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I second the request for a Mac version, if you have the means to make it! 

That's fantastic!  I'm so excited to see that the Kickstarter campaign has been such a huge success so far.  I'm proud to pledge to it, and I'm looking forward to the sequel.  It's proof of all of the incredible work you've put into your projects.  I'm sorry that you've felt disheartened lately, and you should know that you're extremely skilled and deserve the high praise and support you're getting.    

I'm having the same issue!  Even zooming out as far as possible won't let me find a place to progress, and I can't scroll down to the end of the text.

 I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the game, and I know how hard finding motivation can be especially when you don't know exactly how you want to finish it yet, or what changes you might need to make.  Good luck with getting the story where you want it to be! 

I second this, I'd also love to see a Mac version!

Yay, I'm so excited that the sequel is going to happen!  I await it eagerly!

I submitted a survey response, but would also like to say here that I am thrilled about the possibility of a sequel!  

I thought so, but thanks for answering!

Does the postcard set come packaged all together?

I enjoyed the demo a lot!  The sense of isolation for the MC was readily apparent, and I found the descriptions of the absurd crises exciting. The tension in the writing for both the scenes and characters really came through.  

One of my favorite things about your games is that they allow for the MC to respond in a variety of ways to give them a sense of personality, without it being a simple right/wrong choice for development of the narrative.  It helps me dig into a game and enjoy it to the fullest.

I'm looking forward to the completed game, and thanks again for getting it to work properly for Mac users!

I just sent you an email about this, before I checked back on itch so feel free to disregard it.  The file and game are working properly now as of this moment!  Thanks again!

I wasn't sure an edit would give you a notification, but I'm still having the same issue with the zip file.  I also tried it on another Mac as well, but no luck.

Oh, sorry!  I should have mentioned I was having the same problem, after multiple attempts to re-download a new copy of the file from here.  Thanks for checking on it.

I'm playing on mac, and get this message when I try to open the zip file: "Unable to expand "Heaven'" into (folder I'm trying to open it into). 

(Error 2 - No such file or directory.)  Do you have any suggestions? I haven't had this problem with other downloads of your game demos.

This solution worked for me, too!  Thanks so much!