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who is darius and where do we find him

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where do I get a cleaner and the pickaxe

years later and I still love this game lol

is there romance because this was in the nsfw genre lmao

Is this game dead

oo this looks exciting

ooooh ok good

the romances are short??

I'm so glad

Woooah he looks amazing

is the project still going



can we get the wisps now??

Is there an ending list?


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ooo really good art hope man bun will be a love interest

has this been abandoned

funny thing is when I first heard finn's voice clip on twitter I thought oh how funny he sounds like fenris, never expected that it would really be him. am shook

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AAAAAHHH omg :D <3 How did you get fenris?!

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omg this looks amazing! the art is gorgeous! btw I feel your grammar needs just a little tweaking, idk if I'm just getting confused with the font or what but at the start it seemed really off, "ands" where they didn't need to be 

woooah this art is amazing

is this just yuri

is there a way to have our daughter not be evil

loved it

eeeeeeeeeek so excited

aaaah the hype is building O_O <3

hiya, it's been a while. how is the game coming along? is it still being worked on 

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very excited for more

lmao thank goodness because me rn : 

Absolutely loved it btw

it's very colourful! ^^ 

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is part 3 in the works 

lol this looks great

did you change artists? 

the previous art style was so colourful and cute :(

wow,I'm sold

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eh I gotta say I'm really not digging bibi's new nose and the new art style isn't as colourful and pretty as it was also I'm stuck in a black screen after going home from the bar

ah ok