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Local multiplayer stabbing game for PC, Mac, Linux 路 By Madgarden

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A topic by Madgarden created May 20, 2016 Views: 11,946 Replies: 102
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Post your EGGNOGG-related comments here!

What exactly is the condition to spawn without a sword on a level?


Right now it depends on the level... there is a sword limit. Some like SWORDSKETBRAWL are set to 2, the classic map is set to 6 or 8 or something. So if you keep dropping swords (that stay on the map) you'll eventually spawn no more.


Just wanted to say that eggnogg os an awesome game. My friends and I play it all the time, and I'm surprised it hasn't garnered more popularity. Good luck with rumble, I hope it's successful


Thanks! Yeah, hopefully RUMBLE will kick things up a notch.

Are there any tools I could use to create new background music files for the game?


The music uses the same engine and syntax as my app Glitch Machine on iOS. So that'd probably be the best way to go about it. Either that or there are some online bytebeat tools that support the "glitch" (RPN) format, such as this:

Thank you very much!

It would be nice to play against a robot


EGGNOGG RUMBLE will have AI and single-player modes.

What language is eggnogg+ programmed in? I'm interested in starting development and was wondering what you used as it was cross platform.

If you're looking for something crossplatform you could as well give a try on Unity3D


Hey sorry I didn't reply earlier... I don't seem to be getting notifications for all the posts here.

EGGNOGG+ is programmed in C, using OpenGL for graphics, and SDL2 for cross-platform input, windowing, sound etc.

I've discovered Eggnogg about a year or more ago. Ever since then, I forced all my friends to play it lol because I had to have another player to play. I even found myself spending 2 hours alone on a bus trying to just perfect my aim on throwing swords. Then I discovered that you said that Eggnogg Rumble would have AI and stuff (and grappling hooks?). But it appears that there wasn't a beta in summer or something. I really don't mean to rush you guys, but I just want a clarification on when and how I will be able to get rumble.


Once my schedule clears up I will spend more focus on EGGNOGG RUMBLE. I can't make any guarantees I'll have a beta out this year, but we'll see. Maybe I could do an early early beta.

Like the chess to nidhoggs checkers

how close is rumble to completion??? I MUST HAVE IT!!!


It's both close and far. The combat is really good, practically finished. The rest has a way to come... new maps, modes, single player and map editor.

help! the graphics are all blocks!


Try updating your OpenGL graphics driver.


i want to make my own levels


EGGNOGG RUMBLE will have an editor in it.

How do you throw and slide and other things? I really want to know.

You can throw by holding the attack button while running and you can slide by holding down and jump at the same time while running.

Hey, love the game ever since it first came out. Love the new updates, maps, and mechanics. I was wondering there would be mods that the players can use or if there was a specific way we could custom mod the game and how. Please let me know if we are going to get anything like that and how soon. Thanks.


Well right now you can edit the graphics in the data directory if you want, as well as the music (tune files).

Once Rumble is ready I will consider mod support if it seems worthwhile.


This game is so much fun and hilarious! Only problem is, my friend is too good at it and beats me every time. What is eggnogg rumble about, and what makes it so different to this?


EGGNOGG RUMBLE has a bunch of improvements and new features such as a more advanced combat system (grappling etc.), and will also include single player modes and a map editor.

Yo Madgarden! When is Eggnogg Rumble coming out? My friends and I REALLY want to play it.


It won't be 'til some time in the new year... still really busy working on Death Road right now. Hopefully before spring.

Awesome! Can't wait for it to come out! Also, I have been looking through your forums and stuff but I cant really find out what Death Road is all about. What exactly is Death Road going to be about?


"Death Road to Canada" is the full name, and it's out already actually. It's on Steam right now. It's a permadeath zombie road trip simulator.

Hey Madgarden

what tool do you use to create your games as you have inspired me to make my own. do you use unity or flash?


I'm pretty oldschool by today's standards... I program in C, and use SDL2 for windowing and input and such, OpenGL for graphics. If you're a total beginner then something like Unity or Game Maker is a good choice.

When ever I try to install and launch EGGNOGG (Classic) or + It says "An error occurred while launching EGGNOGG+

Some required 32-bit libraries are missing:" or "An error occurred while launching EGGNOGG+

Some required 64-bit libraries are missing:"


Yes, you need to install libSDL under Linux.

when Eggnogg Rumble will come out? its been a long time...

