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This is so beautiful!  I loved watching the relationship between Blake and Marllie unfold, they're both too adorable for words.  It would have been nice to have more dialogue options but I understand that this is a demo and you have bigger things planned. Defintiely looking forward to what you release in the future! 

Ah no need to apologise, every game has teething problems! It doesn't give any information - whenever I click on a save slot the game just shuts down. I'm still able to play right through the game though..

Love the game, but it crashes every time I try to save it... I've played earlier versions and didn't have this problem, on a mac each time - I adore Elsie though!

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This game is absolutely gorgeous! I have grown ridiculously attatched to the characters so far, particularly Logan (she is the sapphic knight in shining armour we deserve and I love her) but I also love the dynamic between Aine and Ellis, and the main character's relationships with Sophia and Jove. Everything about the artwork and writing and music is really well done, it feels like a lot of care and attention went into this. I missed that it was a demo at first and was a bit crushed when it ended, but I'll definitely be looking forward to playing the full game in the future!

I love this game! Particularly the specialisations and how they affected the choices available. The dialogue and narration was well written and flowed naturally, and the storyline so far has definitely kept me interested. I'll look forward to playing this in the future!

Tried doing so, I was able to download it but when I tried to open the zip folder I recieved an error message saying 'unable to expand into 'Downloads' (error two - no such file or directory)

Hi there! I'd love to play this game, but I am having issues installing it. I am using the app, and whenever I click install it says 'installing' for a moment and then stops. I am using a mac. Is there a way to work around this?

Uninstalled and installed the game again, it works perfecly now! Thank you for the quick reply! 

(also Dimitri is honestly too cute I'm not sure my heart can take it!)

Hi there! I downloaded the 1.3 version of the game on a mac, but now it's updated to 1.4 I get an error message whenever I start the game up, reading 'error, failed to load: img/pictures/BG_boutique_floor_01.png and I cannot progress beyond that!