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Auron the Time Thief

A member registered Jul 28, 2016

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Can I play this with my friends via Parsec?

So do I have to port forward and connect with others directly (via IP Addresses), or just copy Room ID and paste it to share my own lobby?

Is the issue related to the calendar fixed?

I'm translating Thai, but there's a problem that I can't register myself. How can we do?

I bet many of us here bought or get many games here, and you have to actually search for games in library in Web version by yourself. I've done that many times, yet it still bugs me.

What if there's a searchbox that can search your entire library (including bundles) and show those with corresponding tags or names for you? Would that be feasible?


Is that mean making a Print-and-Play tabletop game or a game module on tabletop sims (TTS, Tabletopia) is not allowed, considering you'd have to do extra steps in order to play it?

What if I share a link to the game module on a browser-based tabletop sim, which you can play directly after clicking, or embedding the link so it can play from my game page? 

What game engines and/or other things that can create a game (such as Dreams, Core, or creating a tabletop game) are allowed for this jam?

Story: You go down the well, and get to hell while shooting and slaying demons. That's it.

Gameplay: Imagine Downwell-style roguelike combined with fast and frantic shooter gameplay from old-school shooters like Doom and Quake.

Plus: Fast pace. Fairly easy to calculate damages. Resource management forces you to get a bit closer to the enemies and do many constant tactical juggling between melee and shooting.

Minus: There should have some kind of between-game difficulty settings or roguelite mode. The reward door at the bottom of the level is too tight on time, should extend by 5-10 seconds IMO. The shop NPC seems not interactable at a first glance, should add yellow glow to him to uniform the interactable color.

Interesting: Abilities. Aesthetics on old-school graphics. Very simple AI but still fun, should have flanking behavior.

Verdict: If you like retro shooter games like Doom or Quake, try this unique spin.

Hello. I bought the game from the BLM bundle and played it. I gotta say it's an absolute joy, with a little of Legend of Zelda nostalgia here and there despite its procedural nature. However, the game suffers low frame rate and even crashed when I was streaming the game with Discord. Perhaps this is from the game and Discord conflict.

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Golf but with spinning bars and trampolines....

That's good. Simple and elegant. Should port to mobiles.

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Good little room art editor. Here's my idea.

PS.  Maybe there are resizable furniture in future!

Great! So cute and simple gameplay, but could you expand the game more? It's very short in my opinion, and it has no saving feature too.

Can you post the instruction of the game? I know it has much potential but I'm very frustrated when I have to use Items or craft them. And it crashed when I seperate some item (that has more than one) to the hotkey.