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well i think u did... either way it was still fun to speed route the game

Here is a quicker speed run path I found after brainstorming and is the only path possible while skipping 2 of the stages. tell me if you found quicker ways

If you want to sppedrun the game here is another way to skip the last green room

plz make it for mac

plz update the game and add more maps!!!

p.s change the supported os to just windows

thanks, if you used unity then try make a mac version.

but you said it did

uh, this game does not work for mac

the idea is good but the game mechanics seem a bit odd

you can skip 1 room in the game if you really feel like it

make it an app plz

plz make for mac

the blue capsules are health packs @brenla23

so we can post feedback

could you please add a community of some sort


It is but the game does not have a community or anywhere where you can post stuff

(2 edits)

1. make the cube a & d keys less sensitive at the beginning of the levels and increase the sensitivity

2. fix the icon a bit

3. good job luke

Game is here

Post any feedback or bugs here

Check the development log for any updates you may not have