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Oh, shucks. Seems interesting, but I can't download the demo. :c

It seems I'm not the only one, since itch.io staff devised an alternate option to download. However, that alt option is only available if there are more than 1 files to download.

I would really appreciat it if you could take the trouble to add an alternative download link. :)

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I like were this is going! The new details felt so fresh and made the Simulation more vivid! Also, the new variants of platform are a welcome novelty! :D

The tall stick platforms, though, were a hell to me, mainly because, with my PC, the game felt a bit sluggish, even at the lowest quality settings (may be the fading effect when you turn around?).

OMG so many thanks for this! n_n I'm glad everytime I see developers who cares for their fanbase.

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Hey, IndieGage, I REALLY liked your game. Parkour-like platformig + procedural levels? Unique style? YES! I had so much fun the first time I gave it a try!

Unfortunately, downloads are bs in itch.io for me since months, even the alternate download option doesn't work at all! I would appreciate an alternative download site or something. I would love to try this new version so much! >-<

It just doesn't make sense that I can download at 300kbps speed but itch.io's downloads won't even begin in either option!

Can't download the game, the downloads from itch.io crash after a while. :c Do you have a mirror by any chance?

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Amazing! At first, I thought it was a quite simple game with quite simple mechanics... but then, I tried to replay to get the score...

OMG isn't this game awesome?! This concept would be great in a more larger game, imo.


I've tried so many combinations, how do I warp from one side to the level to another? Is the only way I see to get the last 2 ones... ( ;n;)

Yay, thanks! :D

I don't know how would I even fit that meme in there, but that surely gave me an idea. ;D

I just did it for the lols

And to test Ren'py.



I'm planning on elaborating the story, though. :^P

Really fun game! ^-^

I wish there were more combinations and variation, though ._.

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If you're looking for something crossplatform you could as well give a try on Unity3D

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Don't you say? (!)

It's even possible to make mods of this? o_0 How?

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Nice short game! :3 Really liked the "Wario Land"-style gameplay

A little in-game clue on the controls would have been helpful (I forgot to look them on the page xP)

So cute and funny! x3 Your games are really enjoyable as a whole!

I don't get it :|

I hate and love this game so much! ♥

This game mechanic is so puzzling to me! It's so new that I don't know how to react! I even had trouble with the first level. lmao

Good one!

You can use the Random class in this case, then! Something like:

void Start () {
transform.position = new Vector3(transform.position.x, Random.Range(min, max), transform.position.z);

Random.Range makes the y coordinate at the start of the object be random each time, between "min" and "max", whichever values you put there.

Hope it helps, and sorry if I'm being a bit nosy with this. :^)

What language (or engine) did you use to make it? Normally, there are "random" functions to use for these cases. :o

Also, thanks for the info on the font. Seems like a good choice.

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The level with lots of green blocks it's too hardcore! DX Talking about steep difficulty curves º3º

But I really liked the mix of snake + platformer! :D

The triangle can surpass the screen boundaries, which can get sometimes annoying. You can use Mathf.Clamp() to limit the movement easily, in case you didn't know.

Also, the squares only appear up and down, always at the same speed. It feels broken, somehow, and gets boring really fast. :/

It seems to need a lot of work, but it's a nice concept for a short game.

I also liked the font. What's its name? :)

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Replayed the game, getting all the crystals this time, hoping for a different ending.

Great game, great disappointment. :|

The game crashed when I built a wall that covered the entire cube! @-@

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134! YES! So much fun! ( >u<)/

Some times it didn't seem to work correctly, though. :P

After week 1, no more cards appear on the "board", so it's impossible to play. What am I doing wrong? >:|

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It could be better if it could be painted by dragging, not just clicking and clicking and clicking...

Also, a way to costumize which colours to use.

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So great! I like how every color has a name, and how it can alter how the story develops!

But it seems I can access to a branch. D: After the "The sun was setting fire to the sky. fragment", no matter what I do, the right option always highlights, but the left one doesn't, and I've tried almost every colour I could. Do I need some EXACT color to make it?

EDIT: Happened the same with "The sun was setting on a warm afternoon." .-. Some kind of clue system would be nice for these.

Controls stopped working for me! D: I pressed Enter, then Up, the first list option highlighted in green. Then nothing. Recharging the page doesn't fix anything. Moreover, the game doesn't react to any key press...

Nice! Got all of them! :D Thanks!

The crafts in the picture are all the possible crafts? I couldn't find more. (so many deaths X-X)

Nice! I'll play it right away! :D

Here's mine, recently uploaded, if you wanna give it a try or two. ·w·


Looks neat! :3

Any hints on the 4 endings? :3

I can only get the "I'm happy" and "in a tin can" ones.

Thank you! It's never too late to make some fun games! ( >w<)/

Just discovered this jam 2 days ago. So much inspiring games here! (/*º*\) And so little time to get something done! (/ºAº)/

Me, myself, I'm keeping things simple. I'll work based on this case:

I'm making an action arcade game. The goal is to rotate the Landolt Circles (or optotypes) so that they match in the same column, thus winning points. The optotypes travel across the screen, getting bigger and bigger (just like the picture). If one of the optotypes escapes, it's game over! But it keeps getting faster and faster!

You can follow the development in my blog: http://bluejackalopegames.tumblr.com/

I'm a newbie programmer (just a few months of practice with Unity3D), and I lack any sound/music skills, so any help regarding sfx would be appreciated! ^-^

OMG This looks so CUTE! X3

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About the bulls, if you kill them with an item, you get free food!

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I like the idea of some counters showing the amount monsters per type on the floor. Furthermore, I suggest that, on hovering those boxes, the player should get a visual cue of that type of monsters in order to know where they are, p.e. when hovering Rat counter, all the other monsters get shaded.

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Awesome game! Really liked the concept and the pixel art!

Reporting some issues:

After playing various times, I noticed a message on the corner saying "Grid.hx:102: testCol Fail!". Don't know when it happened, but I hope it can be of any use. Also, the image of the Bull in the card shows as some kind of red paper imp, not the Bull I suppose it should show.

http://i.imgur.com/dg0J9gt.png (Here's a screenshot don't know how to embed a picture, sorry :P)

About the lost keys, I suggest that, if a key disappears and would endanger the floor (more doors + chests than keys), another one should generate.