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Since this thread and the other thread are so similar, I'm going to lock this one so I don't get confused as to which one is which (they're both basically the same issue dealing with memory consumption).

Hello! I just updated the game (v1.02) with some memory fixes. I still haven't seen what you all are experiencing as far as Out Of Memory Errors or stuttering after death, but that's not stopping me from trying to improve stuff. The game should now by default be fixed to 1 GB of memory (seems like it should be enough), and should also garbage-collect more efficiently (as some data was being stored in memory that didn't need to be there). 

If it's not at all better, lemme know! And if you could let me know the general area you're in if you notice further issues, like in the video above, that'd also be helpful. Thank you!

Yo! I just updated the game - the fix to this should be included within.

OK, I've updated the game - the fix should be in this last update.

Ah, sorry - my mistake! OK, I see the issue, and it should be resolved in the 1.02 update, which just went up. Thanks for your patience!

Ah, don't worry about it - I just figured out what it was. NVIDIA must have updated their graphics drivers slightly to eliminate undefined behavior or something - a slight tweak to the crepuscular rays shader fixed the issue. I'll update the game today with the fix.

Hello! I actually fixed this, but forgot to put it into the full game build - I'll upload a new build that fixes this soon.

Left of the save door in which zone? The starting zone?

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Hey, thanks for the report! Which door in particular is the one that shows the issue?

I'm also experiencing this, haha. I don't think I did anything that changes how shaders are composited, so I'm thinking that it might be related to the nvidia driver version we all have installed. What version does everyone have?

That's strange - haven't seen that behavior before. Can you press F1 when you open the map to open the profiler and see where the CPU is going?

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Hey, 'sup! 

I've been able to reproduce and resolve the saving issue. I've just pushed an update that should resolve it (that's not something that was intended, and something that wasn't happening in the full version).

The game being heavy is something that I'm also working on - this update should also make it lighter on RAM usage, and tweaking the render resolution should also help if your graphics card is the issue. If the effects are the issue, though, I could make them more customizeable. I still have a couple of ideas to optimize things to make it run better.

As for the crashing on full-screen, that's unusual, and I don't see anything that might cause that, and I'm not able to reproduce it on my dev machine - can you post your crash.log file? It should be in the same directory as the game.

Thanks for playing so far!

It's not "Enter", it's "X" - check the supplied readme to see the default controls.

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Ah, congratulations. Keep going with this art process - I feel like it could look really great with time.

Hello! Thank you very much for your report - I just uploaded a new build that should improve memory usage and take care of out of memory errors. Please feel free to try it out!

Great! Glad to hear - I was wondering what the issue was, haha. I thought it couldn't be something with the shader, since we have the same graphics card manufacturer and it looks like the shader was working correctly, and just wasn't being added on top correctly.

Hey, thanks for the report! I think this should be fixed in the last update.

Hey, I just updated the demo - it should now run better and be runnable more easily on OSX. Let me know if you still have any issues!

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OK, I saw the devlog option, and that is indeed very nice. However, I was thinking about doing it through butler. I was thinking that the user could optionally append to the end of the butler command a string, or a handle to a file that represents a devlog to auto-upload or something. That way, you could, for example, create a devlog or changelog that, say, copies text that you already committed into a version control system. 

It seems like it might be a cool feature to think about, anyway.

Hey, there! 

I was wondering about if there are changelogs under Itch currently, and if so, if it's possible to push a log when you push a new build out? I'm not certain if this is Refinery specific, but it'd be really helpful for continuous development / community interaction.

I think this is a cool idea, too. For a response:

  • Not all games are 3d, and it might be difficult to have some creators make 3d assets for their game

Assuming you were ever going to have small icons for games when navigating through a user's library, you could fall back on that as a default. Maybe you could just apply that texture to a plane for games that don't have such a model defined.

  • Performance issues, if you have a lot of games visible at once and someone is on a slow laptop or phone then it might make browsing difficult

You probably could get away with it alright if you restrict the number of models visible at any given time and the number of polygons visible in the 3D figure.

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Yo, I'm late to this response, sorry! Thanks for playing and giving more information.

The music is really good and very fitting, but when you move from zone to zone the music transitions too abruptly. It's especially noticeable when you start up the game and go from title screen to the opening scene.

I'm going to do something about the transition from title screen to the game, but the transitions feel nice enough, I think - is there no fading on the music tracks between zones when you play?

Also, the text noise is very high pitched

I'll have to try pitching that down, I suppose.

Also, the game crashed for me when I pressed jump after walking into the treadmill room. 

Can you post the crash log information? It should be in a file called "crash.log", in your game directory.

in full screen even with 8 GB of RAM and 3.0ghz it still runs at at least half the UPS and half the FPS

Not sure what "UPS" is, but the game is somewhat heavy GPU-wise - what kind of computer do you have?

Thanks again!

Pretty fun little game! Got a crash at some point while traversing through the maze:

[string "-- title: Amrogue..."]:722:attempt to index a nil value (field "?").

Yeah, I agree with you, too. The good thing is that the framework is in place, so anything itch adds can go to every game already in existence on itch. Really would love to see a lot of what you mention (wikis could be really great for early access / deeper games).

I'd say Itch has pretty much been dev-friendly from the start, haha.

I suggested an issue page previously - that might work really well with your suggestion (since issues and ideas / feature requests are fairly close in terms of implementation, I think). Issues and ideas would be great.

I meant like, what's the resolution of your monitor / desktop?

Thanks! And sorry for the late reply!

Hey, I believe this should be fixed with the last update I just uploaded.

Sorry for the late reply!

Hmm, it should function just as an app (just double-clicking to run should work, unless I'm missing something).

Hey, I updated the builds again - if someone who uses OSX could try this one, that'd be helpful.

If you press the 1 key, you can see the profiler and see the GPU wait time (if it's greater than 0, then that means that the rendering process is slowing the game down, which is in line with what you mentioned, rainybyte). Also, I adjusted the lighting a bit - try turning off advanced lighting to improve the framerate, if the game runs slowly.

Huh, none of those screenshots lead to anything for me - are the links correct?

Anyway, I fixed up the profiler a bit and changed some things around that hopefully can resolve some things (or at least push in the right direction). I'll see about updating the demo tomorrow.

What OS are you using? If you have a Content package, you downloaded the OSX download.

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Yo, 'sup!

So I've been thinking about what the issue could be. Your information is correct - the bottleneck is showing outside the render system, which implies to me that it's not happening on the CPU's portion of rendering, but rather between the time when the main engine loop ends and when it picks up again. BDX's profiler only profiles inside of the engine loop, but outside the loop, I believe the GPU should probably be actually rendering, which is pretty much what should be expected by your earlier statement (that the game's using 30% CPU, so any slow-down is probably due to the GPU).

I'm not 100% sure what you mean by "see what shaders are actually running". The only shader that should be running on the title screen is the "normal" ubershader to handle lighting, texturing, etc.

I'm working on improving the profiler to show times where the CPU's waiting for the GPU to finish, which might be helpful.

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Hmm, are you sure? Is there anything listed in the crash log (in the game folder)?

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Yeah, OK, I see. I think you're misunderstanding how to use the equipment menu. You don't press left or right to cycle through the options. You press the movement keys in the direction of the part / selection. So to select the top-most option, press up. To select the right-most option, press right, and so on.

As for the scanline issue, what resolution are you playing the game at?