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Sorry for the late reply! 

No, there isn't a walkthrough, though if you want to achieve a certain ending/type of ending, you can email me at, and I'd be happy to guide you in the right direction! 

Again sorry for the late reply, I hope you enjoy the game.

You're just too kind ! You can't imagine how your words makes me happy ! 

It's one of the reason that I want to make games : To make people loves the story and feel attached to the characters, so I'm soo happy that you loved them! 

Thank you again 😊

Thank you ! I'm very happy that you like the Art and the first game 😊

Thank you for your kind words 😊

I hope it will be as good ! I'm very slowly making progress on this project but surely !

Stay safe as well 😀

Thank you so much ! I'm happy you liked the first game 😊

Thank you so much for your detailed comment! 

I'm so happy that you liked it 😊
It means so much to me that you were moved by the story! 
The story and characters are really what matters the most for me when I play visual novel so I'm just so glad that it's what you loved the most. 

I understand that you would've liked to have more information about the organization and the world in general. The same goes for the more details and length spent in intimate moments, I take good note of this for my next project :p 

I have to say this again: Thank you so much. Your comment brings a big smile to my face and makes me want to work even more on my next project.

By the way, when my next project will be ready for it (not before quite a long time, it's progressing slowly but steadily) I'd be very happy if you'd want to be part of the beta test for it! I'd love to have your input on the storytelling and characters of my next project.

Thank you so much for your kind words! 

I'm so happy that you like it 😊
I was afraid while writing Erika too because kids tend to annoy me in games >< 
I understand that you were suspicious of George! But he is just a sweet old man :) 

I understand what you're saying about the ending! It's true that they are quite short. As there are so many I figured that it would be hard to make them really long. But I keep that in mind for my next projects! 

Thank you again for your comment 😊❤

Thank you for your review! 

I'm happy you liked Erika, it's true that she's really sweet :) 
I'm glad you found the game on steam! It was worth the work to put it on the platform 😊

I hope that you liked most of the endings you got :p 
And I understand for the "scene" that made you sad, I was so sad writing it >< 

Thank you for your kind and sweet words, it's really meaningful to me! 
I will work hard on my next project and I hope you'll like it too :)

Thank you so much for your very detailed review! 

I'm so happy that you enjoyed it and that you liked multiple endings!
I'm so surprised to see Georges as your favorite character XD I'm very happy that it's the case! When I wrote him, I imagined him like your grumpy old man that has a very gentle heart. 
I understand that your "least" favorite is Amanda, it can happen that we pay less attention to her than Matt or Erika that have strong characteristics.
I'm glad you liked the fact that you're not forced into the relationship with Matt. It's one thing that I don't like with most visual novels, sometimes I just want to enjoy the story or I simply don't want to romance the love interest.

I take note of the spelling/grammar errors and the character art! I will try to improve that for my next project :) 

Again, thank you for your detailed review, it really helps me out and it's meaningful to me!

Wow I'm glad you manage to solve the problem! How did you solve it? 

And thank you for playing the game ( and several time! ) 😊 I hope you like it!


Yep there is one! You have to make some specifics choices to have that ending. 

If you don't succeed to reach that ending, please send me an email at: , I will tell you in detail how to reach it :) 

Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm happy that you liked the story and characters 😊 It's definitely in my plan to make more visual novels in the future.

Get plenty of rest and I hope you'll get better soon! 

We will wait patiently for the release, don't worry :) 

Thank you so much for this detailed comment! 
I'm really happy that you enjoyed the game!😊
It's really meaningful to me that you liked it even with your big experience with this kind of game! I, myself play quite a lot of them and tried to put in this what I would like to see in these games :) 

Actually I planned to document myself to release it on steam ( will have to see if I can manage the system for the achievements for the different endings though) 

I understand for your complaint that you weren't sure of what ending you got, what would you have liked to have to figure that out? A complete list of the endings for example? Or more detailed names for the endings? Don't hesitate to tell me, so I can try to improve this game or the next one that I'll make!

