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Tailor Tales

Romance hot guys and create your own clothes. · By Celianna

Feedback thread Sticky

A topic by Celianna created Jan 06, 2019 Views: 7,321 Replies: 60
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Let me know your thoughts about the latest version of Tailor Tales here!

Who did you play first? Which ending did you get? Are you a fierce gal, or a kind angel? Who's the next bachelor you're looking forward to?

Spoilers allowed, read at your own risk!


I played Neil's first since his was completed at the time but having played them both completely now I can fairly say I like Dimitri more. Since this is the feedback thread I hope spoilers are okay? I've been picking almost all kind choices since they suit my personality more. The opportunity to name a kitten was too tempting I had to go fierce for that one hehe plus a couple of others. And gosh the wake up scene when the kitten pulled the blanket I just knew what was coming we already saw him shirtless so there was only one thing left. Also the P... PIZZA THINK OF PIZZA and then how she couldn't think of pizza without thinking about the incident made me laugh. Playing this game again makes me remember how much I love your writing especially the characters. Absolutely adore the main character her story and personality is fleshed out so well. I'm actually looking forward to Aiden's route because I love video games. Haven't ever got into any MOBA games but I sure have thought about it. But really, I'm excited for all the routes I've loved the two released so far so I'm just eager to play anything from you honestly. Oh! And I can't not mention the art; pretty backgrounds, lovely clothes, gorgeous characters that blink and breath and just emote a lot, and the cgs god they're stunning. 


Thank you so much for your feedback!

I'm always happy when someone points out the small details such as the characters breathing, blinking or lip syncing. I general, those are elements I worked on very hard!

If you liked Dimitri then you will like Aiden as well. Though Aiden is way more of a wimp :P but yes, it will involve gaming! MC will be a gamer as well as cosplayer in that route. Aiden not only plays MOBAs, but he enjoys doing speedruns as well.


*SPOILER, dont read if you are playing * (I've warned you!) I just want you to know I love the music for mandy's wedding and Neil the other bachelor being there was a NICE TOUCH. the whole time I was like IN ANOTHER LIFFFEEE, I WOULD BE YOUR GIIRRRL Lmaooo ( Katy perry lyrics XD) I literally love it so much I'm still in the middle of the scene-- I just had to pause and come and compliment you on it. ALthough one note I come across an error whenever that picture of My character and Dimirti comes up, it lets me play but with a constant error message that doesnt go away until I close and open up the game again. 


It's a missing graphic error, right? Can you tell me which colours you picked out at the start? For example, did you perhaps pick red eyes, or the 2nd skintone?

I picked green eyes and the 3rd skin tone, the one before the darkest. and How do you get the passionate ending? I got the innocent one at first so I went back a save and chose more fierce options to get the passionate ending but I still got the innocent ending? and I am heavily considering becoming a patreon because I NEEED the 18+ scene lmao how would I get it after I pay?



Can you tell me exactly the error that comes up when you're trying to see a CG with the MC in it? What is the name of the missing file?

As for getting the other ending, you don't need to reload, you basically re-did the innocent ending twice. Remember, Tailor Tales runs on a single save file. Once you've completed an ending, it should have automatically asked you if you wanted to go back to chapter 25 (where the route splits) to start the other ending.

So yeah, if you go to Settings > Character > pick whichever > Story > click on chapter 25 and select start new route. The chapter will ask you if you want to play the Passionate or Innocent ending, so pick which one you want :)

OK, thanks that worked! and says : img/pictures/CG/Dimitri/CG_dimitri_07_s_0.png  . And Dimitri shows up and the hair color and eye color shows up right but the skin tone is invisible and see through.


Yep, you've picked the 2nd skintone colour (it will show up as the 3rd in Outfit). It was launched without the proper code for the 2nd skintone, however I've since patched it. All you need to do is update your game by going to your Itch app, click Tailor Tales and "check for updates".

Then go to Settings > Profile > CG Colours, Pick your colours again and click finished, it should now work! :)

Of course, you would need to have installed Tailor Tales through the Itch app (as I recommended) to be able to receive the update.

This was sooo good ! I read Dimitri first and kept Neil for tomorrow, since I've already read his route before.  I have to say, at first, I wasn't sure about the shy younger guy... but Dimitri's relationship with the MC is so cute I couldn't help but totally fall for it. They are so sweet together ! I think I might actually like Dimitri more than Neil, though it's a close call :p I absolutely love your writing style, so thanks for these new chapters and I'm really looking forward for the next routes !


Aww thanks! I'm glad to see Dimitri is being well received, even though nice guys tend to not be very popular. I hope you'll enjoy the future content as well!


Well, I've played Dimitri's route only, so far, and with only "kind" choices. 

