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I'm not at my laptop atm but I can tell you it's a terrible quality of laptop, it's really old. It doesn't crash while I'm designing, it crashes while I'm in the story. The first was when the police showed up, the second was in the café. I usually don't have anything else running when I play games but I'll try again later. Thank you. 

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Ok, I know what's causing you to crash. It's pretty simple: the special effects. The special effects loop continuously until you progress further into the story when it turns itself off (in your case, the police sirens and the blinking of the CGs). During that time, it will continuously refresh, and therefor an older laptop such as yours wouldn't be able to handle the processing.

I will see about the option of turning them off :)

I will assume you crash straight away if you try out Dimitri's story and it starts to rain?

I haven't tried his story yet, I'll see when I play again, I'll choose his story instead, but thanks for the helpful suggestion!