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Hello! OK, so I've been investigating this, and haven't been able to reproduce it; let me ask a couple of quick questions. 

Does the path change within the program immediately when loading an image, or only when saving and reloading the project?

Can you post the plan file itself for me to peruse?

Where is the plan file relative to the images - are they on the same drive?

Can you reproduce it if you place MasterPlan on a non-external drive and create a new project?

Hello! Just to be sure, do you mean that completable Tasks don't "continue" the numbering for Tasks?

No problem - glad to hear it's working fine.

I forgot to reply to this - sorry! Yes, this sounds like a great addition and something I was thinking of adding for storyboarding purposes; thank you very much for the suggestion!


This is interesting; the feature does still exist and images download fine on my test Linux and Mac machines, but not my test Windows machine.  Thanks for reporting; I'll see about resolving it for the next patch.

Yo, thanks for trying out MasterPlan - I'm glad to hear that you're loving it so far. These are some interesting suggestions!

I'm wondering about using tab (and presumably shift+tab) to indent or outdent; that sounds useful, but you can also move Tasks in any direction currently using Control+Arrow keys. Do you think you'd use tab enough to justify it as an alternative to control+right?

Modal functionality sounds interesting, but I want to avoid shortcuts that are too complicated (shortcut chords). You're not the first person to suggest adding hotkeys for specific Task Types, though, so this might still be a good idea.

GUI Scaling is something everybody keeps asking for, and I want to implement; it just takes some time to implement because I didn't make MP with GUI scaling in mind, so I have to go back to rewrite some things to make it work. It's definitely on the chopping block, though; same for customized keyboard shortcuts.

I'm interested in what you mean by "separator block" - like a Note Task, but resizeable?

Hello! Thank you for letting me know about this; I believe the issue you're having is indeed to do with the same keyboard layout limitation. 

When I switched my layout to French (AZERTY), the keys in MasterPlan still work using the keyboard's original layout, however I, too, had the same issues that you were running into. 

I believe the core problem is still with the keyboard layout, and will have to see what I can do to resolve this in the short term.

No, no problem. Glad to hear the issue has been resolved!

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Well that definitely sounds odd...  

Which operating system are you using?

What specs do you have for your machine?

Which version of MasterPlan are you using?

Also, can you send me the contents of the log file in the MasterPlan directory after the program crashes?


Yes, this is an issue tied to the refresh rate, as you've noticed. I intended this as a fix as internally, the default idling process of the program eats up the remainder of the main CPU core as a means to maintain a consistent framerate. As this was not acceptable, I decided to rely on VSync to time the application. This seemed like an acceptable alternative at the time because I only had a 60 - 75hz monitor. However, I completely neglected to think of people who have monitors with higher refresh-rates where the program would simply run faster on their computers, haha.

I'll see about fixing the timing using my own methods and pushing out a build tonight; apologies for that!

Excellent. Glad to hear it's been resolved - no problem!

Hello! Sorry for the late reply to your topic - I think this might have been resolved by another user on Github. Can you check to see if it's resolved in the latest build (v0.5.2)?

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Hello! Copying and pasting of lines should be far improved (at least, in my tests); can you try it out and see if things are better in the latest version (v0.5.2)?

Hello! Sorry for the late reply, but this option was added in the latest update (v0.5.2). Thank you for the suggestion!

Hello! This should be resolved for now (not perfectly, but resolved). Thanks for the suggestion!

I see, thank you for the visual clarification of the problem. I'll see about including this fix in the next update.

I think it's fine to copy individual lines, of course; the problem comes in when pasting arrow heads to other boards. That's just not the way it's supposed to work, and opens up issues due to the way MasterPlan is designed. Lines that span multiple boards could be a very useful and cool idea, but I'd have to re-design some things to get them to work properly.

Hello! Which version of MasterPlan are you on?

Also, it seems like there are two issues here - one might be with copying Line Tasks, and another seems to be in pasting Line endings across Boards (which shouldn't be doable). Could you reproduce the first bug with a simpler setup? From the first to second picture, it seems like you have a line ending lying on a base, right?

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Yo, 'sup! 

This doesn't seem like a bug, but rather a discussion on optimization, so I'll move this thread into General.

