update shouldn't take as long as the previous one, considering I took a long break last time. And now most of the technical stuff is finished. I'm going to re-haul the main menu for the next update, and see if I can include Dimitri's chapters up till chapter 10. Neil's passionate ending is finished, but his innocent ending still needs to be written and I'm having a bit of trouble with it. No worries though, I'll manage :)

(Edited 3 times)

Sorry this happened right as you start the game, I will try and find a solution.

Did you delete the old file completely, if you ever downloaded Tailor Tales before? You have to delete them, not replace them, and this should be in a clean folder.

Edit: I figured out the cause, it's a loading thing. I will try to fix it, in the meantime, you can hit F5 to refresh after running into the error, until you finally get it to work.

Second edit: got a fix for it. For those that already downloaded the game, instead of downloading the entire thing again, you can download this small text file, then find your www > data folder, and replace it with the one in there. Also, delete all files in your save folder. This should fix it.

Created a new topic Tailor Tales beta 1.3 feedback

Thank you for playing the game, feedback is always very much appreciated, so let me know what you think!

1. What is your gender and age?
2. Where did you find out about Tailor Tales?
3. Is the art style appealing to you, or did it take some convincing?
4. Which (available) character is your favourite?
5. What’s your favourite scene?
6. What’s your favourite CG?
7. Which character would you like to be available next?
8. How many fierce points and how many kind points did you get at the end of each route?
9. How much tailoring experience and gold did you end up having at the end?
10. Was it difficult getting gold to purchase the chapters, or was it easy?
11. Was it difficult re-creating garments that were important clients?
I.e. the masquerade dress, Angela’s dress, or the opera dress.
12. Favourite aspect of the game?

Ahaha, I'm sorry your real name is Sarah and Sarah happens to be your best friend in this game! And since you like Dimitri so much, I'll warn you: Sarah appears a lot in Dimitri's route. Still, happy to see you're enjoying his route so much, Dimitri has gotten quite the fanbase. The next update should hopefully have a couple of chapters added, especially of the domestic variety.

And you're right; there are no accessories yet because that's something I'll be adding waaay later :) but right now, the system works, so that means I can add accessories anytime I want!

As for awkward dialogue, unfortunately I'm a one-man team, and don't have anyone reading it over. So I would appreciate it the next time you play the game to take a screenshot of awkward wording etc. and show it to me. This way I know where I need to edit my work :) just hit the PRTSCN button and it should appear in your Screenshots folder!

Thanks so much for playing!

Aw, I'm happy you're sharing the game. I worked really hard on the clothing design system (and paid a buttload of money for it), so I love it when people share designs. Eventually I might ask people to design something for me, and I will turn it into an actual outfit that will be added to the game :)

I've got so many shoes ideas in my head, and I actually did draw some boots. Can't remember why I didn't add them ... oh wait I remember, they were really ugly and I didn't feel like fixing them. Ahaha. I'll add some boots to the next update. Feel free to spam me with pictures for accessories ideas, I do like knowing what my players want to see in the game. Same thing for the kind of patterns you'd like.

And thank you! Next update should be in August, since I'm back working in full swing - the game now has shops where you can buy all the items from, and you can design clothes for clients to earn money. Don't worry; I will add an option so that all clothing items are available to you, but I prefer it if people were to test the game having to work for the items.

Ahh, I have so many domestic type scenes planned for Dimitri, I actually had to cut them down because it was getting a bit too much. Hopefully I can add two more chapters for the next update.

(Edited 1 time)

I really like the lime green in the first one, and the cheetah prints actually matches with it, which is surprising. My favourite is the red/white/black outfit though! :) I really like the skirt in that one.

You should play around more with details, you can create really cool stuff with it if you take your time and zoom in.

By the way, since you wanted boots, I made them:

Thank you for playing and the feedback!

Seems you came for the clothes and stayed for the story haha. You should show off some of your designs! Just go to Outfit, click the camera icon in the top left, pick a background and click "done" in the top right, and it should generate a screenshot in your Screenshots folder where the game is :)

Dimitri is a cutie, isn't he? I'd love to be able to add more chapters for him in the next update, but I'm mostly focused on Neil at the moment. I can add up and until chapter 5 for Dimitri though :)

As for your suggestion about the colours, that's unfortunately not possible. You can try the set colours for the details above the sliders, they're closely matched with the first 10 default colours. Unfortunately I cannot use the same colours you use on the clothing as on the details. This is mostly because you can add like a 1000 details in one single image, and giving it the same colour involves masking, and that would pretty much crash your game haha. So I did it the simple way: tinting it. This doesn't strain the processor :)

You can create all colours with the sliders though! It just takes a bit of practice.

