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Nice game. Aside from some typos here and there, it looks great! Waiting for updates

I think I broke the game somehow, but I don't know where.
Either I lost an item because I opened the little chest on the safe box with a full inventory and I didn't get anything, or the item was the Santa Hat and I tried to put it on the floor and got stuck and I can get it again, so it's lost. (   ._.)"

The concept is HILARIOUS to say the least. Greatly executed, too.
I had a great laugh when the breeding chain reaction happened.
Definitely keeping this one on my PC to show it to my friends.

Nice concept! Quite a bit chaotic for a serious game, but it's fun nevertheless :)
The physics felt a bit wonky, though. Some short passages bounced me off if I didn't enter them from the right angle. :/
I think that control layout feels weird as chongdashu said earlier.

The weird is, I connected my headphones and upped the volume to the max, and I got even quieter sound. xD
Thanks for the consideration anyways. Maybe a volume slider at the beginning of the game could help with that.

This game is one of my personal favourites in this jam! It's so fun and, once you get how the game works, has the right amount of challenge! I hope you work on it to expand the number of instruments, people, and fakebook entries!
As some others have pointed out, shooting notes is sometimes unresponsive, and that can give a lot of troubles. Also, I can't slide with the guitar!
Oh, a major bug I found: the notes on the underside take a LOT of time to appear, which is kind of a bummer (although I'd love a no-note input mode as a hard difficulty). However, if you wait enough without starting to run, the notes begin to spawn anyways!

It seems like it is a great game. However, no idea how to do triads. xP Wish there was a cheat sheet or a table to check which triads there are.

The concept for this game is SO original and works so well! Once you get used to it, it feels unnaturally natural! I wish this concept gets more developed in the future!

The volume is so low I can't hear anything at all! >-< So frustrating

OMG This would be SO fun if you could make entire recipes with rhythm! //(b>w<)b Good work! 

It looks like a good start. The beats don't synchronize with the bgm, though? Also, is it the same loop forever? It needs more variety in my opinion...

Oh, interesting offer. https://about.me/deaymon

Oh, silly me. Thanks for the obvious solution xD

Thanks for the feedback!
Now that you mention it, I didn't plan the control scheme too much because of being busy with other things and only used arrows to move when testing, so Z made sense to me at the moment.
And yeah, you're right, some moments are easy because of how patterns work. I thought at the end that making the patterns rotate uniformally instead of following the player around would've been better but, as always happens in Jams, time's short.
I'm glad you enjoyed our little game in spite of those issues! :D

You should maybe check those next time. Just a suggestion.

Might take yours as an example. I liked you approach ;)

Glad to be of any help :) I understand that, being a first short jam, it must've been quite challenging.

Hats off to you for this idea. Now I'm going to cry in a corner.

This game rocks! ( >u<)\m/
But I didn't like that much because getting a miss when moving makes the ship be always out of place and recovering from that is harder than keeping the rhythm itself.

I may sound picky, but I don't like having to bother installing/uninstalling a game that small... :) Could you please upload an executable version?

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I may sound picky, but I don't like having to bother installing/uninstalling a game that small... :) Could you please upload an executable version?

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What if no controller? (  ·-·)/ The "narrator" tells me to press 'A', but I can't...

I'm not good with words in English, so I apologize in advance if I sound rude or offensive. I just want to offer some helpful advice.
What you have here is a good beginning, but to be honest, it currently needs a lot of work. I'll tell you what I personally think could make it more enjoyable:

  • About the graphics, if you're going for pixel art, you should try to make the different objects with a similar pixel size. The character sprite's  amount of detail contrasts too much with the rest of the background. Same goes for the musical notes.
  • Also, the button marks aren't circular/square/like anything. Their shape looks so off putting.
  • The letters, though. The 'Q' in a non-pixelated font?
  • The music is a good selection, but the songs are too long, in my opinion. I got tired and I wasn't even through a third part...
  • You should consider making the notes synchronize with the song's tempo. It just felt like mindless button pressing.
  • To which I may add, you can literally button mash through every note without any penalty.
  • The UI buttons just don't work. You say two clicks may be needed but, after a song, the UI may even stop working at all! (the buttons react to the clicks and are pressed, but don't do nothing at all).
  • This is personal, but I believe the clouds move so fast they distract my attention from the musical notes. But that may be just me.

I hope you find something of what I said of any use. :) This feels like it could be a great relzaxing game! Cheers!

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OMG 382Mb! That sure is big, mate!
EDIT: What the falaffel? How can a game so simple be 382Mb? x'D
Jokes aside, I'm really intrigued about how in the earth did you make it so that the game weighs that much. :|c
Also, I fell down the stage, the cube disappeared and couldn't do anything more...

You should've put an epilepsy warning. The blinking circles burned my eyes ;-;

Nice game. The control customization UI was a great touch, imo

This game was fun as heck! I liked those fail messages. Also, that last level made me laugh xD

The game works for me, except for the graphics. The window shows a orange-red screen and that's all. The sounds work, though.

That was fun! :D A shame it is so short.

Can confirm it doesn't work well in Windows. ( ·-·) The game crashes and error logs appear in the folder ("hs_err_pid4012.log" style).

He descargado la que está ahora en la página.

Y, como ya he dicho, el problema no es esquivarlo, eso está bien. Ni fácil de esquivar, ni imposible. Punto justo de dificultad.
El problema es que el castigo por un pequeño desliz es demasiado. Es frustrante y aburrido tener que esperar tanto tiempo sin poder moverse, ni atacar, ni nada. Y mientras, el jefe te sigue atacando. Créeme cuando te digo que no hay nada más dañino para un juego que hacer esperar al jugador porque no puede actuar.

Nerf, pls.

No sé cómo lo has hecho, pero el jefe es impasable ahora D:

Las ráfaga de telarañas es DEMASIADO peligrosa.
Y no, no me quejo por que sea difícil de esquivar, eso está bien. El problema es que la telaraña tarda demasiado en desaparecer.

Si te alcanza, tienes un problema grande:
si el siguiente ataque son arañitas, no sobrevives, porque las arañas te quitan demasiada salud y no puedes dispararles ni moverte;
y si el siguiente ataque del jefe es otra ráfaga, es imposible de esquivar y si vuelve a disparar otra ráfaga... vamos, un stunlock en toda regla. Eso es totalmente injusto y frustrante. He llegado a perder una vez porque no dejaba de disparar telarañas y el daño que me hacían me acabó matando. Ni que decir que estar esperando minutos a que terminase de quitar toda la salud ha sido exhasperante.

Te recomendaría que hicieses que las telarañas desapareciesen antes o que estas se puedan romper más rápido si les disparas.

It's true that the last one is 1-on-1, but, at that point, my crew is so big, that even having received a lot of damage, I could recover easily.
Maybe I felt the game was easy because I've got a lot of experience in this kind of control (Overboard! by Psygnosis), so I had to focus only on how to move my crew from one function to the other.

This reminded me so much of "Overboard!" xD I found interesting the type of management in this one, having to plan what work should have preference over others.
However, I found the game too easy because the enemy ships kept crushing between themselves. ._."

Nice game! I liked the power-ups and the different sea creatures! With some polish, this seems like it could be a great game!

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Great game! I usually dislike RTS games, but this one made me have a good time!
I wonder what does the game have to do with the sea theme, though. :/ Also, I didn't like personally that the game needs to be installed...

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It's intentional, so you can cut across some curves and get score faster, but maybe that made the game harder? ("·u·)