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how to you create a lan game?

add more stuff. 

fun but hard

let me know what happens when you download the file.

when i download eggnogg+ on windows 10 it works except that the graphics are a little off. like the dudes are one square with a square as an arm and a fat rectangle as a sword. everything is like this even the title screen so i cant read anything. help

when am i going to be able to view my rating on my entry in game jam and see how i did?

if a first time player of bitsy... and i like the top-down aspect. you should add more colors and some king of simple coding (like scratch) to make more complex games.

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so cool to have a video of the game done. if it is alright with you can i put this video as the trailer of my game?

thx... the tutorial said some thing about that but it was not obvious enough.

i am using chrome and i am terible. the best i got was c and it keeps teling me that i am hitting to early. pls help

i will do my best to try and fix that. i am new to the whole thing and dont know what everything does. thanks for the advise.

i re-uploaded my game to fix the in the wall spawn. I am using a Chromebook (aka piece of junk) and using google chrome. thanks for your concern you do not need to check it out. but be assured that if it continues to be a problem then i will let you know.

thanks for the suggestion... will consider it for next time.

About the wall i have know idea why it does that. yes i could make the game longer having only about 8 rooms but bitsy was staring to lag out and not working properly... (spawning in the wall) Any way i guess you could say it is in early development but not to be improved until bitsy gets improved.

thanks a lot... i realised that after restarting and reading the tutorial again.

add a remove buton