Before I give my opinions, I must state one complaint I have, as it'll affect what I can tell about the game. I'm sorry for doing so as I don't like to start on a bad note but oh well, it's not really about the game itself either. It's the stuff about the Plus version. The store page sure says becoming a patron gives you access to more content, but as nothing is specified, I was thinking about side stories, bonus clothing parts or whatever. I never thought it also included actual endings, especially since the feature listing seems to list the "mature" scenes as part of the game as it is. While I'm absolutely not against some endings being playable only for patrons, I think it's very important to state so on the store page - and I mean, clearly tell people what is in the regular version and what is added in the Plus version - or at least do so at the beginning of the game, as part of the tutorial or explanations or whatever you fancy. I was playing and was really into the game, and then I reach the final chapter and suddenly the game tells me I can't play the "full" ending if I'm not a patron. Thing is, right now I'm utterly broke and well, I'm picky about endings so I won't play the normal one. So I'm stuck without an ending until I manage to get some money to spare on becoming a patron. Again, I wouldn't mind if I knew beforehand. I'd have waited before starting the game at all. Now I'm sooo damn frustrated. So yeah, not an issue of the game, but of stating clearly the differences between the regular and the Patreon versions on the store page.

That leads me to a question - when I'll finally be able to get the Plus version, will I have to start from the beginning in order to have access to the full game, or is it some form of patch, or will it detect my save and be compatible with it? The chapters in Plus may not cost gold, but I kinda don't want to go through all the special requests again just for that either, if possible

Again, I'm so so sorry about complaining so much here. I liked the game and I was really into it - but that makes the sudden force-stop all more frustrating. I hope I didn't sound too agressive about that - it wasn't my intention.

Now, for the game itself. As told, I enjoyed it. Well, at least Dimitri's route, and well, until the second to last chapter. Though the story left me very disturbed since I've been facing a lot of similar problems than those in the route, and well, I must admit it made me quite anxious at some points, but oh well, it was still very interesting and the other elements were making up for the stressful parts. Dimitri is a very cute character, and I kind of love the "second chance" kind of love stories. The fact the new romance is the brother of the previous one makes it even more interesting. Though I must admit I don't hate Alex either. I'd almost be interested in a route for him - another kind of "second chance", let's say. Well, I say that, but I'm sure I'd feel guilty about Dimitri if I Alex had a route and if I'd be playing it.

I'm glad the clothes making part of the game isn't overbearing, as stuff like that tends to bore me to no end - but it was nicely balanced, so nothing to say about that - it was totally okay. 

Characters. Well, as I said, I like both Dimitri and Alex, and most of the side characters are pretty cool too. MC is pretty okay, though sometimes she can be too naive or in denial to my tastes, but I think that may vary depending on her background / route. On that note, I have a question - do the kind or fierce choices lead to dialogue changes before the ending? Like in the way she acts "by herself" during the course of the game, I mean?

Well, it's hard to do a full review for now - I'll post something more in depth when I'll be able to finish the route and after playing the other avaible one. But if you could spare a moment for your time for answering my questions, I'd be happy! And again, please don't feel bad about the first part of my comment - you did a great job on the game, and it's totally worth a paid version and all - I'm really only bothered by the fact I couldn't know about the fact I wouldn't get the full ending before reaching the actual ending in-game. 

Developer (1 edit)

I think there might be some confusion here!

You can play Tailor Tales completely, from beginning to end, with both passionate and innocent endings unlocked. Nothing is being blocked or withheld from you, for example I'm not blocking the 'best' ending with a premium version.

Tailor Tales Plus simply has a longer epilogue. The normal one has the same epilogue, but it cuts off at a certain point. TT+ picks up where the normal one left and that's where the adult content starts. The differences are easily stated on the Patreon page, my blog, and even here :)

Tailor Tales Plus will also contains side stories, though these have not yet been added, but they will in the future!

If you pledge on Patron to get early access (remember, you're getting early access, which means whatever is available that month. You do not get continuous updates unless you continue to pledge each month) to Plus, Dimitri's and Neil's route are fully unlocked for you, not to mention you don't have to pay for chapters, nor pass any dressing requirements. Caine's route will have to be unlocked by simply playing through it as your main route, though you still don't have to pay anything for chapter or pass requirements. However, it is a different save file, you will have to start from scratch, so to speak. doesn't support DLC :(

On that note, I have a question - do the kind or fierce choices lead to dialogue changes before the ending?
No. The fierce/kind only changes the current scene a little bit (you can check it out by quick saving before each choice so you can see what's different). Sometimes it changes the entire scene, sometimes it changes only the next few sentences. Eventually these choices tally up and will determine which ending you get, which are definitely different from each other.

Which is to say, you already got the ending! Chapters 26 & 27 are the end, while chapter 28 is the epilogue. You stopped at chapter 28, so you're just waiting for the epilogue. Again, to explain, you're still getting the same ending, except the normal one has a shorter epilogue while the Plus version has a longer epilogue because it contains the adult content.

You can find more info here about the Plus version.

Hmm I choose my wording badly, sorry - I get that I got what is called the "ending" - I meant the "actual ending of the story" if that makes sense. Basically, I consider the epilogues as part of the story, and I don't want to have them "cut" in any way - even if it's only a couple of scenes. So yeah, I may have used the wrong words, but I've checked the Patreon page when I've reached the point in the game where it tells me about the normal or Plus epilogue, and I've commented only after getting all the info. And well, I'd rather wait and be able to play the entire chapter rather than playing the cut version and then replaying it full - waiting to be able to get the epilogue is extremely frustrating, but playing the normal one now would be even more to me, believe me! I know how Patreon works, don't worry - I know I won't get continuous updates. But that only makes the fact I can't pledge now even more accurate XD

Don't get me wrong, I will pledge if I'm able to because the game sure deserves it. I just wish the store page did say the exact differences the Patreon version has. I usually avoid checking the Patreons of games I like right now, because well I'm broke, so I don't want to tease myself with things I can't get. Thing is, in this case, I had no other way of knowing about the fact Plus even existed - well, other than checking the forum threads but I didn't want to risk spoilers - I always check that once I'm done playing.