There will definitely be more items later on, accessories - even flapping butterfly wings at one point. They're just on low priority at the moment. Next update shouldn't have anything new added, since I'm focused on Neil's route.

In the current version the bottoms are bugged and you cannot design them. It'll be fixed in the next version!

Sorry, I'm a bit confused! Did you get a script error? Are you playing the Mac version?

Replied to ahartwoods in MAC Comments

Let me know if this method worked out for you.

I will release versions on Mac, but I cannot guarantee it works (much like now). Mac is a pain to develop for, if you want to release on Mac they want you to buy one basically  :(

Replied to Nae in Bug report!
(Edited 1 time)

Ok, I know what's causing you to crash. It's pretty simple: the special effects. The special effects loop continuously until you progress further into the story when it turns itself off (in your case, the police sirens and the blinking of the CGs). During that time, it will continuously refresh, and therefor an older laptop such as yours wouldn't be able to handle the processing.

I will see about the option of turning them off :)

I will assume you crash straight away if you try out Dimitri's story and it starts to rain?

Replied to Nae in Bug report!

I'm sorry you seem to have issues with the game. Can you tell me how much RAM you have and what processor you have? This seems like the game might be too much for your computer to handle. Also, when does it crash? Are you designing clothes, or reading the story?

I will try and see what I can do about an autosave, but I cannot autosave while you're designing clothing, that's not possible. I would only be able to autosave whilst you're in the menu, or reading the story.

At the moment, I can only tell you to not have any other programs running in the background as you play Tailor Tales, especially not having a browser open or anything, as that takes a lot of memory.

Posted in MAC Comments

Yep, has to do with permissions, you're not the only one.

I'm not going to be supporting a Mac version, unfortunately, because I do not own a Mac and cannot test anything. Mac is not allowing Tailor Tales to write/overwrite files.

You can try locating the file joselina_avatar.png in game.app/contents/resources/app.nw/img/pictures/ and deleting it. It should get you past the intro, and you should be able to read the story, but you are unable to use the Outfit option - at least, that is my theory. No one has confirmed this yet.

Replied to annasshole in Bug report!
(Edited 1 time)

Oh darn, that's too bad. Then you kind of run out of options. What OS build do you have? Then I can warn others before they download.

I have heard of another player trying Wine and it worked on there :)

Alternatively, you could locate the file in \Game.app\Contents\Resources\app.nw\img\pictures and delete the file joselina_avatar.png. This should allow you to get past the beginning screen and let you read the story. You're not able to use the option "Outfit"  in the main menu though, as you'll get the same error as before (though feel free to try).

Replied to annasshole in Bug report!

Yeah someone else got it on the Mac as well. It has to do with permissions. Could you try out this suggestion, or turn off Gatekeeper/add Tailor Tales to the exceptions. Let me know if it works. I suggest googling the issue yourself as well, as the app needs permission to write files. I'm sorry I'm not much of help, since I don't own a Mac myself to test it!

There will be continuous updates, as I'm trying to complete at least one route at a time.

Here's a progress of how it works:

(Aiden is at step  "Write important scenes and plan out CGs" whereas Neil is at "Complete Script")

So you'll never have to wait until the 'full game' until you can play a route. I'll always try to release an update that includes more chapters. Some people like to wait and play it until it's fully finished, but personally, I hate waiting for months/years (and in the meantime totally forget about it), so I like releasing small updates each time.

Route order at the moment is Neil > Dimitri, and probably next up is either Aiden or Caine, though most likely Aiden. I'll probably have him added if I write his introduction chapter (I don't write chronologically).

Replied to pootpotato in Bug report!

Yeah it's trying to rewrite an image, and it doesn't have the permission to do so. I can't help much on this (don't own a Mac!) - except perhaps you can google some ways to allow this app permission or to bypass them on Mac? It definitely has to do with file permission though.

Since you keep saving for each chapter to see his other reaction to the fierce option, just for you, I'll add a load button to the game in the main menu! Right now you can only load when you start up the game.

Happy to see you're interested in Neil's story and what will happen next - there's definitely some family drama going on, and it'll start right at chapter 21. The next beta release should hopefully include the next 5 chapters to satisfy your curiosity.

Also happy to know you like creating clothes! I think Tailor Tales is the only such game at the moment where you can design clothes, dress-up your avatar (I'll eventually be adding premade clothing), and also read romantic stories. I've always wanted the concept of making your own clothes and romancing some buys to go hand-in-hand.

