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I just played some of the extended demo and I'm much more excited for the game now than I was based on the original demo.  I was a bit turned off by the mechanic of taking control of another character and making choices for them (which I guess is kinda weird and hypocritical when you think about it, I mean in all these games you take over the MC and make choices for her so why should it be weird to play a game where you're taking over a character who gets to take over a character) but I like that you have the option to not completely overshadow Melody and that the goal is to get Melody to the point where she's going to be OK without the MC.  I'll admit, I was a little disappointed with the weight loss backstory still being there.  That was a big issue for me with the game-I mean it was nice that the MC was vocally on the said of it being irrelevant, but the whole idea of weight loss being a magical gateway to romance and happiness is just something that I don't enjoy seeing in media (even when there's a character saying it doesn't matter).

Looking forward to seeing how this develops!

Cool.  If I haven't already exceeded my unsolicited advice quota (I really hate getting it, so I try to avoid giving it), I think you should mention the planned retail price for the full game and the fact that the digital rewards will be IGG exclusives on the game's main page and IGG campaign.  That way if people are waivering they'll know that if they want something, they'll have to act now because they won't be able to get it later.

Fair warning on unsolicited advice, but I had a couple of thoughts for the campaign.

First, what is the price of the game on full release if funded?  (Personally I'm more likely to back a project if there's a pre-order discount for the crowdfunding.)

Second, are the digital rewards (any/all) going to be IGG exclusives?  Again, I'm personally more likely to back a project if some of the rewards are only available through the crowdfunding (for example, another otome VN, The Changeling, that just recently came out included a game guide that was exclusive to the crowdfunding campaign for it).

Overall I thought that the tiers were reasonably priced given what was being offered (and am really excited to be a backer!).  Really hope you guys get funded!


Just played the updated demo.  I really liked the additional choices, I think they added a lot to the game.  I do think there's an error, I think that the volume that controls the voices is marked as "sound volume" in the preferences screen (and vice versa).  I also think that the intro is a bit too abbreviated (I know you did that in response to another commenter who said it was too long) but I don't think the MC ever asks her dad about the trunks in the new version, so I think that some conversation between just the two of them (maybe not the whole thing from before, but something) would be helpful.  I think that cutting that out we miss out on most of the relationship between the MC and her family-we don't really get to see it play out at breakfast, it's all her little brothers interrupting, so I thought that the interaction between just the MC and her dad had a purpose (sorry for not saying so sooner).

So just my (possibly already stated) two cents, but I actually have no problem with non-stat choices.  Again, it makes the game more interactive (there's nothing wrong with reading, but if I wanted to read I'd just get a book).

1) Depends on the costs of the tiers.  Overall I'm not very interested in physical goods (particularly with international shipping) but I'm also generally not willing to spend $10-25 for one digital reward either.

2) Most interested to least interested: Roxas, Thrace, Kadan, Iandir, Aiden.

3) So I'm torn about this.  On the one hand, a lot of the comments have really liked the art/backgrounds of the game and I get the importance of a unified aesthetic to a game.  On the other hand, given the history of crowdfunded VNs, I would be very, VERY leery of backing a one from a first-time dev that had a stated dev cycle of 5 years.  A lot can happen in 5 years and I'm just not sure that I'd trust the project would finish (sorry for the guild by association but bad faith players tend to ruin the game for everyone).  If it really is the backgrounds that would hold up the dev cycle, I'd be more inclined to back if there was a deliverable sooner that maybe had placeholder backgrounds.  Like if you could get the script, sprites, and programming done and release at least the story for all the routes at once, then finish them with updates as the backgrounds come in.

I am really surprised by King Roman's design.  I totally imagined him as being in his 70s and on wife #8...

I like the overall premise and the LIs seem interesting (I'm a bit undecided on how I feel about the MC at the moment), but I'm just wondering how many choices there will be in the game.  I played through the demo (I think it took me about an hour) and the only choice came at the end, and it was where to go, not how to react to a situation/character.  I watched the previews in the post and there was only one choice in those (granted that could just be based on what's written/coded currently).  

Do you have an estimate of how many choices there will be in a particular route/chapter and will they be more generic like the one in the demo or more specific like the one in the Thrace preview?

Is beta testing only available in that tier or is it included in the higher priced tiers?

Awesome!  Thanks (I just like to play demos of otomes to get a feel for the LIs to make sure there's at least one I like ^_^)


I was just wondering if you had any plans to release a demo for the game.

So Soufle is not a fan of Frederique?

OK, thanks (sorry for asking stupid questions, I'm not really familiar with Patreon, and I definately want to get the plus version at some point, I just wanted to know what to expect with the Patreon)

If you buy the plus version through Patreon, will you be eligible to get the new plus versions when they come out without paying again or do you only get access to the plus version the month (s) you are subscribed at that level?

So when the public update comes out in January will there be an option to unlock the Plus version?

Apologies for the gauche question, but is the game always going to be free or once a certain amount of chapters are released will it become commercial?  If it's going to become commerical, will it be a flat price for the whole game or will we have to pay separately to unlock particular chapters/characters?

Thank you!  If you don't mind a bit more unsolicited advice, I think it would be a good idea to put some glossary terms on the KS page (I'm going to back now but I was hesitant to back previously because I was afraid I'd go through the whole game not really understanding TF everyone was talking about-my in my defense I DID know who Charlie Parker is).

