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People really will find anything to complain about! I never doubted you would deliver on the free revamp, but there's no reason I can see that TRUE fans of the series wouldn't mind paying $13 for all your hard work regardless. Imagine claiming to love a series or it's artist but whining about them getting paid.
THANK YOU for all your dedication and hard work, thank you for being kind enough to even offer the revamp for free, thank you for being so patient and understanding with your less than reasonable fans, and thank you for the story you made use fall in love with!

I love so much of this. Excuse me while I scream my love for Damon and Juniper from the rooftops. I can't wait for the next chapter. ; - ;

I love the game so far but I've reached week 14, trying to make the truth serum and it absolutely won't let me. I have everything I need to make it but it tells me no one can craft it and won't give me the synth. button.

I bought this game a few days ago and I can't begin to tell you how much I adored it? Omen is so precious and I love him ; - ; I'm always weak for supernatural based VNs but this one really takes the cake. 

I had a bit of a question on how it's all going to work with getting the re-release later this year. I'm relatively new to in general so I don't know what the usal MO for stuff like this is. Is it a code or a link to the download?

I always end up wanting to play every route of a VN/Otome I play because I know or at least assume how much time and effort goes into each character. So even if I don't think I'll like someone, I always give them a shot. Starting with the characters I'm least likely to enjoy lets me always end the games on a really positive note. I wonder if that's how other people feel about it, too. Maybe I also picked that up from family dinners where I was taught to eat the things I enjoy last so I know I'll finish all of my food xD. Thankfully? There's not really anyone so far in your games that I don't like. I'd say at the end of the day, you've got some really amazing characters who, while I don't like every aspect of (Here's looking at you, start route Neil), evolve and grow from their faults in a way that real humans do. (My red headed baby....) It makes them that much more loveable and they feel... almost real. The things they've been through and their life lessons and journeys make them some of the most attachable characters I've come across. Especially from something that isn't 'mainstream' like Hakuoki or Amnesia where I started. 

Honestly I really respect your decisions on Aiden's route. I don't mind paying for it when the time comes. I've already broken down and paid for a month of your Patreon for Caine so it's not like I wouldn't be willing to do so again when the time comes. While I don't have a lot of income, I definitely have a weakness to pretty boys and pretty VNs so I'm sure you'll have my support at least for a little while when the time comes. I used to be upset by the locking of NSFW content behind a paywall but honestly, it's better for everyone even without thinking about how it helps you as the artist. Because minors aren't going to be accessing the content, no one gets in trouble(Hopefully), and it keeps the content from being flagged or otherwise. 

I wholeheartedly agree with you on all points. The OP comment was tactless and unnecessary. I own several LGBT otome games\VNs myself and I enjoy the representation but I'm not self centered or entitled enough to throw a fit about the heterosexual games that exist. At it's base, A VN like this one is an extension of  a story or part of the artist and they don't owe you ANYTHING in a story they are giving you to play for free. People really will complain about anything, even the things handed to them for little to nothing at all. It's unfortunate.

Wow, okay. I need a priest. And a pool. And my heart back.

I slipped into this choosing to play the character I was least attracted to first of the currently released characters and like... You're really gonna come at a girl and not let her dislike anyone aren't you? That'd be Dimitri for me, I was actually super turned off the whole little brother of my ex thing at first but he was an absolutely wonderfully fleshed out character. I adored his devotion to you in a way I can't explain that was handled well as opposed to how things often go with that kind of scenario. Plus the boy loves cats? 1000 brownie points. I teased him like crazy, so I sat pretty much fully fierce on the spectrum and I got the Dominatrix ending. Nice. The romance scenes are kind of a work of art? Thank you for existing, Oh Wise and Powerful Celianna. I don't currently have the money for Plus but when my finances change here in a few months, I feel like I'll definitely have to revisit what's available. Because if that's tame, I'm 10000% down for what you consider not tame. I'm really excited for Aiden's route? Maybe it's just because I want another boy to tease though, I'm not sure. He's pretty to look at and I'm sure he'd be prettier blushing for me.

All jokes aside, you've got an amazingly solid game here that would easily make hardcore VN and new fans alike go crazy. I'm always super excited to see stories that touch on more serious topics and VNs with more depth to their characters. It's also incredibly nice to have decently sized chapters and a lot of them so that the story doesn't seem so forced. It really flowed well here, between the pacing, the writing, the music and effects, I'm really really impressed and I'm usually left a little wanting at the end of games like this no matter how much I love them. I didn't really feel that here. I've only played the one route so far but I'm gonna go lose myself in the other two. Thanks so much for all your hard work and dedication. Thanks a second time for making a free version I can fall in love with to assure I'll buy this at full price later or pay for your patreon to keep it with me forever. <3

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That was a rollercoaster of emotions. I'm not gonna lie I'm really picky with VNs a lot of the time and I've been hesitant on starting ones from this site because of that but after completely finishing this game just... wow. I loved the ENTIRE cast which is honestly so hard for me? I usually don't like players like Rama so I did his last and got BLOWN AWAY by how loveable and complex he was. I Loved the art style, I adore how this was stylized, and I adore 'moving' CGs so I was super happy with those. I loved the world you put us in, the idea was new and refreshing and I wanted to help however I could just making all these precious children stop hurting.Your writing was amazing and gave me the kind of attachment to characters in a game that I haven't felt since Hakuoki or like... Dragon Age if we aren't sticking to just VNs. I was crying throughout the entire game bar Mitra's route(I feel like I have questions on whether or not I'm having his babies), I'm crying now that it's over. I'm gonna go stalk your other game's demo now because i love your work ;-;

Wow, I don't even know what to say. I'm absolutely in love with this game. I fell hard for Cailean immediately and I will protect this child with my life. I don't know when your next update will be but I eagerly await more time with this sweet boy.

Hello, my wonderful developers! I just finished your current demo and I've gotta say that I'm incredibly impressed! There's so much to love even with the little bit of your dream and story that you've given us. I adored it all from start to finish. The music is wonderful and really seems to fit the tone of each scene, the scenes themselves are gorgeously drawn, the transitions are beautiful and flow incredibly well, the little sound effects make a world of difference, and the writing is phenomenal. You gave us a beautifully fleshed out world that I can't wait to explore and the characters we've seen so far are easy to attach to. I can't wait to see where this goes. (: