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There is not a single instance where the sentence "rain down on my parade" is included in Neil's route, so I'm unsure which sentence you're referring to! Chapter 25 doesn't have a single instance of the word 'rain' nor 'parade' either.

There are no good endings haha. Tailor Tales has no right/wrong answers - you pick the ones you like the most. The first answer is the 'fierce' choice, which gets you the Passionate ending. The second one is the 'kind' choice, which gets you the Innocent ending.

You can simply replay starting from chapter 25 to get the other ending as the game will ask you if you want to read the other ending. This way you can read both endings without much hassle.

This is why there's no walkthrough necessary. It's quite simple.

Hey there! Which part are you stuck at? :)

I may consider writing down the items required to do the client requests for the outfits.

Replied to natzc in Bug report!

Hi there! This seems to be an issue with your Mac version. Try out this solution:

For Mac users, if you encounter an error when you try to create a
character at the beginning of the game, please follow these steps:
- Locate the folder Tailor Tales\Game.app\Contents\MacOS
- Open up the game by clicking the file  "nwjs". This should open the
debug window as well, simply minimize it and play the game as normal!

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Hi there! I'm happy you're enjoying the game so much :)

As for giving a helping hand, Tailor Tales could always use some advertizing. So basically, spread the word on social media, let your friends know about the game and get them to play :D

Thanks for playing!

Did you delete the previous version (1.3), and are playing 1.4 as a fresh start? Attempting to import your save file of the previous version will cause errors.

Replied to Athene-nike in Bug report!

Hi there! Please delete 1.3 and treat 1.4 as another stand-alone version, do not attempt to import your save file or merge the two versions together.

Does the error still occur with a clean download?

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Happy to hear you're enjoying yourself! I am still working on Dimitri's story, so the next update will be in 2018 :)

You can show off your designs in the screenshot thread if you wish! Just click the camera icon in the top left corner when using the Outfit option, then it should generate a picture in your Screenshots folder.

Hey! Can you tell me where and when in the game this error occurred?

That's the unfortunate thing with beta releases; you cannot bring over save files. This is because each release has a lot of major core changes, so your save file simply wouldn't work right. When Tailor Tales is out of beta and released as an actual demo, then you can keep your progress and all of your outfits.

Until then, each beta you have to start over. However, I do give previous beta players some starting gold and exp.

Replied to Atramento in Bug report!

Thanks for playing Neil's ending! Chapter 28 is the epilogue and not yet added to the game, therefor you can't continue :)

Hi! The gingham pattern needs to be coloured green, while the pants need to be black. You probably have it the other way around. Pay attention to what colour the pattern is, and if the game won't accept then switch them around :)

Hey there! I did try to keep in mind that some people would be colourblind and cannot see the difference between hues as much. That's why I added a hidden element to the colours; they're all grouped into base colours and they're the ones you start out with (with the exception of brown, I believe). Purchasing more colours is pretty much optional.

So you don't need to find the exact shade of yellow, because all dark/light yellows are grouped as 'yellow'.

Of course, if a client generates an orange dress with a red pattern, it would probably be hard to see for you. I can try and exclude the colour orange from ever being used in a random client if this would help out.

Eventually Tailor Tales will be released with a premium option; it will have adult content along with the fact that you start out with all the items and all chapters unlocked so you don't need to grind for money. Of course, the premium version will cost money, but it would probably work out for you since you just want to enjoy the story without all the hassle :)

Do you think you can upload your save file? It would help with bug testing those clients you couldn't finish :) It's in your tailor tales > www > save called  file1.rpgsave.

Replied to Doomzilla in Bug report!

That seems to be unfortunately hardware related, Tailor Tales is quite taxing. Can you tell me your computer specs, how much RAM you have etc.?

Replied to Kaya Sharp in Bug report!

Oh something definitely broke there. Does the pattern move away from the skirt when you cancel and re-accept the client? And it doesn't let you finish, right?

Did you do anything special before accepting that client? How many times would you say that the random clients wouldn't accept your request, despite matching it perfectly?

Do you think you can upload your save file so I can check it out? The file should be located in your Tailor Tales > www > save folder and called "file1.rpgsave" if you could upload that to for example dropbox and send me the link, that'd be great!

Oh no ... that's some bad news to hear. That certain clothes aren't being accepted despite you making them exactly as the example. My programmer re-wrote the entire code for that section to fix it, but I guess the bug remains :(

How many times did this happen to you? Do you know if it was on a certain category or not? For example, was it dresses?

