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Had to play this as soon as I saw asexual romance mentioned in the description. So excited for this in the full game and to see all the sprites of the characters. Beatrice's art is so cute so I'm sure the rest will be great. Ngl I didn't read who the love interests were before playing so I was kinda hoping the vampire who turned you would be one aha the drama of it all. Most excited to learn more about Vitus! I'll eagerly be looking forward to the full game :)

Loved it! Was really fun going through all the bad and good endings to piece the story together and then finally getting to meet the elusive Momotarou and get both of his endings. Great stuff, revealing their faces in the cgs was a nice touch.

Ah yes I thought so and went ahead and did that. The password was a great idea so thanks for including that with the release!

I played Neil's first since his was completed at the time but having played them both completely now I can fairly say I like Dimitri more. Since this is the feedback thread I hope spoilers are okay? I've been picking almost all kind choices since they suit my personality more. The opportunity to name a kitten was too tempting I had to go fierce for that one hehe plus a couple of others. And gosh the wake up scene when the kitten pulled the blanket I just knew what was coming we already saw him shirtless so there was only one thing left. Also the P... PIZZA THINK OF PIZZA and then how she couldn't think of pizza without thinking about the incident made me laugh. Playing this game again makes me remember how much I love your writing especially the characters. Absolutely adore the main character her story and personality is fleshed out so well. I'm actually looking forward to Aiden's route because I love video games. Haven't ever got into any MOBA games but I sure have thought about it. But really, I'm excited for all the routes I've loved the two released so far so I'm just eager to play anything from you honestly. Oh! And I can't not mention the art; pretty backgrounds, lovely clothes, gorgeous characters that blink and breath and just emote a lot, and the cgs god they're stunning. 

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Anyway to load up our save from before the update? I tried to click load at start up but it just froze after a few seconds. Really wanna play through the rest of Dimitri's so I guess I'll just start again and try that code.

Loved the demo. Looking forward to unravelling the mystery and learning more about Fosco when the full game is released ^^