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Hi! Encountered a bug about the avatar creation at the start while on the Mac version! Not sure what to do. "Error EROFS: read-only file-system, open '/private/var..../pictures/joselina_avatar.png"

Yeah someone else got it on the Mac as well. It has to do with permissions. Could you try out this suggestion, or turn off Gatekeeper/add Tailor Tales to the exceptions. Let me know if it works. I suggest googling the issue yourself as well, as the app needs permission to write files. I'm sorry I'm not much of help, since I don't own a Mac myself to test it!

I actually tried all of it and it didn't work.  :( I even used terminal haha but I think it might be because Sierra's pretty strict because I already exempted and let it run to "Everywhere" for app restrictions

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Oh darn, that's too bad. Then you kind of run out of options. What OS build do you have? Then I can warn others before they download.

I have heard of another player trying Wine and it worked on there :)

Alternatively, you could locate the file in \Game.app\Contents\Resources\app.nw\img\pictures and delete the file joselina_avatar.png. This should allow you to get past the beginning screen and let you read the story. You're not able to use the option "Outfit"  in the main menu though, as you'll get the same error as before (though feel free to try).