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There will be no Mac support on Steam. I don't officially support Mac, and only Itch gets a sort-of-working version for Mac.

Seems that audio file was missing from the game! I'll be uploading a quick fix that includes this file.

The error itself should go away once you have saved the game and reloaded, since it will continue to stay on screen if you keep playing your current session.

Version 3.0.6 is written underneath this page, and it is the version that is currently available to download. Everything is working as it should :)

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I'm going to assume you are playing on a Mac OS then, because that's the only time it would throw up an error. Please refer to the Mac solutions/workarounds, it may work for you, but no guarantee.

Mac instructions:
Let Itch install the game for you. If you encounter an error when you try to create a character at the beginning of the game, please follow these steps:

- Click the Apple Icon in the top left corner.
- Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility > and allow the game to take control of your computer (checkmark must be off)
- Play the game again

If that still didn't work, you can try out this:
- Locate the folder Tailor Tales\\Contents\MacOS
- Open up the game by clicking the file  "nwjs". This should open the debug window as well, simply minimize it and play the game as normal!

Since I already messaged the OP to tell them the answer, I will say it again for others to see:

Tailor Tales Plus is Windows only, there won't be a Mac version due to the restrictions Apple puts on indie apps.

Hello, please use the shift button to capitalize letters.

You can also simply maximize the window by clicking the button in the top right. If F4 isn't working properly, restarting the game and trying at the beginning might help F4 work again.

I believe your download was indeed corrupt, basically it didn't have an image needed for the CG. Happy to hear it's working now though!

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Can you replay chapter 20 and let me know what the error says? This should help with troubleshooting :)


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Giving the player the ability to customize the MC's age messes around with a lot of things story-wise, so the player does not have this option. For example, the story would play out a lot differently if you were playing as a 40 year old MC, instead of a 23 year old.

I also cannot think of a single otome game where you're allowed to customize age (just that they don't mention age at all). Either way; it's not worth it unless it's a 100% customizable RPG-like game, which Tailor Tales is not.

Hello! What type of error did you encounter? Did the screen freeze? Or did it show an actual error? Let me know!

I slipped into this choosing to play the character I was least attracted to first of the currently released

It's always funny to me to see how many people play games this way! I personally just avoid characters I know I wouldn't like, but am quite surprised at the amount of people who will play every character, starting with the one they think they'd dislike the most. But I'm happy Dimitri eventually won you over! He's won many players' hearts :)

I'm really excited for Aiden's route? Maybe it's just because I want another boy to tease though, I'm not sure. He's pretty to look at and I'm sure he'd be prettier blushing for me.

You and me both! Can't wait to start on Aiden, he will be so much fun to tease. However I have to mention that Aiden is in a unique situation. The plan was for all 6 guys to be available and free to play. Anything adult/sexual gets put in the Plus version of the game, and the free one has it removed/rewritten. This works for everything so far, but Aiden is... Well, his route has a sexual aspect in focus, so if I remove this for the free version, I basically have no story. Basically, his story is very sexually charged and I unfortunately cannot release it for free due to the adult themes rampant throughout his route. Most likely, the first couple of chapters will be available, free to read, until the sexual themes start. You would then have to get his Plus DLC to read his full route. It's unfortunate, but that's the decision I made regarding Aiden. I'm not too worried about this decision, because Aiden is 100% a niche character appealing to a very minority of players, so a lot of people would never play him in the first place :)

Thanks so much for your feedback! And yes, Tailor Tales was conceived back in 2009, which had an overworld style concept similar to Harvest Moon. I eventually decided to turn it into a visual novel as this way I could focus on a more cohesive and romantic story.

I don't know if this is a bug or not, but your character seems to keep the same look you picked out for her from the start of the game, even though you can change her look mid-game.
You can change the MC's colours by going into the settings, selecting Profile and clicking "Change CG colours". Changing your character in Outfit only affects the avatar you see in the main menu, it does not influence the CGs or story, only the above option changes it :)

And I absolutely LOVE you for giving a dark light option for the text background.

More games should have this in my opinion! I know people are very divided on how they like to read (black on white, or white on black etc.), so I wanted to give people the option that they can change anytime they like. You can also change the text size for those that are visually impaired.

I can't help but notice how much you've improved between the routes, probably because I played all three without pause.

Haha, you're not wrong that each route gets improved. Neil was the 1st route and also very experimental. It was after Neil was completed, that I got the hang of a good length for each chapter, and how the story should flow. Caine got even more polished and he even has longer chapters. James, the current route in development that isn't available for free right now, has the longest chapters out of them all (if you've reached chapter 14, the halfway point of his route, it is the same length as Neil's entire route). Art will always improve as well - I hope to entertain you with Gray's route as well!

