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A member registered Jul 12, 2016

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mido's new sprite is amazing

no windows?


ah yes i only noticed they did look guyish when i saw the sprite's face, game was super cute btw I really enjoyed

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looks super cute, are there H scenes? love me some yaoi :D BUT why does our character still look like a girl if we pick male?? :/

hi, have there been any updates?

hahahaha sorry i just find it very funny xD in my country there is a very common afrikaans name, frikki X'D 

what was just updated? i got another notification

LOL his name is freki? :'D

I want to see a female Lotogh

this is so funny and cute but omg the mustaches make them look so weird LOL

hiya,how is progress? do we have a possible eta? 


ah. looks better than before though

hiya is the update just the backrounds?

why pg 13 again? your R18's are so much better.

halim is so cute i could die



omg prepare for the feels train :|

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is this still being worked on?? and will different hairstyles be a possibility in the future? wanna look like a wasteland badass B)

are we able to choose music genres?

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OMG kikka has such a badass voice :O btw i don't know if you've ever played it but i've been thinking about it and this journey through a foggy haunted marsh/swamp makes me think of that evil dark swamp you have to get through in fable 2 to get to that town on the otherside

hi, me again :3 are you nearly back to working on this again?

saaaaaame :/ been waiting for countless games to release, 5 of them meant to come out this year are way past their announced release date and two have now decided to release it next year omgggg (not talking about this game though, don't worry admin lol)

so today on my feed it said there was an update to the game but i don't see anything new on the page???

hmm well what I really wanted initially is just a full body image of the 3 races you can pick from



omg I need more dimitri the sexual tension is killing meeeee

lol i found out, they smooched and douche ex wasn't the groom

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Thanks i couldn't find the pattern anywhere after i had seen it then realized i had switched onto the older version instead of the new version i got on patreon by accident xD so deleted the older version to avoid that confusion again lolol (i have the pattern now) btw dimitri is so cute oms i like him better when he's in his hoodie with messy hair though he looks all fuzzy and snuggly like that lol for a while i was like omg this wedding is so gunna turn out to be the ex's wedding or something and then see him at the fabric sale and i was like omg i KNEW dis bish was gunna show up hmph! what i don't get though is why she let one cheating relationship affect her whole life :/ like gurl it's ok happens way more to a lot of people. what her bestie did to his car was so something i would do lolol but to guys who have cheated on my friends


this looks AMAZING!!! are we able to build a clan?? :O finally! FINALLY a viking game and it looks awesome!!! i've searched for one for ages! but only ever found overhead strategies blah

which pattern is that? i can't seem to find the right one

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Ok nvm found out by myself now and making tons of clothes omg having so much fun!!! :D btw when will the hairdresser's route be available? love me some piercings mmm btw what pattern are we supposed to use for the opera dress

Arena Circus community · Created a new topic 3 chapters?!

there are STILL only 3 chapters out?!

Tailor Tales community · Created a new topic progress?

hey there it's been a very long time since i last checked in, what is included in the game now? can we make clothes yet or change our character's looks?

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 the characters yell their names at eachother in all caps. they'll be having a conversation and be like RONNIE, it's like they're shouting and turns the whole thing into comedy :/ sentences will randomly break into a different language from the language selected like i have english selected and it will randomly break into spanish also my character who is female keeps getting called he also not enough male date options.