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879! Wooo! \( ΒΊ0ΒΊ)/

It was fun. Would never play again because of the repetitiveness. However, it hooked me up for longer that I'd have liked to, hahah!

Argh! So challenging and fun! Got stuck at level 9! ( >_<)9 I'll finish it later!

I love the fact that there are some blocks that seem like they can be destroyed to let you escape from the levels, but it's impossible, nevertheless.

Does it go on forever. Feels like so. :o

This game was horrible! Thank you, sir.

I liked the graphic style! The robots are quite cute!

I had an issue with the game though, once I gathered all the letters on screen, the game severely lagged to the point that it took me like 5 seconds to get a letter and drag it to its place. That was horrific! >_<

Much appreciated! ^^

The fact that the cars can get stuck with each other and dance like ballerinas made the game funnier. xD

The cars had too much health, in my opinion, the rounds felt a bit too long.

I loved the mash-up of different concepts! It was really fun and challenging! Are you planning on adding more levels?

You art is so cute! And I really like this style of puzzle! Good job on this one! //( =^ο½ͺ^=)b

A shame I got stuck in one of the puzzles, tho. The level where 3 stones unlock a pink teleporter. How do I open the pink/blue barrier? o-o I don't think this one got an explanation.

AHAHA I didn't see the SPACE prompt, silly me. xP I didn't like the idea of spawning from the bottom because there's always the risk of an asteroid spawning from the bottom at the same time (which happened to me...) Feels a bit frustrating.

I can't seem to play it. :/ There's no space ship on the screen.

I liked the game. The rectangle walked a bit slowly for my taste., but I really liked the ilumination with the car lights and the flickering streetlights. Also, I liked how the music progressed as I progressed in the game. A bit buggy, but overall an interesting experience.

Was interesting for a bit.

However, a lack of ability to deflect the trajectory of the ball makes the game feel mechanic and the powerups, random. There's no way to try to get the good ones while avoiding the bad ones. The balls just comes and goes as it pleases and it's a matter of luck which ones you get, which seems unfair and a bit nonsensical.

Quite an enjoyable game. The textures and the grass look especially detailed! :D

I can't find the game! *A* Where's it?

Replied to mminit in Fullscreen

Oh, sorry, I didn't refer to the resolution of the images ("Β·wΒ·) but the fact that the images stretch unproportionally. It seems the game UI is made in 4:3 format and, when the window is maximized, the 16:9 of my monitor makes everything wider than taller.

Created a new topic Fullscreen

Great game! It is really fun! Great work! //( *w*)

Just wanted to say and ask if it's possible at all to play the game at fullscreen. Maximizing the window makes everything stretchy and ugly. @m@

Strange. As I "died" in front of the ship, I thought the fade-in to white was part of a cutscene or something, only to find it reset. Maybe an indicator that the character's been damaged or a "you're dead" or something could have been more illustrative of the situation. Just my opinion.

I tried to enjoy this game, seriously.

But the frustrating platforming totally ruined the experience for me. It felt lazy and unnecesarily difficult. I mean, precise jumping when you've got no idea where the character or their feet are? My suspension of disbelief was completely obliterated at that point.

By the time the info dump began, I couldn't care less for what the character was saying as hard as I tried.

Also, the returning to the ship repeated twice. As I reached the ship, the screen went white and I was at the monolith again. Was it intended? It looked like a bug or something.

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This build does work! :D (alleluyah)

The crafting felt a bit weird and the camera went a bit bonkers since I pushed off one of the SEVEN while they were talking, but it sure is a fun concept. I would like this idea being expanded upon! owo

Not working either! ( ΒΊAΒΊ) I had to run it on Firefox and then it finally loaded.

Fun game, but got stuck getting challenged again and again by this inflatable duck lord I couldn't beat so I had to restart. ._."

Also, after some time playing, it prompted me this error: "Out of memory. If you are the developer of this content, try allocating more memory to your WebGL build in the WebGL player settings.".

Game doesn't run for me, not on the browser (chrome), neither on itch app. :/
It's a shame, 'cause it looked fun.

Quite interesting concept! Really liked it!

Don't know if this happens only to me, but the window relocates itself everytime a round begins, and there's always a chunk of the window that gets out of the screen. >-<

Posted in Vogue comments

Nice game! Liked the graphics style and the rogue-like theme.

I don't quite see the use of upgrading defense, though, as saving 1 HP from 75+ damage doesn't seem worth it.

Also, would love that a new dungeon is generated each revival, it becomes quite repetitive as it is...

Fun short game! :D A bit dry on the transitions between scenes, though. Some randomization would give it some replay value, too!

It's interesting, at least in the way that, as there doesn't seem to be any ground rules for the game, you need to figure out the rules as you go... :|c

Isn't there a possibility of keyboard controls? I don't want to have to buy a XBox Controller having already a normal controller. -_-"

Glad to help! Now I'll know to bear in mind the issue about keyboards when programming, too. xP

Weird... after testing, it seems the key for me is the one ABOVE the shift key, which writes "Γ§". xD

Interesting game. I really enjoyed its relaxing vibe.

Just a question: What key is supposed to be the one for the interactions with the Player 2? It says "/", but is that the key from the num pad, the one written via shift + 7, or what? Neither of them work...

What is this supposed to be? .-. A generator for some table-top RPG?

Typing Start on the console returns "SELECT". Is that supposed to mean something? 0-0

BTW, this is an AWESOME game. Can't wait to see more.

Replied to kayyeh1 in Zak comments

I hope so! The secret ending looked really promising! >u<

A quite interesting concept, I must say! Not quite of my taste, since advancing through so many "Rib"s and "Ribbit"s without a clear idea of what was going on made everything confusing and not as palatable to me.

(Edited 1 time)

I like were this is going! The new details felt so fresh and made the Simulation more vivid! Also, the new variants of platform are a welcome novelty! :D

The tall stick platforms, though, were a hell to me, mainly because, with my PC, the game felt a bit sluggish, even at the lowest quality settings (may be the fading effect when you turn around?).

OMG so many thanks for this! n_n I'm glad everytime I see developers who cares for their fanbase.