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I absolutely love this game. Absolutely love it. I really wish that Tailor Tales Plus was also available for Mac, since I don't have access to a regular computer. But I understand that it's an early version. 


No, doesn't matter that Tailor Tales is still getting updated, I won't be releasing Plus for Mac, period. I cannot offer support for Mac because I can't fix any Mac specific bugs (I don't own a Mac and neither does my programmer).

I just finished playing Dimitri's route and started on Neil's! This game was really really fun! I absolutely love the chemistry between the MC and Dimitri! Their relationship is so adorable! Dimitri is just too sweet, ahhh I love him! I can't imagine liking another character in this game over him lol. I loved the story as well, and how the MC was able to overcome her insecurities after what happened between her and Alex. Dimitri is just so wonderful. He's shy and sweet, yet strong and protective of the MC. He will probably be my favorite character lol. Thank you for such an amazing game!

Just played Dimitri's route and he was so very sweet and totally perfect boyfriend material♥ Next is going to come Neil and can't wait to have other routes available also :) are they going to be available soon? don't want to hurry just love this game and i think all who has made it are so talented ones can't believe this game is free. Thank you got giving your time and energy to make this wonderful game for us♥ oh and background musics was wonderful also can they been found some where to listen?


Current only Neil and Dimitri's route are finished. At the moment, I'm working on Caine's route which is about 50% done. The next one in line to be worked on will be James. It takes roughly a year of production before I finish each route.

Considering each route is 100k+ words (that's more than the 1st Harry Potter book!), and I have to draw all of the art for it (sprites, backgrounds, CGs), as well as code everything together, it takes a while to finish a single route. I hope you can remain to be patient and just check for updates every once in a while! :)

As for the OST, I should upload a video with the OST at some point, though I'm constantly adding new songs, so I don't want the video to be outdated. So, I'm waiting a little bit until I'm certain most songs will remain the same. But no worries, I will eventually upload the OST! :D

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thank you for your reply and to tell me when i should expect more to come :) i never tough this would be easy work so i tough already it probably took some time so this is why i wanted little advice when i should start to wait more  :) it is seen that you put so much work in this game so we can only be grateful for your hard work ^^ wish wonderful weekend♥

Just finished Caine's route. I wanted to make it known that I really appreciate that Caine (and MC if you choose) is a virgin! By the end, Caine is attentive and 100% devoted to MC and has never been with anyone else. It feels very satisfying; I really appreciated this! I also loved how forthcoming Caine was about his attraction toward MC later on in the route, compared to Neil and Dimitri. Also, having multiple intimacy scenes was very appreciated, and I hope you'll consider doing this for the upcoming routes as well. Caine's route is my fav by far! Thanks for making him!


New player here! I first finished Dimitri's route and I couldn't believe how satisfied I felt when the route ended. The fact I got to experience different phases of MC and Dimitri from a younger age to the current timeline felt very personal. I was enchanted by the dialogues and thoroughly enjoyed the possibility of teasing sweet, innocent Dimitri but I also got flustered when he showed a dominant side towards his brother, Alex! Very captivating romance progress and the MC was a delight to play as. I ended up with the innocent ending, which was right up my alley, sensual and passionate but not too dominant!

Next I went for Neil's route. I have to admit: I was so grateful that he dyed his hair and kept it that way. Man I just couldn't get used to his purple hair, and the hair cut wasn't appealing to me either. Combined with his initial cold attitude I thought I was in for a longwinded experience, but wow was I pleasantly mistaken! The party at the masquarade flipped me 180 degrees! His appearance got more appealing to me and his persona was so charming. Not to mention the romantic and sensual kiss they shared as masked strangers. Woooo got to fan myself, hold up! I found myself enjoying the fact that MC was playing pretend while experiencing a world that was beyond her own in terms of class and wealth. It contained charming scenes while MC kept a level head, lovely combination!


Haha, you and everyone else enjoyed his black hair much more ;)

Which is funny, because Neil's looks change back to his original purple hair colour in James' route. Here's his new design:

Of course, James' route isn't out yet in public! I hope you give Caine's route a try :D


Oooh! I don't mind his new design! Purple fits his eyes very well. He looks sophisticated like this :D

I started Cain's route, yes! Very curious to see what will happen. So far I find the interaction between Cain and MC playful yet alarming. How are these two ever going to get along, oh boy. Guess I'll have to read more to find out :D


Hello! First of all, want to say I really love this game. Caine's route is one of my favorite routes I've ever played in any game. Also really enjoying James's route as well. I played Neil -> Dmitri -> Caine, and I have to say I enjoyed each one more than the last, but also wasn't unhappy with any of them.

I am curious if you have a or will have a "true" route? Even if you don't have a formal one, do you have a bachelor that you see the MC as being most compatible with? 

Keep up the good work - thanks! 


