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Wow this game was amazing! Quickly became one of my favorite otome games of all time! I loved how Ran slowly warmed up to the MC, and I absolutely adored their chemistry. I almost cried at the sweet ending ahhh. I just hope that there was a bit more closure in the end though! We still don't know the real murder at the end, and I felt like it was a bit rush! Maybe an epilogue would've been nice. But the game was still amazing nevertheless! Absolutely worth the price!

They are expecting to finish the game the beginning of this year, but they aren’t sure yet! I’m not sure if it’s gonna be free or not though haha

Yes there is! It's called Cinderella Phenomenon Evermore! They are still currently working on it! They posted screenshots of their progress on their tumblr and even posted the new intro song for the sequel! It's so good! I can't wait to play it :)

Absolutely love this game!! One of my all time favorites next to Cinderella Phenomenon!! The story was amazing, and much much deeper than I had originally anticipated. My favorite was definitely Reksa, but I absolutely adored Rama's ending! I'm so happy that he was able to overcome his dark past and find happiness with the MC! Although in the other routes besides his own, he ended up dying, and I was so sad...Reksa's route was definitely my favorite though! Their relationship development was amazing, and it did not feel rushed at all. I love how protective and caring he was, despite having trust issues at first! This was such an AMAZING quality game! Amazing job:)

Loved this game so much! The characters were all amazing, and the story was much deeper than I though it'd be! Definitely will replay sometime later:)

Absolutely adored this game! I'm a sucker for childhood friends who become lovers haha, and I absolutely love the chemistry between the MC and Atsuya! It was a really fun and adorable game to play right before school starts again for me :) Much love!

I just finished playing Dimitri's route and started on Neil's! This game was really really fun! I absolutely love the chemistry between the MC and Dimitri! Their relationship is so adorable! Dimitri is just too sweet, ahhh I love him! I can't imagine liking another character in this game over him lol. I loved the story as well, and how the MC was able to overcome her insecurities after what happened between her and Alex. Dimitri is just so wonderful. He's shy and sweet, yet strong and protective of the MC. He will probably be my favorite character lol. Thank you for such an amazing game!

I am SO excited for the sequel! Thank you SO much for creating a sequel to this beautiful game! I've been keeping up with the updates on yall's tumblr on the sequel, and I cannot wait to play it! This is one of the most BEAUTIFUL otome games I have ever played. I loved all of the characters, and I never expected the storyline to be so deep and compelling. The MC here had so much character development, unlike a lot of other otome games that I've played, and I loved her interaction with all the other characters and how she grew to be a better person at the end. This is my all time favorite otome game, and as I said, I cannot wait for the sequel!