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A topic by Madgarden created 310 days ago Views: 1,074 Replies: 33
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Post your EGGNOGG-related comments here!

What exactly is the condition to spawn without a sword on a level?


Right now it depends on the level... there is a sword limit. Some like SWORDSKETBRAWL are set to 2, the classic map is set to 6 or 8 or something. So if you keep dropping swords (that stay on the map) you'll eventually spawn no more.


Just wanted to say that eggnogg os an awesome game. My friends and I play it all the time, and I'm surprised it hasn't garnered more popularity. Good luck with rumble, I hope it's successful


Thanks! Yeah, hopefully RUMBLE will kick things up a notch.

Are there any tools I could use to create new background music files for the game?


The music uses the same engine and syntax as my app Glitch Machine on iOS. So that'd probably be the best way to go about it. Either that or there are some online bytebeat tools that support the "glitch" (RPN) format, such as this: http://wry.me/bytebeat/

Thank you very much!

It would be nice to play against a robot


EGGNOGG RUMBLE will have AI and single-player modes.

What language is eggnogg+ programmed in? I'm interested in starting development and was wondering what you used as it was cross platform.

If you're looking for something crossplatform you could as well give a try on Unity3D


Hey sorry I didn't reply earlier... I don't seem to be getting notifications for all the posts here.

EGGNOGG+ is programmed in C, using OpenGL for graphics, and SDL2 for cross-platform input, windowing, sound etc.

I've discovered Eggnogg about a year or more ago. Ever since then, I forced all my friends to play it lol because I had to have another player to play. I even found myself spending 2 hours alone on a bus trying to just perfect my aim on throwing swords. Then I discovered that you said that Eggnogg Rumble would have AI and stuff (and grappling hooks?). But it appears that there wasn't a beta in summer or something. I really don't mean to rush you guys, but I just want a clarification on when and how I will be able to get rumble.


Once my schedule clears up I will spend more focus on EGGNOGG RUMBLE. I can't make any guarantees I'll have a beta out this year, but we'll see. Maybe I could do an early early beta.

Like the chess to nidhoggs checkers

how close is rumble to completion??? I MUST HAVE IT!!!


It's both close and far. The combat is really good, practically finished. The rest has a way to come... new maps, modes, single player and map editor.

help! the graphics are all blocks!


Try updating your OpenGL graphics driver.


i want to make my own levels


EGGNOGG RUMBLE will have an editor in it.

How do you throw and slide and other things? I really want to know.

You can throw by holding the attack button while running and you can slide by holding down and jump at the same time while running.

Hey, love the game ever since it first came out. Love the new updates, maps, and mechanics. I was wondering there would be mods that the players can use or if there was a specific way we could custom mod the game and how. Please let me know if we are going to get anything like that and how soon. Thanks.


Well right now you can edit the graphics in the data directory if you want, as well as the music (tune files).

Once Rumble is ready I will consider mod support if it seems worthwhile.


This game is so much fun and hilarious! Only problem is, my friend is too good at it and beats me every time. What is eggnogg rumble about, and what makes it so different to this?


EGGNOGG RUMBLE has a bunch of improvements and new features such as a more advanced combat system (grappling etc.), and will also include single player modes and a map editor.

Yo Madgarden! When is Eggnogg Rumble coming out? My friends and I REALLY want to play it.


It won't be 'til some time in the new year... still really busy working on Death Road right now. Hopefully before spring.

Awesome! Can't wait for it to come out! Also, I have been looking through your forums and stuff but I cant really find out what Death Road is all about. What exactly is Death Road going to be about?


"Death Road to Canada" is the full name, and it's out already actually. It's on Steam right now. It's a permadeath zombie road trip simulator.

Hey Madgarden

what tool do you use to create your games as you have inspired me to make my own. do you use unity or flash?


I'm pretty oldschool by today's standards... I program in C, and use SDL2 for windowing and input and such, OpenGL for graphics. If you're a total beginner then something like Unity or Game Maker is a good choice.