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sorry, must've missed those

so did the updated demo not come out on the 11th?

lol i managed yesterday xD tnx

I hope a walkthrough comes out soon, I can't seem to sleep with pol or biel


who's luka again

hello hello, I was wondering if you're still working on the other routes? :) I love this game

twiiiiiinnnn *shrieks * <3

Anyone heard anything


The Search community · Created a new topic graphics :o

this is actually so cool and the graphics are really pretty

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ooohhhh XD that's why I was confused I was like wait but huh cuz us patreons have the whole thing

dimitri's upcoming route? XD

huh...? are we moving backwards?

so it is still going to happen right? it's not been called off?

Really enjoyed it! can't wait for more

how's burning heart coming along btw?

Are we still getting open end romances with emmett, beu, seth ect ?? because we been waiting so long D:

hi is this in progress?

did not know it was meant to come out next year.

ooo Yes daddy!!! (aiden)

where do you get the voiced??

how has progress been coming along? Are we any closer to a release I wanna play so bad

hi is this still being made? how long is the demo

*faints *

leo's new look is so hot!!!

mc's dress and hair colour makes me think of belle from beauty and the beast


aw. it is cute though, I love the art style ^-^

are there romance options or just kei?

I know :'( but at least we know the open end is still being worked on. I'm still waiting for seth as well as emmitt :/


yeah they're a terrorist group in the anime trinity blood and I remember looking them up and they were apparently some sort of secret society i can't really remember :/ and ooohhhh I seee

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correct me if i'm wrong but wasn't the house name your character is from some kind of illuminati type order??? oh and another thing because i'm irritating, why would the princes come to greet us at the gate? lords and ladies would have to go to them to greet them as tradition dictates and what not

they look so awesome :0

sooooo getting vampire the masquerade vibes cuz of the different clans :D is it sort of similar in that aspect? am excited! been waiting for a badass vampire game like that for ages even if this is a visual novel and masquerade is an rpg. Heath reminds me so much of Alucard from helsing when he dressed up in civvies and sunglasses lol

GASP omgggggggggggg

Demonheart community · Created a new topic new project

I really hope you will have future projects, this is my most favourite visual novel

ooohhh i thought for a split second you were going to take them out i was like wut??

fun with the twins yes yessss btw what did you mean "only cg i'll leave" does that mean you're taking all the cg out