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Blind Men

A boys' love visual novel about a supervillain and the spies that try to stop him. · By Man-Eater Games

Feedback Sticky

A topic by Man-Eater Games created May 04, 2017 Views: 1,588 Replies: 9
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Have anything to say about the game? We'd love to hear it!

Will be there a walkthrough? I could really use a guide to completely fill my gallery...


It didn't occur to us, but sure thing! We will have one ready sometime next week.

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Actually, I wanted to reply that 'nevermind finally got them all!". Nothing beats the sheer stubborness and load buttom "crazy smile* aaaand the fact that the last 4 boxes on page 2 are meant to be empty *facepalm*

Anyway, thank you for the game! I really enjoyed it. I would really, really love to get my hands on sequel. Or at least some spin off with our dear Keegan. He's a gem. I'm sure he's bound to have more of those hilarious evil plans and handsome men to woo!

Also downloaded Monstrous Lovers. I have faith in it already if Blind Men is anything to go by.

Keep the good work!

EDIT: And, oh! I really liked the art! Please, hire the artist some more :D

Cheers! :)

A walkthrough would be appreciated right now XD Missing just two CGs and it's driving me crazy!

P.S. Love the game, very clever and well done. Love the humour and Hunter is just a damn f*cking flirt! (I love it.)

Keep up the great work! I'm gonna check out your other game ASAP!


Got to the end and was like "That's it??? NOOOOOOOOO". If you ever can, please do a sequel!


Just finished this game and it was amazing! There needs to be more Hunter/Keegan!!!! Please please please make a longer sequel or something! This game was such a great concept! I absolutely love it!


We'd certainly love to revisit the world of Blind Men in the future - Keegan's career is just starting, afer all ;) 


I didn't realize that I didn't make a post here yet.

It's a quick game, with an interesting story. I think the quickness of it hurt it a bit; I could use more of the route.

Also, certain moments kinda detached the immersion, like when the base was supposed to explode; there was no scene. Just black and silence.

I did that one route as we agreed on, and I was thoroughly entertained. The dialogue could use a bit more editing but overall, I enjoyed myself! I haven't tried the Hunter route personally or explored the differences between the Diamond and Kidnapping Route so, I'm interested to see how it all boils down to it. :D

What a brilliant little game!
Got the game as part of the Racial Justice bundle. I was intrigued by the description, and oh my do I not regret playing it.
I binged it, did all the possible endings in one day, and I feel so invested in the characters! It was a tad short, but hey, I loved it anyway.
It made me laugh, chuckle and squirm in glee more than once (did I mention I get invested easily?). And now, I am left hoping for more!
Keegan's career is only just starting indeed, and I really hope we'll get to play as him again! If that happens indeed, I'll be there.
Thanks for the great time I had!