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Universal cross-distro itch.io Linux deployment

A topic by polygamouswolf created Apr 22, 2017 Views: 233 Replies: 2
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Flatpak, Snap, and AppImage are three great ways to deploy to all Linux distros, so you don't have to release DEBs and RPMs and others, but instead only a single one for all. Each of these have things going for them, although I'd tend to lean towards Flatpak or AppImage. I think they all support automatic updates (like repositories) and many other features. Check them out here:




Adding to this, I believe AppImages should work without having to install anything - that's how all of the AppImages I've run worked, anyway.

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Id like to add that some of the differences are AFAIU:
Appimage - Distributed. Non-updating - like exe files in Windows or dmg in macOS. By default doesnt have any sand-boxing. Therefore less safe install stuff, but also less of a hassle when youre not used to sandboxing.
Snap - Centralized - So maybe software is checked better before becoming available, but theres also a single chokepoint for stuff getting in. Updating built in. Sandboxed.
Flatpak - Distributed. Updating built in. Sandboxed.