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I'd have loved an option to skip the levels to read more about the robots. I'm stuck. lol

Well executed, great artwork, I even grew expectant for the plot the moment I realized what was happening the longer the loops grew. Good shit. 5/5

Jumping ferret go SWOOSH! It's so cute and funny to watch at
Nice short game. Interesting execution of the concept.

Loved the game! So cute! Personal preference: I'd like it if I could make Curly fly a little faster

You can actually rebind the keys on the "Input" tab at the launch window

I saw a couple updates for this game on the feed. What's new? Any logs about the updates would be nice.

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If the game is just lacking some files, how has this not been solved yet?

Edit: In my case, I had to get another file called "" and put it in the "lib" directory. Now I'm curious as to which engine was used to develop this game, because it's not the first time I encountered that mysterious "nw" that fails to run.

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It needs some polish here and there mechanic-wise, but it has a lot of potential. Nevertheless, the art and music are incredible!

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Thanks for the Linux version! :D I'll update this once I get to play it
Edit: Fun game, tha amount of juice is goals. Loved the artstyle! Definitely following

Nice short game! The dialogues and meta-humor were funny!
Just a tiny suggestion about the control interface: maybe make it so that the button icon to swap between controllers shows the opposite controller icons? e.g. "I have a PS controller and I want to toggle prompts, I wonder what button is RB?"

The atmosphere is so beautiful, cute and relaxing! Loved it!
Gameplay-wise, it's nothing new, but it does it's job pretty well

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That was a surprising game. A shame it didn't go anywhere else with that mechanic. Felt kind of empty

The game really needs some indicator as to what the arrows on the top actually mean. I thought the game was having some serious bug until I got it on my 6th or so attempt.
Cute art, by the way! :D

Loved the game! It was so mush fun to explore and meet all these characters :D

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Thanks for the Linux version :D
Tried it but unfortunately doesn't seem to run. I got an error saying something about a not loading, and something about a player.log file. Any way that I can send it your way?

Sounds like a fun concept, but I don't get what the icons mean at all (except the factories and houses, I guess?)

Also, is it intended to get to a point where you lose more than you gain and reset the score conditions? Not a complain, just a note.

The vertex compatible version didn't fix it for me (then again, I'm playing on a Linux with Wine)

Being able to know where to farm certain materials sounds really helpful.

"Still acting at 0 health? Working." 👀💦

Found the file at "Android/data/com.SamuelVazquez.Ubiquatopia/files", as you said. Copied it directly into "\AppData\LocalLow\SamuelVazquez\Ubiquatopia" and worked like a charm. ¡Gracias! ;D

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I just finished the first chapter of the game and I felt disappointed the game ended there. I'm so hooked to the lore and characters! Can't wait to see more of them!

Anyways, the game sent me to the game's page and, now that I know there's a Windows version, I'd prefer to play on PC rather than on mobile. I was wondering if there's any way to transfer the save files (if there are any) from my Android to my PC, so I can keep collecting the rest of the cards.

Which brings me to an issue I've personally encountered with this game: the battles feel sluggishly slow. I'd like an option to speed up the enemies' turn. I don't need to read the effects of enemy cards while they are selecting them, nor see their move grids, etc. when, most of the time, I've already read them beforehand to know what I'm getting myself into.

Also, could there be a shortcut between the deck edit screen and the traits screen? I think checking which traits are on/off after I've made my changes would be more comfortable that way. Currently, I have to go back twice and enter two menu options each time, which feels a bit tiring to do everytime I upgrade/create a new card.

As a last suggestion, a harder setting with more enemies/stronger enemy cards/more enemy HP and what not would be more than welcome for me. Even some of the boss fights felt a bit cheap, since I had prepared well enough for them and I just swept them. The only real challenge I encountered was the last boss (which I must say, I really loved the concept of that fight, caught me off-guard, very original, in my opinion)

In any case, the game is great so far, and I can't wait to see more of it! The kobold and chess cat's designs look so cute!

Cute pixel art! The gameplay was weird and first and sometimes I skipped the books on accident while reading them, but it is a fun concept which I'd love to see more of

It was fun until the speakers started to screach to me non-stop! 😖 Sometimes it cried again even after only half-a-second after feeding it!

Wait, I got a healing spell at the last level, so I can't use it? 🤔

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Entertaining example of how easy is to destabilize complex systems. The art is cute too! I got hooked to the end, but I'd have liked some other way to restart the game after failing (besides refreshing the entire page).

Cool game. Left me wondering what the deal was with the boss hating the clerk or not.

As feedback, I think it could have been less annoying if fails resulted in restarting after the fight, instead of having to click through the entire intro each time.

After some tries, I got to survive without peeing myself lol
The Sims-like style of the UI was really helpful to know intuitively what the needs were about
Personally, I'd have liked it better if controls were more cohesive, e.g., if the way to interact with things were a key on the keyboard instead of a mouse click, or if the character were moved with the mouse instead of the keyboard.

That was an interesting delivery of the theme. Really liked it! It ended feeling a bit tedious, but I guess that's the whole point. :P

This was a fun game to play, kind of incremental, so it turned easy at the end, since the demands didn't grow that much in comparison (I even got the apple count to -70 at the last phase lol). I'd have liked it more hard, personally.

The UI looks so smooth and responsive, btw. Really liked it!

The art is SO cute! ♥ Can't wait to play it with friends!
Would it be okay if I made a Tabletop Simulator mod with the B&W version? (with due credits to this page, of course)

Nice short game! It was interesting to discover each shrine activated a different effect and had to think around them

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Stuck at 4-5W/11S. 11S seems to be a blockade :|c

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Can't believe I've wasted spent 15 minutes exploring this cave! The fact that the map is always the same makes me wonder what I will find in that other direction I didn't go trough last time. There's something fascinating about it.

Awesome! Thanks very much! ^^

Looks great! :D A great addition could be icons for joysticks' direction & press

This has some serious "The Messenger" vibes!

Got like 30 gems, I still don't know what I'm supposed to do to "get" them lol
Feels so random

So cool! I could stay for ours looking through these :0

This game is so cute! Entertaining also, but it lacked a bit challenge from my perspective.

My epitaph now says "Don't jump on the 'sometimes jumping...' screen"

This game was awesome! It felt really ominous when you know there comes a jump that would be impossible if not for the people that died before you.
A shame I died without contributing that much to the cause...

Press X doesn't seem to work, so I can't try the game :c