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hi ^^ how is progress on noah since the last update? hope all is well

thank you, it's not a major train smash now that I can actually complete the game but I wanted to let you know just in case ^^'

hi it worked, I'm finally able to get to the end now. however the game thinks I'm dating two people with certain parts if I dated someone before the person I took to prom lmao

thank you,I'm sorry. I've done the memory erase thing and uninstalled/reinstalled after am going to see if it works

same account as before

but it's been this way ever since I first got it and this was a fresh install on a new device? 

I am using the steam version on windows :/ I always have to start a new game eventually because of the looping ToT

so I decided to pick this up again after a long while and I'm still getting the same bug of year two looping over and over

oh sorry I was late to the party

will aura get a sprite upgrade? :3

it could honestly just be because I'm having to work off of a crappy old laptop at the moment

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so eh I'm playing new version so I'm checking out the new sprites for the twins and uh yes they look beautiful but there just doesn't seem to be much emotion in the eyes? it's like they're just staring, it's kinda creepy o.o nor's not bad but esha *shudders * btw that cg of aura and noah is stunning

oh my goodness you guys work so quick :O

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nor's new sprite does look more like his cg now that take a better look at it

um well now they look like they're going to eat my soul

ah is mimi's finished yet?

Mizari Loves Company community · Created a new topic Update

hi what was in the update 3 days ago? 

do you guys have a twitter or a blog that I can follow? :D am very interested to follow any updates or news

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is there a poly route with the twins? :3 I love nor but I also like esha also how do I get julien's route? I keep messing up somewhere

this looks so much like the untamed :O

how much of the game is complete? also is there a demo I can try first?

I didn't even think it would be out this year wow :o you guys work so quick

is the second chapter available with the steam version? ^^

Will it ever be completed?

oh my gosh the forest scene in the intro is so spooky I love it and Nyarbalte's voice is amazing! so far Brenton and Eris are my favs <3 looking forward to more!!

very excited for the end result!! <3 glad to hear from you 

eeeeeeeeeeee <3

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Omg I am so excited for the rest of the soiree omg omg 

Cove creator is an absolute win and I love the new look of the bedroom in part 2! So excited to play the rest of the new beta!


were you perhaps inspired by the untamed? ;)

oh oh oh my gosh I thought you weren't working on it anymore?? I'm so glad :D

hello there! I hope you are doing well. how is progress? haven't heard anything in ages

there's a walkthrough?

so this is just a bug fix? btw I can't seem to get anyone to join me before the mercs attack other than the warlock and consorts :/ also why does he look fully grown when he's only just hatched??



huh? but his whole route was out forever ago???

why is it nsfw??

Hey so quick question how is the nomad a nomad if they have a hometown