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Created a new topic complete?

hi is the game complete or still just demo?

does it continue from where it left off with the girl in tyrone's house?

hiy, any new updates on the horizon?

is the demo 2.00 the newest one with toru

I know but who throws cats at people?! Little brat omg

-_- dorius when he threw the cat at us be like

I got such a beautiful ending with ari and raze ❤ two besties raising bebeh together ❤ thank you for this amazing,exciting, beautiful and incredibly written story. It quickly became my favourite visual novel as of the first chapter and I really hope you will have more incredible work for us in the future :D


yaaaaaay :D

Posted in :( Disappointed

me too :( been waiting so long since the first demo came out and now its waaay past its eta

pls tell me you didn't change rei's sarcasm? D:


is this an updated demo or full?  :0

oh oh omg this looks so cute!! am busy downloading the demo. is there a possible ETA for final release? because demos always feel like cliff hangers and it drives me mad lol

aaaahhhhh!!! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time for chapter 5 gaaahhh I'm hoping so much that things will come right with raze

Created a new topic is it still being made? :( :(

hi, how is progress coming along? bit worried since there's been no news on a new eta D: 

are we able to play them? they look awesome

are we able to play female characters though or is it a set character?

hi was wondering if this is still in development? I love it 

Created a new topic Character

heya, looks fantastic. is there character creation? are we able to choose appearance as well as pick between male and female?

it's good am glad i get to put a face to the player character now

do we choose which twin we play or do we switch between them?

OMG NEW VERSION *dies from the excite *

Posted in ETA?

still waiting :/

harrow. it me. when will it be released

Created a new topic what's new? ^_^

heyo what does this version include

new clothes? do you mean the dress for the award show?

Replied to Stella123 in ETA?

i've been asking myself that question since the last update came out last year feb

Replied to valoodx in ETA?

me too 

Created a new topic ETA?

WE ARE SO EXCITED MY QUEEN!!!! will the game be out around the end of the month? EEEEP

leshin? as in those monsters from the witcher? giant forest protectors from slavic folklore?

lol i do history and anthropology and yet my side job is catering, go figure

soon :D

lol school or uni? And sweet will look out for the updates 


Hello hello how is progress coming along

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no sex scenes or voice acting? Nuuuuuu T^T

*composes country blues song about how long we've been waiting *

Posted in pls

aaawwww when i saw the tag i got so excited :/