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Crashes Related to Custom Font Browsing

A topic by Auron the Time Thief created Feb 14, 2022 Views: 90 Replies: 3
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Hello. The program crashes when I canceled Custom Font Browse Screen while Having the Path in the message box, and then it crashes upon running the program afterwards (on the same computer). Maybe it's from not having a failsafe protocol thing about changing into nonexistent or incomplete font paths. I'm sure there are some workaround on this, but I still couldn't find it.

Hello! Thanks for trying MP out, I appreciate it! Sorry to hear it crashed for you there; what OS are you using? 

Also, do you mind sharing the log file from the "MasterPlan folder, located as follows:

Windows C:/Users/<Username>/AppData/Local/MasterPlan
Mac /home/<Username>/Library/Application Suppport/MasterPlan
Linux /home/<Username>/.config/MasterPlan

Sorry to reply this late. I've managed to bundle logs and config files for you in this link:

The log before trying to change the font was like this:

Release mode: true

2022/02/14 15:44:02 MasterPlan initialized successfully.

2022/02/14 15:49:50 # ERROR START #

/home/solarlune/Documents/Projects/Go/MasterPlan/main.go:123 | Error: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference











But after I set path to "C:\Windows\Fonts" (I didn't choose the font as I didn't remember its file name back then), it was like this:

Release mode: true

2022/02/14 15:41:11 MasterPlan initialized successfully.

2022/02/14 15:41:19 MasterPlan exited successfully.

Now I'm trying a workaround: editing config file directly to include a font filename.

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OK, I see what's going on - for now, you can simply delete the settings file in that folder (or set the font filepath directly, as you mentioned), and MasterPlan should load. The issue is, as you pointed out, that the path does exist, but it simply goes to a directory rather than a font file. That was a possibility that I hadn't considered - the fix for this will be in the next build. Sorry about that, and thank you for your patience!