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Translating the app (continuously) Sticky

A topic by Amos created Dec 17, 2015 Views: 29,079 Replies: 92
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You can help by translating itch to your language here:


  • You need to be logged in to make suggestions — the server will error if you try to submit a suggestion being logged out.
    • You can log in using GitHub or register with your e-mail address
  • I review all suggestions made, and approve or discard them.
    • I'm more or less aware of what goes on in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German translations, but for other languages, esp. eastern-european/asian/middle-eastern, I'm reliant on both downvotes & upvotes, and reverse translation
  • Having multiple translators for one language is great, as it allows peer review via voting & comments.
    • There are two levels of comments: source comments to ask for more context on the original (English) string, and translation comments to discuss how a particular string should be translated. You can choose that using the 'Scope' dropdown when leaving a comment.
    • If you have doubts on how a string is being used in the app, even after reading the context string (which may be something like prompt.payments_disabled.actions.open_web_page), leave a source comment (which translators of all languages can see), preferably in English so others have a chance to benefit from your question as well.
  • Improving translations by continuous refinement is an ongoing effort
    • You can submit suggestions at any time, even if the string is already translated
    • Don't submit the exact same translation as a suggestion — just smile and move on to the next string. Any unnecessary/duplicate suggestion is extra work for me!
    • When adding a (different) suggestion for an already-translated string, please leave a translation comment (not a source comment) to help me choose the best version.
    • When translating multiple related strings, you can add words to the glossary of your language to make sure the translation remains consistent. For example, in the Polish translation, we settled on Ścieżka for the "location" in "install location", and it's in the glossary now:
  • All languages are welcome: if your language isn't listed as a translation, feel free to start a new one with the 'Start new translation' button.
  • Always go through weblate for translations, never through GitHub pull requests
    • It took me some time to get the weblate setup right, but it now works beautifully, allows collaboration and retains authorship.
    • If you have a weblate-specific question, make sure to check their Translator's guide first.
    • It's planned to add automatic i18n updates from within the app so that users don't have to wait for new minor versions

I will never be able to thank enough all the translators that have already contributed to making itch accessible to many more. It's a pleasure working with all of you!


I can do the italian translation :)

Deleted 3 years ago

I am German, Spanish, British, I spoke all three dialects when I was a baby, they were god given Language skills. I like the idea my teachers gave in 1992 when I was Eleven, to Write my novels but Translate them myself to Greek, Italian, Spanish, Russian, ect. I agree with Translation can be Tough; German allows no exceptions as English, The spoken words by the Teachers is English borrows from many other languages namely French, Latin (Ceasar Roman Latin, which inspired French, Spanish, Romanian and Portuguese along with Modern Day Italian.) Germanic languages are the Bread and Butter of English but French is Uniquely it’s own take on Romantic Languages but the News said in 2008 here in Ontario, the same as the Teachers had in 1992 that Spanish is the Most Romantic Language which inspires Latin American Spanish which is as they say Dialect issue as per region of Latin America, I’m part Mexican, Greek, Irish, Finnish also but 48% Native American but was adopted by French,Irish and English Parents.


I could do Romanian, for what it's worth. What's the workflow?


I haven't decided yet what tools to use for i18n but ideally I'd find a solution that's easiest for everyone to contribute translations.

I'll post in this thread when I've made progress on that!

Deleted 3 years ago

I could help with the french translation (native speaker) if needed :)


Ha :) So am I, but sometimes it's hard to find "idiomatic" translations, and I almost never use the French versions of various web services / apps, so I actually might need some help!


I could help with the Russian translations.

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I edited the top post with relevant info!


I don't suppose my login works there? :)


Ah, sorry, no :) As soon as there's oauth support in the API though I can add that! In the meantime I've enabled GitHub login.


I noticed! That will do fine, thanks. Unfortunately I have a bunch of other obligations these days, so maybe after New Year. Cheers!

Deleted 3 years ago

I've just added and started suggesting translations for European Portuguese (native speaker here).
I've read on how to use Weblate and seem to be doing OK for now. If you need any help or have any questions about that translation in particular let me know!


Hello there! Native Portuguese (pt-PT) speaker as well... I've already voted some Joana's translation, and I'll also try to help translate ;)


Portuguese Portugal (pt-PT) has now 129 suggestions ready for commitment ;)


Don't submit the exact same translation as a suggestion

The navigation is on top of the page and there is nothing next to the Suggest button to go to the next string, so I accidentally clicked a couple of times on the Suggest button to go to the next string. And there is no options to remove our own suggestions, so the best I could do was to downvote the suggestions.


