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Thanks for informing me 😊

Omg you are very welcome 😊 I love your Wilder series and I hope I was able to convey that through my feed back. It makes me so happy that it made your day, because your game makes my week. Still I apologize that my feedback was a chaotic mess , I had so many thoughts and just typed them out without even ruminating over how messy it looks.

I think it might of been on purpose , but if not than it is a rather minimal mistake. Near the end where they are reading Bahadur's emancipation document out loud it describes  him and says "...Black hair and of yellow eye" and I think it was suppose to be pluralized and say "eyes" . I apologize if I'm wrong, and other than that the writing and the story itself has been flawless.

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I loved Bahadur's route so much, he's a big ole teddy bear. His route evoked so many emotions in me, it was so good, and made an endless amount of tears stream down my face. In a good way! Gosh you can tell he cares for her so much! I love him and Ran honestly too much. I just can't stress how good their routes are. Him and Bahadur have been through so much and deserve everything! Gahh MC's aunt is deplorable , I hated her in Ran's route but I especially hated her in this one. Even if she did kind of redeem herself in the end, I can't forgive her for doing what she did to Bahadur. However, if anyone is more loathsome than her i'd have to say its the Uncle. Because at least she became a more respectable person in the end. But, gosh the scene with Anisa was so incredibly heartwarming, and the farm scene all together was such a rose-colored romantic scene that made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. The sweet ending was absolutely perfect, I wouldn't change a thing about it, my heart is completely satiated. Although, I wouldn't mind the epilogues you talked about. Wilder seriously has such a beautiful story to tell. T-T Also kind off topic but I saw a post on your tumblr , about how humans and Djinn can't reproduce, mann my dreams of seeing cute little half Djinn half human babies is dashed. However, as sad as my dreams being dashed is, it might be for the better. There would probably be a lot of unwanted children if it was possible. But..hey I can still fantasize about the cute little kiddos mc would have with Ran or Bahadur right?Oh shoot, also I'm not sure if I mentioned this but the writing is done very well, and the art is gorgeous. It is all so very aesthetically pleasing. Bahadur and Ran are very attractive. Also I'm not sure if It's the lighting, but MC's hair in the CG looks a dark emerald green, and I think its really pretty and unique. Lol sorry if that's a weird observation, and sorry that my feed back is all over the place.

Needless to say I am obsessed with the Wilder series.

I loved the demo sooooo much! This is such a unique story and I was pleasantly suprised with how deep and multifacted the characters and story were. I was shook (lol) with Rudolphs situation ,and Vixen's feelings of insecurity towards the mc .  I was not expecting such an outburst from sweet little ditzy Vixen. I'm also really digging Donder, Dasher, and Dancer's aesthetics.  I seriously can't wait for the full game. 

Hi, is this game still being updated. I know Ebullience is working on other otomes.

Yay it means we will get to see him againxD

Yay I'm absolutely ecstatic, also I hope everything is all right with your family:)

Loved this game soo much, laughed till I lost my voice. Probably one of the funniest otomes i've ever played. All the guys are soooo likable, especially Radley he's a special germaphobic cinnamon roll. Made me laugh so hard ,i've finally found someone who bathes longer then me. Ginger was also hilarious , her commentary was epic.

Aww you are sweet for replying to me here ,and tumblr. Thank you:) Also your comment will be a good update for other fans.

Omg I've played the count ,and Mr. wolf and they are both so good. I can't wait to play Mr. Bandages! Does anyone know if they are still making the Valentine Otome?

Omg yay I'm glad I asked :)

will it be available in english?

The art is so gorgeous and adorable , I wish the game was longer but only because I enjoyed it. The story is simplistic but fits, and its sooo cute and heartwarming. I really loved both guys, but Josh had to be my favorite.

Me too! I'm ready for it!

Hi, Ran I have the app which works for everything ,and the game still won't download on my mac.

Darn haha I really liked Lynn,but I like the other guys just as much so nothing is lost. Omg no way!!!! Yay I'm so happy Floret BondXD

Congratulation on it getting greenlit XD I'm so excited XD

This is kind of late ,but I had issues opening a plethora of games on my mac too, however if your download the app on you mac and download games through that it should work.

