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Can you update your graphics drivers? Also, check that the files were extracted properly and that the "gfx" folder with the tiles/sprites has the proper files.

I haven't forgotten about you! There will be more EGGNOGG+/Rumble to come. Have you tried Parsec ( for multiplayer at all?

Hmm, make sure that you have SDL2 installed on your system... sudo apt install libsdl2-2.0-0

I just need to find the time to do it :/

That'd be cool, unfortunately I am not able to do that for the time being. You should be able to get something working with Parsec, though:

You not on Twitter... where you go? 🥺

If I manage to get the new version done at some point in the future, I will consider mobile platforms again for it.

Sweet, thanks for the info! I might have to play with this now hehe.

Woah very cool! Hey, how are you doing the C64 web player for PRG files?

Hmm... not sure what to do about that, except perhaps alt shortcuts for windowed/fullscreen.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it! :)

Sorry, not dead! Yes busy, working hard, distracted, and everything else... but I will return.

I have been doing other things, but I want to get back to it when I get a chance.

You might be able to get it to work with Parsec:

Sorry I'm late! EGGNOGG+:

I can't specifically say right now, since I am working on other things to pay the bills.  I might have something ready in the spring... but it might go later.

Those are good suggestions. I've put a lot of effort into making RUMBLE players have equal priority in all interactions, hopefully I get it right.

No official date yet, but it's high on my TODO list.

Ok well, the combat system, is improved... there's grappling and throws. Also I want to add single player, and a map editor... but no guarantees. I've been really really busy.

I can't say yet.

Of course... you don't need my permission to post stuff on YouTube.

No, not yet. I will have a 1-player mode in the RUMBLE version.

Yes, if you catch them from behind. Or sometimes if you're lucky you can catch them from the front, but that's more of a glitch.

That was an older version of the game... now it's just based on what map you play.

EGGNOGG+ community · Replied to sammy6 in NEWS

I'm really not sure, I haven't had much time for it lately. Hopefully this year.

Yes I'm alive, Death Road occupies all of my time as of late though. 

EGGNOGG+ community · Replied to Air-N in NEWS

I really say for sure, I'm still quite busy with Death Road to Canada, and am just chipping away at RUMBLE now and then.

No, I made this way back in 2012 or so using my own stuff.

Yes sorry... there's a glitch in the Windows build that can mess up the screen size... just press F1 or F11 to change the screen mode and that will fix it. 👍

Of course... I will make a post if I release an early build.

It will probably be paid, but I haven't decided 100% on that yet. It all depends on where I get with it, and platforms I end up bring it to.

Glad you like Death Road!

As for Rumble... I could probably release it now with a few tweaks. The combat is solid and I probably won't do much else with it besides a few frame-timing refinements. However, the game overall is not where I want it to be, doesn't have the new features and modes that I wanted to add yet. And other enhancements to differentiate it further from EGGNOGG+. So until I get those in, I won't release it... though I may to an alpha build for playtesting combat.

I might put EGGNOGG RUMBLE on!

I know, sorry... I have been focused on Death Road to Canada for quite a while. It's been launched on iOS recently though, and I still have work to do but will have more time for RUMBLE and other stuff later this spring/summer.

Yes, you need to install libSDL under Linux.

EGGNOGG+ community · Replied to Wakobu in Mods

If you are editing with a HEX editor then nothing is secure, heh.

EGGNOGG+ community · Replied to Wakobu in NEWS

Likely this summer.