So I have level 0 band knowledge (like I don't even know what a drum major is level 0).  What I had the most trouble with overall was like (for lack of a better way of describing it) the band "position" terms ("the pit," "the baratones," "the color guard," "low brass," "dressing," I'm still trying to figure out what the band president does that's not duplicative of what the drum major does) also some of the instruments (like is a mellophone a thing or is it a brass instrument that's not a trumpet and TF is a mezzo piano?).

Thanks-My profile picture is my German Shepard, Squall.  He's a little booger and the world's biggest wimp, but he does have an awesome smile.

Any possibility of adding some sort of glossery to the game?  I know zero about bands in general or marching bands specifically (my entire high school had 85 students-we had a hard enough time keeping a basketball team) so it's hard to get into the game when a lot of the dialogue seems to focus on concepts that I'm just not at all familiar with.

Would it be possible to put in an option to adjust the voice volume in the final game?  

OK-thanks.  Also I have one more possibly stupid question (apologies)-from what I can tell, every week you can either do lessons (i.e. raise stats) OR craft an item OR do a mission, but you can't do 2-3 of those-is that correct or am I doing something wrong/not trying to do them in the correct order?

Hi.  Overall I'm really enjoying the game so far (looking forward to a full release) but I was wondering-is there a way to check your stats anywhere?

::fangirl screams without breathing until faints::

::regrets nothing::

As a Scorpio, I absolutely love Scorpius' aesthetic and description...

Can Lilié catch Leslie using an old ribbon to play with a cat and they talk about that?

1. I'm not positive what you mean by "unlocked" but the on the first day you can buy the "Harlequin Hat" and "Stylish Hat" at the store, and "Harlequin" is listed first.

2. Historical

3. Veine

Yay!  Hat <3

My favorite character is Leaslie.  Honestly, it's like 95% the hat-I love that hat (to the extent I wanted to pick it as my favorite character, but I thought it might not count...).  I also like his overly-dramatic reactions to everything.

Is the plus version of Taylor Tales going to be available to purchase when it's complete?

In terms of releasing I would prefer that full routes be released as they are available (so for example don't update with Sho's incomplete route now but don't wait for all the routes to be finished before releasing it).

I would be interested in both playing as and dating female/NB characters (I get that the playing as can be more of an issue, but even if it's not reflected in CGs but only as a pronoun choice that would be OK for me).  I'm just not interested in romance games that are either BxG or GxG exclusively.  For these kind of games, I mostly play otome (GxB) but I do occasionally play BL/yaoi (BxB).  Totally understand that that might not be this game (that's why I asked) and if it's not a direction you want to go in.

Are all the datable characters going to be female or will there be some male or NB too?

So I have a technical clarification question: I can figure out the rest of the stats, but what exactly is "Standing"?  Is that how much Camden likes/trusts/is willing to listen to Ashlynn or is it something else?

I like option 2 for the completely selfish reason that I don't twitter and I'm not sure how to put screenshots on tumblr...

The market has long since closed for the day, and there doesn't seem to be any patrols.

Should be "don't"

Hi-I just wanted to say that I really liked this game.  I think (and this is a very wierd compliment) that you have a really good sense of pricing your games (I also played Devil and the Deep Blue Sea) and I think that for the amount of content both the games have, the price point was spot-on.

I personally didn't have trouble getting the endings, but I also used the guide for Charlotte/Sophia because I was doing them from a compleationist standpoint and not out of interest in their routes.  It's not that I disliked the characters-I actually found their backstories interesting but I would have liked them better as friendship routes than romantic routes (but that is 100% based on my personal preference).

I did notice several typos in the game (or at least what I think are typos.  I'm American so it could be American English grammer vs British English grammar happening)-I'm not sure if you're open to what I've noticed or what format you'd like feedback in (these forums, a new conversation thread, private email, etc).

***Spoilers Ahead***

My thoughts on the other rutes (I'm trying to keep this as spoiler-free as possible so some things are left a bit vague)-

I thought Bastien's route was OK.  I liked him as a character but I'm just not (again, personally) all that enthuastic about the whole "overcoming class divide/inferority complex" dynamic.

I really liked the secret romance character but I just had a really hard time getting the implications of the romance out of my head, so I found it hard to get into (again, that's my issue not anything overtly wrong with the game).

I liked Leopold's route.  I knew he was up to something, but I did not see what it actually was coming.

My favroite route was Guillaume.  It was really refreshing to see a story where several of the interactions focus on a character's flaws or shortcomings and play through that dynamic.  The one issue I had in that route was the denouement felt rushed.  Specifically , in the last scene during the announcement it seemed like the MC was expecting what happened more than I (as the player) was.  It felt almost like there (logically) should have been some sort of conversation/interaction between them that I somehow missed.  

I agree with the other commenters who are interested in a sequel (or maybe just epilogues if a full-blown sequel is too much).

OK thanks!  I will just grind in arenas until then.

Cursed Lands community · Created a new topic Possible Bugs

Hi-I think there might be a bug in the Tomb of Urd quest-right after the first full moon, I got the option to explore the tomb the first day but I picked "Talk to Larik" first and the quest disappeared and hasn't come back (I think I passed 1-2 days).

Is there still a demo version of this game?  I've tried finding one both on the website and itch app and I can only find the full paid version (I was hoping to get a better idea of the individual routes before I decided to buy...).

So I have a question about buying the game in the beta stage-it LOOKS like that buying the game now gives access to additional content beyond what is just playable in the demo, but I wanted to check to make sure this is correct.  Additionally, some of the art looked different in the screenshots on the game page than it did in the game.  I know one of your other games (Planet Stronghold Colonial Defense) had an anime/manga skin toggle-is that the same thing that's planned for this game or did the art style just change?

Thanks for any clarification you can offer!