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Yes, but It might be awhile yet. Since I don't have an M1 Mac, I'll have to either troubleshoot and solve it without having an M1 to test on, or rent an M1 to work with.

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Firstly, thanks for trying out MasterPlan, I appreciate it!

Secondly, sorry to hear it's not working - I have yet to examine M1 Mac compatibility that closely (as I don't have an M1 Mac to test on), though someone else with an M1 Mac experienced the same problem, I believe. There should be no extra requirements when compared to vanilla Macs, so I'm guessing Rosetta isn't currently working with MasterPlan (though I have a suspicion it's caused by the framework I'm using not having ARM-compatible code equivalents for some parts).

Log files should be generated in the "~/Library/Application Support/MasterPlan" directory - if it's not loading properly due to what I imagine is the problem (the framework not containing code Rosetta can use to make a non-M1 Mac program run), then the log files probably wouldn't be created.

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Hello! No, unfortunately, I have yet to implement this feature that is, in my opinion, a rather important one. It just takes some doing and I have yet to perfect it. For now, you're right to simply move the tasks around manually, but I'll definitely add tasks making room in the future.

Hello! Sorry for the late reply; I really appreciate your feedback! I'd like to ask, though, what you meant by "move the panel holding the right button"? I'm not quite sure what you're referring to. Thanks for using MasterPlan, nonetheless!

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Lol, wow, thank you very much!

I hope you enjoy using MasterPlan, and I hope it stands up to your needs and requirements - I know productivity apps can be a bit restrictive, and so I wanted to try to make MasterPlan sit at a nice intersection of comfort and rigidity - not so rigid that you can't really plan effectively, but not so loose that MasterPlan doesn't really serve too much of a purpose.

And sorry for the late reply, as well~!

Hello! Sorry for the late reply - I've been working on rebuilding MasterPlan using a Linux virtual machine rather than my daily driver machine (Manjaro, which has a more up-to-day libc). Unfortunately, it hasn't been working out - I can get it to build, but elements of the GUI and assets aren't displaying. I believe it's due to using an older version of SDL2 on the Ubuntu VM I have...

In any case, thank you for letting me know, and thank you for building it from source - for now, that will be a workaround while I look into any solutions (either getting the VM up and running, or possibly building with a separate libc implementation? IDK for now, lol).

Hey, thanks a lot! Linux is great, that's my primary OS, haha. Hope MasterPlan works out well for you!

OK, new Steam keys have been added and you should be good to request for yours to activate over on Steam. Sorry about that!

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Hello, I apologize - I forgot to fill new Steam keys in for MasterPlan here (so they ran out after starting the bundle).

I've submitted a request for more keys with Steam, which shouldn't take more than a couple of days. Once I've put the new keys here, I'll post to let you all know and you should be free to redeem it on Steam as well. Apologies for the inconvenience, again!

Hello! I'm late to replying, but I appreciate the suggestion! I'd like to implement it, but it's a question of how to best make text that isn't always visible, like how Markdown does it - I don't know if I want a full parser like that, but that's kind of what would be necessary to make it work. At the very least, links do work just fine.

Yo, I'm late to replying, but thanks so much for that purchase - I really appreciate it

While the software isn't true open-source at the moment (since the source is available, but it's not open-source licensed), I'd like to review the license at some point and open it up to people...

Thanks for the suggestion - that's been added in the next big update for v0.8.0. A beta of that will be coming shortly!

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Welp, I have added a shortcut for panning, and the functionality for keyboard or mouse buttons to be used for shortcuts, in the next version of MasterPlan. In the next big update, you'll be able to change panning to use space (or any other key, or mouse button apart from the middle mouse button) to pan. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hello! That's an interesting idea, though I kind of wonder why you'd use the spacebar and mouse to pan when you could just use WASD? In any case, I can definitely add that functionality as an option.

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Hello! That's a good question; I've been working on MasterPlan slowly but steadily, rebuilding it from scratch in SDL2. I haven't released a new build of my work as it hasn't attained feature parity with the currently available alpha, but it'll still be some time before it reaches that point, so I'll probably just put a build out for people who want to try out the new version early. Thanks for asking!

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Super late to reply, but yeah, I'll double-check with SDL to see if it implements this and if I can test it easily. Thanks a lot for the suggestion!

Yo! Sorry for the late reply, but thanks a lot! I really appreciate it - adding trackpad panning does sound like a good idea, to be honest. I'm not quite sure how I'd detect it right now, but I can definitely look into implement it, if possible.

Hello! Thanks for the suggestion - I'd like to implement some kind of charting system, as other people have mentioned that they would like it as well. However, I always ask people who suggest this to explain it a bit more because I'm not sure if they want a system to chart customizeable data, or just to chart data related to the project from within MasterPlan (tasks completed, general productivity (number of Tasks completed over the past x weeks / months), etc). Could you elaborate a bit?


