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Nice spooky game! I wish there was some indication that you can climb grass, though.

Also, I got outside of the map through the floor on the right at the final room! lol

So that's what bomb defusing feels irl

Congratulations!! :D I'm wishlisting right now!

That was a really cute and fun game!! I wish there was an option to invert the camera rotation, though.

A bit janky on the controls (which proved frustrating on the wolf path), but overall enjoyable :)

Nvidia Quadro K1000M

I've been having the same issue. Face tracking and hand tracking seem to work well, yet the model doesn't react at all.

I've noticed the next error on console. Is my graphics card outdated?

:display:gsg:glgsg(error): An error occurred while compiling GLSL vertex shader created-shader:
created-shader:1(10): error: GLSL 1.50 is not supported. Supported versions are: 1.10, 1.20, 1.30, 1.00 ES, and 3.00 ES
:display:gsg:glgsg(error): An error occurred while compiling GLSL fragment shader created-shader:
created-shader:1(10): error: GLSL 1.50 is not supported. Supported versions are: 1.10, 1.20, 1.30, 1.00 ES, and 3.00 ES

That worked like a charm! Thank you very much! :D

VTuberWebcam community · Created a new topic How to run?

What the title says. I'm not that experienced with Linux Systems, so I have no idea how to proceed to run this app. Some instructions would be really appreciated.

Entertaining puzzle game. The aesthetic/design is nice.
Those 2s and 5s, though. They are so confusing in that kind of font!

Are there plans for a Linux version? I'd insta-buy with such a cool premise!

How does one make a T if not in the same way as an L? Merging 2 Ls doesn't seem to work either. I'm pulling my hair at this point!

Mechanics, level design, music and art intertwine so well! This is so good!

*sad Linux noises*

You can see on the other replies that it was due to server problems :P

El poder de flippers cancelados está algo roto, y se echa en falta lo de poder ciclar las luces para activar los bonos, pero sigue siendo muy entretenido y el diseño y la música son de lo mejor!

I meant a button to dash or something like that, but that's cool too :0

Playing on Linux. So far so great!

The sounds and music don't seem to play, though. Any chance it could be looked into?

cool game

Fixed! :D ¡Muchas gracias! ¡Me ha encantado!

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Can't play this on Linux. At a certain point, I get this error and the game crashes, restarting all progress :( Happened twice so far and I can't bring myself to try again.

The game's been incredible so far nevertheless. Great job on the story and the atmosphere!

The angle of the ball can't be changed, apparently, so there's not much strategy/skill to it. Grows boring quite fast because of that.

The rest of the game looks so interesting and with potential to it.

I'd have loved an option to skip the levels to read more about the robots. I'm stuck. lol

Well executed, great artwork, I even grew expectant for the plot the moment I realized what was happening the longer the loops grew. Good shit. 5/5

Jumping ferret go SWOOSH! It's so cute and funny to watch at
Nice short game. Interesting execution of the concept.

Loved the game! So cute! Personal preference: I'd like it if I could make Curly fly a little faster

You can actually rebind the keys on the "Input" tab at the launch window

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If the game is just lacking some files, how has this not been solved yet?

Edit: In my case, I had to get another file called "" and put it in the "lib" directory. Now I'm curious as to which engine was used to develop this game, because it's not the first time I encountered that mysterious "nw" that fails to run.

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It needs some polish here and there mechanic-wise, but it has a lot of potential. Nevertheless, the art and music are incredible!

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Thanks for the Linux version! :D I'll update this once I get to play it
Edit: Fun game, tha amount of juice is goals. Loved the artstyle! Definitely following

Nice short game! The dialogues and meta-humor were funny!
Just a tiny suggestion about the control interface: maybe make it so that the button icon to swap between controllers shows the opposite controller icons? e.g. "I have a PS controller and I want to toggle prompts, I wonder what button is RB?"

The atmosphere is so beautiful, cute and relaxing! Loved it!
Gameplay-wise, it's nothing new, but it does it's job pretty well

The game really needs some indicator as to what the arrows on the top actually mean. I thought the game was having some serious bug until I got it on my 6th or so attempt.
Cute art, by the way! :D

Loved the game! It was so mush fun to explore and meet all these characters :D

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Thanks for the Linux version :D
Tried it but unfortunately doesn't seem to run. I got an error saying something about a not loading, and something about a player.log file. Any way that I can send it your way?

Sounds like a fun concept, but I don't get what the icons mean at all (except the factories and houses, I guess?)

Also, is it intended to get to a point where you lose more than you gain and reset the score conditions? Not a complain, just a note.

The vertex compatible version didn't fix it for me (then again, I'm playing on a Linux with Wine)

Being able to know where to farm certain materials sounds really helpful.

"Still acting at 0 health? Working." 👀💦