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So excited you guys are back and looking forward to seeing more of this amazing game!

So the game seems interesting but I don't really like that eye color and name are tied to stats (also I do wish there was an option to choose your own name).

Sorry, I'm a bit confused about the endings: if there is only one that continues into part 3, does that mean that ending up on Jay's path vs Wren's path at the end of part one doesn't matter?  Or are there two separate routes in part 2 but they just end at the same place?

So I was able to download the game from my browser but not the itch app (I usually try to use the app because it makes updating the game so much easier).

I just bought the game but I can only download the demo?

Does this game have skip/back functions?  (If so what are the macros?

I have a question about the release/purchasing.  Will people be able to purchase the full game (16+ and 18+) through itch or is the only way to get that through Patreon?  (Or will Patrons get early access?)

I don't see the spec requirements on this page, but it's Windows 10 64 bit, 8 GB RAM, 3.10 GB processor so I would think it should...

So I'd honestly rather wait and get the rest of the story in one go, I'm not a huge fan of episodic releases in general.

The level of detail on all the characters (and really everything) in this game is so amazing!  I'm really looking forward to playing the full version!

I'd rather get the story first and the cgs later.  (Let's face it, I'd probably replay anyway...)

I think there might be an error with the update through the itch app-when I launched the game, it had me select between two .exe programs to run (I think the second one is the correct one, it's got the pride logo, but I'm not sure what the first one is doing there/why it's there...)

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I was able to download the demo through the itch website, but it's very glitchy.  I had intially thought it was broken (the screen was stuck on just a blank, black screen) but I waited and the game did eventually load but there was a LOT of lag reading through the dialogue and with transitions (new characters/sprites appearing, and every scene transition got stuck at the black screen again).  I finally gave up at the first investigation screen wen the dialogue box didn't load correctly after examining the bloodstain.

I'm trying to download the update in the itch app and I keep getting an error: unsupported compression algorithm (not sure what that means).

Lol, no I need to go in and check that I haven't done just that!

(Just to clarify though, the story only continues from the good endings for either character, right?)

Will saves from Part 1 work for the Part 2 update?

Will the chapter 3 patch be implemented with this update?

So I didn't think the jostling effect was that distracting (to the point where I didn't even notice it until people started pointing it out in the comments).  

I personally hate Discord but would use/follow a Tumblr.

Yes!  The font is so much easier to read!  Thank you so much! 

(and thanks for answering my curisoity, guess I'll just have to play the full version to see what happens...

Also (forgot to ask this the first time)-is the whole garden thing a Motel Hell reference?

So overall I had a lot of fun with this game (it was kind of like playing an Ace Attorney game in reverse) but there didn't really seem to be a lot of romance in it.  Will there be more in Part 2?

Yes!  Exactly.

Very interesting game (even if I personally would prefer some sort of 'Carrie' choice during the ball...).

I do have one question (that I'm going to try and make spolier-free as I can), if you choose the second option for the choice at the end of the demo, does that lock you out of a route?

Will definately be interested in seeing the Kickstarter/crowdfunding for this.

Loved Fetch Quest and really looking forward to this one!

Awesome, thank you for clarifying!

So this isn't a bug per se, but I think it would be helpful if you would put plot choice summaries (empire/rebellion/various romance options) in the initial character creation like you have with the classes.  Also the ability to go back to previous choices without having to completely reset everything.

I also have a question about the romance options-for the ones that could be continued from the first game, you say that you don't have to stay with them for the second game, but can you start a relationship with them (so like if you pick no one can you later start a relationship)?

Ah, thanks for letting me know about skip (and understand about back)!

So I haven't had a chance to play the new update yet and it's possible I'm worried for nothing, but is there skipping/backtracking functionality in the new version?  If not is that something that's being considered?  It's not always easy to figure out how a dialogue choice will go just from the prompts, which makes going back useful, and it's a VERY text heavy game so skipping is another tool that would be useful, particularly on replays 

I'm so excited you're still working on this!  (Also FWIW I'm happy that you're choosing to be more focused on the romance/relationships in the writing-supernatural mysteries are fun but when I'm playing an otome I usually enjoy the LI-specific parts more than the overall plot ones)

So  I'm not sure there's even I fix for this (I think it's a weird renpy roaming app data issue) but I wanted to let you know that there's something odd going on with the saves where files from the main game are appearing on the save screen of the dlc.

Fair enough (and thank you for answering my question-I really appreciate it when devs take the time to respond to questions/comments on their games).

Looking forward to this first DLC whatever the case may be!

So I have a quick clarification question about the DLC-will all the DLC have to be purchased separately or does one purchase get you access to all DLC (if it's the former, would you consider doing some sort of DLC bundle?)

Also a quick math question about the Valentine's DLC-if it's 2 CGs per LI (not counting Vexx), wouldn't that be 12 CGs and not 10?  (Sorry, that's just bugging me for some reason...)

So I totally understand where you're coming from changing the price (and I do appreciate the explination).  I'd just like to (respectfully) request that you leave the ren'py version of WTNC available once the updated Unity version comes out (my computers sometimes don't like Unity games).

So overall I liked the demo and am interested in the full game.

I really liked the option to name the best friend (and would love to see an option to name the cat ^_^)

The I didn't part about the MC not knowing/understanding video games.  I think that most people who play this are going to know otomes and visual novels so having an MC who can't even pronounce the genre to me makes her come off as unnecessarily stupid/naive.

I'm glad you're still working on Queen of Hearts and am excited to check out this new project!

Ah, now I'm really psyched to meet him!  Curse you and your brilliant building of suspense that makes me excited for more!