As for the issue itself, I could definitely optimize some things a bit, but the majority of the situation you're seeing here seems to be unrelated to MasterPlan itself. It seems like the CPU usage being high is a peculiarity with the graphics framework I'm using (Raylib), as I believe it uses a wait loop to idle when waiting for the next frame to draw. Even with drawing and updating an empty window, I'm getting similarly high results when checking the CPU usage on Linux. I'll see about tweaking it to use VSync as a method to handle its timing - this seems to improve the CPU usage.

Keep an eye out for that update in the short-term!

Hello, this should now be solved; the font has been updated to include more special characters like &. Thank you for your patience!

Hello! After testing this out a bit more, I resolved this. v0.5.1 (which is now available) should create backups properly on Windows now; thank you for your patience!

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Hello, grafemo; sorry for the delay on my part as well. I was under the impression that sharing was something more complicated; my font is already able to be cloned over on Fontstruct here. Feel free to add Cyrillic or other missing glyphs; as it turns out, I actually got part of the way through before stopping.

Hello! No, not yet; I haven't done anything on additional language support yet. Apologies!

Hello, that patch definitely has gone out, and this should be resolved. Thank you for reporting the bug!

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This is definitely resolved by now; thank you for reporting it, Skytrias.

Thank you very much for testing; sorry for the late reply. I'm glad it's working for you now, and I really appreciate your kind words.

I hope you enjoy using MasterPlan!

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Hello, this should definitely be resolved as of the latest build (0.5.0).

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OK, this should now be resolved as of version 0.5.0. Thank you for your patience, as well!

This should now be resolved as of version 0.5.0. Thank you for your patience~

Hello! This should be fixed in the latest build. Thank you for reporting it!

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Hello! This is a strange issue; sounds like it might have been something related to the download not completing properly? It doesn't sound like it was an issue with the source build, since I didn't do anything to actually resolve this.

Glad to hear it's working for you now, though!

Hello - thank you very much! Glad to hear that you're a fan of MasterPlan. I hope to keep working on it, for sure.

Hello! Thanks for the suggestion; I wonder about the utility of this particular feature? The zoom levels being what they are are coded in to make it so that the text is relatively readable at the zoom levels chosen (i.e. they're in intervals of whole numbers / fractions). I'm interested in the utility of having finer grained control over zoom levels - do you find one zoom level too close, while another is too far?

Forgot to reply to this; if this is the case, I'd imagine it's an issue with your internet or browser. Try a different browser, because the itch app (as far as I know) downloads apps from the same source as the browser (i.e. there's no difference in files when downloading through the itch app vs browser). Basically, I don't think I have any control over this particular behavior from my end.

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Dang, sorry to hear that it's not working; I think a separate thread for the bug report would be helpful. Please include relevant information, like OS, if you're running MasterPlan through the itch app or not, the log file from MasterPlan's directory, and the project file itself.

Also, just to confirm, the currently implemented system is to back up the project by saving it again periodically (every x minutes) with a different filename in the same directory as the project file's original save location. If you've never saved your project, lack the rights on your OS to save a file in that location, or aren't waiting for the backup timer to elapse, then that would explain why the backup doesn't work. Also, while MasterPlan should work just fine regardless of the project's filepath, it would be helpful to know if the project file's path contains special characters.

That's true; I'll have to add this as an option in the next update. Thanks for the suggestion!


Backups are saved to the same directory as the original plan save file itself. Putting the backups into another directory could definitely be an option, but doesn't seem strictly necessary unless you have a large number of backups.

Whoops, I forgot to reply to this. I agree, and am working on this to resolve it for the next update. Thank you for the feedback!

Hello! Thank you very much for using the program, and thank you very much for the suggestions, as well! I really do appreciate the feedback users give me.

Unfortunately, I can't see the images you posted, and I don't have any 4K or ultra HD monitors to test out with. However, I do like the idea of using MasterPlan on these devices, so I'd like to try to support them. I'll see if I can reproduce it / look more into the scaling for the UI elements.

That said:

  • I am working on improving the workflow for editing Tasks for the next update, which includes a smaller editing box.
  • I could indeed change the name of the checkbox Task; it might be better to be more indicative, though a progression Task can also be a Task on a to-do list, so that name might not work.
  • You can customize the colors already using the theme option in the project settings window, though UI scaling would probably be a good idea to add. Really need to add shortcuts, as well.
  • To be honest, I'm not really sure about including an installer, as it's OS-specific and the concept feels a bit outdated, I think. You can easily just make a shortcut for it and have it work the same, or just install it through itch and launch it from there.
  • You can auto load the last project by enabling the option in the project settings window.

Thank you for the suggestions!