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are you sending walkthroughs?

Hi how's everything going :)


wait, is it out ???

ah I got it, It was a dream sequence

oh! nvm found the info

do you have a walkthrough? :)

will there be cgs?

so I heard you can apparently get with the mother now? how do I do that

it makes things quite confusing. not to mention there aren't really any visuals to show us what's going on and the translation isn't easy to understand so tbh I don't really know whats going on at all :/ wasn't the route supposed to start where the common route left off?? idek who my character is anymore

Are we not able to pick our gender anymore? 

omg I'm so glad bc I was heartbroken

sooo william was not in a supernatural world then?

Gilded Shadows community · Created a new topic SPOILERS

so I'm confused. playing jack's route and if the two games are connected, what happened to all the supernaturals??

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um is quill supposed to be a dlc?

do we have male options also?

quick question will it be free or have a price? just want to know so I can save for it :)

gaaasp POV for the first game? I can't wait omg

hi hi, how are things going :)

Can't get good ending with our fiance

I just realized that the pod thing looks like a cocoa bean lmao sentient chocolate


how do we get razaphel

I really liked it :)

I know,I'm hoping we can bail together 

Me when you had us refuse cammy's invitation 


malec is very handsome!


oh oh just wanted to say thrace turned out to be my fav!!

yes. I saw that. most games have several

no cgs?

a pity you couldn't get the whole game voiced, but I'm excited none the less :) Imagine losing your fiance to a centaur

omgggg no way, you're the best! I've been craving drama

hi how is development going

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I never got a cg kiss from lux :(

nope! xx

oooh I'm so glad this is still going

so if there are no branching choices, who is the love interest