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So excited for you to take my money for this game!

So just finished a playthrough and overall I enjoyed the game-I'd definately be interested in purchasing your future releases (I may or may not already have my eye on Rose of Segunda...).  I liked the characters and I'm interested in re-playing the various routes.  I would like to have a CG gallery that you can access through the main menu and a way to get back to the main menu from the credits (I think I got there by going backwards through the save screen...).

Yes, I'd really prefer to have the quick menu with the rollback option (I tend to like to skip dialogue in the common routes of these games 

and I like the option to roll back because I don't always remember the questions corresponding with choices).

So I bought the game and I'm having trouble working it with the itch app-whenever I try to download it through the app, all I get is the demo.  Also, in the full game, the skip/back functions don't seem to work...

Hi!  Really liked the demo and excited about the full release.  I really like the amount of customization that can go into the MC's personality (my first few times playing through, I thought that the only choice that affected personality was the initial one in the packing scene-took me a while to realize that there were more variations after that).  My only question is have you considered having some sort of screen where the player could keep track of the MC's stats or the relationships she has with the other characters?  In these kind of games I sometimes have a hard time figuring out what a choice corresponds to in terms of altering relationships/stats (and I have a hard enough time in reality figuring out just what I've done to offend everybody >x<) so some sort of screen where you could just check where you stand is something I really like to see in games (although I have zero ability to code so I don't know if that's a major hassle to do...).

Posted in Antivirus Flag?

OK-Thanks for the info (I thought that was what it was but am slightly paranoid about my new computer).

OK-Thanks so much for the info!

When I exrtracted the files, my antivirus (Norton) flagged the game as a virus-has anyone else had this happen when they tried to set up the game?

Created a new topic Antivirus Flag?

When I extracted the files my Antivirus software (Norton) flagged the game application as a possible virus-anyone else experience this issue?