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Hey there! Thanks for playing the game, I'm happy you enjoyed it!

I'm working hard at Tailor Tales every day. To be fair, to say when Tailor Tales will be finished is a long ways off (each route is like 100k words and takes quite some time to finish up), but I can promise you that Dimitri's route will be finished this year.

If you want to stay updated, you can follow my Twitter or join the Discord where I post frequent sneak-peeks of what I'm working on :)

You'll be happy to know that when I release the next update, Neil's route will have a lot of extra content than what is available right now. A replay is recommended!

Replied to Silver_rain in Bug report!

Hey there! This is something that is fixed in 1.5, but not in 1.4. What happened is that you deleted a piece of clothing, didn't save and exited out of the game. When you tried to start it up again, the game tried to find the image file for the clothes you made before (since you didn't save after deleting it). What happens is the error above; it can't find the image file because it was deleted.

What you can do yourself is go to the folder it mentions and duplicate one of the images in there and rename it to the one that's missing. So it should be called "CLTH_00004.png" and then try to run the game again. Remember to save your game :)

Hey there! Saving can be found in the main menu. See that little wheel in the top left?  Click it, it'll open the menu. You can click the big save button there :)

Hi there! To earn money, you must click on "Design" and then click "Clients". You will need to complete their requests to earn money :)

Replied to Lorinefairy in Bug report!

Hi there! When reporting bugs it's very important you list what steps you've done before leading up to the bug. A description of a dress isn't much information. Are you saying that no matter how many dresses you create, they don't show up in "Outfits"?

However, it sounds to me like an issue with deleting a dress/creating one to replace it and it's showing the old one. It has to do with exiting the game without saving. This issue is fixed in 1.5 (not yet public) but not in 1.4, so please remember to save before you exit the game :)

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Thank you so much for the compliments! I do plan on releasing more clothes and other hairstyles etc. though at the moment I am very focused on finishing up stories :)

I like the fierce/kind system myself as well! I know a player of mine always chooses kind, and another always chooses fierce. I like that they can relate to these options more. I'm glad you enjoy it as well!

You should join the Discord and mingle with other fans! I post frequent sneak peeks of what I'm working on. Here's the link: https://discord.gg/Hh5RGA3

So the crashing happened because you were speeding through text, is that it?

Can you give me the specs of your computer, or tablet? LIke how much RAM it has, video card, processor etc.

Because honestly, I don't think your current specs are able to handle Tailor Tales if it's frequently crashing. It'd be nice to know what specs you have so I can tell people the minimum requirements to play the game without any problems.

I feel your pain, that's the issue I have with the majority of otome games coming from Japan; meek MCs with little to no agency of their own. Guys will walk all over them and treat them like dirt. I'm just sick of reading MCs like that, I wanted someone that could take charge of their own destiny, that could fight with people if they felt insulted or slighted. Someone who isn't afraid to voice their opinion. She doesn't need to be a bad-ass and snap at people 24/7, having a witty comeback at everything - but just someone who can say "Hey, you're being an asshole right now, so quit it."

Of course, you don't have to be like that in Tailor Tales, as you can pick the Kind option instead. Best of both worlds :)

That's the biggest difference in the two endings. The passionate ending has the MC take initiative, whereas in the Innocent ending she is more passive and the guy will take the initiative. 

Yep, I post a lot of progress on the Discord, including screenshots of cute scenes with Dimitri! :D

Welcome to the dark side, Dimitri is best boy <3

I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed playing as the MC though! It's certainly something I wanted for sure in my game; being able to actually choose something a little more snappy than what you're used to in otome. Without being punished for it - that's a major point.

You're free to join the official Discord channel as I tend to post my progress on Tailor Tales there, as well as spoilers on Dimitri's route (which is very far in development!).

The next public release should have a few updated CGs, as well as an extra CG for Neil (in chapter 20). And hopefully, it should have Dimitri's full route, though that's still up in the air!

Replied to Sima123 in Bug report!

Haha you can just post in the feedback thread :P

There's been a considerable amount of progress! Unfortunately, nothing's been made public, only my closed beta testers can play what I have available right now. The public version has Dimitri's route up until chapter 7, but the closed beta has up until chapter 18, so there's quite a bit of content!