And if you find any typos, please take a screenshot, that would most definitely help me out!

Replied to LetiGame in Bug report!

Oops, my bad, seems this version got uploaded with a save file I forgot to delete. If you wanted to restart, all you'd have to do is go to your WWW > Save folder and delete all of those files in there. But that's if you want to start over, you don't need to.

Replied to LetiGame in Bug report!

Well that's because you went from Dimitri to Neil, so you skipped the clients requests for chapter 26 entirely, it doesn't tell me whether it's fixed or not :(

Replied to LetiGame in Bug report!

Alright, try redownloading it again, let me know if it works this time or not. I uploaded another version.

Replied to LetiGame in Bug report!

Very peculiar as that bug should be fixed. Perhaps my newest update to itch.io got mixed up and the bug is back again.

Are you a returning beta player and have you just started the game? Or have you been playing this version for a while?

(Edited 1 time)

Sorry, none yet, but hopefully this month still :)

First the current Windows build needs to be stable and without bugs before I can release the Mac version (which doesn't get hotfixes because I'm not the one creating the Mac version). I'm going to wait a bit longer and see if anyone else comes up with more bug reports.

The pants are black, the pattern is red. Look at the stripes; they're different from your creation :)

Yeah as I suspected, nothing is wrong :p

Everything is working as intended. You get limited colours when you click "Looks" because that affects CGs. But you have all the colours available when you click "Outfits". Changing your looks is for people that want to change hair/eye/skin colour in their CGs.

This is important:

Did you click "Outfit" or did you click the "Looks" option in "Profile"?

I realize what error is occurring, I just need to know if it's occurring after you click Outfit or not.

If that screenshot is from 1.4 then everything is working as intended, all the colours are available to you for eyes/hair.

Sorry you have to be more clear than that:

Are you saying there's less colours available when you're using the Outfit option to dress up your avatar? Because all colours should be available when you use Outfit to dress up.

Colours are only limited when creating a character. Please let me know if when you click on Outfit, you still only see a select few colours for hair/eyes.

(Edited 1 time)

Hair colours should not have been changed - you simply cannot give your character any other hair colour besides brown, dark brown, black, blonde, red or white for the CGs. But changing on your avatar should work as intended.

Do you mean to say that when you click on Outfit, the colours for the hair/eyes is limited still?

It's unfortunately not an error I can fix right now, but I do have some ideas how to circumvent it in the future. If you come across it, try pressing F5 so that the game reloads without closing the game, it should hopefully skip it this time. Make sure you're not running anything else either that slows down your RAM.

Thanks! Reload and try again, this can sometimes happen due to a core bug in the engine itself.

That's unfortunate. It's time to delete your  Tailor Tales 1.4 folder and re-download from itch.io again as that version should work.

Replied to MarsCaspian in Bug report!

Thanks! Let me know if this fix works :)

No. Delete all files in your www > save folder to start a new game with the current update and the downloaded fix (or just re-download the game from itch.io and delete your old one if you want to be sure). I apologize for the error.

Replied to MarsCaspian in Bug report!
(Edited 4 times)

Haha yep, someone else mentioned it and I was working on a fix! Seems the data got corrupted, so you can download the fix here. Drop and replace that file in your Tailor Tales > www > Data folder and it should work again! You do not need to create a new game for this to work. I apologize for a sloppy release </3

Edit: turns out, you DO need to create a new game. Your previous save file has the corrupted data stored unfortunately. Thankfully this was right at the beginning of the update haha. Go to your www > save folder and delete all files in there to start a new game.

Created a new topic Tailor Tales beta 1.4 feedback

After 3 months, the new update is here! You can finally read Neil's ending (epilogue not included), as well as Dimitri's chapter 7.

Future updates should now happen faster because a lot of 1.4 was coding and fixing things. Next updates should focus more on releasing chapters for the bachelors.

Discuss! What do you think of Neil's route now that it is complete?

Replied to happyham in Bug report!

Thank you, these are very detailed! I've replicated the bug and am looking for a fix now :)

It's not actually a bug - it seems you've created an item (#10), then deleted it, but never saved the game after deleting it. The game is now trying to find the image for item #10, but it doesn't exist, hence the error.

Luckily the next update should force an autosave after you create a design so that this kind of issue doesn't crop up anymore :)

Posted in Voice Acting?

There are already voices and I'm not looking, so no.

I'm going to assume it worked then? :D