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Tailor Tales

Romance hot guys and create your own clothes. · By Celianna

Taylor Tales Plus

A topic by Tempest Rysen created May 07, 2021 Views: 1,067 Replies: 8
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Been having problems accessing plus.  Getting really frustrated bc when you pay for a service, It shouldn't take an act of congress to access it. The only info  online says go to Patheon and pay. Check. Then download the game through itch. Done that. At the end it offers the plus option then takes you back to Patheon site prompting you to pay for the service. The run around is rediculous and honestly seeming less worth the hassle with each passing day. Anyone, anywhere have any information on how to access plus, that  I'VE ALREADY PAID FOR, through Patheon? Ive sent messages and asked on the official sites with no response.

hi there, not sure you already solved your problem but if you didnt then when you downloaded the tailor tales plus version from itchio, you should also start this version cause the free version won't work with the plus content. It also means that your progress from free version will be "lost", even tho you should get it all unlocked in plus version.

After starting the plus version, make sure that itchio and plus version are updated and then check patreon for the latest password (beginning of every month there's a password). Then in game you write the password in the gift icon. 

I hope this kinda helped you if you still needed

TY! I figured out the issue. After I upgraded from mid tier to highest tier subscription, I was allowed access.


Hey there! I only now saw your message on Itch, but I haven't seen any messages from you on Patreon, alas! Where did you post your question? It must have fallen through the cracks (Patreon also doesn't notify me about any personal messages). I'm sorry it took so long to reply.

Yes, only the Plus tier has access to Plus content.

hello im having the same problem i just paid for the service and i can't find the link for the patreon verion of the game if i am unable to play the newer routes of the game what exactly did i pay for? if you could please help me out i would be grateful.


Hello! If you're a Patreon, please follow the Patreon instructions, it has the download link:

Excuse me, I bought Dimitri and Neil's plus at Stean. 

I want to know if Caine's plus is free? because I don't have all the achievements, I just need to read Caine's plus prologue.


Caine's Plus is available to be purchased on Steam as well, it is not free.

Okay, thanks for solving my doubt. ( •̀ ω •́ )✧