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We'll check it out asap! In the meantime, this one is accurate:

There are currently no plans to include H content - mainly because we would need to rewrite the game to make sure they didn't feel forced.


We'd certainly love to revisit the world of Blind Men in the future - Keegan's career is just starting, afer all ;) 

As far as we know, the only bugs in that version are a couple of naming errors that got fixed in the current one - so it depends on whether it bothers you enough to be worth the re-download.

Could you check whether you have build 1.0.1? It should have been corrected.

It didn't occur to us, but sure thing! We will have one ready sometime next week.

Ha - that's what we get for using similar names for the variables. Thanks for the report, we'll get to fixing it asap.

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Have anything to say about the game? We'd love to hear it!

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Please use this thread to report any bugs, spelling mistakes and so on!