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Basically, it is a game of balancing risk. You try to survive as long as possible while balancing the age gain and loss via purchases. Random events make it a bit more difficult. Once you feel you are at risk of losing it all - getting too close to age 0 or 100 - you then hit the "ascend" button to finish the game. If you don't press it in time, you only get your score without a ranking.

The game was made in a few days by relatively inexperienced people, so it is a neat idea, but small changes could make it much more engaging 😁. E.g. a more clear UI, balancing, creating an incentive to actually order stuff, more content (score rankings, random events, purchases), a way for the player to track which rankings they have achieved.

Yup seems so. Thanks

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I had a lot of difficulty giving the WASD input. Switching to another tab or another application didn't help. Refreshing (F5) didn't help. Clicking on the game didn't help. Only a thorough refresh (CTRL+F5) helped. And I couldn't figure out how I could fullscreen the game and give WASD input at the same time. (Firefox 75.0 on Ubuntu 18.04).

Very cute looking game though!

Looking forward to a Linux release if you have the time. Thank you!

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So I played for a bit and had a number of ideas which might be interesting to you as some ideas how to improve the game. I don't expect you to want to pour more time and energy (and thereby money) into this project. I wouldn't expect these things to be "worth it" except as a learning experience.

Small QOL (quality of life) additions:

1. The menu could be a bit more clear by highlighting the selected element/entry/option with a different color in addition to brackets and description. Right now I can easily lose track of where I am with the text-cursor for a second.

2. It would be nice if the menu could be navigated with all keys that can be used for playing as well. So if one is playing with IJKL or WASD, they don't need to move their fingers. This would also apply to the firing key being used for selecting options instead of Enter.

3. Similarly it would be nice if when playing using a gamepad, the player doesn't need to take a keyboard to navigate the menu. Again with the firing key for selecting stuff for example. Or follow the convention of (using Xbox and Steam Controller terminology) A for select and B for back. Those are the bottom and right button respectively over where the thumb is.

4. For the previous addition, it would also be nice if the game could be paused (exactly same as Escape key during game) with the start button on gamepad.

Less important additions:

5. A small improvement would also be if when the player holds the Down or the Up key in the menu the selection keeps on moving while the key held down (until it reaches the last selectable item). Currently when I hold the Down key it only moves down by one element (since it moves down once per key press, not once per 0.6 seconds while key is pressed).

6. Personally, I would find it more convenient if when playing using a gamepad shooting and acceleration would be the lower buttons. That is (using again Xbox terminology) Left Trigger and Right Trigger instead of Left Button and Right Button. Since I assume different people would like different things, remapping would be a nice feature, but I understand that would be a lot of work and I can work around it with both Steam client remapping options or with an open-source remapping tool for Linux by Kozec.

7. Personally, I would find it easier if when playing using a gamepad, acceleration would be separate from turning. I would like to turn without being able to accidentally accelerate with the same button/joystick. Hypothetically there could be a toggleable option for this in the settings menu.

The APK worked. Thanks. (y)


I was wondering what do you think of the idea of perhaps sharing the Android controller app in convenient way to that small minority as well who use Android without Google Services (including Google Play Store). A link to an APK would be fine. Or hosting it on F-droid would be great.

Thanks for an interesting game and Linux support and such varied input support and 16-player supported game and such a low price and most of all - open-sourcing that controller bit!

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Id like to add that some of the differences are AFAIU:
Appimage - Distributed. Non-updating - like exe files in Windows or dmg in macOS. By default doesnt have any sand-boxing. Therefore less safe install stuff, but also less of a hassle when youre not used to sandboxing.
Snap - Centralized - So maybe software is checked better before becoming available, but theres also a single chokepoint for stuff getting in. Updating built in. Sandboxed.
Flatpak - Distributed. Updating built in. Sandboxed.

Very cool!

You mean the characters and weapons and background and such in eggnogg/data/ ? If so, i didnt see the maps there though.

Any plans for Steam Controller?

Looking into game directories (config and game itself) - I think this is not possible. The music is in separate (and therefore moddable files) whilst there are no maps/levels to be seen. Therefore the only place left where they could be is in the game executable itself. And Im pretty certain we cant open those.

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Iirc this game was inspired by Nidhogg trailer and this game was released *before* Nidhogg.

Yes iirc this game was inspired by Nidhogg trailer and this game was released before Nidhogg.

Throw sword into basket iirc.

Linux support pls. The earlier in development you add it the easier it is to add.