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EGGNOGG+ community · Created a new topic devrlope the game?
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please update the game in some way instead of saying maybe later in summer or winter. Like just a release of whatever you have for rumble now would be fine

That would be awesome if you could realease it now. Could you post on this when you do release a playtest version

yeah me and my friends have been waiting for a little over two years. We even created bubble battlefield. Haha but it keeps getting pushed off :(

Okay so even though you said what was holding you back was the Death Road release being so soon and you would be trying to put a beta of some sorts out after that in July, there is still something holding it back? Is this going to be another late summer to early fall to late fall to early winter etc. cycle you've done in the past?

so now that death road is out, how soon until a beta for eggnog rumble or eggnog updates

Since you have made a version that was playable enough to be played at the gamejolt developer party, will you be releasing a beta very soon?

are you going to have bubblemcgee make any more maps

Can you make eggnog rumble or plus Have matches on LAN or online

yeah but do you think that'd be before June 15th

when do you think a beta will be out?

is there any social media platform to follow to see when you work on rumble and when a beta is out

that'd be sick

from your vines the game looks pretty close to done. How about just a rough beta X

you said you'd release rumble early spring last year. Is this time going to actually be early summe

when will you put out a beta for Eggnog Rumble

You should try and put this on xbox as an indie game

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that would be awesome. Definitely if I could, would love to be part of that

is there any like rough beta of the game whatsoever that we could play. Like to just have fun with until the game is ou

This is an amazing game all my friends and I play it and have played it since it came out. Dying to play a bit of rumble

Any news on when the release date or beta of any kind is?

Hey mad I was wondering what Eggnog rumble is. is it going to be different than eggnog+ or is it going to be like the difference of eggnog to eggnog+ where its just lots of better controls and different ways to swords fight or just play. So basically what I'm asking is if this game is going to be updated or is Eggnog rumble going to be an overall better version