Each route in Tailor Tales is like a different universe, and MC is not the same in any of the routes. So every route can be considered the true route ;)

Mostly because I dislike the notion of a true route (like it invalidates any other route). This is also why none of the love interest really appear in the other's  routes. James' route being the exception here, having both Caine and Neil play bigger roles in his route (I needed the character sprites lol).

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Hello Celianna,  

I really wanted to thank you for this fantastic game. I love these stories and all the character development in the Game.

I've read all three parts of the story and started with Dimitri because I liked and still like his character traits the most.
The female lead was absolutely cute here too.

The next one was Neil, which I didn’t really like because of its characteristics. I really liked his cousin all the more.

I would have loved to see Neil tell his father what he really thought or defended the female lead here T--T. Don't get me wrong, it was still a great story.

The last thing I played was Caine's story, I thought I wouldn't like the story because he is a thief, which turned out to be a complete mistake. In terms of the Storry, it was my absolute favorite. It is good that I don’t put myself too much into the FL, because Caine has really awakened maternal feelings in me here, he is really a cute Charakter.

I always got the innocent ends first, but then I also saw the other ends. This game was just to much fun, so i played it a second time :D

I did not play as an angel or as a devil, but somewhere in between.  However, annoying Dimitri was often funnier and he liked it, so I was meaner here than in the other stories.

I'm looking forward to James and Aiden.  The stories sound really exciting and I'm really looking forward to them.

I really enjoyed playing this three routes, thank you very very very much.

English is unfortunately not my native language, I'm sorry if I have not expressed myself very well.  ^o^°


Wow, okay. I need a priest. And a pool. And my heart back.

I slipped into this choosing to play the character I was least attracted to first of the currently released characters and like... You're really gonna come at a girl and not let her dislike anyone aren't you? That'd be Dimitri for me, I was actually super turned off the whole little brother of my ex thing at first but he was an absolutely wonderfully fleshed out character. I adored his devotion to you in a way I can't explain that was handled well as opposed to how things often go with that kind of scenario. Plus the boy loves cats? 1000 brownie points. I teased him like crazy, so I sat pretty much fully fierce on the spectrum and I got the Dominatrix ending. Nice. The romance scenes are kind of a work of art? Thank you for existing, Oh Wise and Powerful Celianna. I don't currently have the money for Plus but when my finances change here in a few months, I feel like I'll definitely have to revisit what's available. Because if that's tame, I'm 10000% down for what you consider not tame. I'm really excited for Aiden's route? Maybe it's just because I want another boy to tease though, I'm not sure. He's pretty to look at and I'm sure he'd be prettier blushing for me.

All jokes aside, you've got an amazingly solid game here that would easily make hardcore VN and new fans alike go crazy. I'm always super excited to see stories that touch on more serious topics and VNs with more depth to their characters. It's also incredibly nice to have decently sized chapters and a lot of them so that the story doesn't seem so forced. It really flowed well here, between the pacing, the writing, the music and effects, I'm really really impressed and I'm usually left a little wanting at the end of games like this no matter how much I love them. I didn't really feel that here. I've only played the one route so far but I'm gonna go lose myself in the other two. Thanks so much for all your hard work and dedication. Thanks a second time for making a free version I can fall in love with to assure I'll buy this at full price later or pay for your patreon to keep it with me forever. <3

I slipped into this choosing to play the character I was least attracted to first of the currently released

It's always funny to me to see how many people play games this way! I personally just avoid characters I know I wouldn't like, but am quite surprised at the amount of people who will play every character, starting with the one they think they'd dislike the most. But I'm happy Dimitri eventually won you over! He's won many players' hearts :)

I'm really excited for Aiden's route? Maybe it's just because I want another boy to tease though, I'm not sure. He's pretty to look at and I'm sure he'd be prettier blushing for me.

You and me both! Can't wait to start on Aiden, he will be so much fun to tease. However I have to mention that Aiden is in a unique situation. The plan was for all 6 guys to be available and free to play. Anything adult/sexual gets put in the Plus version of the game, and the free one has it removed/rewritten. This works for everything so far, but Aiden is... Well, his route has a sexual aspect in focus, so if I remove this for the free version, I basically have no story. Basically, his story is very sexually charged and I unfortunately cannot release it for free due to the adult themes rampant throughout his route. Most likely, the first couple of chapters will be available, free to read, until the sexual themes start. You would then have to get his Plus DLC to read his full route. It's unfortunate, but that's the decision I made regarding Aiden. I'm not too worried about this decision, because Aiden is 100% a niche character appealing to a very minority of players, so a lot of people would never play him in the first place :)


I always end up wanting to play every route of a VN/Otome I play because I know or at least assume how much time and effort goes into each character. So even if I don't think I'll like someone, I always give them a shot. Starting with the characters I'm least likely to enjoy lets me always end the games on a really positive note. I wonder if that's how other people feel about it, too. Maybe I also picked that up from family dinners where I was taught to eat the things I enjoy last so I know I'll finish all of my food xD. Thankfully? There's not really anyone so far in your games that I don't like. I'd say at the end of the day, you've got some really amazing characters who, while I don't like every aspect of (Here's looking at you, start route Neil), evolve and grow from their faults in a way that real humans do. (My red headed baby....) It makes them that much more loveable and they feel... almost real. The things they've been through and their life lessons and journeys make them some of the most attachable characters I've come across. Especially from something that isn't 'mainstream' like Hakuoki or Amnesia where I started. 

