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No worries!  Thank you so much for letting us know.  Please take care of your health, and don't feel bad about the delay.

I love this demo SO. MUCH. It just kept getting better with every playthrough! I definitely laughed out loud multiple times, and the bonus conversations were ADORABLE! This game has so much going for it: lovely, colorful, appealing art; genuine, interesting (and hot!) characters; hints that the story may become sadder/darker/more complex; and finally, great music!

It's nearly impossible to pick a favorite character, but I did especially love Gladys, Davis, Bomb, and Cindy.

...And Louis. And Cornelius. ...And Marco.

(See what I mean?)

I gotcha. Thank you very much! It's an excellent game-- great writing, beautiful art-- and I can't wait to see the other six endings!

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The folder says Blind_Men-1.0 (I downloaded via the free key available to Monstrous Lovers backers). Should I just re-download to fix it?

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I'm currently playing Sergei's route, and his name switched over to "Sphinx" when he says "You can call me Sergei." That was a VERY awkward moment! (Uncle... is that you?!)

I yelled at my computer when the demo finished before I could see my boyfriend. Needless to say, you've done a fantastic job! I can't wait for the complete game to be out <3

This game is AMAZINGLY written! The dialogue feels so real and natural, and it smoothly avoids being cutesy or turning into a quip-trading verbal tennis match. The art style is also excellent, and I love how expressive the characters are. I've only played through once so far (poor Parker </3), but I'll definitely be coming back to it again and again!

It took me a little while to start really enjoying the game, but by the end of the demo I was HOOKED. I especially liked watching how the relationship between Jett and Toa developed over time. What a cute sleepy alien! Also, the puzzles were interesting without being frustrating, and the music is excellent!

I am head-over-heels in LOVE with this demo! Thoughtful, engaging writing and fascinating, adorable characters-- a perfect romance game. <3