One last question. When you release this as a full, complete game, would we get the tailor tales plus features as well or is that strictly for your patreon subs?

I would like to release Plus as DLC - however this would only be available on Steam ( just doesn't have any options for DLC), and I still don't know when I'll release it because there's a few mechanics I haven't completely finished (for example, you can take guys out on a date, and at the end you enter a minigame where you can physically touch them). Only Neil is available to 'date' so far and only two locations, I don't want to release the Plus version when it's still incomplete in my opinion. But I'll always announce it when I'm ready!

Please check out the video if you need help with the clothes: 

Each route in Tailor Tales is like a different universe, and MC is not the same in any of the routes. So every route can be considered the true route ;)

Mostly because I dislike the notion of a true route (like it invalidates any other route). This is also why none of the love interest really appear in the other's  routes. James' route being the exception here, having both Caine and Neil play bigger roles in his route (I needed the character sprites lol).

Haha, you and everyone else enjoyed his black hair much more ;)

Which is funny, because Neil's looks change back to his original purple hair colour in James' route. Here's his new design:

Of course, James' route isn't out yet in public! I hope you give Caine's route a try :D

Do you think you can reinstall the game? That seems like a file got corrupted (it's possible on Itch), hence the error. Reinstalling through Itch should leave your save file intact.

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Sorry for the late reply!

If you're talking about a missing file error, then please follow these steps:

Open Tailor Tales' folder. Browse to this location:
Tailor Tales > www > img > pictures > Fashion > Completed
Duplicate any image in there and rename it to the missing filename that was displayed in the error (for example CLTH_00001.png).

Start TT again and click on Outfits. If there's another error with another missing filename, keep repeating the steps to duplicate a file and rename it to the one that is missing.

Hey can you let me know the exact error?

Curtains staying closed is one thing, but an actual error being shown on the screen means there's either something not loading correctly, or a file got corrupted. Can you show me a screenshot of the error, and tell me when this error happens? For example, when you start the game after clicking to load manual save etc.

I'm glad that ended up working out! Seems the back-up save file finally managed to be useful :)

Please avoid closing the game while its currently saving. This means any time you manually save, any time you enter the main menu, and any time you delete a piece of clothing, or exit out of Outfit. I'm unsure what exactly happened to cause your save file to become corrupted in the first place, but at least avoiding closing the game while it's saving should help!

Hey there! Sorry for the late response. Which OS are you using? Windows or Mac?

Dimitri's route starts out when he's 13 years old, however, you mistake him as your own (which currently, would be 17). You meet Dimitri again when he is older (age 19), which is where the majority of the story takes place in, hence why his age is listed as 19!

That's great to hear! Alright, follow these steps:

First, open the local files for your Tailor Tales. Find the folder you installed it to, and browse to this location:
Tailor Tales > www > save

In that folder, you should see several files. Your  "file1.rpgsave" is corrupted at the moment. But there's two other save files in there, one is called "file2.rpgsave" which is your quick save (probably also corrupted?). And then there's "file3.rpgsave" which is your back-up file (it saves each time you enter the main menu). If file3 is also corrupted, then you're out of luck :(

Anyways, what you should do is rename "file1.rpgsave" to something else, call it "file1_corrupt.rpgsave" if you'd like. Then, rename your "file3.rpgsave" to "file1.rpgsave" so that the game will read this (backup) file when it tries to load your manual save file. That's all you need to do. Start the game and load your manual save file. And let's hope it works and doesn't show you the error.

If you still have the same error, I'm sorry, it seems all save files got corrupted (you can try loading your quick save though?), and you would have to start a new game. On the bright side, I added two cheat codes for you! If you enter the main menu and type in either "Neil" or "Dimitri" as the password when you click the gift button in the settings, it will unlock that character for you (including all CGs), so you don't have to replay them.

No such cheat exists for Caine though, sorry.

Please let me know if it worked!

Sorry for the late response!

This is a save file corruption error. You may be able to retrieve a back-up of your save file, but considering it's been 3 days, I'm going to guess you already started a new game (and thus, overwrote your back-up). Let me know if you didn't start a new game or not, because there's a chance we can still figure it out!

Yes, starting a new game, creating a new character, but NOT saving is STILL creating a new game (as soon as your create a character, the game autosaves and overwrites your current save file).

That can be fixed! It happens when WebGL is not enabled on your computer.

Please follow the instructions here:

So this is the Steam version, correct?

