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i've never tried so hard to get all a game's cgs in my LIFE

to be continued?! that felt like a full ending. i can't really imagine the other routes... jack's seems like the only one that makes sense.

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the singular music track is driving me crazy help

also is there a walkthrough?

i like what i see so far! i feel like it could use a few more choices (for example with the final action sequence with tommy and ellis i would have liked to have been able to choose how i felt about ellis' actions) but its enough for me to very much want more already.

beautiful art but i'm a bit confused about the story, since the endings were so abrupt.

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shame it had to end like that... we coulda talked about cutting together under the moonlight T.T oh well... that's what you get when you try to take away my consent!

update; i think i got the rest of the endings... i want to know more about the story and characters! this feels like a teaser for a full game.

anybody know of like... the exact opposite of this game? i wanna be a futadom hunting down twinks for my harem.

um, the settings are really hard to read... black text on a very dark background.

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sorry if this isn't the right way to do this, there didn't seem to be an option for comments like there usually is so this was the only thing i could think of. there's a lot of things that seem off and could use adjusting in this game that i've seen so far, and i'm trying to work past it, but i believe there's a MAJOR bug that is preventing me. i chose alfred, but at some point it seems the story has switched to be as if i had chosen ivan. at first i just thought it was a weird plot thing that he was suddenly the focus, but i just reached a scene where it mentioned him feeding on the mc, which never happened, as only alfred has fed on her.


when i saw the content warnings, i was expecting something horrific, but this was nothing but sweet.  it was fun to get to know such a strange world from characters who find it completely normal. 

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ha, glad i read comments before putting mine, i had the same feeling. good overall concept and characters, but rushed. 

you don't want to make it long for the sake of making it long, but the relationships need to feel natural. maybe it's just me, but it takes at least a few meetings before i consider someone a friend, and a good bit after that for me to get comfortable enough to see them as maybe more. gotta get to know someone before you can start to love them.

the concept (a bit cheesy and overdone, but one i am fond of regardless), and my vast experience with otome games(my standards are quite high) had my expectations for this one rather low, but i was pretty pleasantly surprised! i enjoyed it, got a good ending on my first try.... not bad, not bad at all. glad i gave it a  shot, and am interested in seeing more!

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still love this. it's very rare that a vis nov this great comes to completion, and for free?! madness. i look back on it fondly, might even replay just to spend some more time with junoru... 

i mean there's nothing super groundbreaking here, but it's all done so WELL. the art, the story, the variety and depth to the characters... ugh. a masterpiece.

if this came out on steam, i'd buy the shit out of it (already have it in my library here, for the record). if a sequel came out, be it just more of the same, or perhaps a different story where we can date the side characters, i'd buy the shit out of that too.

the way i usually see it done is an 'ending gallery' of sorts, such as a numbered list where each ending is ???? until you get it, and then you can click it to see the cg for it or something once you've reached it at least once.

ah but aiden lies, it will be hard for me to forgive that...

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is there a walkthrough? (also i think some of the ... chatbot commands don't work but am not specifying here cuz spoilers)

i do wish there was a menu to keep track of endings.

guh. but i wanna date the disaster robot myself!

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very good! found this while looking for dating sims. not what i was looking for, certainly, but i enjoyed it quite a lot. story and everything was quite well done, and while there are times where your choices don't matter, it's more realistic because you're part of a team, and there ARE places where your choices DO matter. i feel like i got the ideal ending, but i'm not sure since there wasn't any particular way to tell it from others (apart from obvious bad ends). that's really my only complaint. good job! thanks for letting us play it for free, but i think it would do well, especially on steam where there could be achievements for the different endings.

and btw, i play a LOT of these games, and am often quite critical of them, not least of all because my type of personality tends to be poorly represented, and the guys tend to gross me out. i feel like you did a masterfull job of balancing both so that it would appeal to anyone :)

i imagine he's not my type, but with how much i enjoyed the previous routes (and that one cg i saw where he looks totally subby) i have been looking forward to this for a while!


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is there a save/load feature? ah, just got to the end, and it's clear there is, but i couldn't figure out how to access it during the game. i remember two instances of misplaced words, but it's an interesting story and i like the characters!

is there a way to have this added to your library HERE if you already bought it on steam?

no, i got that ending, i meant run away as in abandon their obligations to their families, but together.

i want a translation of wid's dialogue XD 

i don't think so. he does give off a bit of a 'brat' vibe, and that ain't for everybody.

i thought it was going to be a choice between marcus and owen too XD i was kind of hoping for an ending where we run away with owen or something, and i would have liked to see more of an epilogue after the final choice. i understand the time constraints, tho. this was quite good!

eeeeh it was getting so good! i want to see more!

hmm, too short for me to really decide how to feel about the story and such, but the art is stunning.

man, supercool's identity ruined that romance for me >.< i can't stand bullies.

couldn't really get into it. writing felt stiff and unnatural, maybe it's not translated well?

quiz gave me lampir and i got the good ending, but i wanted mermaid so i looked up the guide to get him and my first playthrough got me a super dark ending even tho everything seemed to be going well, which i thought was strange... game's got a weird balance of evil and cute, i guess. i noticed that dialogue isn't based on your quiz answers themselves, but your overall score. i didn't choose the 'dad cop' answer for the lampir route for example, but mc acted like i had.

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1. Did you enjoy the game overall?


2. Who is your favorite character? and 3. What route is your favorite?

ur- i've got a type and he's it.

4. If you could add anything to the game what would it be?

add, specifically? more cgs.... no, more choices would be more valuable. change? a couple things come to mind, but i think the main one would be some general writing tweaks- drawing out the development of relationships a little, and placing the more intense romantic stuff AFTER emotions are discussed and drama dealt with, rather than before/during.

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i feel like i'm missing something. he seems to relax no matter which answer i choose, and i always get staked when i go to bite, even if i wait till the last hour...

it would certainly be easier to figure out if there were saves/skips, instead of having to play all the way through and start over.

i have no idea what's going on and this is so cool and different and weird and JOOOOONNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

well that was... different! (and i do mean that in a good way) i got ending 5. do the other endings reveal more information about the world, or is it just different jokes and maybe some death? a walkthrough would be nice now that i've gotten my 'true' ending.

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i hope the demo will be updated with skips and saves and such at some point. i hit escape to save, and then found out it just closed the whole thing and i had to start over with no way to autoplay or skip through what i'd already done.

and after all that i found out the demo ends at the spot i was working my way back to anyway >.< i was hoping to experience more of the main game...

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this game made me have the thought 'i hope i get to bone the piano' and i can't thank you enough for that. seriously tho, all the characters i've met so far seem so sweet, and that's a breath of fresh air with dating vis novs like this! ...seriously tho i wanna play his face.

potential spoilers?

it was frustrating how he reacted to us not knowing anything about his species, tho. i can understand assumptions being annoying, but just wanting to understand? what's wrong with that?

also, are there multiple endings per route?

as both a visnov addict and an aspiring psychologist, i'm really excited to see this get developed more!

pretty good story, tho the romances feel a bit unnatural/rushed, and i personally would like more wiggle-room choice-wise for the good endings.