No problem. Downvoting in this case is perfectly acceptable :)

Deleted 3 years ago
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I have logged in via GitHub and started a Bulgarian translation. However, for every string I try to translate, it gives me the message: "There is currently no active translator for this translation, please consider becoming a translator as your suggestion might otherwise remain unreviewed."

What should I do to fix that? All my translations are saved as suggestions and I cannot review/use them.

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I have translated all strings to Bulgarian. But as I said, they are all saved as suggestions. Please tell me how should I add them as translations and do I need to do anything for the translation to be included in the next version of the app?

Deleted 3 years ago

All translations are saved as suggestions until other translators vet them and the project manager approves them. That's how the system works. Have some patience, our gracious host will get around to them.


But there are no other translators for Bulgarian. Who's going to 'vet' them?


Translations can also be approved based on trust, in a pinch. No worries, it's less formal than it seems.


Ah, ok then. Thank you! I'll wait to see what happens. :)


I review all suggestions & approve them, if there's only a few translators for a given language. However, I've fallen a bit behind on reviewing pending suggestions - no worries, though, it'll get done!


Just suggested a catalan translation for all the strings with a missing entry. Hope it helps!


Help! I was away for a while, and when I tried getting back to work, I couldn't log in to Weblate using GitHub. Clicking the button redirects me to this URL instead:

Did something change in the Weblate config? Is there anything I can do on my end?


Hey there! It looks like GitHub tightened its OAuth checks recently. I've fixed the application settings and it should now be working again!


So it does! Thank you very much!


Hey, I've finished Serbian translation (I believe it's complete, and it's in Serbian Cyrillic). It was quick as I have some experience in translating software, and am professor of Serbian language and literature by profession so it was fun. Should probably see it in the app to know if some things need to be changed to be more in the spirit of our language... Not sure if you'll end up using it, but it's there and available for whatever's next.


Hey Nikola,

I've personally approved all your translations for Serbian. I've also added you to the 'Managers' group so that, for future strings, you'll be able to bypass the suggestion system and directly translate!

Thanks a lot for your work, it's really appreciated - since Serbian was already in the app's language picker, it's now available to everyone right now (locales update from within the app).

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Oh, okay. I'll check soon if everything fits nicely and makes sense or needs some more finer tuning.

Edit: For some reason, when I select Serbian in the app, it just stays in English. Works fine for other languages. Not sure what could be the problem.


There no longer seems to be an option to add a new language


Which language would you need? I can add it by hand.


Irish (Gaeilge), Míle Buíochas!


There you go!

It'll appear in the language picker on the next app update.


go raibh maith agat!

Русский пожалуйста добавьте!    

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EO: Ĉu iam ajn estos eble ankaŭ traduki la retejon

BG: Някога възможно ли ще е да се преведе и самият уеб сайт

EN: Will it ever be possible to translate the website too?


I hope so! That's one of my projects, I can't wait for it to become a priority :)


EO: Dankon! Bonvolu sciigi min kiam tio okazos, mi ŝatus traduki ĝin al la bulgara. :)

BG: Благодаря! Моля, уведомете ме, когато това стане, ще помогна за българския превод. :)

EN: Thanks! Please notify me when that happens, I would like to translate it to Bulgarian. :)


hello can you add arabic lang

thanks i am native arabic


I am interested in translating the app to Finnish. Please contact me. I have experience translating multiple apps and games. Thanks


If you sign up on and give me your username I can make you a translation manager :)

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Hi, I did register yesterday.


I just made you translation manager!

I also went ahead and changed your username to "vike91" so that your e-mail address isn't listed publicly :)


I have translated some things to spanish. Sorry if I should posted here before, I just begun to do it without read this.


What languages are supported here gentlemen ?



I'm considering to help the translation to Japanese (I passed N1, have been living in Japan for 8 years, and have the experience of working in Japanese game company), but then I saw an article mentioned that itch io have already cooperated with a Japanese localization company to translate the itch client and further more.

I'm getting confused now. In the setting page, it still says "itch needs your help to translate" (translated 59% now) but, do you still accept help to translate to Japanese or will you let the company handle everything so there is no necessary for EN-JP translator? 

And other thing I'm curious about, is there any method to access itch io homepage in Japanese? Since Japanese users doesn't speak English and some is even scared of English.  

