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Hello, I'm late to replying, but this might be resolved / improved? Can anyone who has an M1 Mac try the latest Mac version?

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Hello, sorry, I forgot about this - thank you for the reminder! I'll start looking into this next.

One thing to note is that currently, copying and pasting sub-cards intentionally doesn't do what you might expect because it's a bit unclear what should happen (should the copied card have a copy of all cards it contained, or should the copied sub-page card point to the same sub-page?). I opted to just make it so copying a sub-page card just copies the card itself, with the contents being blank.

Hello, I'm late to this post; sorry about that!

MasterPlan never supported using symmetrical keys (so if a shortcut triggers on left control and a key, or left shift and a key, it doesn't trigger on right control and the key, or right shift and the key). That's something I could add, but it's not super high-priority; do you find you press Right Ctrl +V often to paste, for example?

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Sorry about that! I thought I resolved this, but that wasn't the case. The issue should be fixed now in the update I just pushed out. Thanks for reporting!

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Huh, sorry to hear that; that issue sounds very strange. What platform are you using?

Also, what kind of computer do you have (laptop, desktop , etc.)?

Hello, this should be resolved now. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hello, sorry, I missed this - thanks for confirming, and I'm glad it resolved your issue!

OK, I tried building using macOS 12 - can someone here try it on an M1 Mac and let me know if it works through Rosetta? Here's the link to the demo version.

Hello, unfortunately not, actually.
I've tried building for ARCH64, but didn't get a good result on Github Actions with Mac OS 10.15 - I'll see if I can try with newer versions of MacOS, but fundamentally, it might be a matter of waiting for Github to support M1 Mac Runners (that's how I build MacOS applications).

Sorry for the late reply! I was under the impression that I had to actually have a M1 Mac to build for it, and that if an app can't run through Rosetta because of missing ARM code, then it wouldn't be possible to build otherwise. If that's not the case and I can just build for ARM Macs from an Intel Mac, and that would work for M1 Macs, then that's definitely doable. I'll look into it - thanks for the tip!

Hello! Sorry for the late reply - I was away from my computer for awhile.

Also sorry for not replenishing the steam keys! I've just put more in and you should be good to go.

Hello - thanks for the report! I didn't tie the zooming into the mouse wheel. I'll see about implementing this along with the next update.

Hello - not familiar with how Windows handles window management, but it could be that it is indeed offscreen somewhere and you'll need to move it. You can try using the Windows + Shift  + Left or Right arrow key combination to move the monitor and see if it shows up across one of the monitors - you can also try altering or deleting your configuration file in case MasterPlan remembers the window position in an invalid location. To do this, you can find it in: C:/Users/<Username>/AppData/Local/MasterPlan/settings08.json - you can try changing the "WindowPosition" > "X" and "Y" values to be in sensible locations, and ensure the "W" and "H" values are logical (i.e. not 1x1 or something like that). You can also try just renaming the config file to easily restore default values and see if the program shows up in a logical location again.

Not sure about the crashing when you click, but CrossCode not recognizing the controller may be due to the native Linux build having controller issues. Try switching from the Linux build to a Windows + Proton build.

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Hello - thank you for your response! I think you definitely could update to the newest version, but know that there are still some lacking elements, like whiteboards, deadlines, and tables. Those missing Cards is the main reason why v0.7 projects don't yet open in v0.8. If you don't absolutely need those elements yet, or aren't opening 0.7 projects in 0.8, you would be fine to work in 0.8.

Wow, this is fantastic. Genuinely really good! I have to play some more to dig in a bit more, but wow, this is a lot of fun. Congratulations to you and your contributors!

Hello, sorry for the late reply to this thread - you can feel free to send me your plan as well, Carolina, though I believe I've finally seen what exactly is happening and can reproduce it on my end. I'll see about both fixing this bug as well as seeing if I can easily fix and plans that have this issue (perhaps with a tool from within MasterPlan to do this).

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That would be a good idea - MP currently lets you know when you load a theme that doesn't work via a message at the bottom, but it's possible you might have turned that off.

In any case, I'll see about adding a version indicator to the theme files. Thanks for the suggestion~

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Hello! This is pretty good! Keep going with it - I grabbed it with a nice donation. Just wanted to let you know - when you install the Linux version through the itch app, it opens the pixelorama folder, where the "Pixelorama.Linux-64bit.tar.gz" file sits - after unzipping, then running the tool works properly. Just wanted to let you know!

Thanks for the report - the reason this is happening is because the "broken" themes are v0.7 themes, while the working themes are for MasterPlan v0.8. Did you simply unzip the newest zip file over your existing installation?

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Dang, I'm sorry to see that it's not working properly - definitely was when I tested loading subpages from the previous version. Can you try sending me a copy of that project that you're working with so I can take a look at it? I might be able to fix both the bug as well as your project so you don't have to start over.

Copying and pasting between instances of MasterPlan is an interesting idea - I can see about putting that in the todo list.

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I'm not quite sure what you mean by "mixed up" - all of the pages should load properly. Is any data from your project missing?

Note that this latest release did change the way sub-pages work - now, duplicating Sub-pages won't link to the original pages anymore (i.e. copying a sub-page and pasting it won't create two Sub-Page cards that point to the same sub-page). Instead, duplicating Sub-Page cards will just create new, blank Sub-Pages - you would use the Link Card instead to link between pages, as this is more reliable and it doesn't really make sense to have sub-pages do what Link Cards also do (but less uniformly). This change also applies to existing projects loaded up in 0.8 Alpha 5 as well.

