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Gotta love those modular ships!

I don't know what I played (POND SKUM MODE), but wow, it sure has fun!

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This game is so awesome! And that plot-twist was the icing on the cake! o-o

Well, that was surely something. Didn't expect it getting all creppy all of a sudden o-o

I don't get it at all. Some instructions would be be helpful. :c

It needs some serious polishing, but overall is a cool concept!

I thought so, but even then, it's incredible!

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I needed to play like 10 or so levels to notice what was going on, hahah. After that, the lack of variety makes it kind of repetitive. But the idea of combining segments to make levels is really neat!

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The art style is really interesting and beautiful. Btw, is it me or is the art on the cards made procedurally? :0

This game surely has some unique setting and dialogues. Are there any plans on updating some more content? I'd definitely love to see more!

That was a cute short game! :D A shame there's not a different ending when gettinng all 6 items

It works now, thanks! :D

Can't download on itch app. D: Is it not for Windows?

yay! :D

How's it going then? o3o Is the project still alive?

This was really fun!
I think the same, maze rooms get so tedious after the 10th time. Luckily, thanks to that, I discovered that WASD and ARROWS can be mashed simultaneously to step twice as fast.

This was so lovely! x3
Those dialogue screens are a really cool idea! :0 Can they even change between emotions or something?


OMG This is actually so fun once you get the gist of it!! x'D

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Wish there was some sound to accompany this awesome puzzle! The graphic effects are so cool!

Instructions unclear, got bacterial life all over my computer fan (?)

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The concept of The Wheel looks really cool! :0 Wish this was more developed, because it seems like it has potential!
EDIT: I forgot to mention that the game seems to crash whenever you make The Wheel do a whole turn

7ZIP is a free to use program that works like a charm, too!

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A bit repetitive after a while, but entertaining nevertheless. :0

Some houses instantiate inside others, which make them unreachable.

Are you planning on expanding on this? 'cause it's so cool so far!
A shame the jellyfish monster repeat endlessly. If at least the monsters cycled after that point...


*facepalm* It was so simple yet I didn't think of that

This puzzle concept is completely mind-boggling in the good way!

The instructions feel completely unintuitive, though. I didn't get that I needed a "closed" loop, and each loop mustn't cross with each other or include other figures in it.
I had to learn those rules by brute force, which isn't helped by the fact that the lines are hard as heck to distinguish from the background.

Also, I had to complete the game thrice to understand that the game didn't get stuck, just that I had finished the 7 levels. A clearer indicator that the game's ended or a level counter would be much welcome.

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That was surely something

The monsters are so cute and the animation is really something! :D Had fun with this one, kept the challenge until the very end.
I wonder if the wall with a "?" in the last floor means something. Also, it's a shame there isn't a final boss as a climax. Kind of disappointing. :c

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I got unable to open the first golden door because of full inventory. An option to use items at full health or discarding/dropping items is much needed!
EDIT: Also, dying and restarting made the whole map disappear and unplayable, but I can see a glimpse of it when pausing the game.

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Wish there was a level selector or saved progress :c

Aside from that, the concept feels so fresh and the graphics are really nice to the eye. I liked that yellow/pink color palette.

I expected some kind of alt ending after looking all the gravestones with "REST IN PEACE" on them xD

Hahaha. I see I said it in a way it can be misunderstood. I meant in the way you can push blocks that are in a row, one behind the other. In other puzzles games, that is not doable and can become a nightmare sometimes.

Is the game for Windows? Can't install it on itch app

I like the touch that various blocks can be pushed. A lot of blocks would be stuck otherwise. :D

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I really dig this concept! Definitely have to try it with some friends. I also love how the amount of randomness keeps the game fresh without feeling unfair at all.
Some rules are left to the player to guess (like the fact that there can be cells with 10+ values), which won't be everybody's cup of tea, but felt like little surprises that kept me engaged.
That "Clockwork Game" concept surely caught my attention! Gotta give it a try myself sometime.

I tried again and it installed with no problem now! :D

It looks and feels awesome! The atmosphere you built feels gripping in a lot of ways with the fog and that dangerous limit in power. Wish there was no long wait between plays, though. :/

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Can't install in itch app for some reason D: