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The game is well-written, even from its early stages. If you get someone hooked from the start, you know you're in for a treat. It's the kind of writing I don't see in a lot of other dating simulators so I was pleasantly surprised the first time I touched on the game.

I can tell it's just gonna get better and better. 😁

Interesting thing I noticed though: when you enter the download link from the bundle, the game gets added to your library upon refresh.

Still a hassle for the 700+ games bundle but it's worth noting for a future solution.

That's...that's just wrong. Not even a damn refund? Even partial?

You've spoken with a human from Steam yet?

Played the game and had a blast with my buddy Nico.

Sure, I died, but figuring it out and trying to live was a blast. After this loss in the video, we won on the second run once we figured shit out. Now I'll be off to beat my friend's record.
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Oh wow, this is a better-looking Filipino Horror game than some of the other games I've seen so far.

What are the minimum requirements? Because I run a potato laptop (intel core i5 internal graphics, 4gb RAM, dx9)

Any projected release date for the game or is it still up in the air?
I get requests to cover the game so I need to prepare for the onslaught of questions.

Also, I love the premise. Will look forward to making a review and let's play for it (the demo, at least haha).

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I'm looking for someone to do art for my game idea, which would be run in RMVX Ace so some form of art adaptable into sprites.
If not that then tiled assets. It's a horror short story with a melancholic ending, based on a short story that I wrote.

I don't know if you would be interested, but if you are, just email me at

I'm looking for an artist to assist in making sprites and scenes for my game. To give you an idea of what sizes I need, I will be making the game through RPG Maker VX Ace, meaning resolutions are 360p to 480p in definition. We have a couple of options in approach:

  • Individual scenes and rooms drawn and colored by hand, separate from assets such as people and furniture which will be sprite-based.
  • Tile-based assets for backgrounds, allowing for sprite-based assets in backgrounds.

In both cases, cutscenes will be drawn to capture some of the moments with the characters and their environment. It is a simplistic environment, actually. It will take place in a suburban home. But there will be instances of police cars, and houses to depict the exterior, but these will not be explorable so the interior is what matters.

ART STYLE WANTED: I feel the minimalistic pixel-based sprites or something gritty and bold would help focus on the game's narrative. We're aiming to emphasize how strangers found the scene of a crime. So faces do not matter so much, but distinguishing figures will.

CONTENT: There will be dark themes but not Junji-Ito levels. Just glimpses of what could have been violence, and eerily still locations. I have most of the elements for HUDs already, I believe. Also, I may require faces and portrait busts for the Journal System.

If you need more details or if you would like to send me your portfolios and your rates, please email me at

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A joystick is basically an old kind of controller with just one analog stick and a couple of buttons, per se. There are more advanced joysticks like the ones used for fighting games. It's aimed for singular movement.

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I have an idea for a side-scrolling horror game in RPG Maker VX Ace. The usual concept of Pixel Art is not required but we will have to fit the assets into the restricted space of the engine. So basically, we need someone to make sprites for character movement and environment. If you do music, that helps, too. This is an investigative game so it will only handle around 6 poses, environment pieces, and some cutscene stills.

I was hoping for something along the minimalist approach so that file sizes won't be too drastic. 

Just let me know what you charge for your services and we can discuss a payment scheme. Also some of your work so J can get a grasp of whether it fits my image for the game or not.

If you would like to know more about the project or link/send me to your portfolio, just message me here or email me at

I would love to cover this. Question: whic RPG Maker was this made in?

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I don't think I ever commented here yet. That is a tragedy in itself.

But basically, I covered the game and it was a load of fun! Even beyond my constraints. (or maybe especially because of). And condragulations to the team for making their kickstarter a success!

I also have the uncensored goodies in my blog, for anyone interested. But yeah, download the demo for yourself and make your own opinions. I highly recommend the game if you like rippled guys and some PWP.

I feel so bad that I only got to finish the demo now, but here it is. Also, you have a jumpscare little glitch at the end of the demo presentation.
Just watch the video ;)

Just my first episode of the game and I'm already hooked. The soundtrack and the music are superb and the art style is consistent. I'll try writing more cohesive thoughts but I'd like to commend the production value put into this game!

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Hey there soulsoftea! Glad you liked the first episode.
I just wanted to ask real quick: is there a particular difference between the DEMO and the main game? Or is it just part of the first segment that gets cut off real quick? I'd like to know if I could continue the series for when I ever download it. :)

Plus, do you have an email or twitter? I'd like to message you privately about a few things.

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Hey there @soulsoftea! Yes, I'll be playing this on my channel. It's running pretty good so far. I just wish Youtube will let me monetize this properly (ugh). When I get a copy of the full game, I'll do a proper full playthrough of it. :)

My channel is for BL and Gay Let's Plays

Here's a link to the video: 

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I'll be playing the demo of this for a Let's Play. Color me intrigued. I look forward to trying this out!

Question, though, is the demo part of the main story? Like a segment? or is it separate entirely?

Looking forward to this, guvs!

I didn't realize that I didn't make a post here yet.

It's a quick game, with an interesting story. I think the quickness of it hurt it a bit; I could use more of the route.

Also, certain moments kinda detached the immersion, like when the base was supposed to explode; there was no scene. Just black and silence.

I did that one route as we agreed on, and I was thoroughly entertained. The dialogue could use a bit more editing but overall, I enjoyed myself! I haven't tried the Hunter route personally or explored the differences between the Diamond and Kidnapping Route so, I'm interested to see how it all boils down to it. :D