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Tailor Tales

Romance hot guys and create your own clothes. · By Celianna

Feedback thread Sticky

A topic by Celianna created Jan 06, 2019 Views: 745 Replies: 19
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Let me know your thoughts about the latest version of Tailor Tales here!

Who did you play first? Which ending did you get? Are you a fierce gal, or a kind angel? Who's the next bachelor you're looking forward to?

Spoilers allowed, read at your own risk!


I played Neil's first since his was completed at the time but having played them both completely now I can fairly say I like Dimitri more. Since this is the feedback thread I hope spoilers are okay? I've been picking almost all kind choices since they suit my personality more. The opportunity to name a kitten was too tempting I had to go fierce for that one hehe plus a couple of others. And gosh the wake up scene when the kitten pulled the blanket I just knew what was coming we already saw him shirtless so there was only one thing left. Also the P... PIZZA THINK OF PIZZA and then how she couldn't think of pizza without thinking about the incident made me laugh. Playing this game again makes me remember how much I love your writing especially the characters. Absolutely adore the main character her story and personality is fleshed out so well. I'm actually looking forward to Aiden's route because I love video games. Haven't ever got into any MOBA games but I sure have thought about it. But really, I'm excited for all the routes I've loved the two released so far so I'm just eager to play anything from you honestly. Oh! And I can't not mention the art; pretty backgrounds, lovely clothes, gorgeous characters that blink and breath and just emote a lot, and the cgs god they're stunning. 


Thank you so much for your feedback!

I'm always happy when someone points out the small details such as the characters breathing, blinking or lip syncing. I general, those are elements I worked on very hard!

If you liked Dimitri then you will like Aiden as well. Though Aiden is way more of a wimp :P but yes, it will involve gaming! MC will be a gamer as well as cosplayer in that route. Aiden not only plays MOBAs, but he enjoys doing speedruns as well.

*SPOILER, dont read if you are playing * (I've warned you!) I just want you to know I love the music for mandy's wedding and Neil the other bachelor being there was a NICE TOUCH. the whole time I was like IN ANOTHER LIFFFEEE, I WOULD BE YOUR GIIRRRL Lmaooo ( Katy perry lyrics XD) I literally love it so much I'm still in the middle of the scene-- I just had to pause and come and compliment you on it. ALthough one note I come across an error whenever that picture of My character and Dimirti comes up, it lets me play but with a constant error message that doesnt go away until I close and open up the game again. 


It's a missing graphic error, right? Can you tell me which colours you picked out at the start? For example, did you perhaps pick red eyes, or the 2nd skintone?

I picked green eyes and the 3rd skin tone, the one before the darkest. and How do you get the passionate ending? I got the innocent one at first so I went back a save and chose more fierce options to get the passionate ending but I still got the innocent ending? and I am heavily considering becoming a patreon because I NEEED the 18+ scene lmao how would I get it after I pay?



Can you tell me exactly the error that comes up when you're trying to see a CG with the MC in it? What is the name of the missing file?

As for getting the other ending, you don't need to reload, you basically re-did the innocent ending twice. Remember, Tailor Tales runs on a single save file. Once you've completed an ending, it should have automatically asked you if you wanted to go back to chapter 25 (where the route splits) to start the other ending.

So yeah, if you go to Settings > Character > pick whichever > Story > click on chapter 25 and select start new route. The chapter will ask you if you want to play the Passionate or Innocent ending, so pick which one you want :)

OK, thanks that worked! and says : img/pictures/CG/Dimitri/CG_dimitri_07_s_0.png  . And Dimitri shows up and the hair color and eye color shows up right but the skin tone is invisible and see through.


Yep, you've picked the 2nd skintone colour (it will show up as the 3rd in Outfit). It was launched without the proper code for the 2nd skintone, however I've since patched it. All you need to do is update your game by going to your Itch app, click Tailor Tales and "check for updates".

Then go to Settings > Profile > CG Colours, Pick your colours again and click finished, it should now work! :)

Of course, you would need to have installed Tailor Tales through the Itch app (as I recommended) to be able to receive the update.

This was sooo good ! I read Dimitri first and kept Neil for tomorrow, since I've already read his route before.  I have to say, at first, I wasn't sure about the shy younger guy... but Dimitri's relationship with the MC is so cute I couldn't help but totally fall for it. They are so sweet together ! I think I might actually like Dimitri more than Neil, though it's a close call :p I absolutely love your writing style, so thanks for these new chapters and I'm really looking forward for the next routes !


Aww thanks! I'm glad to see Dimitri is being well received, even though nice guys tend to not be very popular. I hope you'll enjoy the future content as well!

Well, I've played Dimitri's route only, so far, and with only "kind" choices. 

Before I give my opinions, I must state one complaint I have, as it'll affect what I can tell about the game. I'm sorry for doing so as I don't like to start on a bad note but oh well, it's not really about the game itself either. It's the stuff about the Plus version. The store page sure says becoming a patron gives you access to more content, but as nothing is specified, I was thinking about side stories, bonus clothing parts or whatever. I never thought it also included actual endings, especially since the feature listing seems to list the "mature" scenes as part of the game as it is. While I'm absolutely not against some endings being playable only for patrons, I think it's very important to state so on the store page - and I mean, clearly tell people what is in the regular version and what is added in the Plus version - or at least do so at the beginning of the game, as part of the tutorial or explanations or whatever you fancy. I was playing and was really into the game, and then I reach the final chapter and suddenly the game tells me I can't play the "full" ending if I'm not a patron. Thing is, right now I'm utterly broke and well, I'm picky about endings so I won't play the normal one. So I'm stuck without an ending until I manage to get some money to spare on becoming a patron. Again, I wouldn't mind if I knew beforehand. I'd have waited before starting the game at all. Now I'm sooo damn frustrated. So yeah, not an issue of the game, but of stating clearly the differences between the regular and the Patreon versions on the store page.

That leads me to a question - when I'll finally be able to get the Plus version, will I have to start from the beginning in order to have access to the full game, or is it some form of patch, or will it detect my save and be compatible with it? The chapters in Plus may not cost gold, but I kinda don't want to go through all the special requests again just for that either, if possible

Again, I'm so so sorry about complaining so much here. I liked the game and I was really into it - but that makes the sudden force-stop all more frustrating. I hope I didn't sound too agressive about that - it wasn't my intention.

Now, for the game itself. As told, I enjoyed it. Well, at least Dimitri's route, and well, until the second to last chapter. Though the story left me very disturbed since I've been facing a lot of similar problems than those in the route, and well, I must admit it made me quite anxious at some points, but oh well, it was still very interesting and the other elements were making up for the stressful parts. Dimitri is a very cute character, and I kind of love the "second chance" kind of love stories. The fact the new romance is the brother of the previous one makes it even more interesting. Though I must admit I don't hate Alex either. I'd almost be interested in a route for him - another kind of "second chance", let's say. Well, I say that, but I'm sure I'd feel guilty about Dimitri if I Alex had a route and if I'd be playing it.

I'm glad the clothes making part of the game isn't overbearing, as stuff like that tends to bore me to no end - but it was nicely balanced, so nothing to say about that - it was totally okay. 

Characters. Well, as I said, I like both Dimitri and Alex, and most of the side characters are pretty cool too. MC is pretty okay, though sometimes she can be too naive or in denial to my tastes, but I think that may vary depending on her background / route. On that note, I have a question - do the kind or fierce choices lead to dialogue changes before the ending? Like in the way she acts "by herself" during the course of the game, I mean?

Well, it's hard to do a full review for now - I'll post something more in depth when I'll be able to finish the route and after playing the other avaible one. But if you could spare a moment for your time for answering my questions, I'd be happy! And again, please don't feel bad about the first part of my comment - you did a great job on the game, and it's totally worth a paid version and all - I'm really only bothered by the fact I couldn't know about the fact I wouldn't get the full ending before reaching the actual ending in-game. 

Developer (1 edit)

I think there might be some confusion here!

You can play Tailor Tales completely, from beginning to end, with both passionate and innocent endings unlocked. Nothing is being blocked or withheld from you, for example I'm not blocking the 'best' ending with a premium version.

Tailor Tales Plus simply has a longer epilogue. The normal one has the same epilogue, but it cuts off at a certain point. TT+ picks up where the normal one left and that's where the adult content starts. The differences are easily stated on the Patreon page, my blog, and even here :)

Tailor Tales Plus will also contains side stories, though these have not yet been added, but they will in the future!

