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Local multiplayer stabbing game for PC, Mac, Linux · By Madgarden

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A topic by Madgarden created Mar 29, 2016 Views: 8,115 Replies: 76
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Just switched to forums! Will open up a COMMENTS topic once comments are migrated over.

when will you put out a beta for Eggnog Rumble


It'll be early summer most likely.

When will Eggnogg Rumble come out?


I'm really not sure, I haven't had much time for it lately. Hopefully this year.

Deleted 2 years ago

Can you add something like extended plugins?


What do you imagine doing with such a thing?

IDK. Maybe like different weapons? or you can just add it in XD

Weapons, or skills?

More weapons, new maps, music plugins maybe, graphical effects

you said you'd release rumble early spring last year. Is this time going to actually be early summe


Yeah, it's basically whenever I have time to do it. Projects change constantly, you can only make a best guess at any given time. Could end up being winter. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

from your vines the game looks pretty close to done. How about just a rough beta X


Yes actually I really want to do that. Maybe I can squeeze in a bit of time for it...

that'd be sick

is there any social media platform to follow to see when you work on rumble and when a beta is out


Yes, you can follow Madgarden on twitter @madgarden, and also Facebook:

when do you think a beta will be out?


See my previous answer to your same question ;P

yeah but do you think that'd be before June 15th


Probably not, since Death Road launch is set for July 22.

Can you make eggnog rumble or plus Have matches on LAN or online


Eventually hopefully. It's doable I just need TIMEEEEE

are you going to have bubblemcgee make any more maps


I want to put a map editor into RUMBLE, so any really cool ones that people make I may include by default. Not sure yet how that will all work, but it's definitely planned.

Will Eggnogg RUMBLE be free?

Developer (1 edit)

No, it will be paid only. I might see if I can somehow upgrade paid users of EGGNOGG+ to owning RUMBLE as well though.

And will it be on steam?


I will probably toss it onto Steam eventually, yeah.

Could you please show us some images or gifs of eggnog rumble?

Developer (2 edits)

You can comb through my vines, there's a bunch of stuff in there: I need to make some new ones though. Just so busyyyyyyyyy.... buzzzzzy...

Gemoji image for :beeGemoji image for :bee

Amazing work! I just can't wait to play it!

Will eggnogg RUMBLE be released before end of July (at least a demo or a beta)?

Since you have made a version that was playable enough to be played at the gamejolt developer party, will you be releasing a beta very soon?


Not yet, I did a specific build quickly for Linux for Gamejolt, since I develop under Linux it was pretty much ready to go already... but I don't have time to put together everything I need for a beta release right yet, too close to Death Road launch (July 22) now.

so now that death road is out, how soon until a beta for eggnog rumble or eggnog updates


Later this summer/fall, lots to do with Death Road yet... like iOS release for one.

Okay so even though you said what was holding you back was the Death Road release being so soon and you would be trying to put a beta of some sorts out after that in July, there is still something holding it back? Is this going to be another late summer to early fall to late fall to early winter etc. cycle you've done in the past?

You have lied to us madgarden eggnogg rumble is not out yet


I said it'd be out when it's out... when I have time for it. That's no lie.

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Hello, I have spent HOURS playing Eggnogg+ with friends and playing your more recent steam game, Death Road To Canada, and I want to say thank you. When I heard recently that a successor game was in the works for Egg, I got excited to research this, only to find very little information on the subject. I can wholeheartedly accept secrecy about features, and all I ask for is an estimated release date for a beta or full release, if local multiplayer will make a return (Although I am elated by the idea of an AI driven single player), and a price estimation. I am truly and unhealthily in love with your work, and I am excited for the future.

Ps-I may not know how to program, but if you feel yourself coming up dry for map ideas or possibly new game types and are open to suggestion, I would love to hand in my ideas. Thank you!


Hey, glad you like EGGNOGG+. My new version, EGGNOGG Rumble, has lots of new combat elements... especially grappling moves and throws. It will still have the local multiplayer, as well as single player modes. Also I'd like to get a map editor into it. As for the release date, I'm not really sure yet as I am still quite busy with Death Road to Canada... so it will be some time next year, probably late winter or early spring.

