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vampire the masquerade

A topic by Sandpixie created Sep 03, 2018 Views: 486 Replies: 3
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sooooo getting vampire the masquerade vibes cuz of the different clans :D is it sort of similar in that aspect? am excited! been waiting for a badass vampire game like that for ages even if this is a visual novel and masquerade is an rpg. Heath reminds me so much of Alucard from helsing when he dressed up in civvies and sunglasses lol


Did you mean Markus reminds  you of Alucard?  'Cause I can totally see that!  But Heath reminds me a bit of Spike, from Buffy (looks-wise, at least).


So, we have clans: Toreador mixed with Ventrue, Malkavian with a bit of Tremere, and... Bruja? With a dash of Gangrel, maybe? 

Actually, it's great, I'd love to see how many things are similar and how many different between the 2 settings. 


it strongly reminds me of the vampire the masquerade videogame (the bloodlines one) which i love because thats my fave video game of all time.