Honestly I really respect your decisions on Aiden's route. I don't mind paying for it when the time comes. I've already broken down and paid for a month of your Patreon for Caine so it's not like I wouldn't be willing to do so again when the time comes. While I don't have a lot of income, I definitely have a weakness to pretty boys and pretty VNs so I'm sure you'll have my support at least for a little while when the time comes. I used to be upset by the locking of NSFW content behind a paywall but honestly, it's better for everyone even without thinking about how it helps you as the artist. Because minors aren't going to be accessing the content, no one gets in trouble(Hopefully), and it keeps the content from being flagged or otherwise. 

I really enjoyed Neil's route and look forward to playing the other ones. I am also looking forward to being able to purchase the 18+ version. My one big criticism is that when you save, there is nothing that indicates that the game has been saved. Probably, this is minor and doesn't bug anyone else, but it was stressful. Anyway, thank you for the game!!!


Heh. I actually created an account here just so I could post feedback. I felt like I really needed to give some because I really like your game and I would enjoy seeing more from you! 

Interestingly enough, I've known about this game for years, back when Neil was the only route available. I was already piqued by the concept, but I chose not to play cause I'm the type of person who prefers to play everything from start to end. I don't like leaving things unfinished see, so I decided to set this aside and check up on it once in a while. After seeing that you've made three complete routes already my curiosity couldn't be held back anymore.

Another interesting fact. I don't know if it's my memory or my eyes playing tricks on me, but wasn't this game initially going to be a Harvest Moon-esque tailor shop game? I remember looking into that one, really hoping it would get developed and released (cause I love harvest moon and that was just such a great idea!) Then it disappeared, and when I tried to look for that game, I found this one instead. Sorry, for going on a long tangent here. Just wanted you to know how long I've actually noticed your game and I'm still waiting for it with enthusiasm :D

Okay. Now for some feedback. I hope you don't mind. I know I'm not a paying customer (yet) but I would like to think that I've played enough of these types of games to know what I'd enjoy about it. I just want you to keep improving and make better and better games! Anyway, first off, the fashion/dress up gameplay is fun to tinker around with and is one of the better mini-games or added features in a visual novel I've played in my lifetime. It's a clever way to make players work for the next chapter without making it so grindy or so tiresome (or expensive *shivers*). Especially since the clients sometimes provide ideas for your own clothes which you can wear yourself! I could spend hours just on the mini-game, mix and matching everything to get a look I like. And man, the more options you buy, the longer it actually takes to make the clothes. SO. MANY. OPTIONS. It's great!

I don't know if this is a bug or not, but your character seems to keep the same look you picked out for her from the start of the game, even though you can change her look mid-game. Even when I start new routes, the first look you pick sticks. If it's not a bug, it's fine. I actually don't mind this kind of limitation. Though it is kind of weird that the settings imply that you COULD change your looks for succeeding CGs. Or maybe this is something you're planning to add in future updates. 

The UI is cute, simple and easy to understand. I especially like how you incorporated texting into the stories and how you get to pick a phone background. Nice personal touch. The menu doesn't look cluttered or distracting. And I absolutely LOVE you for giving a dark light option for the text background. So considerate! I know that's a pretty simple feature compared to everything else you've made but I appreciate that you put in the effort to provide that option.

I have to admit, the animation on the sprites are okay but it's not something I look for in games. Sometimes I laugh at the expressions the characters make. Especially whenever Caine pouts as he speaks. It's too cute. But the spicier scenes were kinda awkward for me. Whenever a *ahem*tounge*ahem* is involved, my eyes tend to stay glued to the text cause it just feels weird to see the spite staring at your face with that expression on his face and his tongue sticking out.

So. For the most important part of your game. Regardless of all the other features in a game like this, story matters most to me. If the side-features are clunky or frustrating or something I don't like, the story easily makes up for it in my opinion. And you don't disappoint. Each route has a different story to tell, and I find it interesting that the character's personality changes slightly based on whose route she's on or which "type" of personality you pick. Also, even though you didn't have to give her a flaw in each story, you did, which makes the MC more than just a placement/self-insert shell. 

I can't help but notice how much you've improved between the routes, probably because I played all three without pause. I happen to start with Dimitri's first, then Caine's. I did Neil's last cause his personality intrigued me. (I like saving the ones I think I'll like most for last) For some reason I keep getting jarred at how quick Neil's chapters were compared to the others, but I think it's from how you set up the story itself. At least at the start. I also notice that you enjoy using cliches, which is not bad at all but I'm a picky reader and I like it when writers try to twist a cliche or do something entirely different.

What you're very good at is the banter. I love the MC's snarky, witty comments. You make them fly out so effortlessly. And all of your characters have life in them. You even give them a bit of spotlight, which I enjoyed. My favorite definitely has to be the headstrong Sarah. Kevin comes at a second. Especially when he punched Thomas. Oh man you have no idea how much that made me grin and cheer for the little guy. Even your antagonists have complexity! It's rare to find a visual novel where your antagonists have such depth in character. Out of all other aspects in storytelling, characters are my favorite. So seeing how well you showcased and transformed these characters throughout the course of the story is wonderful.

