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Pretty fun little game! Got a crash at some point while traversing through the maze:

[string "-- title: Amrogue..."]:722:attempt to index a nil value (field "?").

Yeah, I agree with you, too. The good thing is that the framework is in place, so anything itch adds can go to every game already in existence on itch. Really would love to see a lot of what you mention (wikis could be really great for early access / deeper games).

I'd say Itch has pretty much been dev-friendly from the start, haha.

I suggested an issue page previously - that might work really well with your suggestion (since issues and ideas / feature requests are fairly close in terms of implementation, I think). Issues and ideas would be great.

I meant like, what's the resolution of your monitor / desktop?

Thanks! And sorry for the late reply!

Hey, I believe this should be fixed with the last update I just uploaded.

Sorry for the late reply!

Hmm, it should function just as an app (just double-clicking to run should work, unless I'm missing something).

Hey, I updated the builds again - if someone who uses OSX could try this one, that'd be helpful.

If you press the 1 key, you can see the profiler and see the GPU wait time (if it's greater than 0, then that means that the rendering process is slowing the game down, which is in line with what you mentioned, rainybyte). Also, I adjusted the lighting a bit - try turning off advanced lighting to improve the framerate, if the game runs slowly.

Huh, none of those screenshots lead to anything for me - are the links correct?

Anyway, I fixed up the profiler a bit and changed some things around that hopefully can resolve some things (or at least push in the right direction). I'll see about updating the demo tomorrow.

What OS are you using? If you have a Content package, you downloaded the OSX download.

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Yo, 'sup!

So I've been thinking about what the issue could be. Your information is correct - the bottleneck is showing outside the render system, which implies to me that it's not happening on the CPU's portion of rendering, but rather between the time when the main engine loop ends and when it picks up again. BDX's profiler only profiles inside of the engine loop, but outside the loop, I believe the GPU should probably be actually rendering, which is pretty much what should be expected by your earlier statement (that the game's using 30% CPU, so any slow-down is probably due to the GPU).

I'm not 100% sure what you mean by "see what shaders are actually running". The only shader that should be running on the title screen is the "normal" ubershader to handle lighting, texturing, etc.

I'm working on improving the profiler to show times where the CPU's waiting for the GPU to finish, which might be helpful.

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Hmm, are you sure? Is there anything listed in the crash log (in the game folder)?

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Yeah, OK, I see. I think you're misunderstanding how to use the equipment menu. You don't press left or right to cycle through the options. You press the movement keys in the direction of the part / selection. So to select the top-most option, press up. To select the right-most option, press right, and so on.

As for the scanline issue, what resolution are you playing the game at?

Hmm? That sounds really strange. Can you explain more - you can't just hold the direction to highlight the part?

Hmm, I don't notice that - the core part flashes color (yellow and black), so it might just appear to be disappearing against a dark background? Are you sure it completely disappears?

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Ah, thanks! I should've been able to figure it out when you mentioned the log is empty. Updating the game changed the save file (because it's expecting an option named differently from how it was named). If you delete the options data (in the save folder), you should be able to proceed.

Adding to this, I believe AppImages should work without having to install anything - that's how all of the AppImages I've run worked, anyway.

Hmm, that's not a crash report, it's just a message that prints sometimes. There's no other information printed, in either log file?


1. Yeah, those seams are due to the tileset textures needing padding. I'll resolve that once I'm completely done with the game.

2. Hmm, that's strange. Can you tell me what OS it happened on? The crash logs will be captured in the game directory, in the .log files - if it happens again, it'd be super helpful if you could check those logs.

3. Yeah, that's intentional to give the demo player something to play around with.

4. Strange - gotta fix the behavior of those enemies to be less "finicky".

5. That's strange, full-screen shouldn't impact controller usage. Fullscreen has been fixed to remain after restarts, though.


1. Hmm, I see. I'll keep it in mind.

2. It wasn't not supposed to be obvious - it should've been readable. I'll have to darken the back tiles.

3. I'll keep that in mind, too.

4/5. I dunno, it's pretty rare that you perform these actions; I can shorten them, though.

6. The tone is, I think, what I'm going for (not very serious, but there's room for it here and there).

Thanks for playing!

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Nah, it's somewhere you can't reach. The demo is limited to just moving around and testing the mechanics in the hub zone. The fully game will have all areas, of course.

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Hmm, it might be the intel drivers - I don't believe I'm doing anything out of the ordinary with rendering things... Do you possibly have another OS on that computer that you could test with?

Also, I've updated with a new build that allows you to bring up the profiler using the 1 key - can you download and run the build, enable the profiler, and take a screenshot of the FPS, profiler values, and OpenGL information (all in the same place, top-left corner box)?

Yo, that'd be super helpful, thanks! BDX can be downloaded and installed (and comes with a simple demo project) here.

In the meantime, I've updated the demo with a new build with some minor changes. In the latest build, you can press the 1 key to enable and disable the profiler, which shows how much of the CPU and GPU is going to which resources.

If you could take a screenshot of the main menu and the in-game section and post it, that'd be helpful.

Yo, thanks. I updated the game - it should resolve this issue.

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Hey, thanks a lot! This update should resolve this issue (which is a duplicate of this one).

Thanks for that, this past update should solve it.

OK, this update should resolve this - the "intro" cinematic isn't saved into a single image strip anymore, but the individual frames are loaded sequentially (so each image is 128x128 now).

So this update should resolve this issue. The poor performance on OSX will probably still remain, but that can be continued in the correct thread for it. The game suddenly crashing because of shaders should hopefully be resolved.

There is one in BDX, but I can't enable it during gameplay (it's either on or off at launch). I could just have it on by default, but i think the better approach is to add the ability to turn it on or off during gameplay so I can collect some more precise information from you both. Thank you for your patience!

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What's the distribution?

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> Is there a per texture dimension limit?

There is, I believe. The limit changes depending on the hardware, but it does exist. The intro image itself is very large (over 10000 pixels high) because it's just an ordinary sprite animation.

EDIT: The image is 128x13056. Just never got around to doing anything about it, haha - guess this is as good a time as any!

Yo, thanks for the information so far, guys. I'm not certain what exactly is the issue with OSX, but I know I have observed it before on another Mac, so it's at least consistent. I'll have to look into it a bit more - maybe work on the internal profiler so I can get some info from testers. Thanks for being patient!

Thanks for the info so far - what OS are you using? Is it a desktop or laptop?

Yeah, it is. It works fine for me, but it might be that the texture size exceeds the maximum dimensions for your graphics card. I'll have to see about replacing it with a video when I can.

Thanks. Could you post your crash log file? Also, what OS and graphics card are you using?

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Thanks for the report. This sounds unusual - could you post your crash log file (it should be in the program directory)?