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I haven't tried his story yet, I'll see when I play again, I'll choose his story instead, but thanks for the helpful suggestion! 

I'm not at my laptop atm but I can tell you it's a terrible quality of laptop, it's really old. It doesn't crash while I'm designing, it crashes while I'm in the story. The first was when the police showed up, the second was in the café. I usually don't have anything else running when I play games but I'll try again later. Thank you. 

I'm having a problem with my game crashing the whole time and then i need to start the game again... Are there any plans for an autosave feature? I really don't want to keep restarting, and I'd created so many clothing items...

You're very welcome. Oddly enough this game becomes very fun to play, where you want to keep upgrading to make more profits, but yeah I'd love to play an updated version, maybe bring in a save game feature? Until then I'll probably still continue starting new games, it's too fun to quit 😂👌

It is working, I downloaded and played it, but I wish I could figure out how to keep the game going after filling the jar, because I got money to do a R160 upgrade and I couldn't upgrade it because my jar was busy filling, and after my jar was full I won the game but I really wanted to continue playing my progress.

I'm crying, i want to play this because I'm actually from South Africa so this is hilarious xD

When do you think the final version would be released?

I'm curious to know what song the guy in the basement was playing in his bedroom?