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this keeps coming up in my feed as updating with a new demo, but i don't think it's had an actual update in a long time. or has it? what's with the blank updates?

played it for free and came back to donate, cuz i'm pretty sure this is gonna be my favorite otome game, forever. loved the mc for being more than just another naive sweetheart, and loved even more the variety and uniqueness of all the romancable characters. awesome story and art, too. rare i have no complaints about a game, but there it is :P

finished the demo. only 3 romance options? but rexus is so cute! neat art style, i'd be happy to see this on steam.

1. Did believing you could play this only once impact how you made decisions?
          no, i never actually believed i could only play it once, and i tend to play seriously anyway. i don't do things in games i wouldn't do in real life- or at least, i save those shenanigans for future playthroughs.

2. What do SAL and Ash look like in your mind? Did you mentally assign a gender to either or both characters?
          i perceived sal as a grey box, thus genderless. ash was a rotund male janitor in my mind.

3. What choices did you make? How did your game end?
         i'm naturally  very straight-forward, so that's how i approached the relationship. i expressed my concerns, and we both wanted to move forward, so now that all the cards were on the table, i agreed to continue it.

4. What did you like and dislike about this game?
          i both liked and disliked the lack of gender for ash. i liked not being limited to a female partner, but i'm still getting used to 'genderlesss' being an option for biological beings. i also wished there was more background for both characters. what is the origin of our routine, where are we going? why did a relationship even happen between us?

5. How did this game make you feel?
         i'm pretty neutral about it. it was very reminiscent of my own real life relationships, because love and affection aren't things i am really capable of. at least, not the way most people are. when i got married, i warned my husband that i am this way, and am unlikely to change. he said he understood and wanted it anyway, but sometimes he admits he didn't really understand the full implications, and i fear that by allowing him to marry me, i've ruined his chances for real happiness.

6. Do you want to see these characters again? What would you want to see in a follow-up?
          if anything, i'd like to see more backstory for both. a brief glimpse of the future would be nice too; how will this relationship work if it is successful? is sal always going to be in this one room? will sal get some kind of mobile body? will ash ever feel a longing for things a machine simply can't give them? would ash want to change sal to suit their needs, leave us for a human, or find a way to accept us as we are? would we ever be enough?

7. What predictions do you have for SAL and Ash's relationship? Where do you see it going?
          i see it going like my own real-life relationships tend to go. the emotional party says they understand the difficulties they will have as a couple, to placate the logical partner and allow the relationship to continue. eventually the stress and loneliness overcomes their infatuation and they realize they made a mistake and part ways. they both seem no worse for wear, but deep inside the logical party knows that their chances of ever experiencing emotion have decreased with the end of the relationship.

8. Any other things you want to mention?
          background is important for developing attachment to characters. i didn't feel anything for ash, because i was thrust into a relationship with no backstory on who ash is, how we met, or why they want a relationship with sal.

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it surprised and confused me that the choices you make in this game not only change how it ends, but also how it began. really threw me for a loop! both my husband and i wound up bleeding out on the street(what happened to us???), him cuz he agreed to leave in the beginning(way too trusting) and me cuz apparently sarah didn't approve of me not lieing, which i still don't quite understand.

i dig everything about this game! the only way it could be better is if mc could take charge more, but i get that that wasn't the goal here, and the good luca ending did make me happy. i wanna see more games like this!

ah, thankyou! it went against my nature to avoid some  tasks entirely in favor of the necessary ones, but i finally have my happy ending, and i got to rescue my damsel penguin!

...are affection and trust different? how does one gauge affection?

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i didn't read the hints or guide before my first playthrough and MY HUSBAND GOT FUCKING MURDERED HOW DARE YOU good shit there an ending where daire gets to stay ceo AND we stay together? if so how do i get it T.T

I really like this idea, wish the game was longer so i could get more of it! i hope a game comes along that builds off of this idea... like you could choose to be an incubus or a succubus, and then have a whole bunch of options for seduction, maybe more like hunting them out yourself instead of just showing up in their room, and then you could choose to either feed off as many as possible or dedicate yourself to just one, all romantic-like. ...i wish i could make games myself >.<

is 'normal' the good ending?

after jumping out the window, the game started to lag really bad for no discernible reason. restarting didn't help.

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I can't really think of anything to say that Silvara didn't already, but I can't just not comment.

This game illustrates all the things I love about robot/human romance, and it does it SO WELL. Watching Silas grow as an AI, fighting his programming, realizing that he's malfunctioning and making the choice to accept it... it was just so beautiful.

First playthrough I was confused as to how he was able to be so unique from other robots, so I played again and am glad there was SOME explanation. It's important to me that when people romance robots, they realize that a normal machine simply wouldn't be able to behave romantically. The thing that makes Silas so wonderful is that he's MORE than the typical LAS-51. I'm still thirsty for background story though; I'd love to know why his creator made him different, and how MC and Silas's relationship would progress once they are reintegrated into society.

the prologue was painful... i know how it hurts to be bullied and ostracized like that.

I wanted to go with Rafael at first, but cuz I chose to be a Reaver I couldn't pick him and then defaulted to Braum. After finishing that route and going back to play as a Shika, it turns out I actually like Braum better anyway!

aw man, it's never going to be finished? that's so lame, this is such a cool concept and the demo is so well done! i'm sure it wouldn't be easy to do, but i think it would be worth trying to get a new team together and finish this. if it's too ambitious, maybe take a vote to see who the least popular guys were, and cut them from it to make it more manageable? i mean, it was such a good demo, and it sounds like you guys had a lot of support... it's really sad to see something that had such potential just ... die off like that.

after coming to the end of the demo i'm definitely interested enough to give it another go once it's complete :)

sliding puzzles... the bane of my existence... why T.T

seems somewhat promising, but it's testing my patience with how much 'fluff' dialogue there is. it's taking what, to me, is an unnecessarily long amount of time, to setup the story and background. i wanna get to the meat of it already!

i only got the sad end until i very deliberately tried to get the other endings... WHY IS MY SEXY FISH UNHAPPY?! I MUST FIX THIS!!!

had some trouble getting the 'walk home alone' choice to work right, had to skip through it to waking up at home to see that ending... otherwise very smooth, and delightfully dark!