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Bundle not showing up in library

A topic by Splashy_Girl created Jun 06, 2020 Views: 24,128 Replies: 82
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I just got a bundle of over 700 games, and decided to make an account for them. I've made an account, and it says the games are linked to the account, but they are not showing up in my library. Am I doing something wrong? Please help!

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We’ve made a few changes, the bundle download page will now appear on a few more places when logged in:

  • It is now linked directly within your library on the Bundles tab under My purchases
  • On the bundle page a link to your purchase will appear on the top if you’ve bought it

Please do not run scripts to issue 100s of request to the site. It is not necessary to go and click on everything to own it. You already own everything as soon as you’ve bought it. We decided that more people would rather their library not be flooded with hundreds of things they don’t want, and let them choose the things they do want by making all the bundle items hidden by default.

We also made this change to reduce load on the server, since there are thousands of people buying the bundle. After the bundle hype has died down we’d be glad to look into adding a button to show everything in your library at once. In the meantime we’ll be making more changes to how games are displayed on the bundle download page to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.


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This is a great idea! Can we also have a button that says "Claim All"?

Maybe add a "Claim All" after the bundle is over?


Just wondering: Is there no way to add the games to the "Owned Items" section of the desktop app aside from manually clicking the Download button on each of the >700 games in the bundle? I ask because I find it way too time consuming to add them by interacting with each of the games manually. I know that I already own the games and can access them freely from the bundles page, but I want to use the convenience features of the desktop app to manage them (queuing downloads from the right-click menu, pre-defined install locations, automatic updates, etc). But even when I open the bundles page in the app's web browser, I am not able to use these features. It seems that the games need to be in my Owned Items list, first. I am unconcerned with cluttering my library since (in my opinion, at least) it's far easier to search or filter it to find what I want than it is to manually download games from the bundle page (especially since, so far as I can tell, the bundle is not searchable from the bundles page!). As such, I would really appreciate a way to unhide the bundle items en masse.

Thank you!


Yes! Go to the bundle on the website and copy paste the link into the url box in the itch app :).


Could we get the choice to hide them instead? Buying 700+ games and now I have no way to sort/browse them. the app should show all my games. You have filters and everything. :( I expect to see games I own when I press "Library" in the app. And instead I can not use the app to see my games at all. I am a sad gamer. 




The app is my preferred way to interact with purchases, and the fact that I can't really find a way to get those games in there is a shame



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Is it possible to expose these games as owned to the API? I use Playnite to manage my library and it doesn't have the games listed.

If it would cause more issue or is a lot of work to not break other things, no big deal I can wait until things calm down traffic wise.  A big thanks for putting this together!


Would it be possible to add the games to a collection, for ease of view on the desktop app

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firstly, thanks for this great bundle with great games for a great cause.

that said, my main issues with the current setup are:

  • that, unlike the library, the bundle download page isn't searchable
  • and going on a game's "store page" (e.g. from the search) it does not show any hint as to me owning the game already (via the bundle), but instead asks me to buy either the bundle or the game, and doesn't even acknowledge the fact i already have it in the purchase dialog but happily lets me spend multiple times on the already owned game.

so while not flooding the library sounds like a good thing, it also prevents one from actually seeing they already own a game, unless they manually click through 25+ pages on the bundle download page. this pretty much forces (from a UX perspective) people to either run a spammy javascript a million times over, click loads of buttons by hand, or be "tricked" (not on purpose i assume) into buying the games multiple times over.

tl;dr: the "you already own this game" banner (which currently only shows up after a game is added to the library) should definitely check for "hidden" games owned via a bundle.

also, in the long term, please provide a "add this whole bundle to my library" button (or a setting in the account settings/etc) for people who don't mind their library being flooded, because I (and judging from the comments here also lots of others) would just rather like to have a big library they can easily search using the or 3rd party clients/APIs instead of the website hiding things from them for convenience. don't get me wrong, i totally understand why you didn't want to spam people (and presumably your database), but some do want that, even if just for the "ease of mind" of knowing the games won't accidentally vanish when the bundle ends (have seen that question a bunch), and of knowing they won't accidentally buy them multiple times, and also just the convenience of library searchability and knowing you don't have to hunt down owned items in bundles.

that, unlike the library, the bundle download page isn't searchable

Yeah, nor personally organizable. This is a huge issue.

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the organizability or lack thereof, while an issue, isn't as bad as the fact it literally lies to you about owning the game though, which without any search on the bundle you can't even double check (except by literally comparing 750 titles on 25 pages), which is why i felt it important to emphasize.


Yeah, I just did a ctrl+f on all 25 pages, and discovered that a game that was recommended to me by a friend "one shot", which is listed on the game page as being included in the bundle, apparently isn't in the bundle. Kind of a bummer, since I really want to try the game my friend recommended.

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that should never happen and would be an issue you should take to the support then. we're talking about the opposite here: the store pages for games you've bought in the bundle don't know you own them and ask you to buy the bundle (and/or individual game) again.

also, just for the record, yes, OneShot is supposed to be in the bundle, and shows up, on my account, and at the time of writing this, on page 21, ymmv.


