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:O you're not dead!!!

Created a new topic Freezing

hi, my game keeps freezing right after the interview at the start of the game

Replied to Agashi in I will pay!

Yeeeessss mwahahahaha >:D

Replied to Agashi in I will pay!

I'm so excited!!! however an evil thought crossed my mind :3 can we have an execution button?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?... 

any idea when another route will be released???

it keeps freezing :/

Created a new topic just downloaded it am excited
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heeeeyyy just downloaded demo :D is the full game five hours or is the demo 5 hours?? am busy sneak playing it at work :P

brilliant :'D hi5! went up to pretoria(one of our major cities) a little while ago and they were EVERYWHERE. Telling me constantly how i should start vaping and yada yada hipster crap bla bla and i was like please. stahp before i punch you.

I just love how bulling hipsters is included in the description LOL

so i was wondering what cultural/ethnic backround are the people in the game based on? :) very curious

is there a walkthrough? :)

And now it is june... and still we wait to see what our bae's look like

when is your summer lol

oh oh do you know of any games with a similar genre to yours? i've finished both lol

is the full version out? you know with the R18 <.< >.>

btw are there any games out there with a similar theme?? to occupy the wait lol

ai sad part about adulting T^T so much stuff to be done. I'm studying anthropology and ancient cultures.fortunately our subject aint no snitch so he doesn't tell anyone about my browsing sessions

are you perhaps thinking of future projects? maybe something abit longer? i really enjoyed this, the merman was super sweet

thank yooouuuu

Posted in release date?

hiya!!! just checking in, have there been any new updates? really want to play more :0 can't wait for the romancing and the art is just pure stunning

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so been waiting since last year ;0 are you still working on it or has it been cancelled? just concerned i might grow old and die before it's released

Created a new topic downloaded both your games xD

the fact that i am downloading your other game quite makes me question my mental state xD by the way, do you have a walkthrough?

so it's been forever and still not done, has the project been cancelled?

the kind of freaky game you find interesting but minimize the page whenever someone passes your pc

is there a walkthrough??

Posted in LOVE IT

tis why i said maybe :P perfection takes time :3 can't wait

omg omg the suspense!!! * download button clicking intensifies *

will we see the winged ones?!

will we see the winged ones?!

heya been a long time since i last checked in, any new chapters?

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please please PLEEEEEAAAASE can we have other romance options in the future? I love the game to bits but i wish we had an option :( also where is the download button on this??

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do you know of any games similar in theme? need something to pass the time during the wait D:

Created a new topic LOVE IT
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love it love it love it!!! art is fantastic,dialogue and plot are gripping and i adore the wicked fun with rise :D cannot wait for more and i know it's waaaaay too early to ask but i'm just so excited i must know, do you have a guessed ETA of the next chapter release? the suspense is killing meeeee!! been ages since i found such a fun VN :D rise became my main bro in two seconds flat he makes me think of that saying : good friends help you bury bodies, best friends help you kill them. well supervise in his case

oh oh!! these are so much better wow

oh awesome sorry about my silly issues bah stupid eyes

and erm i know this is abit silly and honestly i'm not sure how to describe how to do anything about it but the backround colours kind of mess with my eyes? obviously not a problem for all people haha i wear glasses when playing games and such cuz certain colours bug my eyes XD but that's just me oh woe . XD excuse my nerd rambling

TOT you said hopefully end of april release T_T but oh well, masterpieces take time after all :P

Posted in Open Beta + FAQ

hello helloooo!!! just checking in :D any new updates??

so CUUUUUUTE!!!!! can't wait for the full version

it's may now :0