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See two comments ago(!):

"Any plans on deploying the game as an apk for the Oculus Quest?"

"Definite yes :)"

Great, thanks

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Would be good to mark this as Platform=Windows to make it more findable in searches? It's currently not downloadable in the app.  Perhaps the zip file needs to be marked as Windows or something similar?

This is good fun in VR, very professional

Looking at it, the URL is correct, but the text is wrong.

I think tagging this Platform='Android' might help the searchability of this?

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GNOG is great in VR, sorry it missed the bundle. Depanneur Nocturne is in, though.

Necrosoft Games has updated the first post saying no new submissions:

"The bundle is now up for sale, and we are not accepting new submissions. The only additions are those who had trouble earlier in the process. Thanks for your understanding!"

That's good to confirm.  There are/were some people eager to participate.

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This games reviewer on Twitter suggests late submissions are still being taken, perhaps someone can confirm? (perhaps only if can hold up!):

Yes, it's pen-and-paper Tabletop Role-Playing Games (TTRPG).

Thanks, that looks to have fixed it.

It often happens with the WYSIWYG editor, there's a good few others that have done this.

If you fix them up, perhaps they might still be accepted?

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I have the Racial Equality Bundle. But using the Windows client on Windows 10, the only available option is to download the soundtrack, no option to download the game.

Thank you!

Enjoying Bleed 2 on GamePass right now

It's a Windows game. You'll probably want to install SteamVR, then either launch it from the Windows desktop or setup a link in Steam itself.

Three of the these games are now in the bundle: awaceb's Fossil Echo, crank_gaming's C.M.Y.K. and rebournestudios' Unfortunately Fortunate Organisms.

I think it's important that all games that should be included are, as games see a significant boost to interest from simply being in the bundle, e.g. this person seeing 3000 downloads of their game suddenly:

I don't think the 'supporters collection' will see the same interest in their games (as it will be a less viewed list). 600,000 people owning your game with the possibility of taking enough interest to download is quite something for many devs.

Leaf liked the idea of a trans rights bundle: .  Maybe that'll be next?

Leaf ruled out a second bundle in this tweet

I'm trying to help. I thought I'd put together a list of accounts I noticed asking to be in the bundle with games I thought looked interesting, but that look to have been missed.

Do you want creators to ask individually where they think they've been overlooked? Or is it worth people in the community to compile a list of missed games?  Or will you be looking into this yourself?


Look to be on time:
(there's another Hunter's Moon in the bundle, so maybe there was an issue there)
(for bury me, my love)

Before free were excluded?

Too late (missed the deadline), but famous:

Gang Beasts

I've listed the profiles so you can see both the requests and the games they own.

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When logged in to the website, the items are under:

  1. My Library->My Purchases->Bundles->Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality
  2. Use the 'Search for title' box to search for items (new ways to navigate are in development).
  3. Click the 'Download' button by the item you want and the item is added to your Library (and you are brought to the item's download page).

Then either (option 1 might be preferable):

  1. Use the itch app to download the items when you want and the app keeps the items updated
  2. Or you can download the files from the item's page
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Your link's URL is broken and you may want to fix it, you probably mean  According to the first post in this thread, in future items will be added to the support collection, rather than the bundle itself.

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Leaf ruled out a second bundle in this tweet .  I can't blame them, they've certainly had their work cut out (support department swamped with extra work etc.).  I hope this extra visibility boosts in the longer term (using their app for this bundle has certainly changed my perception of  I almost feel we need a support bundle!  With the bundle ending, perhaps Humble or Steam will have their own bundles starting (hint hint)?

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As I understand it, unless you get special dispensation, this won't make it into the bundle, just the supporters collection, where it will be available to purchase.

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I thought I'd reiterate the request to throttle the download speed as a neighbourly/quality of life feature (so other users can continue to watch streamed video on the same network).

It's in the Epic Games launcher, Steam app, Uplay app, app, Origin app, Rockstar app and the GOG Galaxy app.  If you have Windows 10 Pro or above, you can use gpedit (group policy) to limit the download speed of the Windows Store app too (the Store doesn't have it built-in).

The suggestion was mentioned in these threads:

As download sizes increase this feature will be more useful (e.g. Pyre at 6.9GB, Runner3 1GB etc.).

Note sure more than 3 works will be picked up (your vormgevers link is broken too). The original post says: "Can I submit multiple things?

For free works, we ask that you only select one item to contribute. If you’re contributing paid works then please submit no more than 3 items.
We think it’s more important that we get as many different people involved and visible as possible than flooding the bundle with projects from more prolific creators, thanks for understanding."

As a member of the community, as I understand it:

1) You can download items individually from the web site, so you can download as much of the bundle as you want/need.

2) Items can be downloaded at any time (if the website/APIs are working).

3) Games from your 'Library' can be downloaded and maintained from the app by selecting them individually.  You can add games to your library by adding them individually or adding 'All' (I'm note sure where that button is).

4) Games can be downloaded and maintained from the app/website by selecting them individually.  Nothing is automatic.

There's all sorts of things in the bundle: game assets, soundtracks, Table Top RPGs (TTRPG) (Lancers, Blades in the Dark), VR games, Android games.

I don't think Leaf has managed to perform the additions yet number here is still 740 something, and he is planning to add only paid games, with free games in a collection to show who has offered support:

Note from a later tweet:

"If you have a PWYW $0 min price game then I'd be glad to hear you out if you think it makes sense for your game to be directly part of the purchasable part of the bundle. I don't want to exclude those sell their work in alternative ways."

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There needs to be separate links for both games to be picked up.

No problem, thanks for your work

Looking good now! :)

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I found myself copying the URL and opening it up in multiple tabs so I could add multiple games easily (use find on the page if you know the name).  I believe the interface was only built in by leaf in the last few days. Perhaps if you suggest, he may be able to make changes at some point. have some selections from the bundle as suggestions: