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Am I supposed to see something in the demo? I hear steps when moving and see the controls text, but nothing else?

EDIT: A screenshot of what I see

Well, looking at the bright side, I got to love all those monsters all over again :'D

I had a blast with this delightful game and I was wondering: will the progress transfer to the Steam version too? It'd be a shame to lose all those scores and unlockables ( ·-·)"

I really liked this game! It has a spooky aura that made it so adorable and silly fun to play!
However, I encountered an weird issue. The more critters died during a play, the slower the game became, up to a point where it was unbearably slow. I wanted to play longer! >A<

The reasoning behind the last combinations were a bit hard to guess. Resetting a complex level after getting it wrong felt a bit frustrating.
Apart from that, the game was awesome! I liked the puzzles! Kinda cute, too! Also, the music was catchy, with the right amount of repetitiveness for the duration of the game

You've come up with an interesting mechanic! :0
A shame I'm not a fan of puzzles, so I couldn't get pass the 6th level

Good one. I totally felt for the trick! xD (couldn't ignore :P)

This looks awesome! \o/ Makes me wonder how it would look on the inside

So cute and light-hearted. Wish the view wasn't SO BIG and there were some sound

That's some fun mental math exercise! I also liked how it rewards thinking fast and using as many cards as possible. And the art is pretty, with a nice palette to it! The puns are great too, had a laugh with some of them.
Got to 466 score! Would have been really interesting to see more card effects and monsters. Maybe a higher difficulty cap. Great job on this one! :D

Fun concept! The randomness of missed attacks feels cheap, though

It may seem simple at first with so little variety of cards, but there's a lot of possibilities and strategies to play by! Amazing!

That was an interesting beginning!
The conversartion in the sub looked weird, though. When Nerb talked the text box disappeared at times.

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It seems the strategy to beat the game is to "trial and error" to get the right jumping sequence, since jumping at the wrong time can rise the water level too early and make the level impossible.
For this type of platformer, 2 lives is too little! I've had to repeat the first part of the game too many times just because I didn't guess how to pass a certain challenge, and that feels so unfair and frustrating!
Until that point, I really liked the concept, however. I just wish it wasn't so punishing.

Can't see the emojis! They appear as squares! D:

That transition at the end! So cool!
It could have been a bit of a challenge if health was cumulative between levels, but albeit short, it was fun.

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A short ingame explanation of the controls would have been great, since I dove right in and I didn't understamd what was happening xD

Angry Johnatan felt a bit out of place. It hinted like something was going to happen, but never did.
Aside from that, pretty good game!

It looks awesome! Funny simple concept and really entertaining. I'd personally like a level selector, since I had to leave the game at level 30 and know I can't bring myself to do that all over again...
It also felt like the levels dragged on a bit long for me. Like, it looks cool, but some feel unnecesary.

It did! The install button is not greyed out now! :D Thanks!

Oh, no, can't install the game now! D:

Waiting for the update, then :D

The design and music is so cute! And there's a big variety of them! The gameplay is also fun, but there's a point where it's easier making different combos that matching combos.

Looks great and feels to just amount of challenging! Didn't quite get the quotes between levels, but I'm not the type to delve in these. :P
I wanted to inform that, when I got to DEIMOS and the surprise happened, the game lagged so badly I had to exit the game! DX
Also, is there a chance for the shoot to have a keyboard alternative? Or are there plans on aiming the shoot with the mouse? It feels kind of bothersome playing on a laptop.

OMG this looks so cute so far!! I loved the characters introductions! Waiting for updates! x3
Is there a key for speeding up the text, btw? It felt a bit slow for me.

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Can't the builds be on so we can download from the app instead of doing it manually from browser? Pretty please? :c

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I still haven't played the game, but I can tell this will be horribly genius! lol

EDIT: Totally a blast! Have to give it a try when I get a new mouse that works xD The online highscores were a great addition, too! It may be easier if the input were actual words and not just scrambled letters

Can't download! D: Is it for Windows?

The camera doesn't move whenever I get hit! It feels like an error and unfair!

Stuck at Skelindarl... what am i supposed to do? I can't go anywhere :|

Yay! Thanks!
The game is awesome, btw! I had real fun while figuring out how to get the pieces without trapping myself xD I noticed the pawns would capture forwards instead of diagonally, btw

Can't download from itch app D:

Weird... the update is now an editor?

Not available for Windows? :c

I had so much fun with the levels as well as with the editor! (wish the order of the menu were more tidy but oh well)
Can't wait to see the full version!

This was really fun! That last countdown was so thrilling, too!

This variation of Tetris is SO COOL AND FUN!!
The controls feel a bit confusing but it's a great concept nevertheless!

The music variations and the cat hops are so cute!

Gotta love those modular ships!