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I don't think so.

Yes!! It's working now, thank you :)

I don't know how to open it on Mac, it's not unzipping / unarchiving ..

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Are there any suggestions as to the description of the characters or narrative that you feel could add to the game? I know that when you pick a choice it does show in the writing even if after a while it might be mentioned as well, but I feel it would be nice to see some extra scenes with some choices. Like when I chose to tell Odyrn about Anton I thought he will mention it later but he didn't. And when I told Bethany, I thought he would get caught and be in trouble  :p

Also when Dere asked Christen on a date .. (they said they will go horseriding).

Are there any aspects that really interest you? Yes, regaining her memories and finding romance. But until then, we don't know who to trust and there's a reputation to keep up.
Are there any aspects that you feel detract from interest?
I wish there were more events than lessons... or more interactions. As for the schedule, it was all decided on the first day. I wasn't really sure what day was what. Maybe she could say before sleep or in the morning what she has scheduled for the day. Or another thing is, you could break it to three days, so Ordyn will schedule with Dere for each 3 days? Plz consider this suggestions.
What was your impression of the demo overall?
I liked it. I am really wondering how events will turn out.
Did this page present the demo well?
Did you find any glitches or bugs that need to be addressed?
On the first day after Lana turns green, and Dere returns to her room there's an error. And quickly after deciding what to do for the festival there's also an error.
Was the writing acceptable? Were there any strange moments in flow or awkward dialogue?
There were typos. And I found it weird Javion knew Dere wanted to take tour of the place, and knew she had amnesia... After that she went to the class, I didn't understand what was happening, why she had to bring food. At the restaurant with Roison.. It was just Dere, her brother and Roison so who congratulated them? And why did Odyrn thank them for attending etc,,. And at the end of the festival, when they were selling lanterns, it said Thander left early, but then he was still there.
Were the transitions of expressions and rooms acceptable? Any strange moments?
Nope. It was good. Btw, beautiful art.
What was your favorite part of the demo?
The scheduling and the festival.
Would you desire or consider helping to fund a kick-starter in relation to this game?
Any other comments, questions, or feedback?
Who are the 6 romancable charaters? :3

Animal Inspector community · Created a new topic Stuck

On the first day after finishing the job and clicking the thumb it doesn't move to the next scene, the screen just becomes blank.

I had this problem too but found a way to make it work: right click on the game and choose show contents, then go to the file MacOS, click on the thing called nwjs and your game will pop up along with another window, but you should be able to save this time.

Hi! I faced a bug when I clicked on the third CG for Neil in the CGs menu. It said something about not finding the width null, sorry I forgot. >.<

And when I opened the game to bring the error again to screenshot it nothing happened! I have no idea why it happened the first time.