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Blind Men

A boys' love visual novel about a supervillain and the spies that try to stop him. · By Man-Eater Games

Bug reports Sticky

A topic by Man-Eater Games created Apr 30, 2017 Views: 797 Replies: 14
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Please use this thread to report any bugs, spelling mistakes and so on!

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There's a naming error part-way through Hunter's diamond route? Instead of his name appearing, Henchman's name does instead~

(It's during the section where Hunter and Keegan are trapped in the auditorium together, after Keegan has his strop and searches the auditorium for an exit)

It's super fun though, and I'm having lots of fun exploring all of the different routes~


Ha - that's what we get for using similar names for the variables. Thanks for the report, we'll get to fixing it asap.


Annnddd another naming error! This time it's during Sergei's diamond route, and instead of his name appearing, Sphinx's does~

(During the shoot off with the other soviet agents)

I'm currently playing Sergei's route, and his name switched over to "Sphinx" when he says "You can call me Sergei." That was a VERY awkward moment! (Uncle... is that you?!)


Could you check whether you have build 1.0.1? It should have been corrected.

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The folder says Blind_Men-1.0 (I downloaded via the free key available to Monstrous Lovers backers). Should I just re-download to fix it?


As far as we know, the only bugs in that version are a couple of naming errors that got fixed in the current one - so it depends on whether it bothers you enough to be worth the re-download.

I gotcha. Thank you very much! It's an excellent game-- great writing, beautiful art-- and I can't wait to see the other six endings!

Hello, I'm playing the Spanish version (diamond/Hunter route) and I got an unskippable error. I copied-pasted the whole error report in a pm through the Lemmasoft Forum.

There's also two sentences in English when Hunter and Keegan are back to the hall area before the ceiling starts falling down on them, and some typos.


First of all, I'm really enjoying the game, so thanks for delivering it!

Sadly, I need to inform you that your walkthrough appear to be full of errors.  I couldn't get to Francis/Daniel choice when following the walkthrough and if you'll choose "No" on Huter/Kiddnaping road, you'll never get the choice about truth of lying. I also have a problem with getting the last CG, which would be the first column, bottom row on the page 2. Tried following all the routs and still couldn't find it.

That being said, it's a nice little game and I'm happy I bought it!

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HI !

Great game, really enjoy it !

I'm having some troubles though to obtain some CG. 

whit sergei I believe, since it's two cg that are on the 2nd page of the gallery, seconde row, the first one and the last one. 

I followed the guide but nothing's working. I can't figure how what I'm doing wrong since the guide is pretty easy to follow, I'm sure I haven't made a mistake while following it

On the same note, despite folowing the giude, I can't get some of steam achievement.

So I thought it might be a bug actually ? LIke the CG not appearing ? Same for achievements ?

Hi! Blind Men looks really cool!

How do I download this game, though?  Sorry, I know there's probably a simple answer to this question, but I just downloaded the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, and all of the other games besides this one have download links.  I haven't played a video game since I was like ten,  so I have no idea what I'm doing. Is this game played directly on or something? How do I access the game itself?

Thanks so much! I know there's probably a simple and obvious answer to my question, but I can't figure it out using google, so I figured I would ask about it here <3


Hi! Because of the great response the bundle got, we took the game down for a couple of minutes in order to update it (basically, we optimized some stuff and corrected spelling mistakes), but it should be available now!

Thanks!  I was just able to download it!