Thank you and let me know if I can help at anything :)

Oh yes, I also found some glitch in Japanese which might need to be fixed.

Hi roseverte,

Help for translating to Japanese is always welcome, we haven't heard from the company in a while. Please post your username so I can make you a translation manager for japanese!

Re the homepage: it isn't translated yet, we have plans, but it's not there yet.

Re the Japanese glitch, you can open an issue at:


Hi. The cooperation with the Japanese company was mentioned quite big in Japan media. Can I make sure it won't be a problem if I help? (Like, will it violate the agreement or so?) And will the company still be credited of the translation even if I continue it?

Other question is, how could I know where the text I translate will be displayed at? I think most of them are for the website, but I don't know how to view the website in Japanese at this moment to check if there is any weird glitch or not. Is there a method to view the current website in Japanese?

Thank you :) 

PS. I'm thinking to help translating whenever I have time, but I don't want to make it as a "job" to me. Is it ok to be the manager in this situation? I'm afraid of the responsibility ^^;  If it's ok my username there is also roseverte

Hi again!

We never had an exclusive deal with the translation company, so there's no problem for volunteers to go ahead!

I made you manager on weblate - that doesn't come with any responsibilites, only power - your changes no longer need 2+ votes to be accepted. You can contribute whenever you have time, no pressure!

All the strings on weblate are only for the app, the website doesn't have localized strings at all (at the time of this writing).

Strings in the app update shortly after they're saved on weblate - updates show up in - all contributors appear in

Hope this answers your questions!


Thank you very much for the information!

Hi. I've  waited for a whole night, but the translation hasn't been updated on the app yet, is this the correct behavior? I noticed the percentage is increased, but text is still mostly in English, including those I've translated. Thank you!

Hey, just fixed an error for the Japanese and Korean translation updates - can you try again? You can force a locale update in Preferences (the 'refresh' button on the right of the language picker)

(1 edit)

Thank you. I can see some of them is applied (like about the update/ recent activity), but some are still in English (especially those I recently translated, about the install locations). Probably it would need more time?

If I'm correct, the translations made by upvoting are applied, but those I added manually are not.


That's probably something else - weblate "batches" translations and commits several at a time.  If your changes don't show up here: then weblate hasn't pushed them yet.

You can force weblate to push in the "Tools" menu (there's a "Commit" entry), directly from

Sorry again, so I noticed my change "usage_stats.last_played_time_ago": "最後にプレイしたのは {{time_ago}}" which I made hours ago, is already appeared on that site,  but it hasn't appeared on my app even if I already refresh/ close and open again for a while...

Yes, I just confirm even a whole night passed, nothing is updated again on the app, so the issue still persists

In Ukrainian, there is little activity. Please approve the translations.


Hi, for translations to be approved, 2+ folks need to upvote them, or the language needs a translation manager.

If you'd like to become a translation manager for Ukrainian, please post your username here and I'll make you one!

Hello there, I started the Catalan translation for the core but after a while I lost permission to add translations - I can only add suggestions now. I have also seen that there's a lot of low-quality suggestions in itch/itch, most of them not following Catalan UI translation standards at all. I have a friend with a lot of translation experience who is helping as well, but not having any kind of authority over bad translations is quite disheartening. Could we get added to the Managers group? Thanks!

Hi! I just made both of you "Approved translators", thanks for reaching out.


Hi! Thanks for your help! We've made a nice sprint and everything on Weblate is now translated into Catalan ;)


No, thank you! It looks really good so far:

(you can switch in languages in user settings!)

I made some turkish translations yesterday but i couldn't reach them today. Also it looks like i can't even reach the site. Why is that?


App translations have been moved under this project, but that's not working either right now. No idea what's going on yet.


Update: translations are working again as of 40 minutes ago.




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Is it possible to add Thai language?


Hi!!! Could you add Chinese???

I am a Chinese,too!感动


i want translate turkish. but i dont sing in. help me

I'm translating Thai, but there's a problem that I can't register myself. How can we do?

I'm a Persian native speaker if i can help

I tried to make suggestions through the app (brazilian portuguese) and it glitched into a black screen as soon as I pressed the button, now every time I time to open it, I can't see anything, even tried re-installing it and yet it doesn't work

I could help with the Chinese translation if needed,beaause I am a Chinese

too mal >:[



eu quero jogar esse jogo tbm por favor ): por favorzinho UnU



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dịch tất cả