I can't wait to see what you come up with next. I've a weakness for confident, flirty bad boys so I am definitely looking forward to Gray Janssen's route.

One last question. When you release this as a full, complete game, would we get the tailor tales plus features as well or is that strictly for your patreon subs?


Thanks so much for your feedback! And yes, Tailor Tales was conceived back in 2009, which had an overworld style concept similar to Harvest Moon. I eventually decided to turn it into a visual novel as this way I could focus on a more cohesive and romantic story.

I don't know if this is a bug or not, but your character seems to keep the same look you picked out for her from the start of the game, even though you can change her look mid-game.
You can change the MC's colours by going into the settings, selecting Profile and clicking "Change CG colours". Changing your character in Outfit only affects the avatar you see in the main menu, it does not influence the CGs or story, only the above option changes it :)

And I absolutely LOVE you for giving a dark light option for the text background.

More games should have this in my opinion! I know people are very divided on how they like to read (black on white, or white on black etc.), so I wanted to give people the option that they can change anytime they like. You can also change the text size for those that are visually impaired.

I can't help but notice how much you've improved between the routes, probably because I played all three without pause.

Haha, you're not wrong that each route gets improved. Neil was the 1st route and also very experimental. It was after Neil was completed, that I got the hang of a good length for each chapter, and how the story should flow. Caine got even more polished and he even has longer chapters. James, the current route in development that isn't available for free right now, has the longest chapters out of them all (if you've reached chapter 14, the halfway point of his route, it is the same length as Neil's entire route). Art will always improve as well - I hope to entertain you with Gray's route as well!

One last question. When you release this as a full, complete game, would we get the tailor tales plus features as well or is that strictly for your patreon subs?

I would like to release Plus as DLC - however this would only be available on Steam ( just doesn't have any options for DLC), and I still don't know when I'll release it because there's a few mechanics I haven't completely finished (for example, you can take guys out on a date, and at the end you enter a minigame where you can physically touch them). Only Neil is available to 'date' so far and only two locations, I don't want to release the Plus version when it's still incomplete in my opinion. But I'll always announce it when I'm ready!

Thank you for answering my question! Looking forward to more of your work! :)


So, I was into your game since early 2019 - found it on steam by accident, and totally fell in love with it. I wasn't going to play it, since I never play otome (because of personal preferences), but you made me head over heels with the genre. My first choice was Dimitri - because I love kind, cute boys - and I really enjoyed his route, though I dropped the game in the middle, can't even remember why, and after a year of not opening it I came back - did every route with every ending possible, and I'm honestly thinking about buying the plus version when it arrives on steam. This game is seriously worth it. Never thought I would be THIS much into a visual novel game, to addition, a still developing visual novel game. The story, the side game ( I mean designing), the characters and the CG's are seriously good. I just finished Caine's route, which I was very, VERY much into, and I knew I will be since i laid my eyes on him (i have a thing for small, cute tsundere boys with fluffy hair and freckles).  I love that you added trigger warnings here and there, it makes the game feel more realistic. It is very much to my liking, at least. I think it gives more thrill to the game, it makes you think this could happen in the real world. Swearing also gives characters more color - well, it also is my personal opinion, because i swear like a sailor - and this script made it seem more "real" for me. Also this is the very first game with a female protagonist that I don't completely hate - I like her. She's got the guts (in both kind and fierce choices) and I love it, since a lot of girls in these games are just good-for-nothing, overly sensitive girlies. Big plus! Boys are cute, side characters are nice, main character is good - I can't point out a single thing that i didn't particularly like. I'm excited to see what's coming in the future. I will be waiting patiently. Keep up the good work, because you're doing amazing! 
PS: have you ever considered making designs for bodypillows? because damn, i would love to have Caine in his shark pajamas next to me at night. if you ever do consider, i promise i will be the first client to buy one. (just joking btw, unless..?) 
PPS: sorry if i spelled something wrong. I'm from Poland and my english isn't that good. 

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Hi Celianna 

I hope all is well with you?

I super excited for the new routine only there is a small issue I can't seem to get the game update vision up and running I'm playing on a MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020) with an apple M1 chip so I not sure if that the issue or if it doesn't work on macs I read your download guides but they didn't see to work I was wondering if you had any ideas of how I can play the games as I'm super excited and I have played the game before but unfortunately on a different laptop so I every much miss the game and would love a solution to this  possible or if you have one 

again I'm a huge fan of this game super excited for James' routine. 

Thank you so much hopefully 

From MerMak 

( sorry if the grammar or spelling  is off I'm dyslexic ) 

( also I wasn't sure where to put this so I put it in this thread hope that ok ) 

I really like your game! I'm not really good at giving feedback and I just came here because I have one point which would make the game even better for me. I'm really sad that after each route you have to completely start the game all over again. I would love for the dresses that I made in the game to be stored. It's not a big hindrease and the game is still to good for it to be free so I really shouldn't complain, Thank you for making the game and keep up the good work!


The game was made so that you only have one save file. Please don't start a new game after finishing a character! You lose all your progress this way. You can simply go to the character you wish to read next and click on "start a new route" to read their story. You will keep all your clothes and gold.

Hello celianna , for some reason the game won't start on itch app and whenever I click on game.exe it says application error code 0×c0000005 I don't know what should I do, help please?


I would need to check out the error report.

Errors are stored in an error file that would be great information to have, so please locate the error file in:

Tailor Tales > www > Last Error.txt

Copy its contents in your post.

I didn't find any file with that name, sorry.

Developer (2 edits)

That might seem like the game didn't download correctly then. Can you make itch reinstall the game? That should hopefully fix the error as well. Let me know if that worked or not. If it didn't, a screenshot of the error in question would be nice.

Also, can you tell me what operating system, as well as version, you're using? The error alludes to an incompatibility with your operating system. You may want to update your OS as well.

ok I reinstalled the game but still the same problem  so I did a screenshot of the problem. 

Also, here the info  about my computer.



Seems like an issue with Windows, and not specifically Tailor Tales, since it's being prevented from being launched.

Some googling found me a possible solution for 0×c0000005 in this video, you could try it out:

Please look at the description of the video for some download links.

ok I will try this thank you for your time and sorry for bothering you hhh 😁.

(1 edit) (+1)

I added my feedback on the google forms after I finished James route, but I also wanted to put it here as well just in case there's a lot of feedback to go through xD

I really adored James route and the world building was one of my favorite things! :D The backgrounds were stunning and I love the asian touch some of them had, for example the line pattern that decorated the windows and the MC's bed. I really loved the care and time put into all of the side characters and Kaleb was absolutely my favorite out of them all. I like him even  though he didn't even blink when Vartius told him to kill me :') I think he's a really interesting character and both the two sides of him caught my interest. The caring and blushy one when he first met the MC made my heart melt and it really took me by surprise when he was shown to be extremely loyal to Vartius that the threat of the MC's life didn't make him stumble.  (That scene made my heart crumble and feel things though especially since I had given him my Makoet) James route was amazing in all of its delicious slow burn glory but Kaleb is definitely my favorite sibling :> Another thing I really liked was everyone's outfit designs! Caine's superhero costume was so cool and Lana's dress for the dance was breathtaking! Actually the entire festival scene is probably my favorite as it let me experience the culture and the characters in depth.

I think I ended up spotting an inconsistency at the very end? (although I could just be reading the scene wrong and feel free to correct me if so) During the festival the MC was given a Makoet and there was a choice later on that let me choose who to give it to - I ended up giving it to Kaleb because he stole my heart (I'm sorry James :') ) but I think the game treated it as if I gave it to Eeyok, because at the very end when he and the MC is about to part he tells her he'll treasure  her Makoet. I was under the impression he was talking about something he received from the MC and not the one he gave her, but I could definitely be mistaken!

P.S. I know it'll take a long time but I'll definitely be following Tailor Tales for Eeyok's route in the future! He is very sweet and definitely second favorite side character!


I checked it out just now, and it seems like instead of checking if you gave it to Eeyok, it was set to Kaleb - oops!  I'll fix that ;)

Interesting to see you fall for Kaleb so hard!

(1 edit) (+1)

i've played all the routes available and am looking forward to the next ones. especially aiden(who i was recommended by the quiz) and eeyock(who i kinda feel in love with in james' route). i tend to be more fierce- i don't like guys walking on or teasing me, and i love teasing them instead. dimitri and caine were very fun for me! but i also just adored james' route for the story. my favorite side characters are eeyock, kevin, billious, and nornus. all of whom i would be so down for routes of their own. i don't recall eeyock being a planned bachelor from the beginning- was he added due to popularity? does that mean there's a chance for even more routes?

i just noticed that aiden's route is only partially free to play, and while i was planning to buy plus when it comes out on steam anyway, i'm a bit bummed about it since the game recommended him to me specifically, and now i may not be able to play him for an even longer while. why is his route different that way? is it 18+ early on instead of just in the epilogue or something?

also i've been replaying to get back save progress i lost during reinstalls (i now have the save backed up) and i noticed some errors. i have screenshots to go with- where should i send them?


i don't recall eeyock being a planned bachelor from the beginning- was he added due to popularity? does that mean there's a chance for even more routes?

Yep, Eeyok was added as the 7th route due to a popularity vote from my Patrons. All available male side characters were possible, and through a bracket style elimination contest, it was Eeyok versus Nornus at the end, and Eeyok won. It's certainly possible for any other side character to get his own route, provided he wins the popularity contest.

why is his route different that way? is it 18+ early on instead of just in the epilogue or something?

Sadly, as much as I wanted to keep Aiden's route free, my decision to cut it off at a certain point is due to the amount of sexual content that is in his route. There was no possible way for me to fade to black or paraphrase the sexual content so that it remained free to play, as the sexual content IS part of Aiden and MC's development, and a huge part of the story. MC learns she likes femdom as she goes through various situations with Aiden, and fading these out to black meant a free player would be missing half of the story. It was better to cut it off. Aiden's route will only be released with his Plus DLC available at the same time.

also i've been replaying to get back save progress i lost during reinstalls (i now have the save backed up) and i noticed some errors. i have screenshots to go with- where should i send them?

