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This is the sticky thread where you can report bugs you found in Compass, or suggest features that aren't supported quite yet.

Mmmh, never seen that one before. What happens exactly (what does the game say when you type 'stand up' ?

You need a manual you find somewhere else in the house. The copy of the manual is in the download and should help you :)

Thank you! We didn't really use an engine, the story system was coded during Global Game Jam and the graphics are drawn using SDL. The font is the Apple II one from the '70s. Don't have a file because this version is coded into the game's memory, but it should be online :)

Hiya! Thank you for the feedback :) This was done very quickly over Global Game Jams, and one of my goals was learning how to write parsers. The things you've mentioned are definitely sticking point for us too, and that's being working on just now! Wary of giving a timeline just now but we've got a much more stable and flexible build in the works, it'll be pushed here when it's ready. I hope this helps!

I could help with the french translation (native speaker) if needed :)