I know, sorry... I have been focused on Death Road to Canada for quite a while. It's been launched on iOS recently though, and I still have work to do but will have more time for RUMBLE and other stuff later this spring/summer.

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makes sense,well,if its taking a long time to be made,its gonna be good. i played Death Road to Canada,its really fun to play coop,even if i dont win xD i only reached canada 1 time,and the final part was.. how could i say? funny and amazing. well,lets talk about RUMBLE,did you make progress on it? like, do you think you are near to release it?


Glad you like Death Road!

As for Rumble... I could probably release it now with a few tweaks. The combat is solid and I probably won't do much else with it besides a few frame-timing refinements. However, the game overall is not where I want it to be, doesn't have the new features and modes that I wanted to add yet. And other enhancements to differentiate it further from EGGNOGG+. So until I get those in, I won't release it... though I may to an alpha build for playtesting combat.

hmmm,the important thing is how you see the game and if you like how it is,so its totally fine to wait for it.i have only one last question,will it be Paid?


It will probably be paid, but I haven't decided 100% on that yet. It all depends on where I get with it, and platforms I end up bring it to.

That would be awesome if you could realease it now. Could you post on this when you do release a playtest version


Of course... I will make a post if I release an early build.

The game was playable and I enjoyed it at first, but one day I started it and i can only hear the music and a black and gray background spinning :/. I tried to install the game in both itch and gamejolt but it still showed the same thing, are there any fixes to this problem?


Yes sorry... there's a glitch in the Windows build that can mess up the screen size... just press F1 or F11 to change the screen mode and that will fix it. 馃憤

Thank you very much, now i can play it again :)

there seems to also be a bug that makes f1 and/or f11 not work using the launcher


Hmm... not sure what to do about that, except perhaps alt shortcuts for windowed/fullscreen.

Eggnogg+ wont let me use the controler.

It works with the Xbox Usb port controllers... I wouldn't recommend them though

What does it mean the "Deadzone" option?

when i download eggnogg+ on windows 10 it works except that the graphics are a little off. like the dudes are one square with a square as an arm and a fat rectangle as a sword. everything is like this even the title screen so i cant read anything. help

It wasn't working properly for me the controls would freak out time by time its hard using an xbox controller and the character's sensitivity is too mouch

This is literally just Nidhogg but on

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Iirc this game was inspired by Nidhogg trailer and this game was released *before* Nidhogg.


Yo when is Eggnogg Rumble coming out?? It was promised many different times and the latest I heard was about fall or winter. Will we get in within this year? Also is it possible to release something so we can create our own private mods? Thanks.

Sounds like Nidhogg. Hm.

Yes iirc this game was inspired by Nidhogg trailer and this game was released before Nidhogg.

how do i score in swordsketbrawl

Throw sword into basket iirc.

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well I edit some graphics in eggnog+ so now it looks like minecraft, i call it minenog+, well this is the final version (i think :P)

here are some screenshots of "Minenog+" :P

I love the game, it is AWESOME. But I think you should put in more types  of weapons. Thanks for reading this!!

what do i do if my screen turns gray when i open eggnogg+ pls help i wanna play

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Is there a way to catch thrown swords in mid-air?


Yes, if you catch them from behind. Or sometimes if you're lucky you can catch them from the front, but that's more of a glitch.

Mad, i love this game... I can make a section on my Youtube Channel about the information of the game (Rumble, plus and others)? I want be the most largest exclusive channel to EGGNOGG

Mad, i love this game... I can make a section on my Youtube Channel about the information of the game (Rumble, plus and others)? I want be the most largest exclusive channel to EGGNOGG

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Do you have an official release date and is it close to being done? Eggnogg and Eggnogg+ Were both awesome games and rumble sounds like it鈥檚 going to be really good! Also the map editor idea is super cool. 

men, i think you need post this in news

No official date yet, but it's high on my TODO list.


Madgarden, please release a confirmed date for eggnog plus, my friends and I are super hyped for it and cannot wait!!!!