Automatic backups would be good to re-implement - I've forgotten to add that to the todo list, but I'll add that now.

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OK, I see what's going on - for now, you can simply delete the settings file in that folder (or set the font filepath directly, as you mentioned), and MasterPlan should load. The issue is, as you pointed out, that the path does exist, but it simply goes to a directory rather than a font file. That was a possibility that I hadn't considered - the fix for this will be in the next build. Sorry about that, and thank you for your patience!

Hello! Sure, this sounds like a good idea; I've re-implemented it and pushed a new build with these changes. The smoothing option is found in the Visual Options section.

Hello! Thanks for trying out MasterPlan; really appreciate your support! I think I see what you mean - the completed color is just a lighter version of the custom color given, so setting the color to be darker than you would want when complete works for now, though I'm not quite sure how to resolve this issue just yet. However, thanks for the suggestion - I'll have to see what my options could be.

Hello! Thanks for trying MP out, I appreciate it! Sorry to hear it crashed for you there; what OS are you using? 

Also, do you mind sharing the log file from the "MasterPlan folder, located as follows:

Windows C:/Users/<Username>/AppData/Local/MasterPlan
Mac /home/<Username>/Library/Application Suppport/MasterPlan
Linux /home/<Username>/.config/MasterPlan

Yes, but It might be awhile yet. Since I don't have an M1 Mac, I'll have to either troubleshoot and solve it without having an M1 to test on, or rent an M1 to work with.

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Firstly, thanks for trying out MasterPlan, I appreciate it!

Secondly, sorry to hear it's not working - I have yet to examine M1 Mac compatibility that closely (as I don't have an M1 Mac to test on), though someone else with an M1 Mac experienced the same problem, I believe. There should be no extra requirements when compared to vanilla Macs, so I'm guessing Rosetta isn't currently working with MasterPlan (though I have a suspicion it's caused by the framework I'm using not having ARM-compatible code equivalents for some parts).

Log files should be generated in the "~/Library/Application Support/MasterPlan" directory - if it's not loading properly due to what I imagine is the problem (the framework not containing code Rosetta can use to make a non-M1 Mac program run), then the log files probably wouldn't be created.

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Hello! No, unfortunately, I have yet to implement this feature that is, in my opinion, a rather important one. It just takes some doing and I have yet to perfect it. For now, you're right to simply move the tasks around manually, but I'll definitely add tasks making room in the future.

Hello! Sorry for the late reply; I really appreciate your feedback! I'd like to ask, though, what you meant by "move the panel holding the right button"? I'm not quite sure what you're referring to. Thanks for using MasterPlan, nonetheless!

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Lol, wow, thank you very much!

I hope you enjoy using MasterPlan, and I hope it stands up to your needs and requirements - I know productivity apps can be a bit restrictive, and so I wanted to try to make MasterPlan sit at a nice intersection of comfort and rigidity - not so rigid that you can't really plan effectively, but not so loose that MasterPlan doesn't really serve too much of a purpose.

And sorry for the late reply, as well~!

Hello! Sorry for the late reply - I've been working on rebuilding MasterPlan using a Linux virtual machine rather than my daily driver machine (Manjaro, which has a more up-to-day libc). Unfortunately, it hasn't been working out - I can get it to build, but elements of the GUI and assets aren't displaying. I believe it's due to using an older version of SDL2 on the Ubuntu VM I have...

In any case, thank you for letting me know, and thank you for building it from source - for now, that will be a workaround while I look into any solutions (either getting the VM up and running, or possibly building with a separate libc implementation? IDK for now, lol).

Hey, thanks a lot! Linux is great, that's my primary OS, haha. Hope MasterPlan works out well for you!

OK, new Steam keys have been added and you should be good to request for yours to activate over on Steam. Sorry about that!

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Hello, I apologize - I forgot to fill new Steam keys in for MasterPlan here (so they ran out after starting the bundle).

I've submitted a request for more keys with Steam, which shouldn't take more than a couple of days. Once I've put the new keys here, I'll post to let you all know and you should be free to redeem it on Steam as well. Apologies for the inconvenience, again!

Hello! I'm late to replying, but I appreciate the suggestion! I'd like to implement it, but it's a question of how to best make text that isn't always visible, like how Markdown does it - I don't know if I want a full parser like that, but that's kind of what would be necessary to make it work. At the very least, links do work just fine.

Yo, I'm late to replying, but thanks so much for that purchase - I really appreciate it

While the software isn't true open-source at the moment (since the source is available, but it's not open-source licensed), I'd like to review the license at some point and open it up to people...

Thanks for the suggestion - that's been added in the next big update for v0.8.0. A beta of that will be coming shortly!

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Welp, I have added a shortcut for panning, and the functionality for keyboard or mouse buttons to be used for shortcuts, in the next version of MasterPlan. In the next big update, you'll be able to change panning to use space (or any other key, or mouse button apart from the middle mouse button) to pan. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hello! That's an interesting idea, though I kind of wonder why you'd use the spacebar and mouse to pan when you could just use WASD? In any case, I can definitely add that functionality as an option.