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I believe you have to stand on the tile to trigger the ending.

Bitsy looks sick!


small world

I get it now. That will really good for taking pictures for the game.

What prgramming language did this use?

What do you mean by that?

You could make an option on how many frames someone wants. And can you also make a way to have changeable sprites for the character?

This game shows Bitsy can make amazing games! This game is awesome!!!

It looks so awesome! Can you make a way to move a window under another window?

What engine/game maker did you use to make this game?

Can you make this available for Linux?

Can you make this available to Linux?

And can you also add useable sprites? For example: The character can pick up a sprite that looks like a gun because you allowed it to be pickable. And you can make the character spawn with that useable sprite.

I made this just as a test

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Can you make it so for every sprite or tile you make, you can change it's color separately instead of one color for all of them. Btw This is a really amazing game maker!

When ever I try to install and launch EGGNOGG (Classic) or + It says "An error occurred while launching EGGNOGG+

Some required 32-bit libraries are missing:" or "An error occurred while launching EGGNOGG+

Some required 64-bit libraries are missing:"