I'm still trying to figure out how these clothing errors keep persisting (if it's on the Steam version, then it probably has something to do with you deleting a piece of clothing and not saving). Anyways, to fix the error for now:

Right click Tailor Tales in your Steam library, select properties. Then go to the tab "local files" and click on "browse local files" and find this location:
Tailor Tales > www > img > pictures > Fashion > Completed
Duplicate any image in there and rename it to the missing filename. Start TT again and click on Outfits. If there's another error with another missing filename, keep repeating the steps to duplicate a file and rename it to the one that is missing. Eventually you'll have added all the missing clothes and the game will run again.

Basically, the game is looking for some images that were deleted, and you're adding 'dummy' images to get it to work again. I suggest deleting the pieces of clothing that were affected (you can tell which ones they are because they'll be using the image you had duplicated), unless you want to keep them.

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Mac is not officially supported 100% because of this error.

You can try these workarounds:

Mac users: Let Itch install the game for you. If you encounter an error when you try to create a character at the beginning of the game, please follow these steps:

- Click the Apple Icon in the top left corner.
- Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility > and allow the game to take control of your computer (checkmark must be off)
- Play the game again

If that still didn't work, you can try out this:
- Locate the folder Tailor Tales\\Contents\MacOS
- Open up the game by clicking the file  "nwjs". This should open the debug window as well, simply minimize it and play the game as normal!

Binge reading is the best kind.

For anyone else getting a missing file error like the above, please join the Discord so I can personally help you get through. Basically, you deleted a piece of clothing and exited the game without saving. Upon opening the game again, it's trying to look for the image that belongs to the clothing, but since you deleted it, you get this error.

Pledging every month means getting new updates. James is currently in development, with roughly 2 chapters released every month. If you stop pledging, you're not privy to any future content, so you do not get James' latest chapters.

So if you pledged and have access to James' chapters 1 through 10, then that's all you'll get. People stay pledged so they can get the update every month :)

Thank you. I will try my best to replicate it again, as this obviously shouldn't be happening.

If you really want to keep playing on your save file, there is one way to fix the error, which is just a simple file missing error. All you have to do is find the location the error mentions, which is:

Tailor Tales > www > img > pictures > Fashion > Completed

Copy and duplicate any image in that folder, and rename it to the missing file the error mentioned. So if the error said it's missing the file "CLTH_00010.png" then you need an image in that folder with that name. The game should allow you to go into outfits when all missing files are there again.

Once you're in outfits, try and find the piece of clothing that was giving the error (it should be using the image you duplicated), delete it, then exit Outfit and save the game so you don't run into any errors again.

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Hey first off, I want to apologize for uploading the game making the player start out with every item. This was unintentional and I fixed it soon after I realized it, but some people already downloaded the game with these settings and never updated the game.

The tutorial message appearing after every chapter was also fixed with the update, so be sure to keep your game up to date! If you don't like having all the items, you'd have to start a new game I'm afraid.

As for the clothing error, I guess I didn't properly patch it. I went through all the possible scenarios in which a player would hit the delete button of a piece of clothing (this deletes the image on your computer, permanently), but then immediately exit out of the game without saving. However, it should have saved right as you deleted it, but in your case, it still didn't. I need to do some more testing because I cannot trigger the error myself. I think, at this point, you are better off starting a new game entirely (due to you also having all items). But please, do make sure you update the game again, it's gotten many patches in the meantime.

Then again, perhaps you're not explaining it to me well. Did you delete the outfit in-game? Or did you actually browse to the location of your outfits in your local files, and then deleted the image in the folder? Which one is it?

Please do not exit the game unless you are in the main menu, or currently reading a chapter. This will avoid any saving errors.

Can you explain to me a little more how details aren't working though? What exactly is the issue?

Hey there, make sure to update your game again! I fixed this error before going to bed last night :)

I'm happy you enjoyed his route though! The forced kiss is definitely a trope used in any romantic media, but I always wanted to address the problems with it :P


Joselina: August 10

Dimitri: July 30th
Neil: August 8
Caine: January 21
James: September 6
Aiden: April 14
Gray: May 11

Sarah: February 21
Angela: September 27
Kevin: November 24
Chelsey: August 27
Alex: May 20
Ralph: October 29

There you go! :)

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Please post any errors or bugs you've encountered in version 3.0.5 here. This is for Windows only, as Mac isn't officially supported.

It will help out a lot if you mention the steps you performed before you encountered the bug as much as possible.

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Gray, previously named Sam, was renamed due to similarities between another otome game who had similar named characters. Through polls, Gray was the most popular vote. He was going to get a rework, including a sprite redesign and overhaul of his storyline, much like how James had his route redesigned.

So Gray is just Sam in a new jacket.

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It's taking me so long because I'm working hard every day to add more content! This new update also gives a Neil's and Dimitri's route a slight facelift because there's a new phone message system that's been coded. That means any text conversations in previous routes have been uppated to reflect the new system.