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I keep having a problem with some looks, where I'll hae it perfect, but then it says 'Nope. Wrong.'

I'm playing on a Mac, with the latest edition [only downloaded it a few days ago.]

How many times have you experienced this bug, and how much tailoring exp have you earned?

I'm aware of the issue, but thought I had it fixed when I released this version. Apparently not, hah. That's what beta tester are for :)

If you come across the issue again, delete the client. I'll work on a fix.

It's happened 3-4 times so far. Almost always on skirts, although once was a dress. Knowing it's a bug helps me not get frustrated. ^^ I'm sure it still annoys you, but I hope it helps.

Yeah it's something I thought I had fixed (I tried it out over 200 times to see if it still persisted but I didn't see it anymore), but I guess I was wrong. Sorry about the bug, as I said, just delete the client if you can't finish it. At least it doesn't occur all that often.

My programmer is re-doing the client system now, since we can't seem to replicate the bug.

Thank you for reporting :)