If you want to stay up to date and fangirl with other fans,join the Discord, I like to post spoilers lol.

A little clunky, but yes, that seemed to do it. I have to uninstall the demo, then the app will ask which file it has to install.

Unfortunately it doesn't help with what I truly wanted, which was to update the demo file with newer files - so that the player could continue using their save file from the demo. I will hope DLC will be coming in the near future!

Replied to TwilightElf in Bug report!

Haha it's fine, you're not the only one to run into this issue. I shall make it more clear in the future that you need to watch out for striped patterns like these.

Replied to TwilightElf in Bug report!

It's not that you can switch the colour of the pattern around, it's simply, you have the wrong colour for the pattern AND the design itself ;)

Switch them around, red for the pattern, black for the pants itself. If you ever find yourself in a situation where your design isn't accepted, it's probably because you need to switch the pattern colour with the design colour!

If you have the itch app, then it would have updated automatically. However, you probably don't, so you need to delete your old game and download this new one (your save progress is lost).

I made a test page of my game and I downloaded and installed the free demo on the app. Once the demo was installed, I downloaded the paid version (using a key I generated), except the Itch app didn't install it. I can't switch from the demo version to the paid version either when I go to my library in the app.

How do I get the to switch? I want the transition from demo to paid version to go smoothly for my players.

Replied to LunarLiv in Bug report!

Ah, bugs that fix themselves! Hope you enjoy playing, and if you run into that error again, try the graphics card thing :)

Thank you ! And no, I do not, but hopefully I will launch a Kickstarter so you can support me there instead :) in the meantime, just spread the joy around <3

Thanks for playing! :)

A hidden feature in the important clients  is that you don't need to buy any extra colours at all, you can create all requests with the default colours. They're all grouped into main colours, so all reds, greens, blues, yellows etc.  will be accepted. This was put in place for people who are genuinely colour blind.

Replied to LunarLiv in Bug report!
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You're the first one to run into this issue, so something has to be different on your side, I just don't know what, unfortunately. If previous versions worked, then this version should work as well.

You don't happen to own RPG Maker MV, right? :P

Alright I did some searching and it seems the cause is your graphics card. Apparently, if you switch to onboard graphics, it'll fix the problem. So try the instructions on this webpage.

I'd very much like to hear news about a DLC support as well!

Glad you managed to get through it ;)

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Don't forget the yellow line on the hemline of the skirt, and it is a pointed sweetheart, not sweetheart.

If you're making the masquerade dress, be sure to get the Sparkles pattern but do not give it a colour (the pattern is white by default, and it will not accept it otherwise).

Aw thank you so much for your feedback, I'm very happy you enjoyed yourself and the romance. 

I'm in a longterm relationship myself, but you know as much as I do that the butterflies and excitement is long gone - but that's why I play otome games, to get that feeling back again! I'm glad you feel the same way and that my game hit the right spot for you.

You will probably enjoy the next release for Tailor Tales then, it will not only include Dimitri's entire route, but also Neil's epilogue and a new kissing CG for Neil (which will show up in chapter 20). Of course, this will take a while to release, but I'm working hard every day! :D

Thanks for playing the game!

I really like your designs! The glitter pattern to make a sparkly belt is genius. If you want to take a nice pretty screenshot like the ones above in this thread, simply click on the camera icon in the top left corner when you're in Outfit, it'll switch to the camera mode so it'll print out a screenshot for you in your Screenshots folder.

As for curly/wavy hair, I'll try my best :) I will always try to add more hairstyles in each release, and curly is definitely on my to-do list.

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Ok, I played this in about an hour, but it was super cute and I had a smile on my face the entire time. I did Blake's route first, I'll try out the others on another date - but Blake, he's my man! Shorties are my type, so thank you for that <3

Paige is funny and feisty. I loved her first outburst against Blake for telling him left from right. Actually, I love all of her outbursts hahaha. I loved all of  the small action shots of the ball and the cut-ins of the characters during the game, nicely done!