And thank you again for your kind words, it means a lot to me ❤

Thank you so much for your comment!
I'm very happy that you liked the game and that you completed all the endings 😊
Thank you again for your kind words ❤

Thank you so much! You can't imagine how much I'm happy that you enjoyed it and that you liked the characters! 
Thank you again, for playing the game and for your kind comment :)


I read the docs and still have a question.
I published a demo 4 years ago, and last Friday I finally released the full game. To do it, I kept the same project and did a "Major launch or update". 
I thought that it would make the full game appeared on the top of the "most recent" sort by, but it doesn't seem to be the case. 
I waited until the weekend passed, maybe it was just taking a bit of time, but now I'm wondering if my project will show in Most Recent at all? 

Is there anything I need to do for the game to be sorted in the Most Recent? 

Thank you in advance, 

Thank you so much! 
I hope that you'll enjoy it and like the endings you'll get :) 

Thanks a lot, I hope that you will like it :) 

Thank you for your kind words!

It really makes me happy that you liked it even if you're not the target audience. 

And thank you so much again for beta testing the game, it was a greater help than you can imagine :)

Don't stress too much about the deadlines! The most important is that you succeed to finish it and to be satisfied with it :) A polished delayed work will always be better than a rushed one, especially if it makes you stressed out.

For me, I like to have some deadlines to help me stay orginazed and motivated as I see that I'm moving forward but I do not always follow them ^^
Keep up the good work!

Alright, I will keep the same page then.

Thank you for your advice :)


I published a demo for my Visual novel game two years ago, and it will soon be time that I publish the full game.

Is it better to create a new page/project, or add a new file to the page while editing the title of the page?

My demo is a little behind in the research for visual novel section, and I was wondering if the full game would be higher if I published a new project.

Would it have the chance to be showcased on the first page of if I just add the full game on the same page?

Thanks in advance

Exactly, making a game is always a challenge :) Thank you very much for putting me up on the homepage!

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I’m a indie dev who makes a game by myself :) I’m working on a visual novel ‘Up until the end’ and the demo is available!

It's a visual novel with a female protagonist with suspense, romance and friendship.

I’m working on this game for about one year and a half now ( Wow it’s been awhile Oo ) The progress is rather slow as I’m alone on this project but I’m really happy to work on this.

It’s my first post here as I didn’t know if it would interest much people ^^ as it’s a visual novel, I feel that this kind of game doesn’t reach to a large audience.

It’s always been my dream to work on a game since I was little, but I wouldn’t imagined that I would be able to make a game by myself!

Thanks to Itchio I’ve been able to reach some people and get precious feedback. It’s been really easy for me to post the demo on this platform, and I’m really happy that I’ve done it :) #notatgdc If you want to give it a try, leave some feedback or just take a look :)

Thank you :D I hope that you will like the full game :) 

And thank you again for making a review of the demo, it's really nice for me to see what you thought of it :)

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Hi again, sorry for the late reply! 

So I just tried it, and I worked, I managed to achieve the client request :) 

Ho :s sorry, the game started automatically on his route and I couldn't find a way to start on Nail's route :s I jumped from Dimitri to Neil by choosing the chapter 25 so I thought that I would have the request again :s

It seems to work, once I started the game I was on Dimitri's route, so I change it and get to the chapter 26 of Neil's. I didn't seem to encounter the same client's request for now. I'll keep on playing and let you know if the problem comes back ;)

I'm a returning beta player, I've played the version 1.3 and I was on Neil's passionate route. So here, I just started the game, choose returning beta player, and I encounter the problem almost right away.

Hello there! 

I really like the game, and I couldn't wait to see Neil's ending...Unfortunately I can't seem to achieve one of the client's request, but I think that my model is the same.  (I apologize in advance if it's me that made a mistake with the model ^^ )

I saw that someone ran into the same issue and that you told this person to delete the folder and download the game again. But I've just downloaded it, so it should work if you uploaded the fixed version...

So I hope that you can find how to fix this ( I will be patient to see what's next in Neil's route x) )

Thank you very much! I'm happy that you like it :)

Hi there! I've just finished Neil's route and I'm here to give you my feedback. :)

1. What is your gender and age?

 I'm 25 years old and female.

2. Where did you find out about Tailor Tales?

I was looking the visual novel games on and I found it ^^

3. Is the art style appealing to you, or did it take some convincing?

The art style is rather appealing :) I just thought that the background were a little simple, but it didn't bother me.

