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Hi ! Not sure if here is the best place, but I'll be happy to become a proofreader for you guys ! I'm French and can also speak English fluently, so tell me if I can be of help :)

Hi! I really enjoyed the demo. I tried the previous one and was disappointed, but this one really makes me look forward to the full game. And, as a chemistry geek, I'm quite happy to find a game with chemistry puns :p

Just to let you know, there was a mistake in one of the quizz questions: the correct answer for the stochiometry of the C8H18 equation should be 2, 16, 16, 18 and not 2, 25, 16, 18 (so there are as much O on the 2 sides).

Except from that, I really had fun with the demo :)

I'll be honest, I've been lured in by the art. But it was worth it! The story is well written, I love the MC and got quite interested in the guys. Lance is my fave so far, but Evan's not far behind. I'm looking forward to the full game!

I'm eagerly looking forward to the new chapter every month and am never disappointed ! I love the writing style, all the characters and the new secrets that are revealed with each new chapter. One of my fav VN ! Going back to waiting now... xD

I'm really looking forward to it ! I really enjoyed the rose of Segunda, except for a tiny detail... Françoise is actually a woman's name, the man's name whould be François. It's probably too late to change it now, but I can't stop laughing whenever they mention him xD kinda hard to see him as the serious older brother after that :p Looking forward to best friend forever too !

Thanks !!! I love your work btw ^^ I decided I would wait for the itchio plus version, but the new chapters were too good for me to keep resisting temptation xD

Hi ! So, I was wondering, would it be possible to have important clients in the plus version, like an option or something ? Because I really enjoy designing things for them, but I also want the bonus content... Don't know how much work that would be for you though ^^'

This was sooo good ! I read Dimitri first and kept Neil for tomorrow, since I've already read his route before.  I have to say, at first, I wasn't sure about the shy younger guy... but Dimitri's relationship with the MC is so cute I couldn't help but totally fall for it. They are so sweet together ! I think I might actually like Dimitri more than Neil, though it's a close call :p I absolutely love your writing style, so thanks for these new chapters and I'm really looking forward for the next routes !