If you pledge on Patron to get early access (remember, you're getting early access, which means whatever is available that month. You do not get continuous updates unless you continue to pledge each month) to Plus, Dimitri's and Neil's route are fully unlocked for you, not to mention you don't have to pay for chapters, nor pass any dressing requirements. Caine's route will have to be unlocked by simply playing through it as your main route, though you still don't have to pay anything for chapter or pass requirements. However, it is a different save file, you will have to start from scratch, so to speak. doesn't support DLC :(

On that note, I have a question - do the kind or fierce choices lead to dialogue changes before the ending?
No. The fierce/kind only changes the current scene a little bit (you can check it out by quick saving before each choice so you can see what's different). Sometimes it changes the entire scene, sometimes it changes only the next few sentences. Eventually these choices tally up and will determine which ending you get, which are definitely different from each other.

Which is to say, you already got the ending! Chapters 26 & 27 are the end, while chapter 28 is the epilogue. You stopped at chapter 28, so you're just waiting for the epilogue. Again, to explain, you're still getting the same ending, except the normal one has a shorter epilogue while the Plus version has a longer epilogue because it contains the adult content.

You can find more info here about the Plus version.

Hmm I choose my wording badly, sorry - I get that I got what is called the "ending" - I meant the "actual ending of the story" if that makes sense. Basically, I consider the epilogues as part of the story, and I don't want to have them "cut" in any way - even if it's only a couple of scenes. So yeah, I may have used the wrong words, but I've checked the Patreon page when I've reached the point in the game where it tells me about the normal or Plus epilogue, and I've commented only after getting all the info. And well, I'd rather wait and be able to play the entire chapter rather than playing the cut version and then replaying it full - waiting to be able to get the epilogue is extremely frustrating, but playing the normal one now would be even more to me, believe me! I know how Patreon works, don't worry - I know I won't get continuous updates. But that only makes the fact I can't pledge now even more accurate XD

Don't get me wrong, I will pledge if I'm able to because the game sure deserves it. I just wish the store page did say the exact differences the Patreon version has. I usually avoid checking the Patreons of games I like right now, because well I'm broke, so I don't want to tease myself with things I can't get. Thing is, in this case, I had no other way of knowing about the fact Plus even existed - well, other than checking the forum threads but I didn't want to risk spoilers - I always check that once I'm done playing.

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I absolutely love this game. Absolutely love it. I really wish that Tailor Tales Plus was also available for Mac, since I don't have access to a regular computer. But I understand that it's an early version. 


No, doesn't matter that Tailor Tales is still getting updated, I won't be releasing Plus for Mac, period. I cannot offer support for Mac because I can't fix any Mac specific bugs (I don't own a Mac and neither does my programmer).

I just finished playing Dimitri's route and started on Neil's! This game was really really fun! I absolutely love the chemistry between the MC and Dimitri! Their relationship is so adorable! Dimitri is just too sweet, ahhh I love him! I can't imagine liking another character in this game over him lol. I loved the story as well, and how the MC was able to overcome her insecurities after what happened between her and Alex. Dimitri is just so wonderful. He's shy and sweet, yet strong and protective of the MC. He will probably be my favorite character lol. Thank you for such an amazing game!

Just played Dimitri's route and he was so very sweet and totally perfect boyfriend material♥ Next is going to come Neil and can't wait to have other routes available also :) are they going to be available soon? don't want to hurry just love this game and i think all who has made it are so talented ones can't believe this game is free. Thank you got giving your time and energy to make this wonderful game for us♥ oh and background musics was wonderful also can they been found some where to listen?


Current only Neil and Dimitri's route are finished. At the moment, I'm working on Caine's route which is about 50% done. The next one in line to be worked on will be James. It takes roughly a year of production before I finish each route.

Considering each route is 100k+ words (that's more than the 1st Harry Potter book!), and I have to draw all of the art for it (sprites, backgrounds, CGs), as well as code everything together, it takes a while to finish a single route. I hope you can remain to be patient and just check for updates every once in a while! :)

As for the OST, I should upload a video with the OST at some point, though I'm constantly adding new songs, so I don't want the video to be outdated. So, I'm waiting a little bit until I'm certain most songs will remain the same. But no worries, I will eventually upload the OST! :D

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thank you for your reply and to tell me when i should expect more to come :) i never tough this would be easy work so i tough already it probably took some time so this is why i wanted little advice when i should start to wait more  :) it is seen that you put so much work in this game so we can only be grateful for your hard work ^^ wish wonderful weekend♥