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Blue and green are overpowered.
Pink, cyan and orange are underpowered.

Also please put the skill check stuff in the next version of the rules, I dont want to chack dnd manuals to do that.

Me: I would like to cast fist.

DM: Sure, that will be $1d6.

Best action rpg system in the world.

This is actual gold. It is just so much fun and it is way too easy to get into. Sessions can be extremely short and i love it.

Good game. Must recommend to friend. Will try to 100%... Some day...

Using math you can actually check that it is not worth it

Bueno, aparte del kpasa larba obligatorio.

kpasa larbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

El juego ta bien como prueba de concepto, pero si quieres hacerlo entretenido, aunque sea algo básico, tienes que mejorar la forma en la que se mueve la pelota. En volá podrías terminar haciendo una especie de cruce entre un angry birds, un minigolf y un pachinko con este concepto, pero mejorar las físicas de la pelota son requisito.

También como que en el modo difícil cuesta mover la pelota no te parece?

eu, se puede pasar la dificultad difícil? que como que mover la pelota está un poco difícil.

k, then put that on the install instructions

understandable, have a great day

Bro how do i run this

The game starts and i cant use anythin

good game, lacks better visuals and something more innovative asan added bonus to gameplay would be goo

como el aisak

Now ive gotta restart my pc XD

Bro this got my pc so fucked im using a fourth of my screen currently. This is what the game looked like btw:

I couldn even play the fkin game. I got jbaited from u telling me this is rts. I will make rts better than your rts to show you what rts look like.

Now in all seriousness, this doesnt run on my pc. It probably has resolution issues. I would recommend using windowed mode. Also it looks like trash, but good trash so you get my aproval

1st, wtf is that the ending where all goes to shit?

2nd, it seems like i cant restart at stage 3, plz fix bug.

3rd, good game.

There is no game XD yes, there is one.

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Great game with quite the surreal undertones and some pristine cubicness, in the graphic department i would have loved if the ship would have had a design where it was still blocky but looked more like a spacechip. I didnt like, however, that the way it used the theme was just as a labyrinth, you could have made the game in such a way that you could make a choice between being with in the earth side and destroying the skull or being in the skull side and destroying the earth and maybe leave the labyrinth but make it much easier.

Gracias oe, la media volá.

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Use google translator but first translate it to 30 different languages, so you actually play the game as intended. Im of course joking, this is a dumb game.

Well im let down, ill go burn your minecraft house for that.

We talking game engines. not trash programming languages.

Also its in spanish so good luck with that bs.

Needs more in depth talking system, since talking is all you can do. Also put less characters, so knowing wich is wich is easier and they become memorable.

he hungry

isnt the entire point of rts that even if scisors beats paper, enough paper beats scisors?

yay! it works! (kinda)

Please add versus mode, this is great and i want to play this against my buds.


try looking for a program that binds your keyboard to act as a controller

wow, so it is possible to make a fighing game in godo

Si necesitas un compositor puedo ayudarte, tengo un poco de experiencia en lmms, pero no soy absurdamente bueno. Mi discord: ItsYa[B]oiNico#8726


there seems to also be a bug that makes f1 and/or f11 not work using the launcher