If you made any cool creations, show me them! Take a screenshot by going to Outfits, clicking the camera icon in the top left, select a background and click on "done" to generate a screenshot in your Screenshots folder! :)

Thank you for your feedback and playing the game! :D welcome to the Dimitri fanclub. It's funny, because people come for Neil, but stay for Dimitri!

No worries, the ending will have some more steamy scenes haha. I'm contemplating creating short stories with adult content and release them separate from the main game as a perk. My main writing strengths are character dialogue - and smut, lol. Years ago I was struggling with writing such scenes, and I forced myself to write a lot of it until I became pretty good at it!

I'm very happy that you enjoyed creating outfits in the game! Please send me over some screenshots of your creation (go to dress-up, click the camera icon in the top left, select a background, and click on 'done' - your screenshot is in your Screenshots folder!), I love seeing them.

Dimitri best guy <3

It is fun arguing with Neil! Whenever I playtest the game, I'm compelled to pick answers that make him as miserable as possible. I guess he does look like Zuko, hah! Just missing a scar. We named our dog after Zuko :)

If you're into teasing people who get flustered when they're touched, boy you're in for a ride when you'll try out Aiden's route. That's basically the entire premise!

Thank you for giving my game a try, and that you managed to read the entire beta without dropping it, I'll take it as a compliment indeed haha. Sometimes when it comes to reading styles, some people like really flowery language (lots of descriptions of surroundings), and some people like it simple and to the point so it's very short. I can't please everyone, so I'll be sticking with what I've been using so far, which is working pretty well :)

The current beta puts the player into God Mode, so all items, chapters and others options are available to you so you can test out the game for me. The real game will have barriers - you'll have to purchase your own items, wear certain items/clothes to progress the story, and purchase each chapter with money. You earn money by playing a quick mini-game where you have to create clothing for a client.

The option to read all chapters without any restrictions, or to design clothes with all items/options available - is something I'll probably add as a perk to be unlocked.

Nice to see you like Sarah. She'll have a more prominent role during Dimitri's route, so you should be seeing more of her!

The game does not have a log, but it might be added in the future (depends on if I have the funds to pay my programmer for it). If you kept accidentally pressing the wrong choice, I suggest using your mouse to read instead, as you can't accidentally click the wrong choice like this.

I'll think about a "are you sure?" button, though I'm inclined not to add it since the choices aren't terribly important - it won't suddenly land you a bad ending for example.

I recommend playing the game with your volume on though, you're missing out! The voices are cute and add more life to the characters :)

Thanks for playing!

I will make the skirts layer a bit better with shirts, but that you cannot see the hemline of the shirt when creating a dress is normal, since it's being hidden by the skirt. Unless you meant the actual waist for a skirt, which disappeared. Then I need to know what you were making and if you happen to have any screenshots, because that's definitely a bug.

As for Dimitri's name, I honestly did not know Dima was the nickname for it! However, Dimitri is already not very traditional (I'd like to have used Dmitry instead, but knowing people would constantly misspell his name, I went for a simple Dimitri), and the game is based on a fictional European country, so Russian culture would not apply, I've only borrowed the name. Plus, I've known one Dmitry and everyone called him Dmitry haha.

Funny you mentioned Alex/Alexander, because Dimitri is the only one who uses his full name, and not his nickname. There's a reason for that though.

But thank you for your input, that was very informative. I do not think I'll change it to Dima, but who knows, I may be able to write something like that in referencing the nickname.

Replied to pootpotato in Bug report!

You mean when you first started the game it wouldn't let you create a new game? I think this may have to do with Mac's permissions with overwriting files,  Can you try out this solution, to run the game like that, and see if it allows you to overwrite the file? If not, please go to the game's folder, browse to \Game.app\Contents\Resources\app.nw\save and delete both file1 files.

That should hopefully fix it!

Replied to Ig125 in Bug report!

As for not hearing voices, I will assume, you have heard zero general sound effects as well? I.e door opening, windchimes, footsteps, glass breaking etc. Your SFX sounds may be set to 0% so you don't hear them :) go to your sound options in the Settings menu, and set the volume of the SFX higher so you can hear them. Let me know if this was the issue!

As for no blinking ... that unfortunately, I do not know the cause of. I will have to see if this is something all Mac users experience, or only you to determine whether it's a bug in the game itself, or your Mac is not running it properly.

Posted in Bug report!

Thank you to everyone mentioning the emperor's new clothes bug! Will be fixed in the next upload; you can design pants again.