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#notatgdc - Making a game by myself!

A topic by LetiGame created Mar 20, 2018 Views: 89 Replies: 2
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I’m a indie dev who makes a game by myself :) I’m working on a visual novel ‘Up until the end’ and the demo is available!

It's a visual novel with a female protagonist with suspense, romance and friendship.

I’m working on this game for about one year and a half now ( Wow it’s been awhile Oo ) The progress is rather slow as I’m alone on this project but I’m really happy to work on this.

It’s my first post here as I didn’t know if it would interest much people ^^ as it’s a visual novel, I feel that this kind of game doesn’t reach to a large audience.

It’s always been my dream to work on a game since I was little, but I wouldn’t imagined that I would be able to make a game by myself!

Thanks to Itchio I’ve been able to reach some people and get precious feedback. It’s been really easy for me to post the demo on this platform, and I’m really happy that I’ve done it :) #notatgdc If you want to give it a try, leave some feedback or just take a look :)


Making a game by yourself is definitely a challenge (but then again having a team is a challenge too :O). Congrats on releasing your demo, I put you up on the homepage.

Exactly, making a game is always a challenge :) Thank you very much for putting me up on the homepage!