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I always end up wanting to play every route of a VN/Otome I play because I know or at least assume how much time and effort goes into each character. So even if I don't think I'll like someone, I always give them a shot. Starting with the characters I'm least likely to enjoy lets me always end the games on a really positive note. I wonder if that's how other people feel about it, too. Maybe I also picked that up from family dinners where I was taught to eat the things I enjoy last so I know I'll finish all of my food xD. Thankfully? There's not really anyone so far in your games that I don't like. I'd say at the end of the day, you've got some really amazing characters who, while I don't like every aspect of (Here's looking at you, start route Neil), evolve and grow from their faults in a way that real humans do. (My red headed baby....) It makes them that much more loveable and they feel... almost real. The things they've been through and their life lessons and journeys make them some of the most attachable characters I've come across. Especially from something that isn't 'mainstream' like Hakuoki or Amnesia where I started. 

Honestly I really respect your decisions on Aiden's route. I don't mind paying for it when the time comes. I've already broken down and paid for a month of your Patreon for Caine so it's not like I wouldn't be willing to do so again when the time comes. While I don't have a lot of income, I definitely have a weakness to pretty boys and pretty VNs so I'm sure you'll have my support at least for a little while when the time comes. I used to be upset by the locking of NSFW content behind a paywall but honestly, it's better for everyone even without thinking about how it helps you as the artist. Because minors aren't going to be accessing the content, no one gets in trouble(Hopefully), and it keeps the content from being flagged or otherwise.