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Ms .45

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I never, ever say this but.... I think I might need a controller

I can't work out how to get the SPOILER on the first level - I have 24 hearts & don't know what to do next ;_;

I think we get notified anyway, but commenting on the game page would be nice - people will see the game page well after the jam is over, I hope!

...wait, what happens if I actually get a high score? Like, enough for a deposit for a shithole in Derrimut?


*wild applause*

thank you!

thank you!

Hi! I'm Barbara/St. Barbara/Ms .45, and I'm a self-taught twine/ren'py dev who loves telling stories, especially choice/consequence games. I have a couple of simple games on itch.io right now, and I'm working on a longer story to really beef up my ren'py (and mystery writing!) skills. You can see a complete list of my games at saint-barbara.tumblr.com/mygames (most are twines at the moment, so I'm looking forward to getting more ambitious).

I got the bad end :(

This is great, but shouldn't Girl A have a name?

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Hey Kiva, thank you for this, but I have spotted an error - when I clicked on "Australia" it took me to the "Armenia" suicide hotline pages. You probably have the code right there in the html and haven't closed a bracket somewhere. Otherwise, this is great!

This is so cute! Of course, I ate the candy golem first playthrough :P

This game is super cute! Got 4 girls so far...