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k, then put that on the install instructions

understandable, have a great day

Bro how do i run this

The game starts and i cant use anythin

bro add music i want to play the game out of the box

good game, lacks better visuals and something more innovative asan added bonus to gameplay would be goo

como el aisak

Now ive gotta restart my pc XD

Bro this got my pc so fucked im using a fourth of my screen currently. This is what the game looked like btw:

I couldn even play the fkin game. I got jbaited from u telling me this is rts. I will make rts better than your rts to show you what rts look like.

Now in all seriousness, this doesnt run on my pc. It probably has resolution issues. I would recommend using windowed mode. Also it looks like trash, but good trash so you get my aproval

1st, wtf is that the ending where all goes to shit?

2nd, it seems like i cant restart at stage 3, plz fix bug.

3rd, good game.

There is no game XD yes, there is one.

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Great game with quite the surreal undertones and some pristine cubicness, in the graphic department i would have loved if the ship would have had a design where it was still blocky but looked more like a spacechip. I didnt like, however, that the way it used the theme was just as a labyrinth, you could have made the game in such a way that you could make a choice between being with in the earth side and destroying the skull or being in the skull side and destroying the earth and maybe leave the labyrinth but make it much easier.

Gracias oe, la media volá.

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Use google translator but first translate it to 30 different languages, so you actually play the game as intended. Im of course joking, this is a dumb game.

Well im let down, ill go burn your minecraft house for that.

We talking game engines. not trash programming languages.

Also its in spanish so good luck with that bs.

Needs more in depth talking system, since talking is all you can do. Also put less characters, so knowing wich is wich is easier and they become memorable.

he hungry

isnt the entire point of rts that even if scisors beats paper, enough paper beats scisors?

yay! it works! (kinda)

Please add versus mode, this is great and i want to play this against my buds.


try looking for a program that binds your keyboard to act as a controller

wow, so it is possible to make a fighing game in godo

Si necesitas un compositor puedo ayudarte, tengo un poco de experiencia en lmms, pero no soy absurdamente bueno. Mi discord: ItsYa[B]oiNico#8726


Also, when is the spider web thngie game coming to

I played open sorcery and jingle bell/s fist, and those are great narrative experiences. This game, however, feels more as an rts rather than  a text adventure. Its still preety good tho, good job.

Crítica (no) seria:

1) si pones un cono detrás de un poste no se ve

2) la dificultad sube con los niveles pero no con la puntuación (eventualmente la wea se chacrea y no vale la pena seguir jugando)

3) hay secciones que no se pueden pasar en torres del paine (es raro, pero una vez me salieron 2 neumáticos seguidos y un poste con un cono detrás)

4) el paco jalao no está suficientemente jalao

5) el negro matapaco no mata niun paco

6) las monedas deberían dar 700 puntos o así, especialmente en torres del paine

7) falta un nivel en alguna pobla, ahí si que se pone difícil la wea

8) falta una skin de tulio y/o bodoque

9) excelente banda sonora, pero un segundo tema no le vendría mal

10) el juego no me robó plata, así que no es suficientemente chileno

11) podrían agregarle una bossfight(?)

12) necesitamos un decimotercer retiro de las afp, no son suficientes

13) el juego debería ser más rápido de pasar en al menos un 20%, después de aprox 3 minutos los niveles se ponen fomes. 

14) sería bakan que si me paso ponte tu santiago, inmediatamente el juego me mande a torres del paine pa no tener que volver al menu y la wea

15) buen juego cabros csm, vayan a revisar el mío si quieren y me dicen que onda:

there seems to also be a bug that makes f1 and/or f11 not work using the launcher

FATE community · Created a new topic Twitter down!

But why though?



of BAN

Still a great game, that hasn't changed. Also cheap AF.

uninstall norton, windows defender is actually stupidly good and mac has a lot of better alternatives. if you are using linux tho... why are you using linux to play games in the first place?!?

A no le gustó el juego así que no me dejaron publicar mi speedrun, que sad

Speedrun hecho, el sub 17 es posible sin glitchs. Además, el juego parece tener un par de bugs escoindidos, pero no estoy seguro de poder sacarlos. Estoy intentando que me acepten el juego en para validar mi speedrun, pero como la calidad en la que puedo grabar es pésima, no sé si me lo acepten.