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Ms .45

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thank you! <3

Yeah, I usually put a "start again" at the end of my game to make sure people definitely know (and, er, so they can start again). Otherwise this was really fun!

Just to clarify, is this the last page? I can't do anything else because there's no continue link. I have been enjoying this game very much. 

The stuff about the coffee and the converter tech is absolutely hair-whitening

Read Sappho in the library and had the best time!!!

heckin good pupper

"Touch him and you shall forget everything about revenge."

this game just keeps on giving

"He was a natural gift, made from reverence."

this is dangerously addictive

this felt like a complete game to me, thank you for making it

*blushes* oh you! 

Thank you! I do have some of the stuff written, I just need to implement it... ironically, I work as a video game writer so I don't have time?????

this is super fun! 

lol hashtagrelatablecontent

You're probably already doing this, but I'm looking forward to a greater variety of trees, maybe some features like bridges and water. But I really enjoyed playing with it even with just the simple trees and buildings!

thank you eevee! (for running the jam as well as your kind words!)

so cute! and I got the sorta-horny ending!

I love it but did not get through the first level...

I haven't enjoyed a platformer in years. This is taking me back to my Commander Keen days except with more rubber.

tag yrself I'm rogue

not my kink, but nicely executed.

This was really fun! Now to go back and play the dude path!

fuck yeah musical instrument wolf cyborg guy!

Here's some assets that have caught my eye for whatever reason

Can you art but hate writing? Or code but hate writing? Let me do boring shit like writing (and scheduling, if you need it!). samples at

Got to the end and was like "That's it??? NOOOOOOOOO". If you ever can, please do a sequel!

I never, ever say this but.... I think I might need a controller

I can't work out how to get the SPOILER on the first level - I have 24 hearts & don't know what to do next ;_;

I think we get notified anyway, but commenting on the game page would be nice - people will see the game page well after the jam is over, I hope!

...wait, what happens if I actually get a high score? Like, enough for a deposit for a shithole in Derrimut?


*wild applause*

thank you!

thank you!

Hi! I'm Barbara/St. Barbara/Ms .45, and I'm a self-taught twine/ren'py dev who loves telling stories, especially choice/consequence games. I have a couple of simple games on right now, and I'm working on a longer story to really beef up my ren'py (and mystery writing!) skills. You can see a complete list of my games at (most are twines at the moment, so I'm looking forward to getting more ambitious).

I got the bad end :(

This is great, but shouldn't Girl A have a name?

Hey Kiva, thank you for this, but I have spotted an error - when I clicked on "Australia" it took me to the "Armenia" suicide hotline pages. You probably have the code right there in the html and haven't closed a bracket somewhere. Otherwise, this is great!

This is so cute! Of course, I ate the candy golem first playthrough :P