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Id like to add that some of the differences are AFAIU:
Appimage - Distributed. Non-updating - like exe files in Windows or dmg in macOS. By default doesnt have any sand-boxing. Therefore less safe install stuff, but also less of a hassle when youre not used to sandboxing.
Snap - Centralized - So maybe software is checked better before becoming available, but theres also a single chokepoint for stuff getting in. Updating built in. Sandboxed.
Flatpak - Distributed. Updating built in. Sandboxed.

Very cool!

You mean the characters and weapons and background and such in eggnogg/data/ ? If so, i didnt see the maps there though.

Any plans for Steam Controller?

Looking into game directories (config and game itself) - I think this is not possible. The music is in separate (and therefore moddable files) whilst there are no maps/levels to be seen. Therefore the only place left where they could be is in the game executable itself. And Im pretty certain we cant open those.

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Iirc this game was inspired by Nidhogg trailer and this game was released *before* Nidhogg.

Yes iirc this game was inspired by Nidhogg trailer and this game was released before Nidhogg.

Throw sword into basket iirc.

Linux support pls. The earlier in development you add it the easier it is to add.