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hi is this still being made? :)

why does this demo never download?

yum :D

Yeeeesss SETH <3

oooh this looks cool :O

does anyone have a walkthrough 

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the blind merman is beautiful!!! Do you have a dev blog? Somewhere to see updates on progress? :) when can we expect chapter 1?

wow WOW you got into the top rated that's amazing!!! :O

I like that our jewellery shows up in the cg :D is the game still going to be voiced?

Will we have a new demo this year

yikes forever

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omen is SO CUTE!!! how is progress on chapter seven? love the music!

Will part 1 of chapter 2 be available here?

ooo goody :D


Full version out now? :D

oh this looks super cute, what is the romance like?

so awesome that all routes are finished!!! do you have a possible eta? will it be earlier than september?

he used to do porn

oooh I see! ok :D

hi hi I like the music and the mouth movements :D how do I find the new character??

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ok just played the demo and the art is GORGEOUS! the music is pretty, was not expecting voice acting so am very pleasantly surprised, matron had a lovely voice, Leos has a super sexy voice loving him, fawn is a super cutie and soooo romancing him first we must protect the cutie!!! he is too precious for this word! T.T also was that friday the 13th sounding music in the woods intentional? lolol

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is the demo out anywhere? :3

hi, how is progress coming along? since you made another one in the meantime

ah yes I understand like I said I can't expect someone to change an entire game xD and yay am happy there are cg's :D I really like the art style of the characters

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no no it's just better if the text box is at the bottom because on the side it's very distracting :/ I know it's already finished and you probably just want to relax now but would it be possible in the future to choose to have it on the side or on the bottom?I mean, you don't HAVE to since it's only me that is bothered by it. also are there cg's??

so I don't want to seem mean or anything but I would really like for this project to actually be completed as I was excited to see the rest of the story for ghennam. would we possibly be able to see some character concepts of the races? it's difficult to immerse myself since I have no idea what my character looks like. I really don't want to invest myself again if it isn't going to be completed. I really want to see more of the story. please don't think I'm being mean I really just want to see more of the story as it is interesting and don't want to get my hopes up again if it isn't going to happen again

it would be nice to have a sequel. to see what they're doing after the epilogues, them getting married and stuff and finally confronting shizuka


I like the look of the characters and it seems like it will be fun but the large text box on the side is rather irritating :/

is this still going to be completed in the future?

I would really love to see them make another game like this, it's a gem

He's still getting a route?!

future eps?

ah so that's what the doctor looks like! I imagined a young human am surprised! he looks cool

hi hi are we closer to public beta yet? :D

hi will there be cg's for the sex scenes in the future? :3 looove razix

oh this is SO CUTE!! really excited to see the progress! WANT