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Hello, I have spent HOURS playing Eggnogg+ with friends and playing your more recent steam game, Death Road To Canada, and I want to say thank you. When I heard recently that a successor game was in the works for Egg, I got excited to research this, only to find very little information on the subject. I can wholeheartedly accept secrecy about features, and all I ask for is an estimated release date for a beta or full release, if local multiplayer will make a return (Although I am elated by the idea of an AI driven single player), and a price estimation. I am truly and unhealthily in love with your work, and I am excited for the future.

Ps-I may not know how to program, but if you feel yourself coming up dry for map ideas or possibly new game types and are open to suggestion, I would love to hand in my ideas. Thank you!

Hey, glad you like EGGNOGG+. My new version, EGGNOGG Rumble, has lots of new combat elements... especially grappling moves and throws. It will still have the local multiplayer, as well as single player modes. Also I'd like to get a map editor into it. As for the release date, I'm not really sure yet as I am still quite busy with Death Road to Canada... so it will be some time next year, probably late winter or early spring.