While I would like to release a version for iPad, I don't think it's possible in the current state of things, as I'm still working on the full rewrite, moving over from raylib-go to go-sdl2, and go-sdl2 doesn't run on iOS. I'm unsure if it would be possible in the future, though; I thought the new Mac OS was supposed to be a unification between iOS and Mac, though I'm unsure as to if it's actually changing built apps to be executable on iOS as well, or simply allowing the new Mac OS to run iOS apps exclusively.

A web version similarly doesn't seem to be doable with go-sdl2, unfortuantely~

Hello! I'm late to replying; I missed this post. Apologies! Thank you very much for your feedback, as well - I especially appreciate these visuals and mockups that show how you use MasterPlan, as that's helpful for me to develop the tool (specifically graphs, in this case, as a few others have requested them and I was a bit unsure as to how I could implement it smoothly). Division of plans does seem like it could be useful, and I'd like to implement and support these more visual / spatially organizational use-cases, as well. Thanks for the suggestion, again!

Hi! Thanks for purchasing the program; I really do appreciate it! I appreciate your feedback, as well - it does seem like a good idea to still allow lines in some shape or form to exist for those who want to use them; I'll have to see if I can strike a balance with regards to it. Improving line capabilities to add "nodes" that you can drag to shape them sounds like a good feature to add, as well. 

Thanks, again!

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Yo, thanks a lot! That fixed it. Great game - very authentic to an arcade experience, haha!

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Hello! Would it be possible to tag your download for Windows proper? I think it might not be able to be downloaded and run through the itch app because of this.

This was really cool - very inventive and well-designed. Nice work!

Hey, thanks a lot! I really do appreciate your sentiments, and hope to make it even better with the next version. Thank you very much for your support!

Fantastic to hear - thanks a lot! I hope to keep working on it and make it even better in the coming months.

Hello! Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it~

Hello! Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your feedback and ideas here.

I'm uncertain about moving it to SDL2 and fixing it up before starting the redesign because it seems like it might take too much time to pull off. I appreciate that some users like what they currently have, but some users also aren't able to effectively use what they have, and improvements are generally good. I think it being an early access / indev product means that you're not only buying what it is now, but also its potential.

While it is certainly true that I can't please everybody, ideally, nobody should be upset with MasterPlan a year from now in comparison to it as it stands today. If I kept one version back, people would have to choose, and I might have to end up supporting effectively two codebases because of security vulnerabilities, feature requests, etc. It seems wisest to put my energy into trying to cover all my bases with the design update, and try to keep everybody happy with the result moving forward.

Thank you for your feedback, again!

Hello! Sorry for the late reply - clickable links to jump between Boards does sound like a good idea - I've already added it to the todo list. Thanks a lot for the suggestion!


I'm late to replying here; sorry about that! I've been pretty busy the past few weeks. As the recent news post mentioned, I plan to recreate MasterPlan from scratch, and I think I might get rid of the Line Task entirely in favor of easier linking between Tasks / Cards. You mention using the Line tool to create graphs, so I'd like to know how you were using it so I can cover that use-case if possible, as well, and make it easier to do so.

Fantastic to hear it's been fixed! I'll mark this as resolved, then~

Hello! No, not currently - that's an idea that I haven't considered, though I could implement it.

Hello! Chinese input should be working OK is some circumstances currently; you need to ensure you are using a font that supports Chinese, as the default one only supports some languages (mostly Latin-based ones).

Hello! Thanks for the suggestion - that would probably be a good idea, yeah. I'll add it to the todo list. Regards!

Hello! No, currently, there's no such feature - this is an interesting one, though. I could see having a dedicated media folder like this could be useful. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hello! Thank you very much, I appreciate that you're liking MP so far. Audio playback wasn't that bad until the last update; that broke resampling somewhat. I'm working on fixing it for the next update, which is mostly QoL / bugfixes. Thanks for letting me know, nonetheless!

Hello! Thank you very much for suggesting this - this is something that needs to be implemented at some stage, for sure, as it's been this way since I first started working on MasterPlan.

This thread is a duplicate and I responded in the other one, so I'll close this one.

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Hmm, I see. Thank you very much for purchasing the program, but I'm very sorry for the inconvenience! I've never heard of this particular issue before... 

I'm wondering if this is happening because it can't open a file browser. Internally, I'm using the zenity Golang package to handle opening file browsers, which requires `zenity`, `qarma`, or `matedialog`. 

Does MX-Linux come with any of those installed? If not, is it possible to install it and see if that resolves the issue? Also, which desktop or window manager are you using? KDE?

Hello! I'm late to following up - I believe this should now be resolved, as I'm seeing lower CPU usage (though it's still not perfect, by any means!). Are you still seeing low FPS - is it at all improved?