OneShot is on page 21 for me too. Just a heads up that the game's title is just one word ("oneshot" not "one shot")

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Are you sure it doesn't show? Remember that you have to first manually find the game in and download it from the 25 48 pages of the bundle (page 21 according to others) before it will show as registered to your account on the game's individual webpage.

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yes exactly, that's the issue. unless you do that it tells you to buy games you already have.

since the store page already shows you the bundle (and asks you to also buy that again) they just need to add a "does the user have this bundle" check in addition to the failing "is it in their library" one.


Thanks for this bundle and your support of change. At some point, please make it so we can either claim all to our library (I'd prefer that to having an unfilterable unordered 25 page list). Or make it so we can search/filter the list of bundle games, or make it so that we can go to the store page to add/install the game please. Right now, I have a lot of games I wanted to play in this bundle, but I can't find half of them, and don't really feel like spending hours going through all the pages to look for them. The bundle is little more than a donation right now since we can't play most of the games without putting in a ton of work getting them added to our library so we can install them.

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> hidden by default

That is an important distinction. BY DEFAULT, should not be equivalent to THE ONLY OPTION.

> We decided that more people would rather their library not be flooded with hundreds of things they don’t want

You were wrong. Now fix it.

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If you go to explore, you basically go to the normal site. You have your account on the top right and can navigate to your purchases. It's under the bundles tab. 

It's a workaround but don't worry after the bundle ends I'm sure we'll get an option to add it to the library. It's still a growing bundle though. 

What do we do if the bundle isn't showing up at the link you provided, either?


Then your purchase has not been linked to your account. Go to your email to get the download link for your purchase, head there in your browser, and there will be a button on the page to link the purchase to the account you’re currently logged in as. Hope that helps

The link from my email just redirects to the purchase page. :/

Same here.

A second email was sent to you asking that you verify your email. Do so — and then your bundle will show up. 

Nope. I had already verified my email. 


That... well that's just friggin shady. 


PLEASE make a TAG on the main browser page for games specifically included in this pack SO WE CAN FILTER THEM.
> Create TAG: "Bundle for Racial Injustice and Inequality"
> Tag all included games.


Can we just have a Download All button? I literally don't care about this site and would rather forget it after I collect my 1490 garbage titles and 10 decent ones. JustDataHordingThings.


"I hate you and your website, but can you please help me overload your servers?"


The customer bought the stuff and can't take it home, more like.


Can you add a 'bundles' option to the desktop client please? :)

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I don't see why there cannot be a zipped(compressed file) of all the games for this download. Or even a simple "A-E Title", "F-J Title"  etc.  zipped downloads. Better yet: have a selection menu of all games, simple text form (no extensive html) with a check box and search that you want to download. Have a max game limit if you want, but a batch download of the games in a  compressed file so you're not wasting bandwidth. Compressed files will definitely lighten the load for those who wish to see every game they just bought and for me that's why I bought it. This is my first time using Itch so I don't know if other bundles offer zipped downloads for multiple games or whatever but it would be a good feature to have and save bandwidth. There should be something available like that. I understand hosting problems and costs associated, thus suggesting a compressed file version. Still could be large but even breaking them into segments would be a great benefit. Id like to own all the games I just purchased and being disallowed use of scripts for batch downloads( I understand why )  Not for myself particularly but for my family and  extended family(shared computer) to have a wide range of games to play upon their choosing.  


After seeing some of the games in this bundle and how poorly they are optimized with their file sizes for what they offer - NEVERMIND. This option is completely off the table. Some of these small/short games with none-high graphical detail and they're over 1Gb in size,  my option would not work at all. SO JUST FORGET I SAID ANYTHING LIKE THE  *IDIOT* I AM.

Thanks folks.


Thanks for setting it up this way -- I, for one, did not want my library to get spammed with everything (the many game asset collections, for example).  I prefer to add these individually.  At some point, though, it would be nice to have a simple list of all the content in the bundle, maybe as a downloadable text file.


When will "Claim All" be implemented? The fact that these are unsearchable and actually show as not-owned when you go to the game's page is a big deal. I'm cool if it's taking a little time to implement, but there doesn't seem to be an acknowledgement that the UI atm is not usable.


Claim all please?


Any ETA on a "Claim All" button? Been waiting a while...


Any update on claim all or download all? Thanks in advance.


Where's the Add All To My Library bottom, tho?

After the bundle hype has died down we’d be glad to look into adding a button to show everything in your library at once

Is this still on the roadmap?

Sadly, no.


Perhaps this helps from the bundle page: "This bundle doesn't automatically populate your library so you can chose what you want on your account. The first time you click 'Download' on a project below it will also be added to your library."


Ah thanks so much! I'll do that now.

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Do you know if there is a way to add all the games to your library at once? I already know that I want to add all of them, but the process of doing this is cumbersome - you have to click on the "Download" button for each game, wait for the download page to load, then go back to the bundle page and click "Download" for the next game. It would take at least a couple of hours to do this manually.

