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hi hi hi so my steam is currently updating the game is this chapter three or is it only available on the itch version in early access as it says on the fb page? :)

ok cool lol just checking because my younger cousin thought it looked pretty and wants to try it out as well when full version is out :'D

oh sweet early bday gift to me :D

Created a new topic crashes

hi the demo crashes when you meet the first guy

Created a new topic H scenes??

hi there will there be a R18 version to choose from in final release?

do we have a possible ETA? D:

ok so what age content will the game be

Replied to Agashi in new update?

i almost evil laughed then i saw "subtle" and i was like aaaaw :(

how i imagined looking after baby raze :P bright : raze, go to bed

Replied to Agashi in new update?

hahaha no no just people that get up in our faces like they own the place

omgggggggg i'm dying to find out

Replied to Agashi in new update?

are we going to have an execution button? :D

OMG yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!! so excited ah ma gaaash and saw the name for blanket guy "pyramus" such a pretty name

i got to the true ending so it makes sense now lol thanks for the explanation at the end :'D

am excited!! looks super cute

Created a new topic new update?

when will there be a new update? :)

R18 content arrives this month you say? ;D i am in the right place

ok hold on hold on i'm very confused. were arsenik and ambrosia a thing already back then or is this like an alternative version of the tale from beauty and war??? I'm so lost

AAAAHHHH i'm so excited!! i played the full demo last night,fantastic! will it be voiced as well like don't take the risk? because that cool and alluring  voice though laaawd *fans self *

It's all good. i work with thousand year old bones that can't go anywhere so i forget that other study work piles up :'D

soooo is this project still on going

so dying to know... which is the don't take the risk guy

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because you didn't finish the lyrics : I WANNA F*CK YOU LIKE AN ANIMAL :P hehe omg i wish this game was longer its so good and the voice actor for cool and alluring aaaahhhh  I got ending 3 and 7 everytime pleeeeeeease make another like this but longer? :D Because this soooo needs a makeout scene or a shot of them snuggling(no pun intended) or a sexy time scene gaaahhhh or atleast a convo from his inner thoughs about their sexy time xD that voice i can't

sooo is this still in development

well... hello there

hehehe :D <3

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:O you're not dead!!!

Created a new topic Freezing

hi, my game keeps freezing right after the interview at the start of the game

Replied to Agashi in I will pay!

Yeeeessss mwahahahaha >:D

Replied to Agashi in I will pay!

I'm so excited!!! however an evil thought crossed my mind :3 can we have an execution button?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?... 

any idea when another route will be released???

it keeps freezing :/

Created a new topic just downloaded it am excited
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heeeeyyy just downloaded demo :D is the full game five hours or is the demo 5 hours?? am busy sneak playing it at work :P

brilliant :'D hi5! went up to pretoria(one of our major cities) a little while ago and they were EVERYWHERE. Telling me constantly how i should start vaping and yada yada hipster crap bla bla and i was like please. stahp before i punch you.

I just love how bulling hipsters is included in the description LOL

so i was wondering what cultural/ethnic backround are the people in the game based on? :) very curious

is there a walkthrough? :)

And now it is june... and still we wait to see what our bae's look like

when is your summer lol