The characters are sweet and memorable. I don't dislike anyone. I am a bit disappointed that 77 didn't get to have an actual face, despite having a fully fledged sprite. I even applaud not dragging it out and having  Blake ask her out on a date right afterwards.

Then again... Blake's ending felt rushed, as I was expecting this to be their first date, but in the middle of their ice skating date, they were talking about it having already happened. I feel cheated that we didn't get to see this. I realize this is because the game is pretty short and you wanted to wrap things up, but still sad we didn't get a chronological progression of his story.

Anyways, I donated and I thoroughly enjoyed playing this, thank you for making it! It was super cute :)

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Hey there! I am hard at work every day (check my Twitter for constant updates), but Tailor Tales is nowhere near done. I am planning to release the next update when Dimitri's route is complete, which also means the paid version will be released simultaneously. No ETA, though it will definitely be this year.

If you want to support however, I am planning a Kickstarter of some sorts in the upcoming months, so just keep an eye out on my blog :) in the meantime you could spread the word of Tailor Tales and get your friends to play it as well!

Aw thank you so much for your kind words! It means a lot to me. I'm happy you gave the game a shot despite still being in development.

I guess it's a good thing you went in with low expectations - those kissing scenes were probably a very nice surprise ;)

I recently finished writing Neil's epilogue for Tailor Tales+ (the paid portion of the game to unlock 18+ scenes plus the final CG), which is a glorious 13k words long chapter filled with detailed smut (you think my makeout scenes were long? Hah!). Hopefully you will consider supporting me and pay for Tailor Tales+ to read Neil's sexy epilogue :D

The free version gets a shorter and cleaner cut of the epilogue. I can't yet give out a timeline of when this version will be released, as I'll have to make a lot of preparations and work out some kinks with the save file.

Anyways, thanks a lot for your feedback!

There is not a single instance where the sentence "rain down on my parade" is included in Neil's route, so I'm unsure which sentence you're referring to! Chapter 25 doesn't have a single instance of the word 'rain' nor 'parade' either.

There are no good endings haha. Tailor Tales has no right/wrong answers - you pick the ones you like the most. The first answer is the 'fierce' choice, which gets you the Passionate ending. The second one is the 'kind' choice, which gets you the Innocent ending.

You can simply replay starting from chapter 25 to get the other ending as the game will ask you if you want to read the other ending. This way you can read both endings without much hassle.

This is why there's no walkthrough necessary. It's quite simple.

Hey there! Which part are you stuck at? :)

I may consider writing down the items required to do the client requests for the outfits.

Replied to natzc in Bug report!

Hi there! This seems to be an issue with your Mac version. Try out this solution:

For Mac users, if you encounter an error when you try to create a
character at the beginning of the game, please follow these steps:
- Locate the folder Tailor Tales\Game.app\Contents\MacOS
- Open up the game by clicking the file  "nwjs". This should open the
debug window as well, simply minimize it and play the game as normal!

Posted in A Helping Hand

Hi there! I'm happy you're enjoying the game so much :)

As for giving a helping hand, Tailor Tales could always use some advertizing. So basically, spread the word on social media, let your friends know about the game and get them to play :D

Thanks for playing!

Did you delete the previous version (1.3), and are playing 1.4 as a fresh start? Attempting to import your save file of the previous version will cause errors.

Replied to Athene-nike in Bug report!

Hi there! Please delete 1.3 and treat 1.4 as another stand-alone version, do not attempt to import your save file or merge the two versions together.

Does the error still occur with a clean download?

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Happy to hear you're enjoying yourself! I am still working on Dimitri's story, so the next update will be in 2018 :)

You can show off your designs in the screenshot thread if you wish! Just click the camera icon in the top left corner when using the Outfit option, then it should generate a picture in your Screenshots folder.

Hey! Can you tell me where and when in the game this error occurred?

That's the unfortunate thing with beta releases; you cannot bring over save files. This is because each release has a lot of major core changes, so your save file simply wouldn't work right. When Tailor Tales is out of beta and released as an actual demo, then you can keep your progress and all of your outfits.

Until then, each beta you have to start over. However, I do give previous beta players some starting gold and exp.