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it's good am glad i get to put a face to the player character now

do we choose which twin we play or do we switch between them?

OMG NEW VERSION *dies from the excite *

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still waiting :/

harrow. it me. when will it be released

Created a new topic what's new? ^_^

heyo what does this version include

new clothes? do you mean the dress for the award show?

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i've been asking myself that question since the last update came out last year feb

Replied to valoodx in ETA?

me too 

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WE ARE SO EXCITED MY QUEEN!!!! will the game be out around the end of the month? EEEEP

leshin? as in those monsters from the witcher? giant forest protectors from slavic folklore?

lol i do history and anthropology and yet my side job is catering, go figure

soon :D

lol school or uni? And sweet will look out for the updates 


Hello hello how is progress coming along

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no sex scenes or voice acting? Nuuuuuu T^T

*composes country blues song about how long we've been waiting *

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aaawwww when i saw the tag i got so excited :/

well more jacob interaction hasn't been added yet so we can't know for sure :/

Created a new topic romance?

hi i saw that it is tagged LGBT does that mean there is romance

hi how's progress coming? :)

Ah well what can you do work is work :/ i get you. tomorrow im catering for 40 people

new build?! Have the game gods answered my prayers?! :'0

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hi hi still loving and supporting! are we still on for a full release? a little worried with no word for so long D: would be happy to send some funding if needed?

XD that's what i thought! my mind immediately went to the exorcist

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show us de way my queen

awesome :D I wanna give raze such a hiding for his massive hissy fit ;0 been trying to get different results,do I just have to argue with him a little bit during the other chapters? Lol he's all you wanna be with me so now I must force you to be with me! Every time I'm like XD huh

any news on chapter 5? i know 4 didn't come out all that long ago but i just get so excited XD

oh no D: well at least it's near 


is it still being made?

Created a new topic pls

my queen pls can we have an updated demo since we're waiting until march T^T its been so long

ooohhh i love it!!! can't wait for more


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Lol made that comment this morning before it said that am in southern hemisphere made the comment at 12 now it's 4 pm so I'm like come ooooonnn

so it's the 24th today 

yes yes yes yes

aha! so it's not just me lolol my roommate was watching me play and i was like ;0 hey. he looks like he wants me to close the door