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Glad to hear you had fun! Better luck next time

I heard Firefox generally works great for almost anything, so maybe.

Have you considered collaborating with a composer? I want to support this awesome game!

I'd totally play a full release of a game like this. I dig the dark abstract atmosphere.
Needs some QoL like resolution and some kind of notification of places where maintenance is needed.

Good music, the theme is so random is kind of hilarious. The platforming aspect needs a bit more polish imo, but it was overall good

Cute game! Wasn't surewhat I was doing most of the time, but the concept is interesting, that's for sure

I understand it too well, difficulty is a hard thing to manage, specially with no time to do proper testing. Best of luck!

At some point, it seemed like no matter the angle I blew them from, the bar on their heads seemed to appear for a tick and never seemed to go lower, like I wasn't hitting them properly.

That was quite a journey! Needs a bit of polish imo, but it has potential

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The theme is a banger and the gameplay is very fun. I also really liked the characters and animations. Nice job!

Thanks! 💙

Much appreciated! 💙 Glad you enjoyed it

Thanks for playing! 💙

Thanks for playing! 💙

Good to hear you could find a fix. Dogs using up RAM is part of the design. You have to make that extra effort to get a better ending. ;P We didn't use music because of limitations, but we decided the ambiance would be better than using random free royalty music.

Glad you enjoy some of it at least
Pro tips: It's not the end of the world if the PC crashes, and some pop ups are made to be clicked on on purpose ;)

Thank YOU for playing ! 💙

Sad to hear. Don't know why that could be happening. Maybe try a different browser?

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If you mean loading between game days, it is a timing thing. Maybe the waits were made a bit too long. We live and we learn. Thanks for letting us know.
Glad you found it fun!

Woah! Thank you so much for taking the time to write that! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Re: the options menu, it was made by Marek Belski. They couldn't participate in the jam and instead offered this amazing template for whoever needed it. The cursor disappearing is an unfortunate that didn't have time to correct.

The lack of music was a decision out of necessity, but worked well enough I believe. Now that you mention it, Daniel Mullins might have been a bit of an inspiration for this without us noticing. lol

Maybe a text that follows the spark around would work

This was torture. Well done.

Really cute, but too repetitive in my opinion. Also, it felt weird to have 2 keys to interact with things.

I had a good laugh with this one

Interesting concept. Good graphic. The bullets' sound went too loud or too low at times.

This is my favourite entry so far! I really dig the concept. I had to drop out at level 10, though. I am unable to memorize so many paths.
I barely could read the tutorial text, though, it goes by so fast.

That was hectic! (in a good way)

Interesting idea. Feels a bit overwhelming too fast imo.

Cool twist on the tetris concept! I missed some QoL stuff from modern tetris like bags and kicks, but otherwise, it was fun.

I really enjoyed the humor. Pretty funny concept and design. I didn't quite understand why my workers kept burning. Maybe hitboxes could be more generous?

Fun concept and funny character design. Just a bit repetitve after a while, but really liked it overall.

Maybe that's not the actual requisite for the different endings ;)

That tutorial was *chef kiss* in every aspect. Love the game already, and it's only a vertical slice?! Sign me up!

Ha sido un juego bastante emotivo. Me ha encantado. :')

Me he quedado con ganas de mas!

Corto, pero chulo

This was utter chaos! loved it

Fun idea!
I found that dragging a peg into an existing peg spends coins but has no effect :(

So fun! It had the right amount of challenge where it fell overwhelming at times, but satisfying to beat in the end


Nice spooky game! I wish there was some indication that you can climb grass, though.

Also, I got outside of the map through the floor on the right at the final room! lol