Hey, I programmed single player AI for eggnogg plus, check it out :)

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Yo, Madgarden. I was wondering if there is a beta or alpha for eggnogg rumble. if so can i get it for my friend. he is a huge fan of yours and he would love a beta. I will be willing to pay. ;) I promise not to leak it.


I don't really have anything ready at the moment, sorry. Just too busy on another project right now.

Hi madgarden, i love your game and i played it in linux with wine a while ago but now i downloaded the linux native version but when i try to launch it, it gives me a error in the terminal this is what it says

"bash: ./program: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error"


Is your Linux install 32-bit?

yes it is 32 bit


Yeah, there's only a 64-bit build right now. When I get a chance I'll do 32-bit.


I know you're busy with Death Road to Canada and all that. You do your thang. No rush. Just wanted to add my voice to the chorus saying I'm patiently super looking forward to EGGNOGG RUMBLE.


Great, thanks. :)

Any chance of making Eggnogg+ open source? Maybe after the Eggnogg rumble release?

I'm a BIG fan of your game and i'll be buying eggnogg rumble as soon as it come out!

I really wanted to know how your game works and learn from it!


I might be able to do it down the road. Some stuff I just can't make open source because it's my proprietary commercial code. But yeah the game itself is nothing fancy or secret, tech-wise.

Thank you very much!

Id love to made my own video game someday too but i just cant seem to make anything work!

Also, How long did it take you to compose all the soundtrack. I mean i tried out making some byte beats and i really didnt get anywhere other than simple tones and CD ripping sounds.


Well... bytebeat takes some experimentation. You just have to play around and figure out some cool tricks and sounds, and then modify what you have to tease out more of what you want. I'm not sure how else I can explain how to compose this way, heh. Just keep at it, and keep learning, basically!

When will Rumble will be release ?


Likely this summer.

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So, is the plan for RUMBLE to come out soon then? Or, is it going to be closer to winter?


I really say for sure, I'm still quite busy with Death Road to Canada, and am just chipping away at RUMBLE now and then.

Alright, sounds good, just curious.

When is the release date for Eggnogg rumble?

is there single player? or do we have to wait for rumble?

hi its been like 2 years can you do a status update or something?

Mad, i love this game... I can make a section on my Youtube Channel about the information of the game (Rumble, plus and others)? I want be the most largest exclusive channel to EGGNOGG


Of course... you don't need my permission to post stuff on YouTube.

Hey, Mad pls tell me, what is the new in EGGNOGG Rumble? i try to upload a video 


I can't say yet.

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Pleaseeee... Any stuff pls, i only want make hype in the community. And you can translate the game in spanish, i speak spanish and english but my first language is spanish, and i find a image, karate inferno mode 

Pleaseeee tell me Any stuff of the  game pls, i only want make hype in the community. And you can translate the game in spanish, i speak spanish and english but my first language is spanish, and i find a image, karate inferno mode 


Ok well, the combat system, is improved... there's grappling and throws. Also I want to add single player, and a map editor... but no guarantees. I've been really really busy.


Hey, i try to be the most largest EGGNOGG youtube channel

Hey, yo trato de ser el canal mas grande de youtube de EGGNOGG

pls suscribe

Would you be able to now tell us if Rumble is ever coming out?

Just wanted to echo @Feliz's sentiment: Thanks for Eggnog+! My friends and I had a blast playing it. I only just noticed all the hub-bub about Eggnog Rumble. I would absolutely adore a sequel/overhaul! Of course, I will happily wait until you're done with any projects you may have at the moment, like Death Road to Canada.

In short, thank you and keep up the good work!

So EGGNOGG rumble is never coming out i guess... its been 3 years

think he forgot about the whole project

Hi, I recently found out that you were doing a sequel to this amazing game. What happened? That topic left me very intrigued ...


I have been doing other things, but I want to get back to it when I get a chance.