GB! its me I've migrated over from steam to try out the demo ,and loved it. Jeremy I don't know what it is about him but I loves him downer personality and all. I like the other guys too so i'm excited but I have an important question. Is the nurse datable too XD because I Can't count how many times I got kicked out of his office trying to slide into his dms xD

Also how is everything going for Floret Bond? I can't wait for it to be green lit :)

I enjoyed Ran's route so much, the art is soooo gorgeous, and I loved the fact that you could pick which rating you wanted, I picked mature of course but it was still nice to have the choice. I can't wait for Bahadur route, ugh I enjoyed Wilder soo much. Also I hope there's epilogues for all the routes released. I'm dying to get a glimpse into how Ran and the mc fare.

Haha omg i'm laughing because you are so right! I loved the game so much I played through it all night ,and when I got back home from class played it again. I was a zombie in class today XD but it was worth it. Also i'm glad I made you smile, can't wait for your next game.

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Okay i've played all the routes ,and gosh i'm at a lost for words. I enjoyed and loved playing it so much! I wanna start by saying I loved all the guys ,but I do have favorites.

While I did love Rama (his little 'stalking' escapades warmed my heart.) I'd have to say my favorites are Mitra ,and Reksa.

Mitra: This guy right here! Just like described is like a big ole teddy bear, he is such a precious cinnamon roll, and despite his giant stature is the most gentle of characters. He's also very easy on the eyes XD I was shocked at how sweet ,amiable, and understanding he was , especially in Reska's route.

Reska: I legitimately squealed near the end of his route , it was slightly more mature of an ending than the others (which if you want to make it even more mature you know ;) i'm not complaining). I loved how possessive he was of mc , and it never came off as being creepy or rude which is good considering Tamara's traumatic past. It just made my heart flutter even more when he would huskily growl "mine" at Tamara ahhh boy did I enjoy his route.

Rama: Omg poor baby, seriously there's only one thing that made me like the other guys route a little more than his ,and it wasn't too big of a deal. Because I mean at least he told her he loved her in the end ,and they shared a few super sweet kisses. Also he got closure which his also a nice touch ,and i'm a huge fan of unrequited love being reciprocated. So his route would of been right up my ally ,however this is just me being picky; Near the end of his route, I was craving a strong establishment of a relationship between him and Tamara. Because, In Mitra's route he "courts" her , and in Reska's route he makes her his "mate" perhaps I just expected it. With Rama we surmise-no wrong word- we know that they will end up together. However, ugh i'm just so persnickety about certain things, and I wanted him to court her just like Mitra. Or exchange something that would promise themselves to each other, like he gives her one of his feathers and she gives him a lock of her pretty blue hair. For Rama because his route is sad ,and extra sad in the others route, omg i'm so bad with tragedy, but because of this I wanted and extra happy ending. I know he has circumstances that probably make him reluctant to court Tamara, he mentions all the time being unworthy of her. But, its the fact that his route is so sad, that I wanted to see him super happy, with some cute blue haired kiddos , with brown wings, and icy-blue eyes. Okay sorry I went a little overboard, but honestly I still really enjoyed his route. It was still a very happy ending which always makes a game worth it. Also I loved how tsunderish he was at times, refusing to admit he has feelings for Tamara, but when someone tries to flirt or court her he's ready to rip their wings out XD

Also the side characters, we also so lovable, Granny Sukma, Asih , and Yuda. I loved them so much too!

Ahh I would love sequels , or epilogues for this game. Ugh just blue haired babies with cute little wings, or mask on their heads. I know it's not possible , but just so you know the fact that I'm asking just shows how much I loved your game.

Thank you so much for giving us the wonderful game to play for free. I can't wait for your next game.

Oh also you already know how much I like your art, but I'll mention it again here. The whole game was beautiful, also when I have time I don't mind helping you with any grammatical errors, only if you want. I'm not 100% confident that i'll be able to make every thing correct, but i'm not too terrible at finding grammatical mistakes.

Oh okay the ctrl will solve the problem :) Also no problem I give credit when its due.

yay XD

Wait sweetChiel will it be available on mac?

I love it so much, so far i've only been able to play Mitra but the feels in his route got to me. The art is gorgeuos too, I love all the characters ,and am living for Tamara's hair. Spoiler alert but does Rama die no matter what in Mitras route? Because when I played I was like damn I killed him , what did I do wrong.

There's a couple of Grammatical errors, and I'm usually very picky about them ,but I loved the story so much It was easy to ignore. Also there's some issues for I assume the Mac version. I am unable to click options without it bugging out ,and bringing to an programming looking window . I also cannot fast foward.

I may be jumping the gun a little to soon, for i've only played one route so far. But when you finish your other Visual Novel if the price is reasonable! Heck yes I will buy it.

I won't open on my mac any tips?

Hi will this game also be available on steam?