If you've encountered any errors, you can post them in the bug report thread. Screenshots are helpful, but please explain what happened, how it happened, and if you could reproduce the error. I'm assuming error means coding error here, not a typo in the script.

does that mean there's a chance for even more routes after eeyock, or do the other side characters that lost have no chance now that the bracket has ended? not that i'm desperately holding out for one, eeyock is bae, just curious.

i getcha. im big into femdom so i'm excited about that route, tho for me it's not entirely a sexual thing, so i was a little confused initially. either way, still looking forward to it! do you think plus will be available on steam by the time his route comes out?

mostly typos but one coding error- nothing major, but i like to help when i can.

This game has made it incredibly hard for me to play other games in the best way possible (lol). I played Caine first and he's easily my favorite. I (spoilers) literally cried during that scene/CG when he ran away from us after he got into the fight at the store and explained why he was so afraid of everyone seeing him so "weak" like omg my heart T-T ...His whole story was just so cute, I'll probably play through again at some point... I got Plus and I cannot express how much I am looking forward to the rest of Aiden's route. He may end up being my new favorite (sorry Caine lmao) I've played through completely Caine, Neil, and Dimitri (all passionate endings 0.0). I haven't gotten to Gray or James at all yet since they seem a little more on the tough guy side, where I'm into more of a softer tsundere or shy guy, but I don't doubt I'm going to play through them sooner or later as well because these are all so cute and well written.

I just came across Tailor Tales on Steam and I was not expecting this level of Characterisation and plot depth for FREE?! I picked Jaemis because i love badbois hahha and he looks cocky as hell. And let me tell you. I went through a whirlwind of emotions with him! I really felt like i was the female MC and i would laugh, giggle, get angry as though i was really experiencing it. Thats how you know the storytelling is great.

Also I was having PMS and Jaemis got me hot and bothered for the Passionate ending. I swear i was dyingggg I can’t. That slow burn romance that led to a kiss! Was. Just. Perfect!!!! I can’t wait to buy the Plus version coz a girl got her needs and I need my Yummy, Beefy Jaemis. 

Playing Caine’s route now and will update you on my feedback. So far so good, he’s a bit too tsundere and small for me but i love moments when his character becomes dominant. I love that gap ya noe. Also, he reminds me of Gaara from Naruto, who is my anime husband, haha. Can’t wait to complete his route too!

i love love LOVE this game!!!! its one of my favorite dating sims :D. but i have one problem that ive been running into.. whenever the special cgs appear with my avatar in them, it looks like the default one you get at the beginning of the game. first skin color, first hair type. is there a way i can fix this error? ill wait as long as needed for a response!


If you want to change the colours that show up in CGs, go to the Settings > Profile > CG Colours. There you can change what you look like in-game.

oops, my bad! i realized it was my fault lol. it was the lighting, and i got confused cause my character has an afro and the cgs had long hair- thank you for your response!!


Unfortunately only the colours change, not your hairstyles etc. that's not something I was able to do as it meant redrawing every CG with different hairstyles, and I would never be done lol.

These are meant to be long, but there's not much to say. I know that doesn't sound nice... but it's true! The game is fantastic, I love it. I've only played Dimitri's route. Besides when the two new characters come, I probably won't play any other routes, and will just replay his route. This is mostly because I prefer a submissive partner. Still, the story is absolutely fascinating, I love it. The process of designing clothes and using them to get money fits perfectly well into the story as well and is fine to do. I plan to play Aiden's route when he comes out, and I'll hopefully give feedback.

is this game still receiving updates?


Tailor Tales is still under development, yep! :)

hi i made this account basically to message you specifically to say how much i love tailor tales and how much its helped me and continued to help me when if feeling down or was down so thank you :), i was also wondering if you'll continued to update the game and if it'll still be free to download and play ?

Hello, Celianna! I'm just here to say that I have absolutely loved Tailor Tales since I discovered it last April 2022. It's my comfort game, and this ties to the fact that there is no pressure for me as a player to make 'good' choices because there are no bad endings (I'm the type of person to only go for the good endings on visual novels, so accidentally getting bad ones frustrates me). I really appreciate that aspect of the game! Another thing I wanted to mention is that I work on designing and sewing clothes just like our dear MC Joselina. So imagine how much my heart swelled (and I mean this! It made my college break a hundred times better) when I discovered that all routes heavily included her skills and centered around her career <3 I could spend hours and hours doing the side game of designing clothes using a variety of patterns and experimenting with them. Joselina is such a unique MC, but at the same time, I also had no problem self-inserting myself in her, which made the whole experience more immersive, hehe. 

I'm totally looking forward to Aiden's route aaaaaa! Fun fact: I got him as a result of the intro quiz (but went with Dmitri instead). I'm so so so so willing to pay for his route no matter how much it costs XD I'm sure he will be fun to tease. Fictional characters like him are my guilty pleasure, and I remember how much I enjoyed Dmitri's route (I was screaming inside most of the time!) whenever Joselina teased him.  Oh my precious, submissive men. So far, I've played every route and loved ALL of them. I just finished James' (whose route I wasn't expecting so much of since he's very different from my type) route two days ago, and oh my LORD, the beautiful world-building, Celianna. You've done such a great job, and I am very inspired as a writer <3 That was by far the route where I loved the side characters' roles the most (since every other route already had excellent side characters), all of them! I'm very curious about which planet Varitus and Nornus came from and their backstory (if you had one in mind). That route was a 100/10. Chef's kiss. 

I hope you don't mind this long message! Happy holidays! <3