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Yay!! That's super great to hear! I'll definitely be getting them! :) 

Will the DLCs be available to purchase on Steam as well once the game is released?

This was a short and sweet game that I really enjoyed! There seemed to be great plot twists in all the choices so there was quite a bit of surprises trying to get the best ending! Thank you for the game! 

Just finished playing this today and it was amazing! I love that it's short and sweet but would love to see a longer sequel possibly where both find out about the true Charles and maybe an individual route for Jonas too as I feel his character could have been explored just a little more (and also because I stan bottom Charles 1000%). Thank you for this gem!

hello! just came across this game and i'm wondering if there's anyway i can get it since the kickstarter is over?

This is such a great game! I hope you finish it because I can't wait to play the finished game! <3

Is there a way to get the game on Steam when I have already purchased it on itch?

It's got something to do with the fighter, Sabre. And you would find that route if you're playing Arden's story. Hope that helps somewhat!!

Just finished this game and it was amazing! There needs to be more Hunter/Keegan!!!! Please please please make a longer sequel or something! This game was such a great concept! I absolutely love it!