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This sketchbook is absolutely gorgeous!  It's so awesome to see beautiful, vibrant characters who have bodies like mine.  And the Halloween costumes are great-- I especially love Willow's!  

(Also, I hope it's not rude of me to mention, but there is a repeated page of Quinn-- the one where they're wearing a black & white plaid dress on the left and a solid black dress on the right.  In the preview with the characters' pronouns, there's a picture of Quinn wearing a necklace with a bunch of stars; I think that's the missing one?  If you want me to delete this part of my comment, please let me know!  Again, I'm sorry if this is rude, and thank you so much for such a beautiful sketchbook!)

Congratulations, and I can't wait to play it!

Well, I'm glad Abby is happy with the new faces.  Maybe they'll grow on me over time.

Just a minor thing, but I noticed there are a couple sprites of Stella at the diner where her hair highlights seem to disappear ("stella g diner pwetty" and "stella g diner side").  I can't remember if they were the same before the update, so figured I'd mention it just in case.  *thumbs up*

I have no idea how I'm going to make it through the wait between episodes, but Jesus please us, this game is  P E R F E C T.  The art!  The writing!  The music!  The animation!  The Gretchen!!  Thank you especially for including

  • foods both delicious and terrifying,
  • animals both adorable and terrifying,
  • hot flirt-able people,
  • & the ability to choose neat character traits that affect the story

Seriously, it's--


--like 2:50 in the morning, and I might be too excited to sleep.  Gonna back the Kickstarter in AM.  Thank you so much, Abby & team!

Dullahan?  Cute cats?  MC over 25??  Awesome writing???  "The majority of the most emotionally-charged scenes occur at Waffle House"????

I AM *T H E R E*

Please pass my compliments on to the artists-- this game & its characters are so incredibly pretty!

I was confused about those, too-- especially when Moss said she had to write a paper for school!  The art is beautiful and I really like the story/plot, but the writing feels more like it's from an easy-to-forget mobile game.

According to the devs, yes, you can romance characters from different houses, and there will be different text/dialogue because of it.  And yes, there will be (optional) sex scenes!

This demo is everything I'd hoped it would be!  I love SO, so many things about it:

the greyscale with pops of neon color,
the cheesy animated Haunt Hunters opening,
the beautiful and unsettling soundtrack,
the sudden beeping that nearly gave me a heart attack,
the ~flustered boys~,
plus how quickly and easily you set up each character, personality-wise, AND showed how he relates to/interacts with the others!

I am so excited to play the full game once it's ready.  I can't WAIT to cringe in terror (and possibly cry) (and also kiss some boys)! <3

It doesn't change in the demo!  The text does mention something about you feeling bad/wanting to make it up to the other Golgotha, though.

I thought the demo was Iscari only at first, too!  When I asked the devs, though, they told me you could get all 3 houses from the intro choices.  I've managed to get Golgotha since then (the thing that tripped me up at first was choosing how I felt when the vampire was about to bite me; turns out Golgothans feel *fear*).

Poor, beautiful boy...  I look forward to finding out more of his story <3

What a beautiful MC!  Lots of great choices for customization.  I'm a little sad there's no red hair, but maybe that could be a possibility if the Kickstarter does well.

Did you mean Markus reminds  you of Alucard?  'Cause I can totally see that!  But Heath reminds me a bit of Spike, from Buffy (looks-wise, at least).

Excellently creepy and a lot of fun!  Night House was just the right length of play time, and just the right amount of difficulty, puzzle-wise.  Thank you for making this game!

Hey, sorry I took so long!  Here's a link to the screenshots I put together.

Please let me know if it doesn't work, and thank you all again for making such a fantastic game!  (Also, I forgot to praise the UI and speech bubbles before, but please know that I deeply appreciated the extra love & hard work that went into those!)

Oh gosh, thank YOU!  I'm so glad that I could make your day a little better.   (#^__^#)

I'll get those screenshots to you later tonight, as soon as I can!

I love  e v e r y t h i n g  about this game.  The sprites and backgrounds are STUNNING--just absolutely, amazingly beautiful--and add so much vibrant warmth to the story.  The gorgeous soundtrack is a perfect complement; at different points during the Prelude, it caused me to have my heart in my throat, tears in my eyes, or a sappy, lovestruck grin on my face.  And the STORY.  My god.  

In "Water Hyacinth," I felt for Clio *so hard* when she described herself as garbage, but I ended the segment feeling warm and fuzzy inside (and also craving fried flounder rolls!).  "Remind Me" went from adorable (the sea slug!  Apple begging to be cuter!) to anxious, hinting that something very wrong might be happening in this world.  "Leannan" was another emotional roller coaster: the aching sweetness of two girls very much in love, the gentle drowsiness of a lazy day off, and then the rapidly escalating terror of something bad, bad, BAD--and all your worst fears as a parent/caretaker realized.  I don't think I've felt a gut-punch like that in a long time.

And speaking of visceral terror and... well, viscera... that brings me to "Garden of Jealous Things."

.....Iris is my gothfish girlfriend. <3

(The only reason I said "near perfect" instead of "perfect" in the title is because of some typos.  Nothing major, just occasional missing words or commas!  If you want, I can link the screenshots here.  If not, no worries!  It's all good.)

Studio Elan has made an(other) astonishingly good game, and you should all be very, very proud!

This game is one of those incredible finds that, for me,  fills a niche I didn't even know was empty: morticians in training, thoughtful portrayals about dealing with death, trans characters as ordinary college kids...  You have an amazing talent for writing characters that sound and feel like real people, and a great way with turn-of-phrase that often surprises me and makes me laugh out loud!  I also love that the art for this game is by Robin Yao/shounenkings--I've loved their drawings since I first stumbled across them during my Haikyuu!! obsession.

Thank you for making this game, and I dearly look forward to playing the full version!

No worries!  Thank you so much for letting us know.  Please take care of your health, and don't feel bad about the delay.

I love this demo SO. MUCH. It just kept getting better with every playthrough! I definitely laughed out loud multiple times, and the bonus conversations were ADORABLE! This game has so much going for it: lovely, colorful, appealing art; genuine, interesting (and hot!) characters; hints that the story may become sadder/darker/more complex; and finally, great music!

It's nearly impossible to pick a favorite character, but I did especially love Gladys, Davis, Bomb, and Cindy.

...And Louis. And Cornelius. ...And Marco.

(See what I mean?)

I gotcha. Thank you very much! It's an excellent game-- great writing, beautiful art-- and I can't wait to see the other six endings!

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The folder says Blind_Men-1.0 (I downloaded via the free key available to Monstrous Lovers backers). Should I just re-download to fix it?

I'm currently playing Sergei's route, and his name switched over to "Sphinx" when he says "You can call me Sergei." That was a VERY awkward moment! (Uncle... is that you?!)

I yelled at my computer when the demo finished before I could see my boyfriend. Needless to say, you've done a fantastic job! I can't wait for the complete game to be out <3

This game is AMAZINGLY written! The dialogue feels so real and natural, and it smoothly avoids being cutesy or turning into a quip-trading verbal tennis match. The art style is also excellent, and I love how expressive the characters are. I've only played through once so far (poor Parker </3), but I'll definitely be coming back to it again and again!

It took me a little while to start really enjoying the game, but by the end of the demo I was HOOKED. I especially liked watching how the relationship between Jett and Toa developed over time. What a cute sleepy alien! Also, the puzzles were interesting without being frustrating, and the music is excellent!

I am head-over-heels in LOVE with this demo! Thoughtful, engaging writing and fascinating, adorable characters-- a perfect romance game. <3