4. Which (available) character is your favourite?

I've only played Neil's route, but I think that even if I play Dimitri's route, I would still love Nail's more ^^ 

5. What’s your favourite scene?

I must say that I really loved the steamy scene with Neil, especially the first one ^^

6. What’s your favourite CG?

The one on the counter on Neil's route ;)

7. Which character would you like to be available next?

I can't wait to play Caine's route! But I will certainly play all of the route ^^ 

8. How many fierce points and how many kind points did you get at the end of each route?

I didn't note that, but it was about 30 fierce point and 5 kind points on Neil's ( I loved the way that the two character were arguing with each others )

9. How much tailoring experience and gold did you end up having at the end?

I had 110 gold and 3750 tailoring experience.

10. Was it difficult getting gold to purchase the chapters, or was it easy?

I would say that it was just okay. I had a few times when I was " ho no, I have to make a little gold for the next chapter " but it only took a few minutes to make so it wasn't frustrating.

11. Was it difficult re-creating garments that were important clients? 
I.e. the masquerade dress, Angela’s dress, or the opera dress.

It was a little difficult to see exactly what the pattern was but it wasn't too difficult, it was just taking a little more time than the other items.

12. Favourite aspect of the game?

It's a difficult question, but I really like how the relation between the MC and Neil grows, so I would say the relationship between the characters.

13. What do you think of Joselina, the MC?

I really liked her! Her reactions ( at least on Neil's route) were genuine. I really liked that we could personalize her appearance too.

Hi Tomey!

I say it again here, thank you for your feedback!

I am really happy that your favorite character is the protagonist, I was afraid that the player would not be able to shape her personality enough to relate to her.

I understand your opinion on Matt ^^ I hope you'll like him more in the full game as he is the only romanceable character ><

I know I need to work on the typos and spelling mistakes, I hope I'll get enough help when I'll finish the script.

I am really happy that you wanted to know more :p I can't wait to know your opinion on the full game when it will be released ^^

I'll break the sentences of the text when there is a lot, like you said it can be overwhelming to have so many sentence at once.

Again thank you for your feedback :D

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- Hi Lady Schmarmalade!

Thank you for giving me your feedback.

I am happy that you enjoyed the story and the demo overall. (It made me smile when you saif you were disappointed the demo ended so soon :p )

For Matt : I have to say that in otome game I like the rude type of guy that opens up later on so I automatically made Matt this way x) I hope you'll come to like him.

I am relieved that you liked the protagonist and the amount of choices that are offered to you. It's one of the thing that I find the most difficult to do, to imagine what other persons would do or not do, like or don't like...

I take note of your comment on the artwork. I have to say I don't really know how I can improve the sprites right now, but I'll search how to do it.

I understand your opinion on the clumsiness of the protag, it's true that this is a common trope, so I'll try to not use it too much.

In the end maybe I'll make a sprite for the protag, at first I though that it would be better to not have one, but as I made progress in the story I began to doubt. So thank you for your opinion!

For the typos and spelling mistakes :

I am sorry that it distracted you from the story :(

And thank you so much for offering me your help! I definitely need an extra hand with this.

So it might take a while for me to finish the script but I will contact you as soon as I have a final version of it. I take note of your email adress.

Hello itshaejinju !

You make me sooo happy with your feedback :D Even more because you liked it and you are enthusiastic about it :p

I am sorry that you're sound system died during the download ><

I am happy that you like Matt :p It's funny because depending on the player, this one may love him or hate him xD but I am like you, I like people who are a bit arrogant and all that in this kind of game :p

I am relieved that you think that the demo is a great length, I was afraid that it was too short :o But i didn't want to give too much of the story ><

I hope that you'll play the full game when it will be released and that you will enjoy where the story is going :p

Thank you so much again for you feedback and support ! I hope to hear you again when I update my blog or release the game :p

I really liked your game !

I played Guy's route, and I was sad to see that Laurence's diden't get a route :( I wanted to play it !

So I hoped you'll do it one day :p

Again, I really enjoyed your game, the story was interesting and the romance scences were really good :D ( I'll play Isaac's route soon I think :p )

Thank you very much for your feedback !

I am really happy that you enjoyed playing the demo and I hope you'll play the full game when it will be released ^^

Actually I was a little afraid that the demo would maybe be too short, but I though that it would give too much detail about the story if I added more, so I am happy that you say that it kept you interested :)

I take note of your comment, and again, thank you very much for playing and reviewing my demo !