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It's true that the last one is 1-on-1, but, at that point, my crew is so big, that even having received a lot of damage, I could recover easily.
Maybe I felt the game was easy because I've got a lot of experience in this kind of control (Overboard! by Psygnosis), so I had to focus only on how to move my crew from one function to the other.

This reminded me so much of "Overboard!" xD I found interesting the type of management in this one, having to plan what work should have preference over others.
However, I found the game too easy because the enemy ships kept crushing between themselves. ._."

Nice game! I liked the power-ups and the different sea creatures! With some polish, this seems like it could be a great game!

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Great game! I usually dislike RTS games, but this one made me have a good time!
I wonder what does the game have to do with the sea theme, though. :/ Also, I didn't like personally that the game needs to be installed...

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It's intentional, so you can cut across some curves and get score faster, but maybe that made the game harder? ("·u·)

Ouch! Sorry about that. But I'm glad you liked it so much! ( n_n) You can try keyboard control if you're more comfortable with it.

Thanks! :D The things that can be done with an awesome team are equally awesome!

If you're looking for something more manual and chiptune-y, I also recommend beepbox.co

Thank you for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed the game! :D
I'm sorry the darkened rocks wasn't enough for you. I'll take note of that for future projects.

Yay! I really like the ending! The story was overall kind of cute, like some kind of fairy tale. I loved your game. Wish you luck on the jam //( =^ェ^꞊)b

Replied to alexholly in Some feedback

Good to know that the project is still alive! :D

¡Mil gracias! :D

The source of power it's in the Power Shaft, but the game tells the PS is still empty? I can't advance from there! D:

Damn... this is hard on a laptop... Aside from that, looks like a fun game. It needs some sfx!

Great game! I've even tried to replay it so I could  give a try to the turrets. However, on replay, the iron ore won't be added to my inventory after picking it up! >_<

This game was unbelibubbly fun and cute! Gotta love those sea puns ♥

The camera needs some serious work. :/ Aside from that, it's a hilarious concept! Add some funny song, like "Yakety sax" or something like that and it'd be gold, IMO.
I must say, one thing that made me find this game so funny was the fact that I was given some time to try to wonder how do I make this thing fly and suddenly, I was flying around, xD

I REALLY liked this one. A shame that there was only a few bosses. Once they are cleared, there's not much to do.
What I didn't like is that is easy to get overpowered by farming shark teeth, and expanding the inventory is too easy. The items need some balancing, imo.

Created a new topic Some feedback

The game seems like it has a lot of potential, but it needs a lot of fixing!

The turns don't seem to time correctly, since I went into a floor and the monsters all ganged against me and moved constantly and I couldn't move or act at all.
Also, I'm not sure why it is, but sometimes, the monsters just do a LOT of damage even in the first floor. Even using a big green potion (which I suppose it's regeneration) I was killed by 2 enemies that chomped away 15 HP in 1 turn and I just did 25% damage to them each attack.
Also, are there spells in the game? Not sure what the mana is for.

How to play a .caproj format file?

I liked the concept and the art. I died a lot of times because of the asteroids xD The background didn't appear on the screen after a lot of time, I'm not sure why.

The controls are so weird, though... An absolute movement with WASD would have been more comfortable, in my opinion. Also, it took me quite some time to notice the Space to Start because it's after the goal and I was like "yeah, I know I have to take those guys" and didn't get to read it. xP

I saw the gifs and I kept wondering what the ^1.00^ and v1.00v numbers mean. Some kind of score system? :|c

¡Eso suena genial! :D lástima que no os diese tiempo para más.

Juraba que había descargado la versión final, pero la he vuelto a descargar y, sí,  después de servir a 5 pugs, dejan de salir más. He repetido el juego un par de veces para probar y siempre pasa lo mismo, sea rápido, lento o deje que los pugs se vayan.

A perfectly executed jump. 10/10

¡El juego me ha encantado! :D ¡El estilo gráfico es adorable!

Lástima que no tenga sonido y que, después de servir al 4º perro, no salgan más. :( Eso, y que he tenido que salir con ALT+F4 :/

Know that feel. Happened to me too. ¯\_(꞊ツ=)\\_/¯

Quite the fun concept! :D
I wish there was a score/time counter to know if I did better.

Created a new topic Bugs/Errors/Suggestions/Ideas
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Any bugs or errors you've encountered? Please, do tell! Any ideas or suggestions to make the game better? Feedback is more than welcome! //( =^ェ^꞊)/

¿Te has encontrado problemas o errores de algún tipo? ¡Háznoslo saber! ¿Alguna idea o sugerencia para mejorar el juego? ¡Son más que bienvenidos! //( =^ェ^꞊)/

I'm so glad you had that much fun with this little game of mine! //( =^ェ^꞊) It makes me feel it was worth the time!

I hope I didn't broke any friendships in the process, hahah. xP

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OMG here I am thinking all these games I tried recently lacked an exit feature and I forgot to put one. ( ._.) I feel so ashamed...

I plan on updating the game later, and a mobile build is on it's way! I'm not sure about the difficulty levels, since this game is supposed to be a plainly frustrating challenge, but, who knows? I'll give some thought to your suggestion.

I'm really grateful for your advice. //( =^ェ^꞊) Thank you very much, and have a nice day!

Oh, by the way, do you use Discord? There's an AWESOME server for game developers called GDN. You should come take a look here. \( =ºェº꞊)/ I think you'll have a blast!

Nice! I look forward to it! //( =>wo꞊)b

Regarding the text font, if you enter the page of a game you've published, you should see a "Edit Theme" button at the top. There, you can select another font for the page.

Oh, that lag spike. That happens on my side too!

If you made the game in Unity3D, it can happen when you use a lot of "GetComponent()"s or "Find()"s in the same frame. Happened to me before. :P

GameBoy colour palette sounds cool! :D

Also, what's the glitch at the beginning of the gameplay? Didn't notice it.

Created a new topic Some feedback

Hello! Played your game, had some fun!

There are some issues though, that I would like to discuss.

The orange buildings as a hazard aren't that obvious. They destroyed my ship like four times before I noticed that I was getting killed by the building, not because I missed a human.

Also, I'm a laptop player myself, and using the mouse in general can be a problem. An alternative control scheme with keyboard keys would be awesome.

I found the game really fun and challenging! The concept is really original, also! (at least, for me it is) Got 3/3 stars on all levels! Really satisfying. (gosh, those 2 last levels took their time...)

Moreover, knowing the effort put into the development to make it feel like a GB game, you deserve a round of applause for that! This game is awesome!

It was an interesting short game. :) I was a bit disappointed that nothing interesting happened, though...

Is it suposed to end when returning to the wedding?

879! Wooo! \( º0º)/

It was fun. Would never play again because of the repetitiveness. However, it hooked me up for longer that I'd have liked to, hahah!

Argh! So challenging and fun! Got stuck at level 9! ( >_<)9 I'll finish it later!

I love the fact that there are some blocks that seem like they can be destroyed to let you escape from the levels, but it's impossible, nevertheless.