Hey, will you ever make the game modifiable? i would love to add some new weapons with cool abilities. If your not or cant here are some ideas for weps. Katana, the normal sword, but when sprinting if you press the attack button you will slash either side up or down knocking the enemy back(enemy can attack mid slash to kill or block). A bow, pretty self explanatory. shields or armor.  Small shield can parry and block 1 un-parried strike(must be point at direction of attack ie up down mid). Large shield can parry, block 3 un-parried strikes(this shield covers two attack points up and mid, unless your facing down where it will block mid and down).  Saber, similar to the normal sword, however a double jab up or down will always disarm an enemy. Dagger, has extremely fast attack speed, but takes 3 hits to kill, it can also be thrown faster than the sword. Spear, a long range sword with slower attack speed but a ability(when in dueling mode, walking backwards and attacking will commence a whirlwind attack in any of the attack angles, it will parry with a hit to the enemy sword, kill the enemy, however if you miss this attack you will be left vulnerable, and very likely to die. 

Thanks for reading excited for Eggnogg Rumble. Currently having a tournament in my Computer science class its a great game. 

P.S those grappling moves look sweet.

Hey Madgarden I have been playing Eggnog+ for at least three years now and I love it, I was wondering if it is was possible for you to implement artificial intelligence into the game such as creating an option for a CPU and a difficulty level set on that CPU as well as a possible team mode for players to use against other players or against CPUs .

Hey, i try to be the most largest EGGNOGG youtube channel

Hey, yo trato de ser el canal mas grande de youtube de EGGNOGG

pls suscribe

this game is awesome! keep up the good work

This game is amazing!!! It is the perfect simple game, my friends and I have a club based off of it. We play for fun, and we've even held a couple of tournaments. I've seen some of the other games you've made, and I really like your style. We're anticipating Eggnogg Rumble, and are really excited to see the new features you've added! Thank you so much for this awesome game.


plz update the game and add more maps!!!

Do you know how close to being done Rumble is, and approximately when it will be released?


I can't specifically say right now, since I am working on other things to pay the bills.  I might have something ready in the spring... but it might go later.

Me and my friends are all super excited from Rumble.  I love eggnogg+ and Death Road to Canada. Will there be a Rumble beta soon?


Please give us Rumble

can I download this game on Chromebook


when will eggnogg rumble?

Deleted 3 years ago

F11 toggles fullscreen. Try toggling several times, waiting a moment in between each time. I have that problem too and everytime I want to play I have to toggle fullscreen twice to get it to scale properly. It's just become habit now.

Hello! I love your game, but I am no longer able to play it. Upon launching the game, all I can see is a grey screen with music in the background. I have tried reinstalling, restarting my computer, but it hasn't helped. it started after I put the game in fullscreen mode.

so i been playing the game but when i play arena mode the second player always wins because when ikill him and get to my eggnog  my point does not count even if he is dead would you fix this

Im unable to get second x box 360 controller working.  I set up one in settings.  The second one wont let me set up.  I have to click player 1 control settings using mouse and when I click a setting it automatically sets the button setting back to the keyboard without letting me change it to controller.  Help plz?

Running Win10

i want an android port with 2 controller support

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Well hello. Mad might recall my name from twitter... but here I am sharing what I've done so far! If you're someone who likes EGGNOGG+ to this day you might like what I just finished, it's a texture pack! Yes, this small tx pack includes: 
- A new sword, Eggalibur!
- New respawn, cursor and yellow statue sprite! 
- New, sharp, effects. Get those stabs going! 
- A new victory pose for Swordsketbrawl, flex that golden sord!  
- Better floor spikes, now they look dangerous...
- And... more to come! I'm planning on making a full overhaul soon.
Download it here!

This bin expired 8 hours ago.

Re-upload pls
Theres no download in there

I am really sorry, I shouldve used something better. Anyway, I have this dropbox on my old acc, I will use it to upload my recent egng projects.

Do you think this is resumable? I dont think we could have said "Tell us Madgarden how much money do you need to work on this"... It is less productive to work on an indie project than any other job, but: Is there a chance to become Eggnogg something Madgarden rather work on, and not some "entertainment time job"

Just tried this game with a friend (I'm late to the party, I guess) and loved it!

Great game, congratulations on creating it!

Madgarden has abandoned us

it keeps saying error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


Hmm, make sure that you have SDL2 installed on your system... sudo apt install libsdl2-2.0-0

can someone help i dont know the controls on pc

the grafics are blocks


Can you update your graphics drivers? Also, check that the files were extracted properly and that the "gfx" folder with the tiles/sprites has the proper files.

thank you


I really had a blast playing this game today. Great job man. I really hope to see more games from you