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I'm really looking forward to it ! I really enjoyed the rose of Segunda, except for a tiny detail... Françoise is actually a woman's name, the man's name whould be François. It's probably too late to change it now, but I can't stop laughing whenever they mention him xD kinda hard to see him as the serious older brother after that :p Looking forward to best friend forever too !

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Hello celi-nege, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the first game for the most part and are looking forward to the sequel.

As for the name, yes, this has been mentioned before. I would say that this is a fantasy game and I never really meant for any of the names to be directly held up to real-life counterparts. I drew from a mix of French, Spanish and Italian and plain just made some of them up. As someone has already pointed out, Frederique  is the feminine spelling, as well - I just prefer it that way. 

Thanks for playing