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I found myself copying the URL and opening it up in multiple tabs so I could add multiple games easily (use find on the page if you know the name).  I believe the interface was only built in by leaf in the last few days. Perhaps if you suggest, he may be able to make changes at some point. have some selections from the bundle as suggestions:


I'm not on Twitter so I won't be able to contact any itch personnel that way. I just wish there were an "add all" button somewhere.


I would also be happy with just an "Add to Library" button next to the download button for each game on the bundle page. It would remove a lot of steps.


I think yours will be a popular question today.


Yup! I hope the answers help people <3

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the problem is, if i go to the game page of something i didn't download, it won't list it as owned.

in the future, i would have to remember it's in a bundle i bought, otherwise i'll have no indication i own it already.


How do we actually download games without having to literally load all 25 pages to find the ones we want?  I thought if I reloaded the individual game page that it would let me download from there, but it just keeps prompting me to buy it.  Even though I've already bought it.


You can't.  They some how came to the conclusion that people who are purchasing hundreds of games at once want their library to be completely empty without spending 3 clicks per item adding each individual game to the collection.  Apparently they thought we'd like to spend two hours adding everything to our libraries before we can easily view and sort them.  It's really dumb. 


I'm glad they didn't add all of them to the library at once.  But I also should be able to download the game from the game's normal page.  And I need to be able to search for games that are for mac, since a lot of them aren't and I get disappointed when I have to look at all of the other ones I can't even use. :-)

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Thank you! This is extremely helpful! 

It managed to cut the time needed to manually add the games by a significant amount.

It should probably be pinned for the benefit of those who haven't seen it yet.

Thanks. This really helps!

It didn't work for me.... All I could do was open the developer menu '-' and theres no place to paste anything


OMG this is annoying AF!
Almost makes me regret buying the bundle.

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Same.  I had been donating to bail funds, and had never used before but thought this might be a fun and different way to donate today.  Made a $25 donation, and got very frustrated with this platform.

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Check this out!


The games are still not searchable in library though, and if you search through the main store search feature the game download link is not available until you've added it to library via the bundle page download link.  I assume will get this sorted out at some point, but until then I'll go ahead and paste the following link with higher-profile games and their respective page numbers on the download links as it may prove helpful and maybe prevent some from being turned off the platform which I truly hope continues to develop the user interface as I think it is hugely important for the future of gaming to have this space for so much independent creativity:


I gotta say, this is my first experience with and this is really not cool.  I liked the bundle, don't like the games not showing in the library and having to manually click 742 games to make them show in my library which, frankly should be default or at the very least a toggle option.  


Just added every game manually.  It was pain, I do wish they added some more options in how you view your games though, maybe a list as steam have or a grid. 


Not adding them to library is stupid.  Very few will want such a "convenience" feature.

A hide games option would make more sense.

Now to do the tutorial above to add them all #_#



First off, I would love to say thank you for the bundle. Great value, great cause. I just want to add my support to this topic. When I go to a game's page and click download, it doesn't add it to my library. I have to click download from the bundle page, which seems to be in a random order. For example, to get Desktop Goose to show up in my library I had to search page by page to find it. It was on page 20.

I would love a "claim all" button.



Is it possible to add an "owned bundles" selection in the left menu of the desktop app so that purchased bundles like this (that dont add everything to the library) are easier to find within the app

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I would rather everything show up in the library also. I understand the server side issue but don't assume I or others would prefer this over having our game show up.


This bundle is MEGA COOL, and I I thought the quality of games would be worse but I was wrong. so far this is GOOD STUFF but at the same time, getting them into the launcher is a new circle of hell

Deleted 1 year ago

Yea, I'm having the same problem as well. Hopefully you've also contacted support like me, now all I can do is wait for a response...

So how exactly does adding a game to your library from the bundle work? I tried adding Nuclear throne to my library, but even going through the whole process and downloading it, it's still not showing up.


This really needs a claim all, and to appear on the launcher. This is an pain compared to any other site that offers games. I wouldn't buy another bundle of any kind until this gets fixed.


Agreed 100%.  Hard to take this platform sersiously when it is a huge pain to claim all my games from a bundle.  

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Still says this on the bundle page: "Note: We will be updating this page soon, we know it's difficult to navigate so many games. We know you want a button to add show everything in your library. No need to reach out. Any new games added to the bundle will automatically show up here. Thanks!"

Anybody know if this button is still in development? 


That would be great to know.  I keep checking everyday and I hear nothing about it.  


haha yes same :/ 


Sooo. Any update coming soon?


Interesting thing I noticed though: when you enter the download link from the bundle, the game gets added to your library upon refresh.

Still a hassle for the 700+ games bundle but it's worth noting for a future solution.


they removed the note that they are adding a button to add everything to library. big oof


Yeah just noticed this. Frustrating :/ 


Any news about it??


Pretty irritated they decided to backtrack and not add this. I won't make the mistake of ever buying any bundles again.

Deleted 109 days ago

It shows under Bundle. Then you have to get a game at a time. Or like someone suggested, paste Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality by and 1391 others - in the itch app and it'll show them all and allow you to install them directly

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